The Babysitter and the Jealous Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Babysitter, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tiffany took her babysitting duties seriously but she was not displeased when the married husband showed her the power of submitting to his pleasure.

Jane Singleton was well-known by her neighbors and friends to be even tempered and to seldom raise her voice in public. That was true even in those situations where she was surrounded in close proximity by the unmistakable shrill noise of her four boisterous and sometimes unruly offspring. Her brood was notorious for their infamous lack of any sense of volume proportionality, when it came to speech and communication.

She looked askance at the dangerously pretty and unabashedly youthful babysitter standing in the doorway. Her heartbroken, but tested by bitter experiences eyes sensed trouble in the making.

It was only a short six months ago, that she had caught her over-sexed spouse holding the newly hired and eager-to-please, student babysitter between his firm hands as he ploughed her slit from the rear like a joyful farmer turning over a new field. It certainly looked at the time, from her avenue of viewing, that his ploughing labors were the cause of the teenaged girl to moan in such a shameful fashion. The shameless girl sprinkled her fluffy white carpet with impetuous girl juice. It tinkled through her teenaged, thick, pubic bush like a faulty showerhead in some flea-bag motel. Jane had her hands filled with cleaning up the mess. At least, she was able to have a bit of fun spanking the guilt-ridden girl down on her hands and knees with the scrub brush in her hands and the tears in the corners of her insipid eyes. She certainly didn’t mind her horny husband watching her harass the young girl with her deceased father’s black leather belt that had been so often used on her own delicate hindquarters on a fairly regular basis. Her Billy always enjoyed a good spanking and he was quick to join in with gleeful hands. Her consolation was that he would usually turn to her for solace of a sordid nature forcing her to take him from behind. She was most vigilant in such situations to insist he stay away from her unnatural rearward placed entryway. Her confessor was quite strict in his teaching that well-behaved females are intended to use that opening for one-way traffic only and should not submit to the sin of anal pleasure, often sought by husbands besotted with drink. She was in full agreement with his teachings because her only experiences in that quarter caused her a great deal of discomfort due to the inability of her tiny rear opening to stretch adequately for even an average cock of ordinary girth and minimal hardness.

The girl was actually chewing gum and making a horrid smacking noise periodically to emphasize her vacuous enjoyment of the gooey mess building beneath her glorious flanks.

Jane almost wanted to slap her undeniably pretty face and knock the filthy stuff from her mouth because she resembled the prior babysitter with husband-stealing oral skills that far surpassed her own meager efforts to stiffen her husband’s nocturnal desires. Instead she just remarked in a perfectly calm tone of voice,

“Kindly remove the gum from your mouth, dear, we don’t allow that sort of business in this household.”

The pretty blond girl blushed, because she was basically a shy soul at heart. She seldom aroused ire in the people she came into contact with on a usually boring and ordinary day. That is, of course, with regard to almost the entire male population within sight or hearing. Jealous wives were not included for obvious reasons. Of course, she had absolutely no knowledge of the previous unfortunate confrontation with the submissive, teenaged babysitter. She was merely a typical babysitter without any sense of moral character and obsessively submissive to the commands of any male with the urge to control her.

Tiffany had already passed her eighteenth birthday at the beginning of the month and she was not accustomed to strangers, especially wives, telling her what to do like she was their personal slave and making her feel inadequate just because she liked to chew gum. Still, a job was a job and she needed the money, if she had any hope of buying the small car she needed so desperately to travel to and from her appointments in other people’s homes.

She reached out and took the tissue offered to her and placed her gum carefully inside with a sense she was being punished for no reason that she could decipher at that very moment.

Tiffany, who quickly revealed to the new client that most of her “friends” simply called her Tiff, followed the attractive housewife into the kitchen and they negotiated a reasonable fee to take charge of four youngsters for at least the major part of the evening on the next Friday night. Jane was swift to assure her that her services would not be required after midnight and that she was welcome to stay in the spare bedroom, if she had any qualms about walking the dark streets at that risky hour. It was obvious that Jane wanted her to know she was welcome to stay until daylight, but she had no intention of paying her the going rate after her duties were completed.

It seemed like an ideal arrangement to Tiff, because she didn’t want to awaken her own parents at that time and she knew they would both be long asleep at that ungodly hour for mature adults. She vowed that she would never succumb to the need for sleep at an early hour, no matter how old she became, because it was a sure sign of getting closer to the grave and there was plenty of time to sleep after that dreadful occasion.

In these modern times, it was difficult to get a grasp on affliction of virginity, but Jane would have placed a sizable wager on the probability that Tiff had lost that status a long time ago and, in point of fact, she would have been totally wrong in her snap judgment. No doubt her experiences with other teenaged babysitters had biased her ability to make a call on such matters, when it came to pretty girls in Tiffany’s age category. The truth was that Tiff was dreadfully afraid of the dirty deed that the young lads kept trying to convince her she needed to make her an “official woman” in the eyes of male society. Actually, she understood their point of view, but the solution seemed a bit too risky and dangerous to rid her of the lack of official “no longer a silly virgin” status. She felt it far easier to rely on her smiling teddy to rub away her physical urges and he was not likely to “spill the beans” about her private indiscretions. Her brain-washed parents naturally assumed she had gone through that garden gate a long time ago, since most of the young girls in their family were reputed to be “early bloomers”.

The oldest child of the Singleton’s was only ten, so her duties were not too stressful and she looked forward to the assignment knowing that the wages would give her the final installment she needed to make her purchase of a bike reality and not just some goal to be reached.

Tiff arrived at the front door early on Friday night and she had her nightie in her backpack along with some toilet items for an overnight stay. She had no intention of risking the dark streets at that hour, because the gang activity was a known fact. Tiff had no intention of losing her precious cherry to a pack of street bandits, more interested in female prey, than in purses or wallets filled with hard, cold cash.

It looked to her like the Singletons were ready to depart for their evening’s entertainment, because they were both wearing formal attire for some slick party at the husband’s place of employment. She had to admit the wife looked extremely desirable in her silky gown and low bodice that revealed the swell of her sexy bosom quivering with good health and all creamy pink against the black gown that clung with erotic tenacity to her thighs and chest.

The husband was in a jovial mood and she suspected he had already hit the whiskey cabinet to get in a proper frame of mind for the stress of the evening’s activities. She saw the wife take a half-empty glass from his hand like he was some tiny tot to be curbed of irresponsibility in a candy store. She could not help but wonder, if it was the same way she treated him in the case of his wandering eye for any female target of opportunity. She already saw him ogling her partially displayed teenaged bum more than once. It sort of made her tummy tingle in that familiar depraved way, when she got her little cuddly fur-covered teddy just in the right spot and at the right angle for her total release in the loneliness of her empty bedroom.

The kids were fortunately, generally well behaved and they quickly turned into their beds, because they were exhausted after a full day of school and sports. She had the television all to herself and started to watch a beauty contest that seemed to consist of a horde of smiling females showing their nicely curved assets dressed in skimpy bikinis that were all scrunched up into their crack in the back when they walked down the runway. She thought it was just an accident, but then she realized it was intentional and meant to spur the judge’s opinion about the appeal of their bums to the general public. Her secret urges to submit to male attentions surged to the forefront and she let her fingers get busy under the spread on her lap. The babysitter had the kinky thought to be the winner of the beauty contest no matter how much of her body she had to show to get the prize.

Since the kids were all in bed, she paraded in front of the hallway mirror minus her short skirt and tugged on her knickers to wedge them into her crack the same way. She shook her pretty bottom and bent over to show the edges of her pucker and the plump mystery below that struggled to hide her pubic hair with only a few errant strands sticking out like wayward travelers in a strange land unsure of their destination. Poor Tiff had no idea that the “Nanny” cams were silently clicking away putting her naked bum in all its glory into a data bank for Mister Singleton’s intense scrutiny at his savoring leisure. The one over the closet door was excellent for delving into the secrets of her beautiful bosom and it caught her nipples in full profile more than once. The one under the coffee table peeked up at her glorious teenaged bush and when she bent over to touch her toes, the gap of her crack pulled further apart to reveal her pulsating brown eye with a hunger of its very own.

Mrs. Singleton was a bit under the weather, when the happy couple made their entrance right at the dot of midnight. Tiffany was reminded of her favorite storybook “Cinderella” and the fairy Godmother’s warning of the “clock striking twelve” being the moment of truth for the return to reality. This was not quite Cinderella with the mice and the pumpkin, but the staggering wife Jane brought a smile to Tiffany’s face that was more devious than amusing. She helped the master of the house deliver his spouse to the marital bed without arousing the children. That suited the babysitter perfectly and brought a sense of relief to Tiffany. She was happily relieved, because she had no desire to resume her “Nanny” duties at such an indecent hour.

It was only then, that she realized Mister Singleton was ogling her bare legs, visible right up to her skimpy night time bottoms. The old worn-out thing, with a couple of holes with pubic hair pushing through, barely covered her nicely curved cheeks in the rays of the flickering night light. The babysitter knew when she turned around and bent over even slightly, Mister Singleton was able to see the hints of her pretty teenaged cheeks spilling out from the frayed edges.

Her breath was catching in her throat, as she watched Mister Singleton slowly remove his tie and then his black leather belt. She was momentarily startled. because she had images of him putting her over his knee and paddling her bare bottom until she was forced to beg him for mercy. For some strange reason, that tableau was not entirely displeasing, but rather stoked her need for the touch of a firm hand to control her urges for guidance in matters of such a personal nature. Her weakness of the flesh was on her with overwhelming waves of shuddering emotion and she hoped he did not discern her defenseless desire.

Tiff knew it was too late, when the master placed his gentle hand on the back of her neck.

Suddenly, she knew that he knew her obsessed kinky needs and was telling her without the necessity of words that he was ready to give her exactly what she wanted so desperately.

The petite babysitter now had the sense that she was completely under his control.

She took up a totally submissive position on “all fours” on the fluffy white carpet with her eyes shut, knowing that she would soon have his weight on her back to contend with, along with the pressure of opening for his demanding shaft. Of course, it would rob her of her unwanted virginity, whilst the wife slept peacefully in the upstairs bedroom. She knew it was not fair to the faithful wife, but she was in too much of a state of excitement and agitation to consider the fairness of it all in the early hours of the morning. This would be the day of her loss of innocence. She knew it was long overdue and that she was convinced it was time for simply surrendering her teenaged body that was definitely ripe for the taking.

The husband’s huge shaft was already entering her vaginal folds, when she realized that she didn’t even know his first name. It came close to making her giggle, but she had the common sense to comprehend that it was not a good time to be giggling and laughing, when one was losing her “cherry” to a married man with four children and a wife soundly asleep upstairs.

“Is it in?”

No sooner had she uttered the words, when Tiffany understood how silly she sounded.

Just like a virgin, with absolutely no experience whatsoever. She hoped that her new boss did not suspect the lack of sexual knowledge on her part, because he might decide to curtail his efforts in adding her to his string of babysitter conquests. She had nothing to fear, because within moments, she was grunting in unison with his slapping thrusts. His impetuous vigor almost threatened to throw her off her balance and make her stretch out flush with the welcoming carpet. She was not experienced, but she could appreciate the desirability of the “on all fours” angle of penetration that brought the master’s long rod up against her trigger points deep inside her core.

Far too late, she realized they had completely forgotten the condom.

The use of a condom had been battered into her brain like a litany of proper behavior, but she knew it was a losing battle, because the point of no return was already reached and she sensed the gushing flow of man-juice was ready to break the dam and flood her private female parts. The fact the horny husband had already fathered four offspring was a testament to his potent storage of sticky cream deposits in ready reserve.

Her pulse rate was contained by the knowledge that she had a “morning after” pill stashed in her bottom drawer for just such an emergency. It was given to her by her best friend Nikki, who had been caught out by a fast-acting boyfriend with no sense of guilt at all. She had thought it to be a totally unnecessary defense of caution, but now the thing was her safeguard against the reality of early motherhood without benefit of spouse to protect her reputation and good name. Each time the husband bottomed out flush against her well-pounded buttocks, she sucked in deep breaths and reminded her cautious nature that the emergency pill was close at hand and ready to do what was needed to keep her externally innocent in appearance. She was much too young to be parading an unmistakably swollen belly around for everyone to laugh at her stupidity in taking care of business.

Mister Singleton was groaning now like a wounded animal and he had stopped his deep thrusting inside her happy channel. Her feeling of wetness was accentuated by the withdrawal of his wilting shaft and she felt a sense of loss that made her ashamed of her greedy need for a second act.

In fact, it was a good thing they had time to separate and pretend indifference, because the sound of Jane coming down the stairs filled them both with well-hidden guilt for their adulterous actions.

Jane looked at them and immediately knew without a doubt that they had just copulated like animals in a zoo. She accepted the fact that it was a bit too late to do anything about it. Instead, she pretended to be ignorant of their betrayal and went into the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee and watch them both squirm under the scrutiny of her accusing eyes. She might be too late to prevent their adultery, but at least she would have some fun in the aftermath.

She had no doubt that eventually she would make them both pay for their thoughtless humping at her expense and she would make they both regret their impetuous and depraved disregard for common decency.

Then again, it might be the perfect opportunity to have the “threesome” she had been daydreaming about ever since her honeymoon, when her sexual emotions were running on “full speed ahead”. The young girl certainly had advantageous fullness of figure to make her appreciate the thought of her taking her cheating husband’s impetuous cock from behind. She had long wanted to “serve up” a pretty young thing for her Billy to pounce on for his deplorable anal urgings and this tasty bit seemed to be perfect for such depraved activities.

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