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Chapter 1

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Our two weeks were fantastic! Karen and I made love and went skinny dipping in the lake. We did manage a few meals but those were irregular. Mostly, we snacked. In actuality, the "mostly" was we were naked and made love loudly and joyously. Knowing that no one was anywhere close left us uninhibited and we took full advantage of the situation. We even added a few mutual faints to our scores. We didn't keep count. We gloried in each other's body worked to tease and then please each other repeatedly. We turned off our phones and took part in a two-person orgy for that first week! We experimented with positions and places joyously. The picnic table in front of our cabin became very popular, and not for eating, food!

We just let life happen. In the second week, we came up for air though still didn't leave the area nor wear clothes. We checked our phones but made no calls. Many people had left messages and textx congratulating and kidding us. When we wore our suits, we took a few pictures that we sent to our parents and to my sister. We had texts from others including Melissa and Paul. Those texts were the only ones we to which we responded other than "thanks." After talking about it, Karen and I invited our apartment roommates to join us along with their families next week for the weekend or a week or two.

In that second week, we did two things to set the tone for our marriage. We studied the Bible together praying and talking about our study and we talked to Rudolph. We scheduled times to be sure we performed each activity. Neither of us wanted to leave those tasks to chance. It was the Sunday afternoon starting that second week when we decided to do that. We prayed. We were sitting in lounge chairs naked side by side when I said, "Rudolph, are you here? Would you like to talk?"

Rudolph's voice came from the air saying, "I am here and would like to talk with you. We left you undisturbed last week for you seemed to be pleasantly busy with each other."

Karen said, "That's true. We are now beginning the second week of our honeymoon. Our people now officially recognize that we are paired. This time was originally for the two persons to become used to each other's presence in a close physical manner. We have used the first week to celebrate our union without inhibitions or disturbance. We have this week to prepare for re-entering the world of people when our relatives and friends join us in the next week. The honeymoon is considered a special time by people."

Rudolph said, "Will you have babies now?"

I chuckled. "We could but we hope not. At least not yet. Given the opportunity, we would like to finish our educations, prepare financially to better handle having a child. Most of all, we want to get to know each other even better cementing our relationship through experience."

"We have looked at other relationships between humans. Your relationship seems to be very solid."

Karen said, "Thank you. However, we still want time to get to know more about each other and enjoy each other physically. That's one of the reasons for a honeymoon."

I said, "If we had a child at this time, he or she would be unplanned and would impact our lives in a number of ways, both good and bad. Humans need money to live. Karen and I have funds for our educations through scholarships. Those funds are limited and we must remain in school with good grades to keep them. If Karen became pregnant, we would joyfully welcome our child but waiting is our preference as we have explained before."

Rudolph said, "You talk about financial matters as if they are important."

I grimaced. "Well, they are. As human persons, we use money to trade to other humans for food and housing and for our classes. To obtain that money requires us to work or earn scholarships from other people or groups to pay for those costs."

"You couldn't go to a bank and get the money you need?"

Karen giggled. "Rudolph, we would have to earn money to pay the bank back. Someone has to earn money to pay for things. Once we finish our schooling, we will get jobs and earn sufficient money to pay for things including supporting an eventual child or children."

"Is working the only way to get money?"

I said, "It is if you want to get it legally and we would. The other possibility would be to win the lottery."

Rudolph said, "What is the lottery?"

Karen looked startled. "It is a gambling game. Many, many people buy tickets with numbers on each one. The numbers can be chosen or a machine will pick them at random for the purchaser of a ticket. If your ticket has the numbers that are later drawn in the proper order, then the person holding that ticket receives the money. It can be a lot of money. Frequently, no one wins and the money goes to the next drawing with the total amount to be won getting larger with each succeeding drawing until someone wins and then it starts over."

Rudolph said, "If you won the lottery, then you wouldn't have to work?"

I don't know how he/it put that questioning sound in that disembodied voice but it was there. I slowly said, "That might be true depending upon our winnings and if we purchased a ticket that won. However, we don't buy tickets. We would still want to complete our educations and work. It would truly relieve any financial pressure but, I would hope, not change how we live our lives."

"I understand."

Karen was quicker on the uptake than I. She had been fondling my erection which tended to remove my mind from thinking except about her exquisite body and what she was doing to mine. She said, "Rudolph, I have two questions. First, why are you interested in us having a child or children? Second, why are you curious about the lottery?"

Rudolph even paused for a split second. "We are interested in the children that you will have because we would like to be in contact with you for many years."

I said, "We expect to live for many years unless you know something we don't."

Rudolph said, "No, it's just that many years for us is measured in hundreds not in single years."

We said, "Oh."

Karen said, "Then, what about the lottery?"

"If you would like, we could help you win a drawing or drawings."

Karen said, "I see. That presents something that Brad and I will have to discuss later. Would you manipulate the winning numbers or the numbers we choose for our tickets?"

"Either one. Both would be easier. We would want to watch the drawing a couple of times to understand how it works and how to manipulate the numbers more easily."

She said, "We will talk about it. Right now, we want to enjoy each other and then our families."


I said, "Rudolph, do you have other questions?"

"Yes, we could examine your minds but prefer to leave your minds alone. We are curious. You have made love or had sex frequently last week and that frequency hasn't slowed down."

I said, "Thank you for not interfering with our minds. The statement about frequency is true. For us, it is an act of love and is a joy each time. What is your question?"

"Your answer, Brad, answered the question to a great extent. However, you two have made love before but not as frequently. Why is it different now?"

I smiled. "Two things. First and foremost is opportunity and second is it's expected of us as newly married persons. The honeymoon is a time for a newly married couple to get to know each other physically and to enjoy each other in an environment that promotes that activity. It used to be thought that newly wed couples came to the marriage as virgins without sexual experience. That was never totally true and is probably much less so in this day. We have learned new things about each other and have taken joy in that new knowledge. It's been an exciting and loving time for us. As you know, we have spent most of it naked. Seeing Karen's body naked and knowing that there is no one around here has increased my libido."

"We have noticed that Karen has joined in your activities and even instigated those activities frequently."

Karen blushed but grinned. "Women have libidos, too. Brad has always stirred mine. We make love more frequently during this time because we can. Once we leave here, we will slow down. We will have activities that we must do and will be out in public. That will lessen our opportunities but not our desire. We have enjoyed this time and will again when we can."

Karen said, "Beginning late this afternoon, we will start wearing clothes again though still not enough to really be seen in public. Our clothing will be as much tease as covering. Before the weekend, we must get used to being around people though all who are coming are family and friends. I would not be comfortable being seen naked even by them."

Rudolph said, "I understand imperfectly though better. May we ask you questions during the day even if others are around. We can make ourself heard without disturbing the air and will hear you if you just think your answers."

Karen looked at me and gave a quick nod. I said, "That will be fine but be aware of people around us. We shouldn't go all glassy-eyed while communicating with you when talking to others."

"We understand."

Karen and I zoned out for a while. I woke when she rolled on top of me and kissed me. "Brad, it's been over two hours. Make love to me, Lover."

I didn't refuse her. I was erect and she lowered her body onto me impaling it upon my erection. I went in deeply and we shook with the feeling. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. We went swimming to wash off before returning to our "house" to cook supper.

We wore more clothing trying to get accustomed to wearing clothes again. One example was Karen wearing one of my tee shirts and nothing else. When she bent at the waist, I reacted to the sight and made love to her.

There were television sets in each of the cottages and the main house but we never turned them until Thursday evening to check the news and weather. Other than shootings that seem to occur at least daily, there was no news. The weather was supposed to continue hot with little chance of rain.

We woke up in each other's arms smiling on Friday.

Karen said, "We have to get moving. Everyone is joining us today! We can't be naked!"

"We could wear our pouches."

"We could, Brad. However, I would like to at least 'look' proper and not like we have banging our brains out for two weeks non-stop." She crawled out of bed and intentionally bent over in front of me showing me her body and her glistening sex. I was motivated and stood behind her entering her gently but deeply. She moaned, "Bang my brains out, Lover. I want you to do your wife. Yes! I love it! I love you!"

I did my best to drive through her until we came hard with me inside her. We dripped on the way to the bathroom. After our shower, we had to clean the floor and change the sheets. We finished cleaning up before anyone arrived. Once people started coming in, it was a steady stream.

All four of our parents were the first and came together in one vehicle. I loved each set but was still undecided on whether or not I liked them liking each other as much as they did. It just wasn't normal! We were happy to see them and hugged and kissed.

Suzie-Q and Matt were next. Their love seemed to be working though they weren't clicking quite as well as I would have expected. You could see in their eyes that there were pools of caring and compassion for the other but there was little of the excitement that I had first seen in Suzie-Q's eyes.

Melissa and Paul were next with their parents and siblings next. Paul's mother seemed to have it together. She had learned to care for people and her relationship with her husband and children was now solid. Interestingly, she and Melissa's mother had become buddies. Perhaps they recognized a kindred healing soul.

Everyone was in high spirits. We spent time with everyone that we could. I could tell that, like us, Melissa and Paul were even more comfortable in their relationship. The four of us would share the little house. As we loaded their cases into the other bedroom, Paul asked, "Won't we inhibit you?"

Karen grinned. "I'll just have to eat a pillow. There are extras in both bedrooms." We all laughed and headed back out to walk to the big house.

It was wonderful having our extended family with us after two glorious weeks of being alone with my wonderful wife. Karen did make me wear the pouch but she wore her matching suit. We got looks from all. Melissa and Paul joined us wearing their lime green ones.

Melissa's brother looked blinded when Karen wore her suit. I think he had a severe case of puppy love or lust. Karen had noticed and took him by the hand and brought him over to me.

She said, "Jacob, I noticed you looking. I brought you here in front of Brad. You and I need to talk and you need to know that Brad knows what I have to say." Jacob looked scared. I tried not to put a hole between his eyes with my stare.

Karen resumed. "I wear this suit for Brad to see and also because he is so proud of how I look. I know it shows a lot of skin as does the one in lime green your sister is wearing. She is a little more comfortable with people looking at her than I. Until a few years ago, I thought I was ugly and stupid. My parents adopted me and got me through high school and started into college where I met Brad. He finished the work they had started by loving me and making me proud of how he thinks I look.

"Jacob, please understand clearly that I am for Brad only. You may look but I would never want you to touch or even look too hard. Some day, you will meet a girl and be as proud of her as Brad is of me. Delight in that when it happens. It's a heady, wonderful feeling for you and for the girl. I absolutely love and adore Brad. I am proud of how he looks and am proud that he looks at me with love and pride. Always remember that every female is someone's daughter and, quite likely, a sister. You wouldn't want someone to look at your mother or sister the way you have been looking at me. I am Missus Bradley Gillis just like Melissa is Missus Paul Thompson. You gave her to Paul at the wedding. Your time with the right girl will come. Be patient and be the type of guy she will want."

Poor Jacob had tears in his eyes. He hugged Karen. "I'm sorry. You are so beautiful that I was swept away. Brad is a lucky guy. I hope to meet someone like you when I'm older."

Karen smiled and said, "Pray to God that she will show up in your life at the proper time. God answers prayers."

That was the closest we came to having an incident. Jacob was good after that. That night, I made love to Karen and we both ate chunks out of a pillow!

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