Trailer Park Trash
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What does a girl have to do to get ahead in a world obsessed with sex and dismissive of anybody without a high school diploma and without special talents except those of the horizontal kind?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Analingus   Hairy   Teacher/Student   Workplace   School   Prostitution  

Tammy Peabody was undeniably one of the most beautiful girls that strutted her winsome ways inside the most popular upscale shopping mall in Miami Beach, Florida.

All the horny male specimens from the obnoxious high school boys to the pathetic doddering oldsters stiffened up when she snaked her sensuous hips in perfect rhythm past their field of vision. Even those with spouses in close proximity were enticed to the point that they were oblivious to spousal displeasure as they ogled Tammy’s luscious cheeks barely covered by her almost sheer and delightfully thin summer frock. All indications were that her heart-shaped flanks were missing the restraint of any other undergarment because her gaped cleft was displayed with casual lack of shyness in overt exhibitionism typical of a nubile female in the prime of her male-attracting life span.

She headed straight to her morning coffee hang-out to receive her wake-up latte with just the right amount of whipped cream on top. The young man that did the honors saw her approach from a distance and had the ingredients all collected and ready for completion even as she entered the small shop bursting with eager millenniums soaking up the vibes of mutual admiration and carefully prepared concoctions. His name was Mark and he wanted desperately to talk to Tammy but was one of those fellows so afraid of rejection that he choose solitude to happy humping.

The businessman standing behind Tammy was more interested in studying the ebb and flow of Tammy’s perpetual motion haunches than in the menu hanging on the wall. Of course, Tammy was well-versed enough to sense such attention and she gave the sex-obsessed male the full works as she bent over the display case to look at the blueberry muffins with shiny grains of raw sugar on top. His frantic member was in a state of arousal that threatened to split his tailored trousers and find the shortest route to Tammy’s perky ass cheeks. She didn’t shave down there and the darker shadow of her full bush was on prominent display at that extremely short range.

Her smile was carelessly thrown in the direction of the young coffee-maker standing in his assigned corner next to the steaming equipment and Mark noticeably accelerated his efforts to bring sunshine and light to the early-morning devotees of caffeine consumption with prompt and pleasant service. Tammy was usually the highlight of his morning and one of the reasons he rose early every morning for his trek to the mall.

The businessman was holding his newspaper strategically in front of his crotch to hide his obvious reaction to Tammy’s pretty posterior only inches from his reproductive organ. It was impossible to tear his eyes away from the display and her youthful goodies was Tammy’s secret weapon that never failed to line up her prey for eventual loss of wealth and semblance of logical thinking.

The businessman’s name was Winston Hamilton Jr. Unfortunately; Hamilton Sr. was already deceased and cremated according to the stipulation in his fifty page will. Winston Jr. was not in the least disturbed by this fact since the thought of visiting a cemetery was much too depressing to think about when one is young and virile. This was a time for him to “sow his seeds” and he was more than willing to find suitable partners with no entanglements in an effort to achieve maximum distribution of the Hamilton sperm before he entered into the state of matrimony in accordance with his father’s stern clauses in the final will and testament. The young spouse in question was already picked out by family friends with a financial interest in the selection.

Tammy was a prime example of his primary objective at this stage of his life. She was obviously ready, willing and able to furnish an entrance for his joyous draining process and he posed that possibility to her as she sipped her latte on the bench outside the shop. He liked the way she made eye to eye contact with him and he hoped she would do the same at the moment of his future gushing emission because it was exciting to him to see the female’s facial reaction when his spunk splashed up against his partner’s interior wall with the full force of joyful union.

“All I can say, Mister Hamilton, is that I find your proposition interesting but I need to know what is in this project for me? Do you propose some sort of reward for furnishing such an intimate service? I am in need of employment but I dropped out of high school because it was so boring with all those tests and the time-consuming homework that cut into my television watching time.”

Winston Jr. looked into Tammy’s pretty blue eyes and fell hook, line, and sinker for her little Miss Innocence act like a dim-witted idiot with no interaction with the real world. He promised her the sun, the moon, and the stars if she would open her pretty knees for him at the first opportunity.

Tammy was well-versed in such activities because she had been sneaking out of the window of her mother’s mobile home for as long as she could remember. The thought of homework or other responsibilities was far too boring for her to even consider and the lure of finding some horny male with ready cash to fill her purse with money for her everyday needs was too great for her to pass up when she was young, juicy and ready to explore new facts of life at every turn.

Young Mister Hamilton found out in the back seat of his Lincoln Continental shortly after their first meeting that she was one of those females addicted to rear entry and was not at all upset at the introduction of his stiff dick into her rear door in search of the tightest channel possible. He was delighted at her terrible kinky nature and was forced to spank her harshly to teach her a lesson in humility for her loose morals and slutty attitude. Tammy was a creature that appreciated such discipline and in fact she tended to thrive on the stress because it stuck a chord deep inside her needing firm guidelines to set her on the satisfying road to submission without regret.

They actually did it more than once in the still new smelling Lincoln, but it was early in the morning and Winston had to get to the office to put in a show of dedicated supervision for the board of directors. So, they decided to meet later that evening at the hotel owned by Winston’s realty division to further explore the depths of Tammy’s depravity and kinky tricks. He was already astonished that one so young and beautiful would be well-versed in such matters and he was ready to plumb her limits of submission. It would be interesting to test her spirit of enthusiasm and youthful acceptance of humiliation and degradation usually found only in a far older female of the species.

She had only to give her name at the desk and they escorted her to the top floor to Mister Hamilton’s special home away from home. He used it for assignments of this nature which he liked to keep away from his close associates and his family members with their own spies and fully aware of his conduct inside his stately mansion up on top of the hill that overlooked the downtown business section.

Tammy’s mobile home was on the other side of town across the railroad track in in an area prone to flooding was certainly adequate enough for the “trashy” part of society that filled the menial jobs and performed those nocturnal services required by city dwellers of better breeding and social chains of decent behavior. It was difficult for residents of that trailer park or of the neighborhood in general to ever escape the confines and move up to capture the “American dream”. She knew the type quite well and it made no difference to her just so long as they met her requirements in a prompt and effective manner.

Since she specialized in oral and anal pleasure systems as her personal choice, Tammy had little risk of motherhood without benefit of spouse. Of course, on those sessions where her feminine systems were called into service, Tammy made certain the proper tools were used to prevent any unintentional consequences and generally fell back on the “morning after” pill to insure no accidents of a lasting nature to disrupt her free and easy life style.

The entire first hour of her session with Mister Hamilton in his penthouse suite was spent with her on her knees and her bobbing head gave mute testimony to his abnormal need for oral submission and complete obedience to all rules established for proper mouth to genital copulation. She was an “old hand” at such matters being dutifully instructed by several “uncles” and “cousins” and then her teachers at school who found it the only way they could possibly boost her grade to “passing” and help her to avoid the disgrace of failure at such a young age. Her supervisor at the realty office was a married man with three children and he used her mouth on almost a daily basis to keep his spunk running freely and inspired for nocturnal humping of his wine-addicted spouse. Sometimes, he would tell his wife of Tammy’s oral superiority and she would do her best to follow his instructions but never achieved Tammy’s perfection of oral pleasuring. He took pity on his wine-addled wife and always remembered to pat her on her head and tell her, “You’ve done a good job!”

Tammy’s performance in Mister Hamilton’s suite was totally first class but he was appalled at her error-laden diction and inability to converse on any level except gutter language about things of a sexual nature. In most circumstances, he found that terribly charming except he was currently in need of a female with the skills to think logically with her brain and not just use her talents for physical pleasure. He found it necessary to use the “carrot and the stick” method that seemed to work well with his employees especially those younger female ones who would willingly bend over a desk to keep their jobs.

In this case, he felt it necessary to impress the importance of learning proper diction and pronunciation by repeatedly slapping young Miss Tammy’s face with his punishing palms and then rudely inserting all of his fingers into her mouth to allow her to suck off her own musk from his previous perusal of her lower openings with each and every finger. She was forced to gag slightly more from the odor than the taste, because she was not well-versed in such degrading play. After a few such episodes, he noticed she was starting to make a concerted effort to use better speech patterns and she did her best to sound better educated and cognizant of current events.

It was all he could hope for in one so young and focused on sexual matters and he decided to employ her as his personal assistant outside the office where he feared too many of the other male managers might find use for her services. They made the hotel suite their base of operations and she performed obediently to his every whim and demand.

Her mother was delighted with her new well-paying job and even talked about finally “re-decorating” the mobile home to make it more genteel and comfortable. The resident “uncle” Jimmy was also in agreement and added some tongue action to his standard spanking sessions to insure she stayed on the straight and narrow. It was unexpected but Tammy didn’t object because she found such kinky fetishes to be quite educational in her desire to keep pace with new tricks and stay abreast of the changing world of sexuality. Her mother’s lover was familiar to her and she didn’t mind his attentions providing it was of a covert nature to negate her parent’s ire.

Besides, she was certain her submission to his demands inspired him to seek more favors from her aging mother who was in constant need of frenzied exercising of the horizontal kind when the lights went out.

It was with a studied air of total disregard that she signed up for English grammar lessons at the local community college after studying hard and passing the GED testing for her high school equivalency. She was not as interested in gaining any academic credit as much as she wanted to reach a certain level of competency in conversation to mix with sexually deprived mature males in need of mental as well as physical stimulation. It was a revelation to her to comprehend that there might be a value to book-learning and doing her homework after all.

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