My Island in the Sun
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My first story series from way back in 2002, all about a teenage boy's holiday exploits.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie  

I had always been attracted to Alex. She was a high-school friend, we had kissed a couple of times, at parties, the way friends sometimes do. She was slim and blonde, the perfect height for a girl her size, with pert breasts and a beautiful face. Nothing had gone further than kissing between us though. She wasn't good with boys, and one boyfriend after another had come and quickly gone over the past few years. I knew she wasn't fucking any of them though, she told me everything about them. It seemed like her standards were too high, and maybe she was a tiny bit too prissy for her own good.

One summer a few years ago all my friends decided to take a holiday together to one of the Greek islands. There was a group of ten of us, five girls and five boys, although that wasn't decided with any ideas of hooking up. It was supposed to be six boys originally, but one of my friends didn't have enough money to make it. We rented two small apartments, both next to each other, in a quiet resort a short walk from the beach.

One morning a couple of days after we arrived, everyone decided to go out to the beach. I really didn't feel like even more sunbathing, so I decided to stay home. Alex also stayed behind, she had been out drinking the night before and wasn't feeling too great. Her two roommates, Claire and Tanya had both gone out. After a little while I got bored and decided to see how Alex was feeling. I knocked on the door of her apartment.

'Who is it?' she called out.

'It's me' I replied.

'OK come in.'

I entered the apartment to see Alex standing dripping wet with a blue towel wrapped around her. Her shoulders, which were beautifully smooth and slightly tanned, were visible over the towel. I could also see a decent amount of her equally tanned legs. At the time, I thought she had really been sunning herself, although maybe now that I think about it, she was tanned before we even arrived. Her hair was wrapped in a white towel in a sort of turban thing.

'Hi' I managed to say. I could feel myself getting a huge hardon, and I was sure she would notice.

'You OK?' she asked, smiling.

'Yeah fine, just bored really. You want to do something?'

'Like what?'

'I don't know. We could go for a walk or something.'

'OK sure.' Alex turned and entered the bedroom nearest to her, which she was sharing with our friend Claire. 'I'll just put some clothes on'

'No need' I said to myself.

Alex closed the door behind her. I heard the towel hit the floor. On an impulse (probably caused by my hardon), I ran to the keyhole and glued my eye to it. Alex was bending over with her back to me, completely naked. Her ass was much paler than the rest of her, and she had a tan line from her bikini separating her gorgeous pert ass from her brown back. It seemed like hours went past with me just staring at her beautiful ass and her long tanned legs. Eventually she turned around and sat on the bed. I could finally see her beautiful breasts. They were small and high, whiter like her ass, with small pink nipples. It seemed like she was looking directly at me, although she couldn't possibly see me through the keyhole from across the room.

She pulled on a small white top without putting on a bra, then reached for a pair of blue thong panties. Suddenly she seemed to change her mind, hesitated for a moment and looked around. She licked her middle finger, then she reached slowly between her legs and began to touch her pussy. She slid her finger slowly over her clit. I saw her bite her lip after only a couple of seconds to hold her moan back. She began to rub her clit in wide circles, first slowly, then faster and faster. She fell back onto the bed, giving me a great view of her spread pussy. She used her other hand to insert a finger into herself, and began lifting her hips off the bed, fucking her finger mercilessly. After what must have been less than a minute of this, she came hard, moaning loudly, then remembering me and biting her lip again to silence herself. I smiled.

'You alright in there?' I said.

'Yeah, fine. I'll be out in a minute, ' panted Alex.

I could see through the keyhole that she was flushed, although whether it was from her orgasm or from my comment I couldn't tell. She desperately wafted air at her face to try and reduce the redness, at the same time pulling on her blue thong and a pair of sporty shorts. She pulled down on her white t-shirt, which had rode up a little, as she was standing and walking towards the door. It showed her tanned stomach off just enough. I ran over to the other side of the room just in time to see her open the door and come out. She was still pretty red.

'You sure you're OK?' I said.

'Mmm hmm' said Alex absent-mindedly as she looked for her handbag.

As we turned to leave the apartment she brushed against my still rock-hard cock. There was a moment in which I wasn't sure if she was going to freak out or completely ignore it. It turned out to be neither. She turned to me and smiled.

'Well well, what have we here' she whispered. 'It seems like you've been taking your vitamins.'

Alex closed the door slowly and turned around to face me. She had a little smile on her face. My mind was already fast forwarding, but I couldn't quite believe what was about to happen. She stepped right in front of me and stroked my cock through my shorts. It jumped right back to full attention.

'Mmmm.' She moaned softly, still stroking me through my shorts.

'Oh god, I wanna suck you so much' she moaned.

'Be my guest' I managed.

Alex seemed to toy with the idea for a few moments. Then she came to a decision. She reached back down to my pants, unbuttoning them with a bit of difficulty. My cock sprang out and Alex stroked it again. She began moving her hand up and down the shaft, gently and slowly. I moaned; she looked up at me and smiled.

'I've been wanting to do this for so long' she said, a little shyly.

'Me too' I moaned.

Alex licked the underside of my cock, causing me to shudder with pleasure. Suddenly she engulfed the whole head of my dick. I almost came right then and there. She moved her head up and down on my cock, taking almost half of it into her mouth at one point. She let her saliva run down my shaft and then began jacking me off while her sweet mouth was over my cockhead. She started to go faster and faster. I was thinking about how after all this time, finally Alex was sucking my dick. It felt so good. I wanted to fuck her even more than I had done before. Alex was now jacking me off hard and putting her mouth as far as it would go onto my cock.

'Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum in your mouth' I gasped.

'Do it' she managed to reply.

She didn't have to wait more than a few seconds before she got her wish. I hadn't had sex or jacked off for a few days, so there was a lot of cum for her to swallow. The first couple of loads went straight into her mouth, but the last two went right down her throat before she had time to try and swallow. Alex choked and coughed some up, then swallowed it back down again. A little overflow had run down her face and was hanging from her chin. She wiped it off and licked it up as well.

'Mmm, that was good. Maybe we can do it again sometime.'

'That's not all I'd like to do'

Alex gave a little laugh. 'Sorry, no dice. I'm a virgin, and I intend to stay that way. I don't fuck until I find the right guy.' She said haughtily. She did up my pants again. 'Let's go shopping' She said, tossing her blonde hair and walking out of the door, leaving me re-adjusting my clothes and even more horny than before.

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