Pony-girl on the Reservation
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Moving to the Reservation was a mark of shame to Pony-girl but she did her best to fit in and help her family to adjust.

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Princess Pony-girl did not like being called Pony-girl and she hated her signature ponytail that showed off her high cheeks so drastically that she could be easily identified as being an American Indian girl without much confusion about the subject. It could also be said that the pretty young thing was not overjoyed at being called Princess. In her mind, if she was going to be royalty, she felt she should at least be ranked as a Queen.

The small girl with the classic bone structure wanted everyone to simply call her "Pony" because it was short and sweet and fitted her a lot better than the other silly name. Her friends didn't see any problem with that solution to addressing her but her enemies were mean-spirited enough to keep calling her Princess Pony-girl just to rattle her cage.

Pony was not born on the reservation and she only moved there after her father was killed in some country she never heard of before on the other side of the world. There was some difficulty with the distribution of the insurance money from the military due to the Indian wedding ceremony which was recognized by the tribe but not the state department of licensing that refused to put their stamp of approval on the paperwork without federal approval. That was the reason that Pony was sent to the reservation along with her arthritis-crippled mom and three other brothers all younger than she.

The pretty teenager was sweet sixteen the year they sent her to the reservation and now she was almost nineteen and old enough to make up her own mind. Of course, she stayed with her mom and three brothers in the depressing surroundings because her mom depended on her for almost all the housework chores due to her crippled hands. Fortunately, other than that handicap, her health was quite good and she was able to look after herself with little difficulty. It was the brothers that took a lot of Pony's time because they were constantly getting into trouble and making her life a veritable hell of constant cleaning up and setting things straight.

Her schoolwork suffered because of her need to constantly do chores and tend to her brothers but she didn't complain to the teachers because it was a familiar refrain on the arid and bleak reservation where it seemed everything was "barely adequate" due to constant budget cutting. She had heard all the stories from the "old-timers" who repeated the refrain that she was lucky to not be on the reservation when things were really bad. She was beginning to doubt those stories because in her mind that saw things simply, it couldn't get much worse than right at the moment.

Pony had a real interest in History and she tried to read every book she could get in the library on the way "The People" had been slaughtered like animals in the big push for something they described as "Manifest Destiny" in the textbooks. All she could think was that the words seemed more Indian than White Man and it was just an excuse to take the land from the American Indians without paying for it. Her private thoughts were somewhat confused because she was at heart a patriotic person and she thought the United States of America was a shining light on a hill except for the fact it was actually on a reservation in the middle of the desert.

The school on the reservation was similar in many respects to the school she had attended in Texas. The subjects were the same, the challenges were the same, and even the topics of conversation were the same. The primary difference was that her fellow students were lacking that basic drive of developing competition from sports to academic achievement like in her old school. After giving it some thought, Pony decided it was because most of the other students had lost their spirit of hope for a better world or at least a better place for them to live out their lives just like the non-reservation citizens of the U.S.A. The feeling that they were truly "second-class citizens" had been driven deeply into their sub-conscious like some communist country form of brain-washing so subliminal that they barely knew they were already indoctrinated.

Their allocated living quarters had been recently vacated by a single mother with a pair of grown children who had succumbed to the scourge of drugs and overdosed in the middle of the night alone in the dark because the electricity had been shut off for non-payment of the basic fee. Her two sons were already in a State-run facility for wayward youth because of their habit of stealing automobiles right from the driveways of the affluent whites in nearby neighborhoods.

Apparently, the previous occupant was considered "bad news" by most of the neighbors because of her besmirched reputation of supplementing her income with money for physical favors of a kinky nature best left unstated in front of delicate ears.

The doublewide mobile home was not that old and, at least, the roof was not leaking. The primary problem was the fact that it was not hooked up to running water and they had to bring all their water in from the spigot on the corner right next to the fire hydrant. The water pipes were paid for by the Federal government who managed to supply ninety percent of the cost of providing water and sewerage for the reservation leaving the final ten percent up to the local governing authority which balked at spending any money or raising taxes on the hard-working citizens of the county. The resident American Indians were told by the Tribal Council that they would match every dollar the resident raised to meet the three thousand dollar "hook up" fee required by the county to connect to the water lines. That would mean each housing unit needed fifteen hundred dollars in cash to get their water piped straight to their sinks and toilets. Of course, living from day to day and with no savings, the reservation Indians found it easier to stay with the "old ways" and simply carry the water to their homes like they had done for almost one hundred and fifty years of reservation life.

The stinky outhouses were a pain in the butt in cold weather and in the summer, the flies were atrocious. On the other hand they didn't cost them a single thin dime.

Pony was used to it now but she questioned the wisdom of not upgrading to the new ways of doing things since the water pipes were so near and yet so far.

There were only a few "outsiders" working on the reservation in the head office and in the school but Pony felt a bit closer to them and their way of thinking than to her "set in her ways" mother and the older residents who remembered the "old days" with a sense of fondness that she found difficult to muster. The newly appointed science teacher, Mister Johnson, used to be a minister of a reputable church but had taken the job on the reservation because of some issue with getting too close to the teenaged female students with submissive natures. Most of them were inclined to sit still and let him show them the way to salvation pretending ignorance of the error of their ways. Fortunately for him, they were all over the age of sixteen and he was able to convince the sheriff that each of them had fully consented to his explorations into their hidden feminine secrets. She liked Mister Johnson and his ever-present smile and he seemed to sense a kindred spirit in Pony because she was so interested in the study of science and the miracle of the universe.

She had just passed her eighteenth birthday when she was convinced by Mister Johnson to do some research in the biological connections between genders of the human species after they had done some interesting experiments with fish and rabbits making close observations of physical interaction and the length of time needed to birth offspring. She was strangely excited down deep in her belly when they both watched the rabbits humping with rhythmic enthusiasm and sometimes her fingers would stray to her crotch just to assure herself that her wetness was not visible on the outside of her school uniform.

Pony was forced to admit her guilt in watching Mister Johnson's trousers to see how high they would rise at such times and her estimate was that he was truly oversized in that department for a man of the cloth and his middle-aged status. That thought drove her to rub her brother's Star Wars Wookie between her legs in the darkness of the silent bedroom letting the furry creature release her tension in a tingling flash of divine satisfaction. She hoped he would not suspect the wetness on his toy was due to her joyful explosion and tried to hide her guilt by spraying the thing with her mother's perfume just to be on the safe side and not be found out as a "dirty" girl.

All the other students were gone from the schoolhouse and only she and Mister Johnson were there to conduct the experiment which started with her stretched out face down over his desk for full "below the belt" inspection of her private parts to include her seldom touched back door used only for bodily functions. She was somewhat fearful because it was all new to her but he was truly gentle and quite unlike the rough and tumble Indian boys that tried to grab her when she wasn't looking and poke her with their greedy fingers and stiff hidden staffs of pleasure. She generally laughed at them and kept them at bay by threatening to tell the Tribal Council of their disgraceful and wild behavior. Since most of the other girls were more than happy to spread their legs for even the ugliest of them, they left her to her own devices not wanting to be considered unfit for reservation life by forcing their attentions on a reluctant reservation resident. She felt sorry for the obedient and submissive females that kept their mouths shut unless told to open them for abnormal sexual favors. Most of them were eventually shoved into early motherhood without benefit of spousal assistance and qualified for enhanced Federal and State subsidies for female minorities and Children's Assistance Programs. Pony was determined she would not go down that route because it would end her chance to make something of herself.

It felt strange to her to be pressed hard against the wooden desk by the weight of Mister Johnson's body but with her white panties down around her ankles and her school skirt tucked into her waistband, she simply relaxed and let him do the nasty business just like the rabbits they both had watched with bated breath. She had to admit he was nice enough to use a condom for any coupling exercises and only entered her orally in a "bareback" fashion.

He had taken up a certain joyful rhythm inside her leading to her shameful pleasure and wetness that lubricated them both to easy entry and deep poking of the advanced variety. Eventually, she reached a point of no return that forced her to shudder under his sweating body and they both arrived at the launch time together just like she had read about in her silly romance magazines.

Her mind was at ease because he had shown her the condom and even let her put it on his stiffness despite her giggling and fumbling around with inept inexperience about such matters. She noticed that he was delighted with her hesitation and lack of skill because it made him even harder and bigger than when they first had started.

After that first coupling, they did it hard and often and eventually Pony learned new skills that she wanted to put into practice with some younger candidate for a permanent partner. Unfortunately, she discovered that most of the American Indian boys were only interested in the sex and not at all desirous of a committed relationship. In fact, that was the reason why there were so many unwed mothers on the reservation and she was determined not to join that group.

She applied for a position as an assistant to the representative assigned to the reservation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He was almost fifty, married to a snobby woman from New York City and had three children with character traits that led them to act like the American Indians on the reservation were no better than the cattle on the surrounding farms in the area.

The supervisor's oldest son constantly pestered her to bend over for him in one of the closets or even in the pantry inside their residence but she just gave him a dirty look and he left her alone because the other girls who worked in the kitchen or in the garden were more than happy to take him between their legs. They giggled at his inadequate size and his over-enthusiasm in bringing such coupling to a speedy conclusion.

His nickname in their tongue was "thirty-second Tommy".

The older father was another story.

She got the message when he showed her his assortment of belts and paddles and commented in a humorless voice,

"Girls like you need constant reminders of staying on the proper path. We will start your instruction quite soon."

The only reason why she stayed was because she was being paid on the Federal scale and not the local wage and it was too good for her to be put off by periodic spankings by the older man. In fact, she was a bit curious about the entire process because it was making her tingle down there just to think about it and how long she would have to wait for her first lesson.

It certainly didn't take long for the Indian Bureau Supervisor to take her over his knee for her initial "breaking in" introduction. By the time he was finished with her; she was a converted "Spankee" and looked for any opportunity to get the attention she so richly deserved.

Her secret fetish was well hidden until the nasty son recorded the entire sordid affair on his cell phone and broadcast it to viral success.

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