Cheerleaders Never Cry
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cheerleading was her way of life and now she was ready to learn the ins and outs of being a woman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Uncle   Niece   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Analingus   Teacher/Student   School  

Sue came from a good family.

Well, as long as you don't count poor Uncle Donald who was still upstate as a non-paying guest of the much-maligned penal system. It was poor Donald's penis that got him incarcerated in the harsh penal confines normally reserved for desperate and violent characters of bad repute. He was neither desperate nor violent but he had been dreadfully remiss in determining the age of his female partners in the age-old game of "hide the salami". His ability to do legal research for long-term offenders with multiple charges kept him reasonably in good health and away from evil-minded residents with muscle-bound bodies and slow intellects. Eventually, he was granted an opportunity for probation providing Sue's parents vouched for his adherence to the probationary rules and regulations and afforded him lodgings in a stable environment.

Sue's mother was dead-set against the presence of a convicted sex-offender in her household but her husband Ralph told her in no uncertain terms to "hush your mouth" and she settled for a new dress and a day at the spa to gain her surrender. They didn't tell Sue exactly what her Uncle was in prison for because she was only sixteen years old and her ears were much too delicate to hear the sordid details. In any event, she didn't think it was a big deal until one of her cheerleader girlfriends whispered in her ear,

"Your Uncle is a convicted butt-fucker of teenage girls!"

Sue giggled at the words not certain if the girl was joking or telling the truth. After all, her Uncle Donald was a quiet and shy gentleman in his early thirties and he had been married for a few years before his wife dumped him and ran off with a circus performer who used her to shill for his act. Sue remembered that her aunt-in-law had petite and perfect legs that she often displayed with careless abandon at most family gatherings. It was hard for her to believe that her Uncle was a pervert and when she asked her father, he replied,

"Well, all I can say is your Uncle is a good enough fellow but he generally took things at face value and if a girl lied right to his face he would be too much of a gentleman to ask her for more information."

Sue found out that the girl was not the one that made the complaint but the violated girl's parents who found the sure evidence of Uncle Donald's sperm all over her undies and even on her gold lame dress with the mother of pearl buttons. The DNA was all it took to convict him and his lawyer told him to plead "nolo contendere" to get a reduced sentence. The solid forensic evidence on the dress and undies was enough to prove almost everyone involved was lying through their teeth. Even the lawyers knew it was time to wrap it up when the dress was on the table right in front of the jury.

That same girl was still a senior in Sue's school and she was reputed on the reliable school grapevine to "put out" for almost every horny jock with a condom in his pocket.

It didn't seem quite fair for her Uncle to be incarcerated for the past year and a half with years of probation ahead of him because the promiscuous girl was so sloppy in letting her undies get stained with Uncle Donald's jizz. Apparently, the obsessive girl made a habit of saving all her cast away condoms and she kept them mounted on the back wall of her closet under her poster of the Beatles in their entire musical splendor. Sue had never personally seen the collection but her friend told her with a firm air of authority,

"It is really impressive. She even labeled them with the guy's name and a description of his dick to remind her of the dirty deed."

Since Sue was technically still a virgin, she found that a bit obsessive and unnatural. She had to admit that she was a bit envious of the girl all things considered. She could not help but feel the thought of all those used condoms seemed "over the line" in terms of ladylike behavior. All she wanted in her sometimes dirty thoughts was one good condom filled to capacity with male sperm to show her friends and proclaim a change in status on the virginity front.

Every time she did a full split in her cheerleading exercises, Sue hoped her membrane would fragment and the label of "Virgin" would be gone forever. She could always make up some story of being forced under the grandstand and being made to bend over for some stranger's tingling happy ending. For some strange reason, she kept seeing Mister Anderson, her science teacher standing behind her in such circumstances. Sue knew he was happily married and had four children to worry about as well as his sickly wife. The strange thing was she didn't feel any sense of guilt about her kinky fantasy because it was so satisfying just to hold it close in tight between her legs where such things seemed so much more important. She could not help but wonder if the promiscuous senior girl had a condom in her collection with a description of Mister Anderson's cock.

The weekend after Uncle Donald moved into the small apartment above the garage, she was home alone with him watching an interesting and educational program on television about the mating habits of whales. The sight of the little baby whales made her giggle with a bit of discomfort knowing that she would be expected to join that status of motherhood one day. She just hoped it would be far in the future and that she would have a lot of time to get better acquainted with male anatomy before she settled down cleaning up the dishes.

She didn't mind her shy Uncle sitting next to her on the sofa because he seldom broke into her concentration with silly "grown-up" thoughts and words that bored her so much. It was really difficult to picture the quiet man mounted on the top of any female and she questioned in her mind the entire spectacle of kinky sexual adventures attributed to his innocent appearance. Yet, the hard cold fact of the sperm-laden dress and panties were enough to convince a jury and she had to admit he didn't say a single word in his own defense.

Her parents were at a bridge tournament at the country club.

They didn't bother to ask Uncle Donald to join them because he was still "persona non grata" in social circles for his period of incarceration and well-published dirty deeds.

Sue was wearing her cheerleader's uniform because of the required practice she did every morning and evening with regularity. When she did them in the back yard with the high fence all around she was assured of a certain degree of privacy but she knew that Uncle Donald watched her all the time from the window behind the garage. She never asked him if he liked watching her exercises and he never commented on them to her directly but his smile and nod at the dinner table made her feel funny down low below her tummy and she knew that when she did her splits it turned him on in a strictly masculine sexual way. Of course, she knew all about such things but not from first-hand experience and she hoped he didn't suspect she was so immature about such matters. Thank goodness, he was too much the gentleman to discuss her inner desires and need for male attentions. Besides, he was not her type, not like the handsome Mister Anderson with the sick wife and four children.

She sat with her legs tucked up under her and then she turned the channel to catch the late evening news but hesitated at a channel that was featuring a bunch of silly schoolgirls dressed in skimpy bikinis around the side of a private pool. They were all being harassed by a bunch of nasty vampire boys with long fangs and greedy hands. It was so obscene and ridiculous that she left it on for long enough that her Uncle commented,

"Those young boys only have one thing on their mind, I'm afraid!"

Sue giggled, unable to hide her nervousness at the thought of boys holding her down and biting her right on her defenseless neck. In her mind, it all translated down to having to take their long stiff dicks between her legs and ending the virginity game. She couldn't possibly say that to her deviant Uncle Donald because of his history of bonking young girls but it was on the tip of her tongue to communicate some of her inner feelings to the polite relative who had seen her in full split and upside down with her undies on display on a daily basis ever since he had arrived in the household.

"I think those girls are hoping those boys have more on their minds than just drinking their blood, Uncle Donald. Those bikinis are an invitation to other things than a vampire party."

They both laughed and she left the program on because it was quite a change from the whales chasing each other around the ocean with the need for procreation.

"I hope you don't mind my watching do your routines, my dear. You are certainly talented in doing your cheerleader routines. I expect you must be the team leader now."

Sue laughed and ruefully admitted,

"No, not quite yet, sir, I am not a senior this year but I hope to have a chance next year. I will be eighteen next year during the season and I have a good shot at it. My only problem is my coach keeps telling me that I am not sexy enough to get the job."

She took her long shapely legs out from under her and walked out to the middle of the white fluffy carpet. Slowly, Sue lowered her hairless crotch down to the carpet until she was in a full sexy split. She looked up at her Uncle with expectation of some expression of encouragement because she suddenly felt like she really needed his approval for the way she wanted to display her cheerleader talents.

Sue saw the smile on Uncle Donald's face and she leaned forward turning her backside to him. Now, he could see the curved lines of her ass cheeks peeking out from her shocking red bottoms like an invitation to carnal bliss. A glance over her shoulder confirmed that his long shaft was in full extension under his nighttime wear and she fell into a trance of mesmerized expectation waiting for him to make the first move.

He didn't disappoint her and she felt the weight of his body on her back pressing her into the white fluffy carpet with expert technique. His happy cock was rubbing on her nicely curved bottom pushing the thin material into her crack deeper with each throbbing thrust. Sue was so hot with passion that she reached behind her and pulled the obstacle from her puckered target allowing him immediate entry with his demanding equipment. Now, he was fully seated inside her anal passageway and she knew it was only a matter of time and circumstance before he would be forcing her take it up her other virgin entrance and make her into a qualified woman in every sense of the word.

This was a moment for the training and education of her back door to paradise and she twisted and turned in full compliance with her Uncle's demands hoping he didn't see her tears of joy with each meat-slapping union. She felt her submissive flesh churn into a release of female liquids and hoped he didn't think her to be a bad girl at her display of wanton desire.

The tightness of her rear door became even more apparent when he started to swell inside her and she knew his flood of cream was rolling down inside her sphincter and filling her up like she was an éclair to be eaten with delicate delight.

Her parents were due home soon, so they would have to hold her womanhood ceremony for the next time. She just hoped it wouldn't be too long of a wait.

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