Paradigm Shift
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Wolf

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Matt's fiancée has a compulsion to occasionally be with other men. After several events in their romance he must decide whether to break-up with his soul mate and love of his life, or adjust to her flagrant behavior. He analyzes, interacts with other women, and his thinking evolves in a thought-provoking paradigm shift on their open relationship. Much graphic sex. (If hot wife-open sex-incest-cuckold stories aren't your thing, kindly read something else.)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Group Sex  

We'd been going together long enough that I had a premonition about what arriving home from work on a Friday evening might entail. Thus, when I came in the front door after parking in the driveway, I made sure that no neighbors had a line of sight into the house.

KC was perched on the small credenza just inside the front door. She was nude except for two diamond earrings and a strand of pearls she wore around her neck; they draped down across her chest, wrapping around one of her full breasts – breasts with the nipples standing at attention waiting for me to fondle and suck on them. She had her blond hair over one shoulder, with the ends draped around her breast.

She'd pulled her legs up, spread them, and hooked her feet over the edge of the table's top. KC's breasts hung between her arms, which amplified their size. KC's gorgeous pussy was on full display; the slightly swollen lips of her wet labia calling attention to a small dark moist hole that started her vagina. The result to anyone walking in the front door was a gorgeous, horny, desirable, and available woman that wanted immediate fulfillment.

KC said in a little girl whiney tone, "I've been lonely all day, mister. I need some of what you've got before dinnertime. I wondered if you'd like to ... well, you know, help out a needy girl?"

I stuttered, "Yes, oh, most definitely yes," as I dropped my briefcase and jacket on the floor. "I love to help out needy waifs."

KC held her arms out to me, and I went to her and we kissed in a way that raised the temperature of the sun. We were both hot and horny. I'd missed her all day too, especially after she'd launched me into my morning with a blowjob at the front door just before I left.

KC put her legs down temporarily, and started to strip my clothes away. I scrambled to keep up with her, kicking off my shoes. She helped me shed my shirt and then helped push down my pants and underwear at the same time. I kicked them aside. She grabbed hold of my penis, a shaft that lengthened and hardened by the second. After only a few strokes with her hands, she sat on the credenza again, and pulled her legs back up so they hooked on the to edge, and thrust her pelvis forward. I sank my cock into KC's body, and we began a rather energetic fuck that resulted in the credenza pounding against the wall and probably alerting our next-door neighbor what was happening. I didn't care.

We made fabulous noises that I wished I'd recorded so we could have enjoyed the soundtrack later. KC was moaning and voicing her pleasure, even calling out 'harder and faster' instructions when she wasn't using 'dirty talk' to further excite me. I was telling her what she felt like, and replying with my own brand of dirty talk as we fucked. We were two animals ravishing one another in raw passion.

I didn't think to time us; however, ten minutes would have been a long time. I exploded into KC's pussy, and she climaxed simultaneously, her shrieks of pleasure ending the pounding the credenza made against the wall. She clung to me and kept saying, 'I love you, I love you.' Still connected to each other, I picked up KC and walked over to the sofa. We sank to the sofa and necked for a while, as my still swollen cock remained embedded deep inside her velvet nest.

"God, I love you," KC panted to me as she launched into another round of passionate kisses, some with her tongue deep inside my mouth dueling with my own.

"And, I love you. You are without doubt the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful, and smartest woman in the world. You are vivacious and well loved by everyone but I top the list in the feelings I have for you." I wasn't just blowing smoke at her. I truly believed every one of the statements and adjectives I'd used applied to her. KC was my obsession. She was beautiful. God had graced her with perfect proportions of every curve, every line, every swell, and every crevice. A model with her looks would never want for anything further. Women paid fortunes to plastic surgeons to try to approach what KC had as a natural gift. When we walked into any restaurant, bar, lounge, or shop all heads would turn to look at KC. She was immune to it all, but it happened.

The term 'sexy' took her beauty in a wonderful direction. She was twenty-nine, and knew how to dress, apply a few brush strokes of makeup, and use her body to maximum advantage, but she did it thoughtlessly; she didn't plan sexy, hot, or vivacious, they just happened. The term 'hot' applied because her beauty and sexuality left no doubt about her underlying lusty and erotic nature. She oozed out 'I'm horny' pheromones in all directions. KC did think about sex a lot; more than any person I knew, and she had successfully raised my own libido to undreamed of heights, even when I'd been a horny teenager who masturbated six times a day. Her desire showed somehow, yet I was the beneficiary.

KC was smart too – brilliant even. She remembered everything she'd ever read, even the page numbers. Further, she integrated what she read into the vast body of knowledge in her head and could synthesize solutions to complex problems with what she'd learned. I guessed that her IQ was north of one-sixty, but we never talked about it because of her modesty about it. She'd even belonged to Mensa for a while, but dropped out because their gatherings were boring.

Lastly, in my short list of adjectives for KC, she was vivacious. She had a bounce to her that would make

Tigger in Winnie the Pooh envy her. She was animated, vocal, and loved life. She was an 'up' person, and everyone she came in contact with got pulled into her happy maelstrom. She had an infectious laugh that pulled other people into her happy mood.

KC had been my fiancée for fourteen months. We'd dated and gotten increasingly serious during three months before that, and then I gave her a serious diamond ring with a high sparkle factor and invited her to move in with me. She was spending most of her free time at the house anyway. I wanted everyone in the world to know that she was taken. KC wore the ring proudly, and always would display it to people she was just meeting so they'd know that Matt Saunders was going to be her husband. She was as proud of me as I was of her. We weren't in a rush to wed; KC's mother wanted to handle those details, so we relinquished the calendar to her with a few reservations here and there. Although months had passed, her mother appeared to still be in the flapping around stage; we were in no rush because as far as we were concerned, we were already hitched. We'd made the commitment to each other and that was that.

KC and I were complements to each other in many ways. I was a computer systems engineer, working for a firm specializing in computer security, anti-hacking, and fraud prevention. I'd graduated from college at twenty, had my master's at twenty-one, and my doctorate at twenty-two, and then went to work for Blackwell Systems. They paid well, got some of their money from 'dark' sources within the government, and had done nothing but grow since I'd joined. Analytical and left-brain would accurately describe my orientation. I was a slight introvert. I loved details and process, but didn't rush to use them to make decisions. Our friend Don often referred to me as an anal retentive personality, which he explained meant I could be an asshole at times. Don was my best friend and neighbor.

KC was an artist, model, and ran a gallery. Her paintings were good ones, and often using mixed media. She'd sold one large piece of art a few months earlier for ten thousand dollars, and now had a wait-list for more. Her whole personality was creative. She loved to think up 'ideas' and mentally play with them. She was fluent in Spanish, and passable in French and Italian. She loved people as the consummate extrovert. She loved to dance. She admitted to a wild time growing up, but she was smart enough that she could blow off most of middle and high school, and a good part of college. In her spare time she had partied and partied hard.

I met KC at a party. I had the audacity to ask what 'KC' stood for. She said her name was Julie Ann Wentworth, and she liked the way 'KC' rolled off the tongue when she was entering the first grade, so got everyone to call her that, and the name stuck. Her parents humored her and that became her permanent, and later her legal name – just two letters of the alphabet.

We hit it off right away, although for a while I thought I was playing way out of my league. KC decided instantly that she liked me, and then over the first few weeks we dated that she loved me. I loved her instantly; she was the kind of person that engendered immediate devotion.

She was so stunning and sexy that I was amazed when she informed me that she wanted to go home with me on our second date. Going home was a euphemism for fucking my brains out until neither of us could move we were so tired and sore. As it turned out, according to KC and her vast experience she did little to hide, I was in the top tier of lovers she'd ever had, if not the overall best on any count she could think of. Not only was I exceptionally well-endowed in length and girth, I knew my way around a woman's body with hands, fingers, mouth, lips, and tongue, and could make her body sing in any key I wanted – and she liked that. I had always been an in-control kind of guy.

I wasn't virginal, but compared to KC I guess I was. A female friend I had in college sat me down one day and gave me a thorough indoctrination to the female body – erogenous zone by erogenous zone, from the top of her head to the toes that she liked to have sucked. I retained most of what I learned, and then did some further research, even reading articles in medical journals about sexual peaks and orgasms, and how they were best induced and sustained.

After our first night together, KC and I were practically inseparable, and that meant we were often connected with my penis in her vagina, our preferred mode of togetherness. We did do a lot of other activities, made friends around my neighborhood, and we talked.

We talked and talked. KC wanted to know about every corner of my head, and wanted me to know about her. We shared our views on every controversial topic she could think of – and that was a lot. She wanted to talk about our future a lot too, and that led to our engagement when we realized that we wanted to be there for each other until the sun turned into a dying ember. I was so happy; I thought I'd burst. I had a perpetual smile on my face.

I felt awed when KC told me that she loved me and wanted to be my 'forever girlfriend.' We committed to each other pretty early, and although we never talked about it, in my opinion there was a tacit agreement that we were exclusive. We started to talk about growing old together, eventually having a family, and the kinds of kids, houses, and pets we wanted. Little passed by us that didn't have long-term relationship stamped all over it.

As an only child, I had inherited a house from my grandmother when she died. It was large, four-bedroom ranch, with a two-car garage on an acre-and-a-half. It had a pool and Jacuzzi outside, although my grandparents never used either. The house needed serious renovation and upgrading from years of neglect, and I'd started a long project to do much of that work myself before I met KC. Being an engineer, I was pretty handy with tools, and believed electrical and plumbing work to be no mystery.

My proposal of marriage had been partly inspired by my friends Don and Edie, who lived across the street two doors down towards the cul-de-sac our homes were on. Don was a day trader of things he found online; he bought stuff at a low price, and sold it at a high price. He'd started in college and was a millionaire by graduation. Later, he discovered foreign commodity markets – a totally ignored sector of the world economy in the U.S. at the time; he described making money in those markets like shooting fish in a barrel. Don had money to burn, but still lived in the first house he and his college sweetheart had bought right after graduation.

When I moved into my grandparent's old home, Don's wife Edie brought over a plate of cookies and a bottle of wine. She and I sat on my front steps and drank the bottle, and by the last drop we were great friends. I could talk to Edie – and soon thereafter Don – about anything. They became my closest friends and confidants.

KC became a favorite topic for a while as our relationship blossomed. They met her, and bonded instantly. Shortly thereafter, they got on my case about not letting her 'get away.' Their persistence and goading resulted in my buying a large diamond, and popping the question.

My sex life with KC surprised me, and I know that Don and Edie got a charge from talking about it with us. I was no virgin, and I'd even had some serious girlfriends along the path, just no one even close to KC. The word 'insatiable' was invented for KC.

At the sexual peak of my relationship with an old girlfriend, we'd have sex and go to sleep for the night. Not with KC! We had sex when we got home from work, have dinner, and then have long marathon sex sessions the rest of the night. Often, one of us would rouse the other around three or four a.m., and we'd have sex again. First thing in the morning, I might bring her off or get a blowjob, or we'd make love again. I never complained about the quantity or quality of our sex life. I also didn't brag about it, although when I heard other guys talk about their endeavors, they paled in comparison to mine.

As a counterpoint to that, every time we got together with Don and Edie, Edie would try to get me in the sack. The better we got to know them, the more I'd get a series of increasingly passionate kisses from Edie that would melt my sneakers. Edie would grind her pelvis into my crotch, and talk dirty to me to try to get me to bed her. "Don doesn't cut it for me the way I know you would," Edie would tell me in a lecherous tone right in front of her husband. "You are far better endowed. I've felt you swelling when we rubbed together. Oh, Babe, I really need you. I just know we'd make great music together."

I'd be embarrassed, and KC and Don would laugh and egg Edie on, even trying to make wagers with her about the odds of getting me into their bedroom. I should point out that Edie was no slouch when it came to looks or personality. I rated KC as a ten, and Edie would be a nine-point-nine. She was a pretty little brunette with slightly augmented boobs, and a bubbly personality. Edie also loved sex – she told me so, and I knew from our open discussions that she and KC compared notes and recipes on the subject. When they did, I'd just blush.

For all the flirting with me that Edie did, I remained immune to her charms. When KC was not around, Edie did have a knack of getting to me. Like KC, she could sexually excite me, but with KC I followed through. I told Don I had no intention of misbehaving with his wife. To my surprise, he told me it wouldn't bother him if I did, and might even calm her down when I was around if I were to satisfy her curiosity. What puzzled me was that he was serious and amused by the whole situation.

Don and Edie loved to do Sunday afternoon cookouts twice a month. They'd invite the neighborhood and anybody that anybody else wanted to bring along. KC and I were usually there along with two-dozen other neighbors. There were a few kids and teens, but for the most part the population at the cookouts was adults.

Don would cook, have a circle of males around him, and we'd all be drinking and BSing each other. If there were a critical game on TV, Don would have a TV set up on the patio within view of the grill. The women would worry the rest of the food besides the meat, chicken, ribs, or whatever, and then they'd sit around talking, mostly about the men, their kids, or their misspent lives.

Normally, the cookouts ended about eight o'clock at night. People had to work the next day, and there were often kids to put to bed or last minute things to attend to before a new week started. KC and I usually hung around to help put away food, handle the trash, and other post-cookout cleanup duties. We'd finish in record time and then sit and talk.

One late summer evening, we finally sat down just as dusk swept over the town. Edie sat next to me and asked me bluntly, "OK, Lover, how'd you learn how to please a woman so well? KC tells me you are spectacular in bed, and she got me to believe that she's an expert on the subject."

I was speechless on several counts. I took her statements in reverse order. "I can't attest to the ability of the witness to compare me to other members of the species. Maybe she can regale me later with her qualifications on a more specific basis than she has. As far as my own proficiency regarding sex, I can only say that I am a superb student. Give me a demonstration, a book, the right film or two, and some motivation, and I have been able to master the subject material. In this case, I had a good teacher, devoured several books, watched a lot of porn – and yes, I still do from time to time, and I have the motivation to make KC the happiest and most sexually content person on this state."

KC applauded my eloquence, as Edie and Don laughed. I tried to give KC an evil look, but failed miserably.

I exclaimed to KC in my slightly inebriated state, "Am I to believe that my sexual prowess is known widely in the neighborhood at this point? Have I no secrets left? Is my proficiency with women only a laughing point from here on out?"

Edie sprung to KC's defense, "No! She told us what a stud you were, but we filled in a lot of the blanks by what she didn't say. I already know you're hung and that a little dirty talk will get you harder than my battery operated dildo. You are a great piece of ass, Matt. Someday, I really do hope to enjoy you." She glanced at KC as though to confirm her intention.

KC laughed and said, "And what do I get out of the deal? Don?"

Edie said, "Whatever, Honey. Don's just normal in that department, although he sure knows how to use what he's got. Why earlier this afternoon, he ... oh, never mind. I can't top what you two were doing earlier."

My ears had perked up. Earlier, KC and I had indeed made love. We were in the shower and did some really kinky things, one of which resulted in us soaking the bed sheets with our wet bodies. As conservative and staid as I was, I could be inspired to great feats of sexual competence by my fiancée. I was surprised that Edie hadn't heard KC screaming. I was also surprised that Edie seemed to know the details.

KC teased me at home that night, as she knelt in front of me naked making love to my cock as I stood in front of her. "You like all that talk about sex don't you? I could see that lump I love so much growing in your pants when Edie was teasing you. I couldn't wait to get you home. Maybe next time, I'll just jump you right on Don and Edie's patio. Edie can watch or join in, as she likes. I bet you'd like that; two women trying to ride this beautiful hunk of man meat at the same time." She bobbed her head back down my shaft.

I nodded, "I would like it. You know you're sex personified, and Edie comes close to that. I guess Edie also likes to hear the details from you. I find it a little embarrassing, but there's nothing negative about me or us is there? You know I'm kind of old school."

"Hell, no. You are the utmost." She jerked my cock a little with one hand, "And judging from your condition, that idea seems to sit well with you. We could trade back and forth. I could ride you while Edie sat on your face, and then we could change places. I bet Edie tastes really good. Oh, look how hard you're getting. Why don't you fuck me with this magnificent shaft? If you go all the way in, I bet you could see the head in my mouth. You're huge tonight."

I teased, "I feel it too. Oh, and tell me your qualifications to rate my sexual performance. Pray tell, what'd you tell Edie about your background? What don't I know?"

KC lunged herself at me, and thrust her tongue down to my tonsils, and gave me one of the most passionate kisses of our relationship. My cock sank to maximum depth as she squirmed up into me. She then chuckled, "Face it, you're engaged to a slut. I love sex. I told you I was wild in school. I was wild because I liked having sex with guys. I started when I was fourteen, and by the time I was sixteen I was an expert in the area. I got my Ph.D. in sex at eighteen, and moved on to new heights in post-graduate studies. If it had a cock and I was interested, and I fucked it."

I jolted into her body, thrusting almost ten inches of swollen cock into KC's hot drippy pussy. "So, how many guys?"

She smiled at me and fucked back. "I lost count somewhere around two hundred ... or was it three hundred? I was a bad girl for a while. I had a reputation as easy. I'd do three or four different guys in one day. The sports teams loved me, and so did a couple of cheerleaders. I'll tell you stories someday soon, and maybe confess a thing or two."

"Why'd you stop?"

KC pulled me down to kiss her as she jerked her hips up into my down strokes. I knew I wasn't going to last. "You, Lover. I fell in love with you. All the rest were for fun or something else, but not love. You were for fun AND love AND for forever. You made life serious. You, you, you." KC kissed me again, and teased. "Besides, who says I've stopped." She had a devilish look on her face that resulted in my slapping her ass with my bare hand about ten times for being naughty. KC laughed.

A couple of minutes after that I felt her orgasm start deep within her vagina. I felt a million tiny pulses of nearly a million microscopic muscles, and then they coordinated into spasms or pleasure that swept through her body, and then because the phenomena was contagious they swept into my body. I emptied a gallon of passion juice into her inner most core, adding to our pleasure. KC ejaculated her orgasmic juices into our groins. This was heaven.

There were moans and after a while I realized that many of them came from my own vocal chords. My God, I loved this woman. How had I ever done without her? She'd permeated into every corner of my mind. She owned me.

KC was crying when I kissed her again. "I love you so much. You make me so unbelievably happy," she crooned. "I am so glad we found each other. I never believed in the term soul mates until I found you, and now I know what that term means. I love you. God, I love you so much it sometimes hurts. We are forever in love."

I cradled her body to mine, and we drifted off to sleep, ignoring the stickiness that our body fluids had produced. KC was wrapped around me, with one of her legs woven between my own. Her breasts nestled into my own chest, and I could feel her nipples. I didn't think heaven could be any better.

Doug and Marcie Carson hosted the Saturday night party. The weather was warm, there was a crowd including a lot of people we didn't know from outside the neighborhood, and there was plenty of food and booze. Everyone was in shorts and either t-shirts or some kind of summer top for the women. A lot of people were barefoot.

After the initial gathering, the party segmented into five different groups. One group, the conversationalists, was in circle in the dimly lit living room. I didn't even bother to see what the topic de jour was as I passed through the room. A second group was dancing in the home's large family room that had been stripped of all furniture except for a TV hanging on the wall and playing the music. A third group centered around a half-dozen picnic tables arranged in a circle on the patio; they were quieter, and there wasn't one large conversation going on, but ten smaller ones among the partiers. Doug had a fourth group just outside his garage fawning over a 1957 Chevy convertible he'd just bought at auction for an outrageous sum of money; it was a collector's item, meticulously restored, and looked almost showroom new. That day I was in the fifth group: people just wandering around having sporadic conversations with folks in no planned way or place.

I'd spent over an hour with the car enthusiasts, as appropriate for someone with nerd and geek leanings. Doug loved talking about the car and how he'd gotten a bargain by paying fifty thousand. I knew the car would spend ninety-nine percent of the time in his garage. I also thought Doug might sleep in it because of his undying love for the breed. I left the group and circulated for a bit. The car group broke dispersed too; how much can you talk about an old car?

Around ten o'clock I wondered what KC was up to. She'd been in the backyard, but only her sister Darlene was there now; she came to most of the parties with us. I went up to her, "Where's KC? You all right?"

Darlene put her arm around my waist and affectionately hugged me, "I'm fine. Want to join me? KC went inside to dance."

I smiled at her, "Maybe. Just let me touch base, and then I'll be back."

I strolled into the living room through the French doors, picked up another beer in the dimly lit kitchen, and peered into the nearly dark family room where couples were slow dancing to some mellow music. My eyes took a few seconds to adapt to the darkness, but then I could see about ten couples swaying with each other. Everyone seemed to be in some kind of clutch with his or her partner. Many male hands were cupping female asses or breasts. Many lips were pressed together in a vertical make out session.

I saw Marcie, our hostess and Doug's wife, French kissing with some guy I'd met earlier named Andy. They'd given up the pretense of dancing. She was also humping his thigh, as he pawed at her t-shirt feeling her braless breasts through the thin material. They were typical of what I saw.

The cluster of dancers parted slightly, and I caught a glimpse of KC and some guy I didn't know. Like Marcie, she was humping his thigh with evident sexual excitement. They were in a lip-lock too, and he had a hand up under her blouse, obviously feeling her breasts.

"What the fuck?" I muttered. I felt a zillion conflicting emotions wash over me. The erotic nature of the interaction, including what some of the other dancers were doing, made me harden. Everyone was being sexual in some way in my book.

Simultaneously, I had got a fire hose dose of jealousy and anger that swept over me. I wanted to kill someone, and KC and unknown-male were at the top of my list.

Just as KC looked up, I turned and stormed back out onto the patio. As I did, I banged into my neighbor Dick Thompson coming in the door. My beer upended all over the front of me. Now, I wasn't only livid, I was soaked in beer.

I kept my cool, apologized somewhat curtly to Dick, and stormed through the patio and then home. I ranted and raved the entire way, cursing out KC for being a flirt and too much of a party animal, and then cursing myself for allowing her to get under my skin so much with personality traits I knew about before we got serious.

In the house, I slammed the front door so hard the rafters shook on the house next door. I entertained the idea of leaving a suitcase for her on the front porch with a note, telling her to fuck off. Anger didn't solve much, but it helped me vent some of what I was feeling.

I bulled my way into our bedroom, thinking about whether I even wanted KC to come home. I smelled like a brewery. I stripped away my clothes, and got the shower running. Maybe a cold shower would help, but I didn't like cold showers. Warm would do.

I got in and rinsed my body of the beer. I shampooed up my hair, working up a large lather that was running down my face. Thus, I stood there with my eyes jammed shut trying to think straight as the suds ran over my face and I massaged my scalp.

The hand on my cock got my immediate attention, and then a second hand joined in. I was still partly hard from the shot of arousal at seeing KC being naughty with some new guy. I figured she'd rushed in behind me seeking forgiveness.

I hardened further, and then felt her tongue lap at my glans. The mushroom shaped head of my cock got consumed, and then my fellatrix bobbed up and down on my shaft, taking more and more of me into her body with each thrust forward. To my surprise, she deep throated me, not an easy task given my girth and length. I tried to think if KC had ever done this before, but then that skill would not be inappropriate for an admitted and highly experienced slut. As she sucked on me, some of my anger dissipated.

KC started to move her head around, rotating it around my shaft, particularly when I was all the way inside her. The sensation was startling. As the pleasures swept through me, I frantically tried to rinse the suds from my head, all while keeping the soap from flooding down on my front where she was rather busy. I could even feel myself starting to crest she was so good.

Soap gone, I rubbed the excess water from my eyes and looked down.

"Holy shit! Darlene. What the hell are you doing?"

She bobbed around on my cock in an enthusiastic way, as though to say, 'Duh, you dumb fuck. I'm giving you a world-class blowjob so you won't be so mad.' I'd already kind of figured that out, but that wasn't really my question.

I came. I think Darlene's finger suddenly stroking my prostate might have had something to do with the rapidity of my orgasm, but in any case, I didn't warn her. I realized as I jettisoned my cum into her mouth that she didn't care; she wanted me to cum in her mouth. The time interval between realization and orgasm had been only a few seconds.

As the last pulses of my cock ceased, Darlene rose and pulled my head down into a kiss with her. I reacted a fraction of a second too late, and got her tongue and a load of my jizz thrust into my mouth from hers. I allowed myself a few seconds to make out with my girlfriend's sister, and then we stopped.

Darlene was nude, hot, and sexed up. She whispered, "Will you make love to me?"

I shook my head, "Darlene, I just can't. I don't know what KC's up to or what she's thinking, but no; it just wouldn't be right."

Darlene grabbed one of my hands and brought it to her crotch. "Bring me off then. Return the favor." She managed to force two of my fingers inside her and I confess I didn't resist much. I picked it up from there without her prompting. I was sure I would go to hell in a hand basket when we were through.

Fortunately, Darlene didn't last long. She dissolved into an intense orgasm only a minute after she found purchase on my fingers. She clutched onto my body for support as she rode out the pleasure.

"God, thank you," she gasped. She hugged and kissed me again. I kissed back automatically, only now I was wondering just what was happening to KC.

I shut the water off, and the two of us left the shower stall. I got us both towels.

KC breezed into the bathroom. I felt 'caught, ' however, she didn't even blink an eye. She said, "You left so suddenly, I wondered what was wrong."

I said in a slightly raised voice, "What was wrong? I saw my fiancée with some guy humping his leg, getting her tits pawed, and making out, that's what was wrong. You were all over each other. You were even liking it; I know that look."

KC made tsk-tsk noises. "We were just flirting, for God's sake. We were getting each other's motors revved up."

I asked, "Did you fuck him?"

KC looked pissed, "No. I didn't like him that much. Besides, I'm engaged to you."

"God, KC. You're a case." I cursed aloud. I stomped around, "If you want your motor revved up, I'm the guy you come to, not somebody you just happened to meet at some party. That was inexcusable."

She retorted, "So were you. Did you fuck my sister?"

"God, no. She surprised me in the shower. We ... errr..."

I saw the two girls wink at each other.

"KC, did you put Darlene up to what just happened?" I was still angry and it showed in the tone of my voice.

She laughed, "No, but I gave her my blessing weeks ago that she should go for it if she could ever get you alone."

I rolled my eyes and walked away from the sisters with the towel around my waist. I had no idea what to think about anything that had happened in the last fifteen minutes. The roadmap I had for expected behavior by my fiancée and for that matter her sister hadn't included any of these little side trips.

I pulled on some gym shorts, and got in bed. I needed to sleep. Maybe in my unconscious state, some new chunk of wisdom would come to me to help me process everything. Where on earth did KC get the idea that she could get her motor revved up by some other guy? That was my job – exclusively my job.

I was almost asleep, when I felt KC get in bed with me. She was nude. She leaned over, kissed me, and whispered, "I love you. I'm sorry I made you mad at me." She then nestled into my side, and I could feel one of her breasts intentionally stroking my side. I tried to ignore her.

A minute later, my eyes popped open. Darlene got into bed on my other side. She kissed my shoulder, and then cuddled into my side. She too was naked, and I could feel one of her breasts against my other arm. She made a little purring sound as she settled into my side. I was aroused, but I ignored all symptoms and my impulse to respond.

The girls were well asleep before I finally drifted off.

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