Sophia's Showcase 2
Chapter 1

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Still nude, Sophia climbed into her bed, and was soon sleeping very soundly. She had had this vague idea of masturbating when she got into bed but she was so tired that she'd nodded off instantly.

She had strange dreams, in one of which she came into her dad's house and found some other girl living there - one of the girls from one of the pictures. The girl was naked, but her dad wasn't. In the dream, Sophia found that it seemed that her dad couldn't see her - she was like a ghost. The girl from the picture had taken her place. So she watched as her dad took pictures of the other girl.

She awoke from the dream feeling a bit annoyed with her dad, but she realized it was just a dream. She stretched and without even thinking about it, started to pull on some kind of clothes. She already had on panties and a top before realized what she was doing. It wasn't that she had forgotten that John had agreed, the night before, that they could continue being nudist - it was simply that she wasn't paying attention. Grinning happily to herself, she quickly removed the clothes.

She padded out of her room and down the hall, stopping at the bathroom. She saw that her dad's room's door was cracked open and she realized he was still sound asleep inside. She briefly considered the idea of waking him up, but, since she didn't really have any urgency to, and still had no idea what they might do that day, she decided to let him sleep. She thought about how she herself had fallen asleep almost the moment she got to her room - it was like the excitement of everything had caught up with her and she just passed out - so she wondered if John had stayed up later, which was why he was sleeping in.

Although it was mid-Spring, the house was a bit chilly. "If we're gonna be nudists," Sophia muttered to herself, "I think we need more heat." She found the thermostat and tinkered with it, increasing the temperature a lot and then thinking about it annoying her dad, and compromising back down to a slightly more reasonable temperature.

She went out to kitchen, got some pop tarts (which she tended to prefer untoasted), and decided to look at some of the pictures they'd taken, using her laptop. She also checked some apps on her phone, but neither Britt nor Stacey nor her mom had sent any message, so there was nothing going on. She had a funny thought of putting some of those pics they'd taken on tumblr or facebook, but she knew that was a really bad idea - she wasn't stupid. It was just funny to imagine people's reactions.

The day was cloudy, and the forecast said there would be rain. Sometimes when she was at her dad's for the weekend, she didn't really do anything except laze around on Saturdays. Then Sundays he would sometimes take her shopping or they would do something.

Often on Saturdays John worked, but he'd said he had nothing at all lined up when they'd been discussing this weekend, that's why he'd originally said they would do the poses on Saturday.

One idea Sophia had was to just do more poses. But it seemed like just to try to keep making more poses that could be uploaded on that site would end up a bit monotonous. There were really only so many poses you could do that fit in well with that site's style.

Of course, she wondered if she could get her dad to agree to her doing some other poses ... some of those "just for fun" poses, she'd called them, at one point the night before. She contemplated if, having "slept on it" so to speak, he might be willing to do that.

There were definitely some ideas she had that she wanted to explore, among the more "adult" poses that were possible. She realized she would rather be looking through John's folder than the folders of pics they'd chosen or taken last night. It could give her more ideas. She figured John wouldn't object if she went onto his office computer, so she headed there.

She stopped, however, when she realized John had just emerged from his room and gone into the bathroom. She could hear the kind of loud sound of him peeing in the toilet. So he was finally awake. She decided to wait and ask him about going on the computer in his office. Meanwhile, she went into the living room, where he'd see her as he came out to the kitchen, probably to start coffee.

When John came out, she saw him wearing his typical sweats and tshirt.

"Dad! What?" she immediately protested. "Did you forget?"

He looked at her nude form sprawled on the couch with his befuddled morning face for just a few seconds, and grinned sheepishly. "Uh. Yep. I did. I forgot. I see you didn't."

Sophia laughed. "Actually I forgot, too. But then I remembered."

"I see," he answered, unnecessarily. John stood there for a moment, indecisive.

"Well. I'm not going to make you," she finally shrugged. "But last night you said you didn't mind. Anyway, I turned up the heat, by the way."

To that, John said, "No problem - makes sense."

"How come you slept so late?" she asked. Normally, her dad tended to wake up quite early, in her experience.

"I guess it took me a while to fall asleep last night," he said, and then elaborating, "You gave me a lot to think about."

Sophia almost blushed, taking his meaning slightly different from what he'd intended. "What? All those different poses?" she asked, but it was kind of a rhetorical question. She shifted gears, and said, " Plus, um, dad?"


"Can I go on your office computer?"

"Sure." He wondered what she was up to, but decided not to worry about it. As she raced off to the office, he shrugged to himself, shook his head with slight disbelief at how things had developed, and proceeded to the kitchen, where, after getting his coffee started, he took a second to remove his clothing and put the items directly in the laundry nook - where he'd have put them latter when he changed for the day, anyway.

Sophia turned on her dad's computer and went to the "secret" folder. This time, she mostly skipped past the pictures from the showcaseofgirls website, and focused on the slightly raunchier stuff - because what she was thinking was that she was looking for ideas for poses that would not be uploaded, but were "just for fun."

A lot of these other pictures were just straight nudes - not really much dirtier than the ones of the girls in bikinis, just nakeder. Many would possibly even quality under the rubric of "artistic nudes."

However, there were a few others, anyway, that went in different directions. One she stopped on and contemplated for a while was a girl (or woman - all of the X-rated ones were pretty clearly not of underage girls, which Sophia had actually noticed, and which lent a certain legitimacy to her dad's insistence that she be very careful about anything she put online of herself) who was pretty obviously masturbating. Sophia certainly had "watched herself" in a mirror more than a few times - as is clear by now in this story, she had a bit of a narcissism complex. So she found herself wondering if her dad would take pictures of that. Based on what he'd done up to this point, she felt like he would probably yield. So it was on her to decide if it wasn't maybe a step too far.

There was that picture she had been looking at yesterday - the one of the girl "waking up" with her head in that guy's lap. After the events of the preceding night, she could even imagine finding herself in a pose like that with her dad, but that went in a direction she was less certain he would be willing to pursue - the idea of the two of them posing together in various ways. It seemed like an area where he might draw a line. Or where she might, for that matter.

Sophia wasn't herself sure how she felt about it. On the one hand she liked the few pictures he had in his folder that showed girls actually with guys in various situations, but most of them were way beyond what she would ever consider doing as even "faked" poses with her dad - they mostly showed actual sex acts, from oral to fucking. There were a few that were more in the vein of juxtapositions, such as the head-in-the-lap picture, but still she felt there was something that would end up too intense about them.

There was another category of picture that actually took her a few moments to figure out. For the first few she saw, she thought it was just a bad picture, or taken with a dirty camera lens or through a dirty mirror. It took one showing the guy's dick also in the picture for her to put it together - they were pictures of girls with a man's cum on them. A few on their faces, a few on their bodies, one with it kind of splattered on her pussy area. Then, a bit to her surprise, she found an animated gif that showed the process: the cock shooting its semen onto a girl's face. As has been said before, despite her age, Sophia wasn't naive - she knew all the mechanics of it, and had even seen things like this or similar to it before, a few times, during her various internet explorations.

The idea of posing such a thing wasn't even on her radar. But she found herself studying the pics, anyway. As opposed to the idea of posing, she was more wrapped up in trying to sort through what these pics meant about her dad, about his interests and personality. She found herself just staring at one of the pics as her mind wandered, for several minutes. Finally, she shook her head, filed these pics away mentally and clicked onward.

Next, there was a picture that made her go "Hmm." Actually, a set of two pictures. It was a girl (or young woman), looking perfectly normal in the first picture, sitting in one of those plastic booths in some fast food restaurant. But the second picture showed the same girl, same booth, but she was sitting in a position that showed clearly up her skirt, and it was quite obvious she had no panties on. Perhaps it was that same "out in the world" vibe that had at first intrigued her about the idea of posting posed pictures on that website, or perhaps it was just the audacity of it, but she found it weirdly appealing. She was sure that if she would ever get her dad to take pictures of something like that, she'd first have to ensure he was fully comfortable taking pictures like that in the safety of their house. Regardless, she was weirdly drawn to it.

She scanned through some of the other pictures looking for similar ones. She reflected that in fact, some of the "showcase" pictures had a similar aspect, like the one down-shirt one of a girl at a restaurant, almost showing a nipple, or another up-skirt one at some theme park, this time with panties, but still clearly a bit on the side of "living dangerously" so to speak.

Sophia hadn't thought about this aspect of those pictures before - that many of them were being taken somewhere out in public and not in some private environment like a home or at some location where the amount of exposure was more or less considered appropriate, like a beach or pool.

After about 30 minutes, Sophia's somewhat meandering reflections as she looked at the pictures were interrupted by her dad poking his head in the office doorway to ask if she wanted an actual breakfast as opposed to just the poptarts she had gotten earlier.

She liked that idea, and was pleased to see her dad had gotten naked again, too. She helped him set out things in the kitchen, although he'd already done most of the work before he'd come to ask her.

At one point, as she was going to get the juice from the fridge, she walked around the kitchen island past a little dividing wall and crashed head on into her dad coming the other way. The floor plan of the kitchen created this little blind spot, and in fact this was something that had occurred a few times before. This time, however, was a bit different since they were both naked. She felt his body against for a short moment, and his hand caught her waist to keep from pushing her further.

Giggling she looked up at him, muttering "Sorry."

John apologized too, but they both had a lingering awkwardness about it. Finally, after a short time, they were having a nude breakfast.

As they ate, she forgot that incident and was feeling bubbly and elated, chattering a little bit about the possibilities for some more poses. Finally, as they were finishing up, things got a bit quiet again, between them.

"You certainly are energetic this morning," John observed into the silence.

Sophia grinned. "I guess I slept good. I fell asleep so fast last night." She looked over at him with slight concern. "Did you sleep bad? You said it took a while to go to sleep."

John smiled. "No, I slept fine. It just took me a while to get around to it. Too much in my brain," he said, replicating his earlier obliquity.

Anyway, to Sophia he didn't look tired, now - he seemed very cheerful and pretty relaxed. Because of that, Sophia decided to change the subject, in line with her thoughts earlier while looking at his folder. "Can I ask something?" Sophia said.

"Of course, what?"

"Well, you know how last night, you didn't want to take those pictures of me, for that pose that was, uh, more completely naked?" she began. "So I said just look instead, to see how you feel."

John nodded, to show he understood what she was referring to, but didn't interrupt.

"So now, I'm wondering... ," she went on, "like, you seem to feel OK about us doing the nudism thing and seeing each other, so I thought maybe now you would feel more OK about doing some poses that would be just for me to do them, but def not for putting on that website."

It hadn't been phrased very elegantly, as she stumbled around how to explain herself. She still wasn't sure she understood, for her own self, why she wanted to actually take pictures. Mostly, it was a way to justify experimenting with the poses - it was a kind of structure, and although she wouldn't have put it this way, it introduced a kind of distance between her poses and her dad's gaze, so that she was posing for the camera, rather than for him directly.

John had no trouble getting her meaning. He took his time answering. "I can't fairly try to draw a line against the idea as compared to what we did yesterday," he sighed. "So I will say, as last I did night, I'm letting you be the director and will be happy to play along. I just want to reiterate, like I said before, too, that all these pictures stay in this house. They shouldn't go on your laptop and I don't want you taking any of the USB drives either."

Excited at his easy assent, she readily agreed with his re-stipulation of his earlier rule. "I know, I know," she agreed, nodding excitedly. "We don't want them anywhere someone might find them. I understand, really. OK, cool. I'll help you clean up in here so we can start." She jumped up and gave him a peck on his cheek, clearing some breakfast dishes to the kitchen and industriously starting to clean up, wanting to show she could be on her best behavior.

John smiled gamely, and moved a bit more slowly to assist, and they made short work of it.

When they went into the living room, Sophia outlined the idea that had formed in her mind as to what she wanted to do. She explained to her dad that she wanted to essentially repeat all the poses she'd done the night before, but this time naked. "Some of them will be more boring," she admitted, "since some of the the point was how the clothes were, like tight or stuff." She went on to give her thinking on it as that she was mostly looking for a way to try some different positions and poses, and by imitating the ones they'd done yesterday, that solved the "what's next" problem.

John agreed, and given the only equipment they really needed was the camera, they got started quickly. She did the pose standing behind the couch, which, without the bikini, was essentially what might be classed as "tasteful nude."

A similar thing could be said for the one lying on the floor, which she'd done in the tight orange bikini before, although, always a stickler for details, Sophia made sure to mash her breasts a few times before he started taking pictures, so that her nipples would be up as they had been under the bikini top.

For the third one, where she'd been wet in the bathroom, they went in and did it again, but the result was less dramatic without the clinging cloth, and again ended up as more a kind of "candid shower shot" as opposed to anything specifically erotic.

The fourth one was the first that took on a more specific eroticism being nude, as they'd already explored. Sophia didn't talk much about it, and John was much more comfortable about it than he had been the previous evening, although she noticed that as he took these pictures while she experimented with some small variations on her position, his erection returned in full force, whereas up to that point, that morning, it had been remarkably docile with only a few, seemingly random half-risings.

When he'd taken a few pictures, Sophia found herself looking at his erection for an extended moment when her dad's attention was on the camera, and she almost said something about it, but then decided not to, not wanting to put him on the spot, since he was being so cool about everything.

She shrugged internally to herself, instead, thinking that it must just come down that being a pose he found particularly exciting to see. She reflected that it was kind of cool, in a way, with him being naked. His cock served as a kind of "indicator" of what were the "best" poses - at least from the standpoint of her dad's individual perspective and reaction.

The fifth pose, with the too-small top, was reduced to just a slightly different type of simple nude, as was the downshirt one of the sixth. Her guess would have been that these were less interesting to her dad, if only by dint of his familiarity with her naked body, now, and his flagging erection as he took the pictures confirmed it.

The seventh had a bit more potential, since the position involved somewhat spread legs, again. She did the hand bra for the top, but more "carelessly," such that it wasn't really a hand bra but just a place where she was holding her arm. For her lower half she experimented with some different variations in how wide or open her legs were, but, as was becoming a pattern, John's gaze seemed drawn there and the reaction was notable.

The eighth was the one where she was already naked. Sophia actually suggested just skipping it, noting that in his moving around the night before as he took various pictures, he'd likely already captured the "unuploadable version," as she ungracefully phrased it.

So they moved to the ninth pose, which was the partly pulled down panties one, that had prompted her to decide to shave. She decided that this would be more interesting to recreate if she actually kept the panties but just was more free about how much they were pulled down and how much showed. As they experimented with that, she was pleased when she managed to compel John to try for some more close-up photos, where she would be pulling down the panties and he zoomed in a bit on what was visible. She thought it was kind of fun.

They ended up doing something similar with the tenth, which was the "upskirt" one. She actually wore a top and skirt just as she had the night before, but this time with no panties and so showing quite a bit more as she tried different "flashes." As she did it, she remembered the picture she'd seen earlier, of the girl doing something like that at the restaurant.

So after John had taken a few pictures, she remained more or less sitting in that position but paused and asked him, "Do you remember that picture you have in your folder, like there's a girl who is wearing a skirt inside a McDonalds or something, and there's like a picture and she's got panties on then there's another picture of the same position but the panties are gone?"

John flirted briefly, in his mind, with saying he didn't recall such a picture, but that wasn't his style and certainly not the mode that had developed with respect to this whole activity with his daughter, which was a kind of frank honestly.

So he nodded. "Yep," he laughed slightly.

Sophia continued, "Maybe later if we go out, I could do something like that."

John wasn't exactly shocked at this suggestion. It was starting to be clear how Sophia thought about things - she was evidently a budding exhibitionist. He was, as with each of her escalations, more than a little bit uncomfortable, yet it wasn't enough discomfort to really force him to deny it.

"That sounds risky," he said, finally, after some time thinking about it. "How about we discuss it later?" he finally proposed.

Sophia was elated by this answer - because she knew that generally when her dad answered, "let's discuss it later," that was basically yes. This was the opposite of her mom, with whom such an answer always always meant no.

She just nodded, and went on to the next pose. This was one she actually hadn't thought about in deciding this approach, and as she thought about it now, she realized it was likely to be the most "extreme" of the new versions. It was the pose where the girl had her hand down her panties, like she was masturbating. The thing was, of course, without the panties, that could only mean actually masturbating for the camera - or at the least, pretending to in a "realistic" manner.

She kind of giggled. "I didn't really think about this one," she said, glancing toward her dad from her laptop screen.

"We can skip it if you want," John hinted, understanding her reaction.

Sophia considered for a minute, but finally said, "One thing interesting about that pic is that you like wonder how her fingers are. So this one would be kind of like showing the answer. Or even, like, you could show a couple different ways that would all end up looking like this when the panties are covering it," she described, gesturing at the picture on the laptop screen.

Her chain of thought made it clear she found some appeal in doing it. John once again wondered to what degree she was really even paying attention to teasing aspect of what she was doing. On the one hand, she had noticed his erections and gazes several times, but then, at times like this, she seemed utterly unaware of the kinds of boundaries she was pushing. It was, he decided, attributable to a kind of youthful narcissism, combined with her strong self-confidence.

As was becoming his habit in this whole drawn-out experience, he just decided to go with the flow. Despite his misgivings, there was no denying he enjoyed the eroticism of it, and there was also an aspect of a very disorienting kind of paternal pride at seeing how his daughter was "all grown up" - at seeing the remarkable confidence and forthrightness she was showing in her sexuality. So in the end, he just grinned and said, gently, "Well, you're the director."

Sophia grinned back. She studied the picture a moment more, but she also had a clear memory of what she had done yesterday, where she had held her hand under her panties in a kind of "freeze frame" of her jilling herself.

She moved to lie down on the couch in the same position she'd been in the night before, and she carefully brought her right hand to her groin. She lay her middle finger flat right into her slit, while letting the two fingers on either side press slightly on her outer labia.

John swallowed nervously but watched closely. When she gave a small nod he took a few pictures. Then she brought her middle finger up more into a crooked position, so the tip was digging into her slit a bit, and he took another. Finally, she retracted her hand just slightly, and let the tip of her middle finger rest at the peak of her cleft, gently touching the spot she knew was called her clit but which she tended to think of using various private names for it, like "fun button" or "on switch."

Her hips twitched involuntarily, and she backed off her finger. She looked over at John, with his camera, wondering it that reaction had been obvious. Suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious - not at being seen but at that display of a lack of self-control - she finally said, "This is actually really hard."

John thought he understood what she was meaning, but nevertheless prompted, "How do you mean?"

"I just mean, like, it's hard to keep control and not give in to the feeling of it," she tried to explain. When he didn't answer, she continued, "Like my habit is to just rub on it, so doing this ... it's like where you have an itch and you are trying not to scratch."

John laughed. "You're certainly not the first person to describe it that way." He almost went on to say something to the effect that if she needed to rub, it was OK, but he thought better of it. He felt so strongly that, as best he could given the circumstances, he should try to avoid nudging her in any particular direction.

"I guess it's the same feeling for guys," she observed, with a kind of reflexive glance at John's erection.

"Of course," he agreed. "I think even though men and women are quite different shapes, probably the feelings are really similar."

Sophia nodded, still not breaking her frozen pose with her hand, fingertip hovering close to her clit but not touching. "It's a weird feeling, like your body can't resist moving."

"Yep," John responded, simply.

Suddenly she pulled her hand away and changed positions, sitting up. "I guess that's enough of that," she added, unnecessarily. "Anyway I'm glad you're so cool about it."

"I'm trying my best," he said, gently.

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