Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Food, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young man is trained in sex by a good neighbor and then his mom

I was so embarrassed from her saying that I couldn't answer her right away. But, finally I got up the nerve to say softly: "Yes. Oh God I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry! Yes, I think of all the things we could do. All the things I want to do with you Bonnie. I'm so sorry it so nasty! Yes, I think of fucking you Bonnie, I think about it a lot!"

She said: "Don't be sorry baby. It's natural to think of fucking the woman you are masturbating to in your brain or looking at like me in the yard. What do you think I am thinking of when I masturbate, or your mom does it? We think about the same thing, fucking the man we are thinking about, the person we are excited about. It's how things work sweetie. Thank you for making me your fantasy. God. I can't believe it you actually think of fucking me when you cum!! How nice!"

Then she said: "So ... let's go back and talk about the what you have done with this girl of yours?"

As I spoke I knew I was red, hell I felt my neck burning!! I said: "You know we have been kissing and sharing tongues and a little touching and sort of feeling her up some. I have done that with a few girls from school."

She smiled and I wasn't sure it was at my embarrassment or that she was finding out things about me that no one else knew, not even my mother. She said: "So you have felt up girls and your new girl friend especially. Just where have you touched her Bobby, on top or bottom?"

Again I was a little shocked at how she was just coming out and asking me all these personal things. But, I answered and said: "Mostly her breasts. I have felt other girls up too and one let me touch her between her legs on the outside of her slacks. I even touched her panties one night when she had on a skirt."

Bonnie asked: "And when you put your hand between her legs did you feel her heat?"

I told her I did but only for a few minutes, then she stopped me.

She shook her head that she understood and said: "Let's talk about this new girl of yours. Did you touch her with or without her bra on? I mean on the outside, or did she let you feel the real thing, her breasts in your hand under the bra."

I said, "On the outside a lot, and under it for a little while. But she didn't let me do it for long."

She said: "Did you touch her nipples Bobby?"

I told her: "Yes, I had rubbed them and felt them get harder and longer."

Then I told her: "When I did play with her nipples, she sighed and even held me closer and rubbed her body up and down on my leg, sort of on my thigh."

Bonnie smiled and said:" Yes, if done properly the stimulation of a woman's nipples can be very nice for her. And I'm sure you loved touching her directly under her bra. Didn't you?"

I told her: "Yes I loved that!"

Then she asked me if had seem my girlfriend's breasts? "Did she let you see her breasts nude? Did she let you feel her up that way Bobby?"

I told her: "Not exactly. She let me see them for a second or two and she promised me that maybe next time I could see and play with them more. It was not a very long time that she let me see and touch them but I did see them."

Bonnie asked: "So you said she held you closer and rubbed her body against your thigh. Was she rubbing her pussy on your leg. You know was your leg between her legs?"

I told her: "Yes, she was rubbing it on my thigh as I played with her tits."

Then Bonnie smiled at me and said: "Very nice Bobby. So you both enjoyed it. Good. I think she will let you do that again. I bet she liked it more than you know."

I felt just a little less uncomfortable now about talking to her about this. She said, "Have you seen her since that happened?"

I told her: "No, but we are set to go out Saturday."

She asked me: "When you were together did you get to touch her pussy?"

I told her: "I tried but she took my hand away after a second or two. It felt warm and soft."

Bonnie shook her head and said: "Maybe she felt you were going a little to fast. Girls like to go slow. At least at first Bobby, until they learn how it feels."

Bonnie asked: "What do you remember about her breasts Bobby. Were they big, small, and were the nipples red or pink. What?"

I said: "They were small, well compared to yours I mean. Your breasts are so big and nice. Much nicer than hers."

She smiled as I looked at Bonnie's breasts again. Then I said: "The think I remember most about her breasts were how red her nipples were. They stood out so long. And they were blood red!"

I felt my cock jump again and again as we talked. Bonnie asked; "And did she tell you how nice it felt with you touching her breasts?"

I told her: "No she didn't say anything. That is until I started to pinch her nipples a little. Then she sort of moaned in my mouth. We were kissing."

Again I told her that we didn't do it very long. I said: "I think it might have been her first time too."

Bonnie said: "So do I Bobby, that's why she stopped you so quickly or you were doing it wrong. So that was your first time touching and seeing a female's breasts for real, in person? Tell me did she touch you, you know touch your cock."

When she said cock my dick grew another inch I swear. I had a budge in my sorts. Sitting there and I knew she could see the lump in my shorts, I knew it. She asked me; "Has a girl ever touched you down there Bobby?"

I told her: "No."

Then she said: "Well I'm sure that it excited you touching her breasts. Were they firm and soft? I mean when you put your hand over them did you cup all of her tit or was she bigger than your hand. Your hands are very large Bobby so I'm guessing they were smaller than your hand. Am I right?"

I said: "I'm sure they were smaller than my hand. But they were good size. And yes, it really excited me. I mean even just talking about this Bonnie excites me."

I used my hand to try and cover my hard on!

She smiled and said: "You don't have to be shy with me Bobby, I know you are hard! I can see the large lump in your shorts. You look very big under those shorts. She took my hand and removed it away and she looked directly at my budge. She said: "Yes, you look like you have a very nice cock under those shorts Bobby."

She brushed my cock as she took my hand and she held both of my hands in her hands

She asked: "So have you ever measured it? How big are you?"

I blushed more than ever. Then I said: "Well I'm about 7 inches long when I 'm hard as I get. Is that good?"

She licked her lips and said: "Yes, 7 inches is a very nice size for a young man. How thick is it?"

I told her I didn't know and asked: "Is that important? I was sure it was how long it was that was important."

She said: "Well length is good but thickness is important too. The thicker it is the better it feels to a lady when you are having sex.

Then she said something that floored me!!! I was so excited, Bonnie asked: "I want you to try something Bobby. Touch me like you touched her. Touch my breasts like you did to her."

I didn't move. She smiled and said: "Its OK sweetie. I want you to do it. It's good, I promise, I want to see how you touched her. Maybe I can give you some tips on how to do it so your girl friend will like it better. If she doesn't like the way you are touching her she won't let you do it. Touch my tits Bobby. I know you want to do it. Touch them."

I still didn't move my hands so Bonnie did it for me. She moved closer until her knees were touching my knees and she placed my hands on her tits! My cock grew harder if that was possible and I moaned with pleasure. She looked at my crotch and saw my cock jump. She smiled at me and said, "That excited you I see. Come on now Bobby, show me how you touched her."

I began to squeeze and rub her breasts like the amateur I am and she sat there and let me feel her big tits. I was in heaven. She continued to smile at me as I looked at her. I could see she really wanted me to touch her. And so I began to feel her up like I had done to the girl we were talking about.

She let me feel her tits for a few minutes and then she stopped me. She smiled and said: "Well that was good, but it could be so much better baby! Here let me show you a better way."

She took my hands and held them against her breasts and began to rub then over and around and under her breasts as she pushed them into my hands. They over flowed my hands, she had wonderful tits and they were huge.

Her bra was holding her tits in place but I could feel her nipple growing and I knew the bra was a very thin one. As I played with them she talked to me about the way she was moving her hands and how much nicer it felt doing it this way or that way.

Then she let go of my hands and told me to try it myself. I did and following her directions I played with her breasts for a good long while. My cock was throbbing, so hard, as my masturbation dream was become real! How good they felt in my hands, and how wonderful they looked as I squeezed and played with them.

My cock was so hard it hurt. And as I watched my hands work on the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen. I realized that one of my cum dreamed was actually happening.

Then Bonnie did something very unbelievable. She took the tank top and bra she had on and lifted it up over her head and removed it. Her tits stood out proud and so big! The cleavage was so deep and each breast seemed to tell me to love them with my hands again.

I said: "Oh God!!! They're so big! So nice Bonnie."

She smiled and used her hands to take my hands again and place them back on her breasts. I could see the dark outlines of her nipples under the very thin material of her bra. She said: "That feels very nice Bob, you're a fast learner. Now, how does that feel to you? Do you like touching me?"

I moaned the words: "Wonderful!! Your breasts are much, much bigger than hers Bonnie. Thank you for letting me touch you, your tits feel so good in my hands."

She said; "You're very welcome Bobby. That feels very good by the way. Now I want you to try something else."

Her breasts moved and bounced as they were played with. My God she had such great tits. Bonnie sat there completely nude from her stomach up. Nipples hard as rocks already and her breasts had little sag and were so firm and round and big.

I was speechless and paralyzed. She smiled and told me to put my hands back on her big breasts. Her nipples were so hard and long and pushed into my palms. She said: Now work them like I showed you and especially work on the nipples."

I did, boy did I!!!

I worked them and worked them and worked on them following her directions, guidance and teaching. I ran my hands under her tits and lifted them up and squeezed them (gently as instructed). I used two hands on one tit and squeezed it pushing the nipples out even further.

God I wanted to suck it so badly, but I was afraid. I circled the nipple with a finger as I held the tit and squeeze it. I did whatever she told me and I was learning!! Learning how to make a woman's tits feel good and work her up sexually!! I worked on each breast and followed her teaching to the letter. I wanted to do this right and please her so badly.

She kept talking and telling me how to do it and then she said: "Bobby do you like my breasts baby?"

I again moaned the words: "Yes, God yes!! They are fantastic. I love them. Love them so much Bonnie"

She said: "Then show me, kiss them. Kiss my tits Bobby show me how much you like them"

I didn't move, again, I just sat there with her big tits in my hand and looking at them. So she moved even closer and bending her back a little and pushing her tits closer to my face. She took my head in her hands and moved my face into her breasts. She said: "KISS them. Don't you want to kiss them?"

I said: "Oh Yes ... GOD YES!!"

She said: "Then do it baby! Lick, suck and make love to them sweetie."

I did!! She held my head and directed and moved it between her tits. She rubbed both sides of my face between her tits. Then she moved my face over her right tit and I kissed and kissed and kissed it. God they felt so soft and big!! She moved my face all around her tits until she pressed one of her nipple against my lips. I was in heaven,

When the nipple touched my mouth I didn't hesitate this time. I opened my mouth and began to suck her nipple. "Oh yes Bobby! Suck it baby!!! That feels so good", she sort of whispered and hissed the words.

As I did, she pushed more of her tit deeper into my mouth as far as she could get it. And then she moaned saying: "Yes, that's it Bobby! Take control, and suck it baby! Yes Bobby that's it. Use your tongue, lick it too! Make love to the nipple. Oh Bobby that feels so good baby."

She moved my mouth to the other nipple and held my head as I started to suck that one. She said: "They are so sensitive baby! You know a girl's nipples are extremely sensitive. Your girl will love how it feels to have them kissed and sucked. Suck! Yes baby suck them."

I guess I got carried away because she said: "Oh!! Not to hard baby! Gently Bobby, do it easy. Suck, go from one to the other, and take a turn on each one. Yes baby! Suck! Just suck!!! Yes like that! Mumm yes, Bobby do you like that?"

I moaned and then I felt my cock throbbing and jumping. I was so hard. I held both tits in my hand and looked at them. She touched my head and I moved my mouth just over the nipple and I sucked on it once again!!! So good so sexual!

She whispered that I should pinch the other nipple with my fingers and I did it. My fingers pinched the other nipple just like she instructed me. "Use your thumb and index finger and sort of roll the nipple between them as you suck the other nipple Bobby! Yes that's it. Good job Bobby!"

I was so worked up!

I couldn't help it!!! It exploded. My cock was shooting cum!!! I was cumming and no one was touching me. I was cumming in my shorts!!! This was my dream woman and I was seeing and touching and oh fuck, sucking her magnificent tits!!! I couldn't help it, I was cumming!!!! But I kept sucking and playing with Bonnie's tits as I filled my shorts and coating my thighs and balls with cum.

I had dreamed about this for so long and now she was letting me do it. I sucked and sucked and sucked and for a while, a long while and Bonnie held my head and let me do whatever I wanted to her tits. She was holding me against her breasts and I was sucking on them and holding them in my hands. I was so sexually excited I came in my pants. I was sure she would laugh at me and call me a asshole.

When she finally took my head and lifted it up off her tits she smiled and said: "That was very nice Bob. Thank you for that very nice feeling. You have made me very warm and wet between my legs. That means you did a very good job sweetie. You learn very fast. It felt wonderful and I'm sure that girl you date will love how that feels. Who knows she might let you go further if she is happy with your method."

She moved back a little and I saw her nipples, they were huge, long thick and hard as a rock! As she sat back, she looked down and saw the huge wet stain on my shorts. "Oh my", she said," We should most likely dry them before you go home. Don't want mom to see that do we? Was it good?"

I looked at her like I didn't know what she was talking about. She said: "Your orgasm Bobby. I can see that you came, was it good baby? I didn't even know you were playing with it."

I told her: "I, I wasn't. I didn't touch my cock Bonnie, I was so excited it just exploded."

She laughed just a little and said: "Guess I got you too excited. Sorry about that Bobby, if I knew I would have taken your cock out of your shorts and jerked you off."

I felt my cock begin to harden again! To have Bonnie masturbate me would be another of my sexual dreams come true.

I agreed that touching and sucking her breasts was very exciting. She got up and went to a dresser and handed me a pair of men's shorts, most likely her ex's. She told me to change right there or if I was too embarrassed to go into the bathroom. This time I went to the bathroom.

I took off my shorts and underwear and she washed and dried them. As they were washing and drying we continued to chat about sex, and how to touch a woman and make her enjoy it more. She also fed me some food saying I most likely need some from cumming so much. "It looked like you shot off a hell of a load Bobby do you always cum like that?"

I looked down at my feet and told her always.

While we chatted she told me again to touch her and show her what I had learned. I was very happy to take off her tee shirt this time and unhook her bra before nursing on her nipples again.

I did much better this time She love how I was doing it and held my head and whispered to me what a good student I was. It lasted a while and I just couldn't get enough of her breasts.

I tried to touch her pussy but she stopped me saying, "You haven't earned that reward yet Bobby. Let's stay with the breasts for now."

I realized then from her words that her pussy might be in reached and I promised her and myself I'd be the best worker and student of her teaching ever. She held me long and hard as I cupped her breasts. She pushed her body into me and whispered that she knew I was getting hard again.

I changed back into my work shorts and she told me: "It's time for you to go home now Bobby we had enough work and training for one day."

She said she would call my mom but most likely we would get an early start working again tomorrow at 9AM. I told her I could come over at 7 or 8AM and we could have breakfast and talk about what I learned today if she wanted to do that. She asked me: "So you want to practice tomorrow do you."

I said: 'Yes, please I wanted to do it again! I love making you feel good."

I told her I would be there early but she said: "No make it 9AM. I need my beauty sleep."

She said: "There is so much to teach you Bobby. You have so much to learn about women and their bodies' sweetie it may take all summer. But, I'm sure you will enjoy it, and I'm happy to help you learn. Practice each day will make you a much better lover for your girl friend.

Again I was hard as hell when I left wearing my clean shorts. When I got home mom was on the phone with someone so I went to my room and jerked off like I was insane cumming again

Now I had my photos and a new mental image of Bonnie's tits. I had seen them, touched them, and sucked and licked them God I was in heaven. I came and came and came again that night. I jerked off until I was too tired to do it any more.

I couldn't wait until I was at Bonnie's house again in the morning! I hoped she would let me take her top off and play with those great tits again!

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