An Impossible Love
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After winning some money on the lottery, I found my twin sister who, like me had been adopted soon after we were born.

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The taxi driver took a minute to think about the address I'd given him before telling me it wouldn't be cheap.

"No matter" I smiled, "I reckon it'll be worth it"

He nodded and swung out into the traffic of central London,

"First time in London is it?"

"Yeah I'm going to find my sister"

"Why, is she lost?"

So I told him about how we'd been separated at birth and adopted by two different couples and how, now that we were eighteen, I'd made it my aim in life to find her.

"So this address, is that where she lives?"

"Yes I think so, I hope so"

"I can see where you're coming from, but what if she doesn't want to know you?"

"Well I'd be disappointed obviously, but at least I'd know that she's alive and well"


We chatted about this and that until finally he pulled up at the end of a small cul-de-sac, "There you go mate, that'll be thirty nine pounds"

I gave him fifty and thanked him warmly,

"Good luck mate" he said cheerfully as he drove off leaving me to walk a few yards to the house where I hoped to find my sister.

A small thin woman answered the door after my second impatient knock and asked me what I wanted,

"My name's John Carson, I'm hoping I can meet my sister today"

"There's nobody by the name of Carson here"

"Mrs. Sharpe" I said after a deep breath, "I know that your adopted daughter Cherry is my twin sister, I know she lives here, I've come almost two hundred miles to see her, I've waited eighteen years to see her and I'm not leaving until I do"

"She doesn't want to meet you" she said and tried to shut the door, but I'd already anticipated that and placed my foot in the way.

"I don't believe you, but if Cherry tells me that herself, I'll gladly leave and you'll never see me again"

"You're not seeing her" she said and pushed the door again to no avail, "I'll call the police"

"Please do" I held my phone out to her, "We're both over eighteen Mrs. Sharpe, we're officially adults and you can't stop us seeing each other"

"Just go away" and this time in order to save amputation, I withdrew my foot from the door way.

I turned and walked down the path just as a new mini pulled into the driveway, the front door opened behind me and I saw Mrs. Sharpe gesticulating to the car driver,

"Hurry up" she urged, "Cherry hurry up and come in"

"For Christ's sake" I muttered to myself as the driver turned towards me, her face a picture of confusion, she looked scared as I took two steps across the lawn to the car,

"Cherry" I said softly, "I think you're my sister"

"Show me your right arm" she said firmly without getting out of the car, I smiled at her as I took my jacket off and held my arm out, she looked at the birth mark and then down at her own arm, she had an identical mark in exactly the same place as mine.

"Cherry come in the house this instance, he's trouble"

"Trouble mum?, trouble?, he's my twin brother"

She looked back up at me with the biggest, bluest eyes in the world and smiled showing perfect teeth, perfect that is but for a tiny gap in her top row just like me.

"You'd better get in" she smiled again, "You can buy me a drink"

She reversed quickly down the driveway into the road and roared off leaving her adopted mother staring after us,

"She said you didn't want to meet me" I said and she looked round at me puzzled,

"I wrote to you"

"I never got any letter from you, she must have intercepted it"

"She threatened to call the police"

"She's paranoid, she always has been"

"There's a pub look"

"I know, but that's the first place they'd look"


"Oh she'll have phoned dad at his office, he'll be on his way home already"

"I didn't intend any aggravation"

"How did you find me?"

"I hired a private detective, or an enquiry agent as they prefer to be known nowadays, he went to the national archives in London and searched for our birth using our mothers name"

"So how did you know you're a twin"

"Easy" I laughed, "My adoptive parents told me"

"The only thing I was told was that I had a twin but it died"

"No, he's very much alive"

"So I see" she grinned as she pulled into another pub car park out in the country,

"I'll just have a coke please, I'm driving"

We spent two hours just talking, catching up, I told her about my life with the nice people I called mum and dad, about how I worked for myself as a motor bike courier until I won the money that allowed me to look for her and about how I'd got myself a lovely little flat, but most of all I told her about the obsession I had of finding my twin sister.

"So have you come to take me away?"

"No" I laughed, "Unless you want me to"

"Yes please"

"You can't be serious"

"I'm deadly serious John"


"They're smothering me, I'm eighteen and I've never had a boy friend, there's an enquiry if I'm out after ten at night, I'm not allowed to wear mini skirts, I have to wear granny panties, although I was allowed half a pint of shandy on my eighteenth birthday"

"Wow" I laughed,

"Mind you they bought me the car, although they both knew I wanted a motor bike"

"A motor bike?"

"Yes I'd love one"

"I bet you'd look great in black leathers"

"Is that what you wear?"

"Yeah, when I'm riding"

"You make it sound like you're a gangster"

"No such luck, I'm just a kid on a bike, I sold it though last week, I'm going to get a much bigger one"

She leaned into me and took my hand in hers,

"Will you get me another drink, there's something I should tell you"

"Another shandy?"

"Not bloody likely, can I have a brandy?"

I returned with two brandies to find she's let her hair down, it stopped just short of her shoulders and I thought she looked gorgeous,

"Hey that looks much nicer" I grinned and was rewarded with a lovely, shy smile,

"So what is it that you've got to tell me?"

"Well it's dad, he, he looks at me, you know, I caught him checking my bum out the other day in the mirror"

"I don't blame him" I grinned cheekily, "You've got a really nice little bum"

"No, that's not what I mean" she said, "I think he gets aroused and I'm convinced he plays with my underwear after I've worn it" she stopped to take a sip of her drink before dropping a bombshell,

"All my clothes and all my personal possessions are in my car, when I left for work this morning, I intended looking for somewhere to stay, I only went back 'cos I got cold feet at the last minute, so no John I'm not joking"

I stared into her eyes for a moment while I took in what she was saying, then I made my mind up,

"Do you trust me Cherry?"

"Yes" she said without any hesitation at all,

"Right, wait there a minute"

There was no-one at the bar so I approached the landlord, we spoke for a couple of minutes then we shook hands and I went back to our table,

"Are you hungry?"

"Very" she confirmed, then giggled as I nodded to the landlord,

"What's happening?"

"I've ordered us a meal and booked a room for the night, I tried for two but they've only got a double left, I hope I did right"

"You did" she smiled, "That's what I was going to suggest"

"It must be a twin thing"

"Oh yes, I've heard about that"

"Can you remember your sixteenth birthday?"

"Remember it? I'll never forget it, I broke my left leg"

"That's why I asked" I laughed, "I broke my left leg too"


"I did, I fell off my push bike"

She squealed with laughter, "That's exactly how I broke mine, my dad picked me up but I think he was more interested in looking up my skirt than at my leg"

The landlord appeared just then and said if we cared to go through to the dining room, our meal was ready to be served.

"Ooh yes, steak and chips" she laughed,

"Will that be all right?"

"I don't know" she said quietly, "I've never eaten meat before"


"No, they're vegans"

"Oh shit, I'll get it changed"

"Not likely" she smiled, "I've always wanted to eat a big, juicy steak"

I watched in amazement as she attacked it, she chewed the first bit, then swallowed and a big, cheesy grin came over her pretty face,

"Ooh that's beautiful John"

And she never said another thing until her plate was empty!

"Do you ever eat that at home?" she asked and I nodded,

"Yes quite often, I like it"

I cut another piece of my steak and offered it to her, she tool it and rolled her eyes as she chewed it,


"Want another drink?

"Yes please, can I have another brandy?"

We chatted some more over our drinks and then when she yawned I suggested she went up to our room,

"You're right" she smiled, "I think I'll sleep for a week"

The landlady showed us up to it and Cherry said it was lovely, there were two single beds which solved one problem I was dreading, she went into the en suite bathroom for a pee and when she came out, I went in to give her time to get undressed.

I felt a bit embarrassed when I came out just in my shorts, but she just smiled at me and settled back to watch the wall mounted television,

"Night sweetheart" I said and rolled away from the light, but she was obviously tired too because she switched the television off and settled down to sleep.

After a few minutes, I heard a rustle of bed clothes and then my own sheets lifted and I felt her slip in behind me,

"I want a cuddle" she said softly and her naked breasts pressed into my back, "Turn round John" she whispered, "Turn round and cuddle me"

I did, she smiled and draped both arms around my neck, her face was so close to mine, I could feel her warm breath on it,

"Have you got a goodnight kiss for your sister John?" she asked teasingly and without waiting for an answer, she kissed me, her breath was warm and scented with tooth paste and I tasted her tongue as it snaked between my teeth, I ran my hands down over her naked back and she moaned softly into my mouth,

"I don't want to be a virgin John any more"

My hands went lower onto the swelling of her buttocks,

"You're naked"

"Yes and you're still half dressed" she giggled, she pushed her knee into my groin and felt my erection under my shorts,

"Mmm that feels interesting" and she disappeared under the sheet, I felt my shorts being pulled down and then a pair of velvety smooth lips drew my fully erect cock into a warm embrace,

"Jesus Cherry" I gasped and her soft hands cupped my balls, "Oh fuck yes, turn round baby, let me taste you as well"

Without her mouth ever leaving my cock, she turned and I silently cursed the darkness that prevented me seeing her fragrant slit, at first I just touched my lips to her core, but she gasped and pushed her groin into my face, I wrapped both arms around her buttocks and drew her onto my mouth!

"Ooh yes John" she moaned, "This is beautiful"

"You taste like a dream darling" and I parted her gorgeous cunt lips with my tongue, it slithered right up into the juice filled depths of her body,

I felt her teeth lightly nibbling my foreskin as she sucked at me, her fingers gently squeezing my balls, her clitoris stood out proudly awaiting my mouth and she stifled a gasp as I flicked it with my tongue,

"John you're making me feel funny darling, John, ooooh yes John" her legs clamped tightly around my neck trapping me while she rode out her orgasm, she was still trembling as I freed myself and scrambled round to lie on top of her, my cock at full mast,

"Do it to me John" she urged me, "Make me a proper woman"

She held me and guided me in to herself, there was just a split second of a delay as her maiden head resisted and then I was through, every inch of me buried in her sweet slit,

"Are you OK darling?" I asked, but she put her lips to my ear and whispered, "I'm in paradise John, this is heaven, I'm being fucked at last, it's absolutely wonderful, I want to do this all the time"

"We will my sweet girl" I laughed, "We most definitely will"

Her breathing became ragged as I sawed in and out of her tightness, I could feel the beginning of an orgasm starting,

"I'm going to come Cherry" I gasped and she nibbled my neck,

"Me too darling"

She gripped my naked buttocks and held me as we both came, her mouth was just millimetres from mine, so I breathed her breath as our mutual orgasm washed over us both.

It was daylight when I awoke to find her standing next to the bed, a cup of tea in her hand, I smiled at her but made no attempt to take the cup, she was completely naked still, her firm young breasts standing proudly with their beautiful pink nipples begging for attention, but it was her cleft that took my eyes, it was completely hairless, all pink and smooth almost like that of a baby.

"You're staring at me" she said shyly, "Am I all right?"

"Cherry darling" I croaked, "You're utterly gorgeous, easily the most beautiful girl I've ever seen"

"No I'm not, you're just saying that"

"I'm saying it because I mean it, your body's perfect"

"You said I'd got a nice bum" she turned round and wiggled it at me,

"It's not just nice darling, it's amazing"

"He was always trying to pinch it"

I took the cup from her and sipped it while she sat down,

"This little flat you've got, is it big enough for two?"

"Yes" I said suddenly hoarsely, "Oh very definitely yes"

"How far is it to Manchester?"

It'll take us about four hours, plenty of time to do some shopping when we get there,


"Yeah" I laughed, "This is for your eighteenth" I handed her an envelope from my jacket pocket that was hanging beside the bed.

She looked at me excitedly and opened it, inside was a card as well as ten fifty pound notes,

"There's five hundred pounds in it!"

"Spend it on whatever you like"

"But I didn't get you anything"

"That could be because you didn't know I existed"

"Oh John, thank you" she bent and wrapped her arms around me, almost smothering me with her naked breasts in the process, I kissed each nipple in turn and things were just getting interesting when the breakfast gong sounded.

"Shit" I cursed and Cherry giggled, "To be continued"

We ate our breakfast along with the other guests before checking out and hitting the road north, traffic was terrible as usual, but she impressed me with her driving, the Mini was ideal in heavy traffic so we hit the M1 north in less than an hour, she knocked almost an hour off my estimated time for the trip and we arrived outside my flat at dead on twelve noon, we pulled up next to a police patrol car!

"Miss Sharpe?" the officer asked as we got out,


"We've been asked to look out for you, your mother's very worried"

"My adopted mother is paranoid" Cherry said angrily.

"Would you like to come on up to my flat, you'll find it more comfortable in there and I'll make us a cup of tea" I spoke up,

"Who are you sir?" he asked me,

"My name's John Carson, I'm Cherry's brother"

Over a cup of tea upstairs Cherry explained everything and ended by saying, "I'll write, but I'm not going back"

"Well obviously that's something for you to decide Miss, I'm quite happy that you're safe and well and as you're over eighteen, this is where my involvement ends"

"Will you tell her where I am?"

"No Miss, we'll just say that we spoke to you and that you're safe and well"

He picked his hat up off the chair and grinned at us both, "Thanks for the tea and good luck to you both"

"The silly bitch" Cherry fumed when I'd let the officer out, "Fancy calling the bloody police"

"She's worried about you"

"Yes well if they'd both been more bloody normal I'd still be there"

"I'm glad you're not though"

"Are you?"

I sat down on the couch and pulled her down to me,

"Of course I am, not only have I found my sister, but I've also discovered that she's a very beautiful and very sexy girl as well"

"Sweet talker" she giggled, "You're just after me for my body"

"Yeah" I agreed,

"Show me round the flat"

"I showed her the kitchen complete with a dish washer, a washing machine, a tumble drier and a microwave, then we went upstairs to the bedrooms and the bathroom, what's that door for?" she asked pointing to a door in the main bedroom.

"That's a balcony, open it and have a look"

"Oh John it's beautiful"

"Those hills are the Penine hills, they stretch the whole length of England"

"They look lovely"

"Well, this time of the year, they are lovely, we'll go for a walk over there tomorrow"

"I'd like that"

"Hey, I gave you five hundred pounds, there are a million shops around here"

"I never noticed, that copper took all my attention"

"Well this flat is above an Indian owned food shop and off licence, next door is a butchery, there's a ladies dress and lingerie shop, a ladies hair dressers, a hardware shop, there's a shoe shop as well"

"Whoa, hold up there, did you mention a ladies dress and lingerie shop?"

"Yes" I laughed, "Next door but one, come on, I'll get us some steaks from the butchers and show you"

"Come with me"

"Not bloody likely, I'm not having you hold up a g-string and asking me if it suits you"

She giggled and wrapped her arms around me,

"Are we going to do it again?"

"Do what again?"

She flicked her tongue in my ear and whispered,

"Are you going to fuck me again?"

"You know I am"

"Oh goody" she laughed, "I think I like having a brother"

We walked down to the butchers together and I let her pick out two very large T-bone steaks,

"I'll fry them very slowly with some onions and when they're nearly ready, I'll lightly fry four eggs"

"Mmm can't wait" she grinned, "Right, I'm going to buy some clothes, how long have I got?"

"Oh take your time, I need to make a few phone calls and check up on work"

I remembered Cherry mentioning that she'd never had a bath, only showers every day so I ran a hot bath and added some bath foam to it, then I put the steaks on over a very low light and went to the shop beneath my flat for a bottle of brandy.

When I got back the bath was ready so I turned the tap off and sat down to think about Cherry and what she was going to do about a job.

She was singing to herself when she came back heavily laden with bags,

She plonked herself down on my knee and wiggled her bum sexily in my lap,"I've bought some sexy underwear"

"Great, I was hoping you would, I've ran you a bath, put it on after"

"A bath?"

"Yes you know, one of those things where you have to take all your clothes off"

"All by myself?"

"Well I could keep you company if you want"

"I think that's an excellent idea"

We walked through the kitchen to the stairs where she saw the steaks doing slowly in the pan as well as the brandy I'd bought.

"Ooh yes" she giggled, "A meal fit for a queen" She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"You're a lovely man John"

"I've got a lovely sister"

"Will you undress me?"

"Every night from now on"

I did too, I kissed every bit of her as I uncovered it and by the time we were both naked my cock was standing bolt upright ready to do it's duty!

Dropping to my knees I kissed her stomach and enjoyed the aroma of her sex in my nostrils,

"Ooh Johnny" she moaned as I kissed lower, "That's so sexy"

She gasped as my lips found the swollen bud of her clitoris and she used her hands in my hair to pull me closer,

"Don't stop John"

I had no intention of stopping, I was enjoying her too much for that, the taste and aroma of her pussy was amazing, I pushed my tongue right in and swallowed her juices as they flowed into my mouth,

"John" she gasped, "John, oh fuck, yes John, yes, I'm, I'm --"

Then she stiffened and let out a shrill squeal, I pulled her even closer if that were possible and gulped as she expelled a sudden gush of liquid,

"Oooh my God" she sighed as we drew apart, "What have I been missing?"

"Don't worry" I laughed, "You'll make up for it"

I got into the foam filled water with my cock jutting obscenely out above the water and beckoned her in,

"Come and sit on me"

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