Black Man Meets Tg
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Black man become friends with white transgender person who dominates him

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Coercion   CrossDressing   Shemale   High Fantasy   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Male   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Size   Porn Theatre  

This story was written my a trans friend of mind, who knows me better than most people. It is fantasy, and the N word is used often ( please don't get upset) I have added a few chapters to the story, and will indicate when I post them. Please compare the 2 styles of writing. And please comment. Thank you

I might not have niggers figured completely out, but one thing I am certain of, is the power a white woman has over any nigger I have ever come across. Truth is, I'm not even a woman, but in a dress, a nigger doesn't care. Its like that big, dumb dick thinks for them. They lose what mind they have in the presence of a white woman. That big black cock, acts like a homing device trying to get inside of some white pussy, ass or mouth. The big conquest. Getting the white man's prized possession. Stupid niggers.

I have known one nigger for about 20 years. Good looking enough, Well spoken. Intelligent. Worked as a correctional officer in a very well know prison in upstate New York. At his base, this nigger I will refer to as Bob, had about much self control as a fucking dog. He would get crazy around me. I met him at a swingers club and from our first encounter, I knew I had taken possession of a part of him. There I was ... big, white, blonde and juicy. Over painted like a whore with just enough class. Nice, sexy clothes. Expensive perfume. Admittedly hooked on black cock. I love the taste and smell and size of what a nigger can produce from his pants. Bob and I clicked in a way that I have clicked with just a handful of the hundreds and hundreds of niggers I have gone thru living in New York City. He exposed himself very early on, as a man who got off on racial play. Loved living out that fantasy of being the hard working field nigger in the old south, getting summoned to the big house by the Mistress after Master had gone to town. Loved the idea of being owned and humliliated for the color of his skin. For the huge size of that dick swinging between his legs. There was a time I saw Bob on the street in the light of day. He was walking with his wife and had a small child with him. I don't think he recognized me. Part of me thought it would have been so funny to walk up to his wife and tell her I had been sucking her niggers dick for a few years, and how funny I found it that this big, dumb coon would get his black ass out of their warm bed and come meet me because he was so hooked on not only the great head, but the great head game. Living out fantasies he could have never shared with that black bitch. Too uptight. Too straightlaced to really comprehend what a huge freak she had living under her own roof.

Bob and I would hang out cyclically. It's like he could hold it together only so long, before that monkey would get back up on his back and he had to find me. Had to get that fix that I could provide. He banged plenty of genetic women, but I offered an extra thrill. Took pictures of me in a hotel room with his big, black cock hanging out of my mouth. We would go to adult bookstores and XXX Movie theaters. I'm telling you, this nigger would get demented. He couldn't get enough. Loved to watch me suck on black cock, but I think he always had a silent bit of possessiveness about me. The way he would watch me was so intense. Giving my nigger a good show. Letting him see just how much I loved that nigger dick down my throat. I have given up this fat, white, tight, ass/pussy to plenty of black cock. Never gave it to Bob. I knew we would cross a line, it would give him too much control. Niggers like Bob can't handle that with a white woman. He needs to be kept down, where he wants and needs to be. I will say, Bob has a dick I could suck every day of my life. He is no young kid, but that dick gets hard like a rock. I wonder if that black cunt appreciated the good dick she had, when she had it?

Where Bob's fantasies with me are laden with racial slurs and him admitting his lack of self control ... mine have been elsewhere ... I fantasize about Bob coming to visit me in New York. When he arrives the door is unlocked and I know he is eager to get in and get that big black cock out and buried in my throat. A he enters, he would find a note telling him to get completely naked and make sure that big black cock was rock hard before he dare walk into my bedroom. Before he gets to the doorway, his big, black horse dick sticking out like a base ball bat ... he smells the heady aroma of hot, nasty sex. His eyes adjust to the dim candlelight. Bob sees me in the middle of the bed on all fours, and behind me pulling his huge black cock slowly in and out of my open asshole is a nigger wearing a gorilla mask. Bob smiles big at the spectacle in front of him. I tell Bob to get his black ass over to the bed and tell me what the gorillas dick looks like sliding in and out of my sloppy, banged out asshole. Nigger Bob is tongue tied. He is mesmerized watching all of that black cock stuffed up inside of me. The gorilla pulls all of his cock out of me and leans back letting every inch of his huge dick bob up and down with a life of its own. Pre cum running freely from the huge, plum shaped head. I ask Bob "What the fuck are you waiting for nigger? Grab that big gorilla dick and stuff it up my asshole!" Bob obediently grabs the huge black cock, pumping his own huge monster cock with his other hand as he guides the head of the gorillas dick to my hole. "Rub that big gooey dick on my hole, nigger. Get my pussy all gooey with that pre cum." Bob obliges me, smearing thick, cock syrup all over my pink asshole. I feel my ass open and close involuntarily as the heat from the gorillas dick makes contact with my hole. "Does that look good nigger?" Again Bob is silent. He continues to slather my pussy with the big, gooey cock and pump his own dick furiously. "I asked you a fucking question Nigger." Bob stammers for a moment and finally says "looks mighty good mistress." Bob has completely defaulted into the dumb field hand role. "Why don't you dip your finger in my wet, gooey pussy and tell me what it tastes like". I laugh and push my ass up, offering Bob a good look at my well fucked asshole, gleaming with the gorillas pre cum. Bob runs his middle finger around the outside of my ass before sinking it deeply in my scalding hot, hole. I moan loudly, and scream at him to get in front of me and taste it. Bob steps from the side of the bed and stands in front of me. His massive dick looks like its going o explode. We lock eyes and he slowly puts his middle finger in his mouth, and sucks on it, trying to get every drop of pre cum and ass soup in his mouth. I crawl to the foot of the bed and hang my tongue out like a bitch, dog in heat. Bob smiles and puts his rock hard cock up to my lips. I start making out with the head of his big dick as the gorilla shoves every inch of his huge, monkey dick way up into my guts. I moan around the head of bobs big black cock as I fee the gorilla pick up speed. The gorilla is loving watching me service Bobs cock. I take as much of Bobs dick in my throat as I can and hear the gorilla grunt and fuck me harder. He is really getting off watching me service Bobs huge nigger dick. Slobber is flowing freely from my mouth and puddling on the sheet as I lose myself. Two horse sized dicks in my mouth and ass. I am in nigger heaven! The sound of the gorilla's cock slamming into my ass is filling up the silence in the room. His big nuts slamming against mine. He reaches under me and starts pumping on my cock as he fucks me stupid. Im wearing black, thigh high stockings, heels, lacy crotchless panties and black, satin bra with my big titties spilling out. Bob stands still, his legs shaking from the nasty, sloppy head I am giving him. Out of nowhere as I pull Bobs cock out of my mouth to catch my breath, the gorilla leans over me and grabs Bobs dick and holds it for me to suck. Well maybe the gorilla is a gentleman. He holds Bobs big cock at the base, as I suck every inch down to the gorillas fingers. He moves his hand and grabs Bob by his big nuts and milks them as Bobs big cock jumps in my mouth. The gorilla is fucking the holy hell out of me. I seriously don't know how much more I can take of such a severe ass pounding. I am praying for the gorilla to go head and cum. My prayers are answered almost immediately. I feel the gorilla niggers big cock swell to an enormous girth inside my ass and then I start o feel the thick shots of cum squirting inside of me. I take my teeth and bite down just hard enough on the rock hard dick in my mouth to let Bob know the gorilla is emptying up in my asshole and causing me to cum like a cannon myself. Bob pulls out of my mouth and the gorilla pumps on Bobs cock like a champ, allowing Bob to splatter my face in nigger spunk. I open my mouth and let the cum splatter against my tongue. We all are grunting and panting. Before the scene cools down I say to Bob, "ok nigger, tonight is your special night. Lets see what kind of a freaky nigger you really are. Put your mouth up to my asshole and tell me how good it tastes. DO IT NIGGER. Get between my cheeks and taste this asshole!" The gorilla moves back letting his slimy cock, fall from my asshole. He puts his hand on he back of Bob's neck and gently guides him to my open ass. Just as Bob's mouth is about to make contact with my hole, a stream of the gorillas cum starts to leak out of my rectum. The gorilla presses Bob's face to my assshole as I bear down and let cum gush from my ass all over Bob's mouth and face. The gorilla holds Bob's face there and pretty soon I feel Bob's tongue snaking up my ass. Eating me out like its a big, pink white pussy. He is really getting in to cleaning me up and then I blow Bob's mind. "Don't you think my monkey needs to be cleaned up too?" I scoot down the bed and turn around to face Bob. "Go ahead. Show me what a dirty, freaky nigger you really are Bob. Put that big, black gorilla dick in your mouth and clean it up good for me." Bob looks panicked. "Oh please Mistress. Don't make me do that. Im begging ya. Please Mistress." I laugh and just point to the huge, slimy, cum slathered cock hanging beween the gorillas legs. The gorilla holds his huge, black cock up and offers it to Bob. Bob looks up at the furry, gorilla mask and sees the eyes behind the mask give him a wink and a quick nod of the head. Assuring Bob that it was ok. Bob leaned down slowly and started licking the cum from the gorillas cock. He let the gorilla put his cock in Bob's mouth and Bob sucked the cum off of the hug black snake like the dutiful nigger he is. When he finished, I slowly got off the bed. "Wel I need to take a shower and get all of this monkey cum off of me. Make yourselves at home. Im sure you have lots to talk about." As I walk ou the door, I urn around slowly to see Bob raise his hand to high five the gorilla. Just two niggers getting that hot, white, freaky ass. I smile as the gorilla high fives Bob, knowing that in seconds the mask is coming off ... and Bob can get some quality time with his son. The apple NEVER falls too far from the tree.

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