Nanny in Black Garters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Teacher/Student, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Her selection of Nanny as a career option meant she would be away from the stifling atmosphere of her firmly disciplined home and free to choose her own close friends.

Ashley Piggleton received so much harassment in university about her dreadful last name that she risked her parent’s ire and legally changed it on her eighteenth birthday. Now she proudly announced whenever asked that her name was Ashley Bond and the jokes stopped almost immediately.

Of course, her father merely grunted when she greeted him at the dinner table but she was determined to present an acceptable profile to her future Nanny needing households that included a non-comment inducing interaction. Her attitude concerning the “toning down” of her original name extended to several other features of her physical presentation known only to her close friends and her reclusive sister Lizzie.

Her chosen avocation of Nanny was admittedly not her first choice, but she did not have the requisite skills to do well in covert intelligence and she was much too shy to be successful as a “lady of the night” performing tricks of a degrading personal nature for desperately lonely married men.

Her sister Lizzie was an accredited librarian with several years of steady employment in the foremost library located in the center of the biggest city in their State. Ashley often visited her there in the quiet halls and they would read their own selections in muted silence. Lizzie was usually buried in some ponderous thick book of geological discoveries and Ashley was lost in her favorite moisture inducing romance of historical fiction. She wished she could jump into the pages and be the lost girl in the forest surrounded by a circle of outlaws stripping her naked with their feasting eyes on her defenseless female flesh. It seemed to her that she was virtually victorious in any scenario composed in a novel of such imaginative composition.

Each for their own reasons, both sisters were still virgins.

Ashley had a reasonable excuse because she was just barely twenty years of age now. At least, she tried to reflect on her status in the light of that plausible defense.

Her sister Lizzie really had no excuse, except for her fastidious nature that was understandably shocked by the sight of any male organ in full extension and in close proximity. Lizzie secretly wished that she had that trait of character that could easily accept her gender assumed submissive role and just spread her knees and take the manly medicine that would cure her of her virginal woes.

Lizzie had confided in her sister that she had found the ideal way to get around her lack of full penetration experience was by lifting her skirts and allowing her male friends to rub their aroused business on her form-fitting foundation and under her tightly stretched garters holding up her flesh-toned hose. Those lucky gentlemen appeared to be well satisfied with her submissive posture and she only had to wash her undergarments more often than normal to remove the evidentiary stains. It was after that revelation that Ashley changed her style of dress to include the wearing of sexy black garters and skimpy French knickers fully out of sight of her friends and associates, both male and female. She couldn’t wear the customary corset because it robbed her of her ability to move about freely doing her daily labors as a full-fledged Nanny to high-class families. It was the sort of duties that necessitated the freedom of movement that allowed her to bend and stretch with little worry about restrained flesh.

Her first year of performing the duties of a Nanny were more boring than exciting, but she liked the opportunity to continue her historical romance readings and would attend to her stress reduction exercises in the privacy of her tiny compartment in the hallway leading up to the attic of the large household. None of the males in that household neither masters nor servants suspected her salacious choice of undies and they would have been leery of action even if they did because she still exuded a “standoffish” attitude that preempted confidential interaction.

The offer of a lucrative post came to her in the mail with promise of expanded income and since she had no close ties to the family with the tiny tots too young to even remember her with fondness, she simply gave her notice and mounted the first available coach for the journey to the inland assignment. She hoped they had a good library for her to continue her romantic explorations in silent appreciation.

The new posting was a large estate at the end of a neatly tended road that sported wild flowers of every variety and color that met the eye. She wondered if they were natural or if some aficionado of floral displays had sown the seeds of multi-hued arrangements left natural and scattered in every direction without order or purpose.

There was a rock wall of sorts around the estate that was easily trod over by a determined pedestrian. She assumed it was just there to establish the boundaries of the land holding and not to prevent any unwanted guest from entering. Horses were inside a smaller compound off to the side of the graveled driveway. They were busy consuming the ground cover which seemed designed to be their main diet rather than the hay served up to the other domestic animals. Ashly wondered what the grass tasted like in the mouth all chewed up and ready to be swallowed down the gullet all green and sticky.

She remembered her tutor at home who had convinced her of the appropriateness of taking his long thick shaft between her lips and “getting a taste of it” for her educational benefit before venturing into the real world of commerce and male superiority. He was a bit of a limp-wristed personage in her opinion, but seemed to have no problem with using her mouth for his pleasure in private sordid exercises without any discernable gender discrimination. After a moment of hesitation, she had allowed him to hold her head at the correct angle and took him inside her oral wetness with some sense of sense of arousal down below her waistline. She was certain it was due to the thought that she was doing something so dirty and sinful with a person she had no love for and in truth really didn’t like that much either.

When the delightfully distracted tutor flooded her mouth with his sticky mess, she almost gagged, but followed his instructions and swallowed the “evidence” because she didn’t want to be found out and thought a dirty girl ever ready to fall to her knees behind closed doors. After that initial encounter, Ashley accepted her submissive role in the household, but was circumspect in not allowing the tutor, whose name she could not remember to her ever-lasting shame, to touch her below the belt with his greedy and far too familiar hands. She took those lessons to heart and expanded her recently developed oral horizons to include certain older married family friends in need of discreet yet intimately kinky female attention. It was always in odd places like inside the pantry or behind a curtain in some hidden alcove and even under the freshly pressed tablecloth in the busy dining room on a cold winter night.

The main entry circle of hard packed gravel was often sprinkled with carts and carriages of all descriptions, but without the necessary horses hitched up for immediate use. Off to the left of the main entrance was the well-maintained stable for the pampering of the horses. Additionally, an unattached barn for the remainder of the domestic stock was visible to the rear with several farm hands working busily at their daily chores. A couple of these same farm workers were often seen working shirtless in the morning sun and their sweaty rippling muscles touched a chord inside her that she sensed to be unfamiliar and disturbing almost like a tingle of expectation for something new, yet “Déjà Vu”.

Suddenly, Ashley was unaccountably damp under her knickers and she was concerned her scented female heat would agitate the huge hounds lazily sprawled on the steps. She had heard sordid tales from the other female help about being cornered by one of the beasts in a deserted hallway and being made sport of under threat of a nasty bite and unable to escape from the weight of the brute on their back. The lazy things sensed her fear and her passion and drove her to distraction by sniffing her private parts in front of the other guests. When she first arrived at the estate, her comfortable conveyance continued around to the side and she was deposited at the door that led down to the kitchen below and the servant’s quarters in the rear of the mansion. Her belongings were left in the dirt but she knew they would be carried up to her sleeping quarters by one of the young male servants just like in her previous assignments. She did her best to blend into the background and succeeded beyond her greatest expectation.

The housekeeper was an extremely overweight woman with a round face and a nice smile.

She told her to call her Mrs. Potts and to be sure to call the head butler Mister Simpson. Mrs. Potts told her that all the other servants were called by their last name especially when in hearing range of one of the family members. She was to be addressed simply as “Nanny” and Ashley knew that was the normal way of things from her experiences in other households of the rich and famous people. As the Nanny, she was given a room of her own not like the other female servants that usually slept two to a room just to save space in tight quarters.

Her first introduction to the family was later that same day when she was shown into the dining room at dinner and she met the master and the mistress seated at opposite ends of the long wooden table. He happened to be a Lord both in title and in the political realm as a Member of Parliament. The wife was a pretty thing of a different generation and was far younger than the mature Master with curls atop her head that were piled high like some Celtic tower waiting to be climbed by an agile lover. Her name was Margaret and she only smiled blankly in Ashley’s direction without any interest in her at all.

The children were quite young and that was the way that Ashley liked them because they were far too young to be saddled with the acquired faults and mean-spirited ways of adults at that age. She would be able to manage them easily because of her personality and attitude that was well-suited to the care of charges at a tender age.

The only other family member was an older man who was apparently a rich Uncle visiting from his place of retirement in France just to see the children and see the lands of his youth once again before he met his maker.

His name was Jean Claude and he was so intent on consuming his food on his plate that he barely looked up to greet the new Nanny in whom he had no interest in the slightest.

It was not a particularly welcoming experience but she now had the family members fixed in her mind and she intended to find out more about them as quickly as possible.

On the way up the staircase to her quarters, the faceless footman goosed her buttocks discovering her lack of corset or foundation. She ignored his impudence because in all honesty he was a handsome young lad with a sparkle in his eye that showed his sense of humor and total lack of a dark thoughts or meanness of nature. Ashley just hoped he didn’t bruise her cheek back there because she hated to see marks of manhandling on her creamy white skin when looking over her shoulder in a full-length mirror. Her sister Lizzie was of an opposite attitude often rejoicing to see the flaws of a spirited spanking on her glistening flanks after a cleansing bath in their kitchen tub on a Friday night as they both bathed together for the economy of hot water. Sometimes, the dedicated Nanny would take pleasure in either listening to her sister’s sessions or on special occasions she was able to view the entire scene from the depths of a shuttered closet watching her sister’s flanks turn a nice shade of red from repeated blows of palm or cane. The Nanny wanted to try the fetish herself, but was far too shy to suggest it to any man and made do with merely being an observer of her sister’s humiliation.

Her first spanking in the new household came from the Head Butler; Mister Simpson with Mrs. Potts being the one that pulled up her skirts exposing the Nanny’s shocking knickers and her black garters holding up the silk stockings. The butler was hard in his execution of the deed and Mrs. Potts was mortified to see the Nanny crying with the shame of her punishment.

It was enough of a satisfying experience for Nanny to approach Jean Claude and beg him to administer her next correction with more privacy and less enthusiasm.

Of course, there was no stopping Jean Claude from relieving the young Nanny of her hated cherry immediately after her over the knee experience.

After that, it was a favorite pastime of males with extended visits to French ports and full knowledge of the needs of high-spirited females

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