Amity: Book 1 - Storm

Copyright© 2016 by Kris Me

Fantasy Sex Story: Preface - Well fuck me, how does a twenty-first century thirty-five year-old Earth guy survive in the Dark-ages as I saw it, on an unknown planet? It all started when I brought a box of books and found a strange metal box in the bottom of the box. (Warning: contains descriptive Bi-gay sex.)

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Mind Control   Magic   Slavery   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Double Penetration   Slow   Prostitution  

Well fuck me, how does a twenty-first century thirty-five -year-old Earth guy survive in the Dark-Ages as I saw them, on an unknown planet?

It all started when I brought a box of books and found a strange metal box in the bottom of it. That box changed my life in ways I would never have believed possible.

(Warning: contains descriptive multi-gender sex.)


If you find any of my assumptions fictitious, I would like to remind you this is a fictitious story and I have probably taken liberties with reality, as we know it.

If you find grammatical or spelling errors, they are not the fault of my friend PapaKilo14 and Johnny Sinclair who did try to edit my work. However, I do have a tendency to fiddle around after the fact.

The Australian Dictionary was also used so some words may appear incorrect to some. I also hope my colloquialisms are decipherable and you enjoy the story.


This story links to the Keltrian people and some of the characters I wrote about, in a previous story called Delta.

Chronologically, it happens before Delta and is a separate entity to that series. It involves a different planet and solar system. There are, however, links that those people who have read Delta will understand.

Some colloquialisms you may not know:

Bickies - cookies in the US

Budgie smugglers - also known as dick-togs or Speedos

Daks - pants

Flea market - stalls or booths set up by people to sell unwanted items. Often run by a Charity to raise money

Gunna – going to

Gonna – dying or dead

Kinda – kind of

Lucked in – got lucky

Lucked out – out of luck

Pash – passionate kissing

Pushy - push bike - bicycle

Peepers - Educational Integrative Shades, ‘IES’ or eyes. They got their nickname because they are commonly used for viewing and interacting with pornography

Shacking up - living together

Snag - sausage designed to fried or broiled

Quickie - sex with little foreplay and generally quick

Tenna - ten bucks or ten dollars

Useta - in the past, used to be

Other useful terms:

Baboo - a creature that looked like large orangutans

Bighorn - a form of cattle

Buzzes - relative of the fly

Camla - cross between a cow and a camel

Clucker - closer to chooks as we know of them

Kaboo - an alcoholic spirit - quite potent

Lanky - a form of horse that has some ass (donkey) features

Rohan - a reptilian chook, has few feathers (chicken)

Snuffler - a form of pig with warthog like features

Woollie - a long-legged cross between a goat and a sheep

Amity Time:

One year = 400 days, 10 months or 15 Earth days < an Earth year.

A month = 40 days

A week = 10 days

A day = 10 hours local or approx. 23 Earth hours

An hour = 100 minutes, Hour 5 = midday

A minute = 100 seconds (Slightly shorter than an Earth second)

Winter and summer = 2 months each

Spring and autumn = 3 months each (Due to larger axial tilt than Earth)

Shifters gestation time = 20 weeks (5 months)

Non-Shifter = 24 weeks (6 months)

Magical people = minus 2 - 3 weeks depending on race

Bighorns/lankys gestation time = 24 weeks (6 months)

Snufflers/woollies gestation time = 12 weeks (3 months)

Rohan/clucker gestation time = 16 days

Amity Money:

1 = a square coin, 2 = triangular, 5 = round.

Que, tri, rota - 1, 2, 5 cents - Bronze - 20mm a side

Queb, trib rotab - 10, 20, 50 cents - Brass - 24mm

Quek, trik, rotak - 1, 2, 5 dollars - silver 22.5mm

Ques, tris, rotas - 10, 20, 50 dollars - Gold - 18mm

0 to 9 = nil, que, tri, reh, for, rota, seh, eta, nah

10s = add a b

100s = add a k

1000s = add an s

A Million = add an xi



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