Sarah Makes My Fantasies Real
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My daughter encouraged me to join a dating site after my wife left me for another man. I met a younger woman on one who encouraged me to change my way of thinking and it resulted in me exploring my darkest incest fantasies. This will be the first chapter of a few, assuming it's well received and readers like the direction it's taking. Please note - the story codes relate to future chapters if they are not covered in the first here.

My ex girlfriend encouraged the sharing and acting out of fantasies, she liked to make them as real as possible, in particular she enjoyed Daddy / Daughter incest fantasies and after several role plays things developed in ways I'd never dared dream of.

I'm no longer with my girlfriend Sarah, in fact we split up soon after a crazy fantasy of hers was fulfilled and now I realise I was simply a pawn in her perverted games. I'm not saying she was totally to blame of course, but without her egging me on, I know I would never have really gone through with it.

I suppose I'd better explain and I guess there's no better place to start than the beginning.

Three years ago my wife decided she wanted to pursue a better life and left me to bring up our 13 year old daughter Holly; she was wooed by a smooth salesman at her place of work. She started dressing younger, wearing more perfume and make-up and the next thing my daughter and myself knew was she was moving down to London to start a new life with him.

To be honest things had become pretty stale in the marriage anyway and I suppose it was only a matter of time before something changed; it's not that we had lots of arguments, or anything like that, I think it was the fact that we just did the same old boring things and spent less and less time together.

Our sex life had become non existent and I can't remember the last time we tried anything new, or even talked about sex, so I was left to my own devices and resorted to looking at porn on the internet.

I'm not complaining too much as my mind was opened to so many new subjects that turned me on like I'd not known before.

My searching on the net became more and more adventurous as I found new things to excite me.

Now don't ask me why, but I seemed to always finish up looking at the incest sites to finish myself off. Some nights I'd make my cock sore wanking and looking at a mother and son fucking, or a daughter riding her dads hard cock, or even better, seeing a daughter enjoying her mothers pussy while being fucked by her dad.

This was only fantasy of course and something to enjoy in the privacy of my bedroom while my wife was out working, well that's what she told me anyway.

My daughter just carried on with things as teenagers do and was as gobsmacked as me when her mother walked out. One thing it did do was make my daughter and myself closer and over the next three years she changed from being a kid to a developing young woman. yes, my daughter Holly was growing up fast and was getting a fair amount of attention from boys.

I encouraged her to have fun while being careful. I told her that just because a boys would try it on with her, she shouldn't rush into bed with the first boy that asked. Of course this embarrassed her, but I think I got the message across and she never gave me the feeling she was anything other than in control.

Then one night Holly asked me to sit down after we'd eaten and she said she thought it'd be good if I met someone and maybe go on a few dates. She said I was still attractive and I should join a dating site for people of a certain age, the cheeky little sod! I had to smile at that one for sure. Anyway she helped me set up a profile page on a dating site and told me what to put to attract some potential dates.

I completed the forms and hovered over the send button, but before I could back out Holly pushed my hand away and hit it for me. It was the right thing for her to do as we burst out laughing and she teased me all night saying I'd have loads of grannies wanting to date me. I didn't hold much hope out for a response, especially as I'd used a bang up to date photo and was really honest saying I was a 42 year old separated man, living with my sixteen year old daughter and that I was looking for companionship with a like minded person for fun times and nights out. my daughter suggested I set the age group to between 25 & 45, as she couldn't handle me going out with someone who she may have known at school.

I kept checking, but nothing came through very quickly at all until about 9pm that night when I had three come through.

Holly and myself checked the three interested hits out and I felt compelled to be led by Holly, after all, I needed to know she was ok with whoever I dated.

The first one was a tidy blonde, she said she was 25, but she looked about 18, so that was a firm 'no', even though I really liked the look of her and she did make my cock twitch.

The second was an elderly widow who loved taking her four dogs on long walks in the country. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we both agreed she wasn't what I needed.

Then lastly there was Sarah, she looked hot and said she was 27 years old and loved older men, she said she was energetic and fun with a wicked side that if you dared tap into she could help you realise your inner most secrets and wishes. Wow! I was keen, but understandably Holly was sceptical.

Holly just shook her head and said to me that unless I date her I'd only blame her for being too picky, so we agreed that i'd make contact; It was much easier than I thought it would be and Sarah and I made arrangements to meet up in a couple of days. I couldn't really believe it and thought this must be a prank, or she's a time waster and wouldn't show up, but I thought what the hell, what will be will be.

The next two days passed so slow and I felt like a teenager preparing for a first ever date.

As I sat waiting for Sarah to show up in the bar we'd arranged to meet in, I wondered if she'd been as honest with her photo as I had been. I looked at it again on my phone and I suddenly got nervous. After all she was only 27 and I was 42. She wasn't young enough to be my daughter, well technically she was, but you wouldn't have automatically jumped to that conclusion I reassured myself.

Bang on time though in walked Sarah. She was about 5ft 6" in her heels, shoulder length blonde hair, a really nice figure, not slim, but not fat either, her boobs more than caught my eye as she was wearing a tight top which showed a decent amount of cleavage, she then wore tight jeans and some really sexy shoes, probably with a 4" stiletto. She looked very confident as she walked over to me. I was suddenly conscious that my mouth was open but I wasn't speaking.

Sarah smiled and knew she'd made an impact on me. We introduced ourselves and had a little hug and a peck on the cheek. We had a brilliant night chatting and drinking and getting to know each other. As we became more relaxed, we got closer and the subject turned to our situations. I told her she was the first girl I'd met since my wife left me and that I'd been faithful throughout the time I was with her. I felt so relaxed and even when she quizzed me about my sex life with my wife, I felt comfortable. Sarah wasn't judgemental at all and said she guessed there were many relationships that had turned sour because people didn't explore their fantasies and desires with their partners.

She went on to say that the more she heard of situations like that, the more determined she'd be to make sure she'd keep her future partners interested and encourage them to talk about their wants, maybe even act some of them out. My god, the talk and openness was turning me on so much, my cock was already hard. We were whispering in low tones with our faces getting closer together, then she kissed me. I'd never kissed publicly in a bar, but it felt so natural. Sarah pulled me closer and let her tongue explore mine. We were like a couple of kids snogging.

When Sarah started to rub my cock through my jeans I knew it was time to leave. I told her my daughter was away at a mates tonight and she'd be welcome to come back to mine if she wanted. It was a no brainer as we were both as horny as fuck. We flagged a cab down and continued snogging, groping and giggling in the back, then she whispered in my ear that it's always been a fantasy of hers to suck a cock in the back of a cab. Well who was I to deprive her, so I bravely unzipped my jeans and after a quick check that the driver wasn't remotely interested in our drunken antics, I told her to go for it.

Sarah, licked the tip of my hard cock and sent an electric jolt through my body. You can imagine the feeling as this was the first time I'd had a mouth near my cock for many a year. She slipped her mouth over the end and gently bit my shaft up and down with several little nips. She she took it as deep as she could. I started to moan so buried my head in her neck to try and not alert the driver of what was happening.

Sarah certainly knew what was doing and within a few minutes of her sucking my cock I felt my cum rising. Sarah sensed this as my grip on her shoulders got firmer, she speeded up her motion a little and I blasted my cum deep in her mouth. Sarah made a funny sound from the back of her throat as she gagged on my cum. This made the driver turn as he thought she was going to chuck up, but I reassured him she was fine. I don't think he saw, but I couldn't be sure; like my heart wasn't pounding enough as it was, I did panic a little.

Not for long though as I felt Sarah give my length a long suck as she withdrew off my cock. That made me jolt too as she sucked her lips over my sensitive bell end. Sarah looked at me, licked her lips, smiled and whispered put your cock away naughty boy as the driver wants paying. I hadn't realised but we were outside my house and the driver was waiting to be paid. I cringed when he said "it looked like you needed that mate". Sarah smiled and told him we both did, we paid him and hurried out of the cab, once again giggling like drunken teenagers as we hurried up the path to my front door.

As soon as we got in the door we started to attack each other with lustful passion and our clothes were strewn all over the hall, stairs and landing. Sarah asked which was my bedroom and I pointed to the door on the left. She ignored that room and pushed me through the other door into my daughters bedroom. Before i could protest she pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me so her legs were either side of my head and her pussy inches from my mouth. She told me it was my turn to use my mouth and pushed her cunt down on to my face.

I forgot that I was on my daughters bed and started licking Sarah's pussy, up and down her slit I went, before pushing my tongue in and out of her hole, savouring the taste of her pussy. Her pussy juice was certainly flowing and she tasted so sweet. After a while I changed my tack and started to flick her clit with my tongue. Her moans encouraged me which told me I was hitting the right spot, then she shocked me and said "oh yes Daddy, lick my pussy, lick your little girls cunt, i'm gonna cum on your face daddy, do me, lick me, taste me, oh god yes, i'm cumming"

Sarah's pussy juice flowed into my mouth and my licks became slower until she lifted herself off me, Sarah moved down so she could kiss me full on the lips. "mmmmmm let me taste myself on you" she said and she started to lick and kiss my mouth and face.

Sarah asked me if it turned me on me when she called me daddy and she confessed that daddy daughter fantasies had always been a big turn on her for her. She shocked me a little more then by saying she used to dream of her daddy doing that to her and more besides. God I was turned on with her openness and her dirty talk.

I was shaking with excitement when she said that my daughters room reminded her of her room when she lived at home and she'd love me to fuck her right now in my daughters bed.

She asked if I'd mind and if she could call me daddy while I fucked her. Oh my god, no of course I didn't mind and even if I did, my cock had answered for me with the way it was pulsating, I knew it was wrong fucking in my daughters bed, but I thought, what the hell, I am so turned on I'd fuck her anywhere she wanted and she could call me anything, I just needed to fuck her.

We got into my daughters bed and she said "please fuck me daddy, I want to feel your hard Daddy cock in my pussy".

I got between Sarah's legs and my cock found the entrance to her pussy easily. I pushed myself in side her and she said "Oh daddy, that feels so good, I've wanted you to do this to me for so long. push yourself into me, fuck me in my bed, i'm your daughter and you are fucking me in my bed"

The more Sarah talked like this, the more turned on I became, if that was possible. It was becoming a fast and furious fuck and if I hadn't have cum in the taxi I'd have certainly shot my load as soon as she started bucking underneath me.

In between heavy breaths Sarah asked me what my daughter was called again and I reminded her it was Holly. I thought it a bit of a strange question at the time, but soon forgot as she continued to buck her hips to meet my fucking thrusts.

Sarah's dirty encouragement continued as she said "Oh daddy I love you so much, please cum inside me, I want to feel my daddy's hot cum filling me up, fuck me in my bed, you know you want to come inside me, tell me how much you want to fill your daughters cunt with your hot sperm"

"Oh baby, yes, I want to fill you with my hot sperm, I love fucking my little girl, do you want Daddy's cum, I can feel it getting close"

"Oh god yes, I'm close too Daddy, I think I'm cumming Daddy fuck me, use my name when you cum Daddy, call me Holly Daddy, fill me with your cum"

I didn't even think, I just did it, I said over and over again "Oh Holly, take daddy's cum in your cunt, I'm fucking you Holly, Daddy loves to fuck his little princess Holly, oh yesssss take it Holly" and I came deep in Sarah's pussy, but in my sexual state of mind, I'd just cum in my daughter. for those few moments it was as real as I if I'd actually done it. it was one of the most amazing fucks I'd ever had.

We calmed down, having both had mind blowing orgasms. Wow! is all both of us could muster and we just laid in each other arms enjoying the moment not even bothering to clean ourselves up. Our bodily fluids leaking onto my daughters bed sheets.

After a while Sarah suggested we take ourselves out of Holly's room and talk about what we'd just done. She said we'd straighten up her room a little later on and we made our way down into the lounge, still naked.

Ir seemed strange sitting in the lounge without my clothes on, but it also felt good, as it did sitting with Sarah.

We'd only just met, but we'd just shared an amazing experience. She asked me how I felt and I told her I felt good. She asked how I felt about how our role play had turned out and the things we'd said. I thought a little before I spoke and then I told her it was amazing and went on to tell her about me visiting incest sites on the Internet; I then told her that I'd never actually fantasised about fucking Holly though and she just smiled.

She asked to see a photo of her, so I got the one I keep of her in my wallet. It showed Holly dressed up and ready for a night out with friends. She had her blonde hair down which was slightly curled, she was wearing heels and tight fitted dress which showed her young curves off a treat.

Sarah said "seriously, you've never ever looked at your daughter and thought wow, she's hot? Because let me tell you, she is. She looks so sexy in this photo, she's practically pouting at the camera. I'll tell you something else, she'll have checked you out on more than one occasion. That's what daughters do. Their minds wander and they can't help wondering what it'd feel like with Daddy. Well? has your mind ever gone further than it should while thinking of her? You can tell me, I'll never judge you. If it helps, I have masturbated loads of times thinking about my father fucking me.

After what we'd just shared it seemed pointless lying, so I told her I had sneaked the occasional glance at her developing body and wondered what she'd look like naked and on a few occasions when she's been lounging around in just a long tee shirt I have imagined lifting it up at the back and taking her from behind. Then I feel guilty.

"Have you ever masturbated while thinking of her?"

"No, never, I've been tempted, but I've always stopped myself as I thought it wrong"

"Oh Honey, it's not wrong, it's perfectly natural. besides why should everyone else enjoy Holly, but not you? She's becoming a very sexy girl by the looks of her photo. I'd love to see more photo's of her. Lets go back up to her room. We need to straighten it up anyway"

Sarah and myself went back upstairs and into my daughters bedroom. Sarah pointed to the damp patch on her bed and smiled before saying "Hey, look at all that cum that has leaked out of my cunt. it's soaking in to her sheets, so by the time she gets home tomorrow it'll be dry and she'll be sleeping on it. oh god, the thought of that turns me on so much. She likes taking selfies doesn't she? I love this big one of her face smiling at the camera"

Sarah took it off the wall and handed it me. "look at her while I stroke your cock, imagine it's Holly doing the stroking. Tell her how you enjoy her rubbing your cock"

I held the photo up to my face, I saw Holly looking directly at me. Her big blue eyes were searching mine while Sarah played with my cock. I was hard in an instant.

"Mmmmmm that feels so good Holly, that's it rub Daddy's cock, feel how hard you have made me. do you like touching Daddy's cock? does it turn you on sweetheart?

"Oh Daddy, I love to please you, it turns me on so much. My pussy is so wet for you. I loved it when you fucked me earlier Daddy, do you want me to suck your cock Daddy? " Sarah asked while I stared at the photo of Holly.

"Oh Honey, Daddy would love you to suck his cock"

Before Sarah went down on me she stood and went to Holly's washing basket. She had a rummage around in there and selected a pair of Holly's worn knickers. she smelled them and said "oh yes, these will do".

She handed them to me and said "you can still smell your daughters sweet pussy aroma on these, put them to your nose while you look at her in the eyes. Smell you daughters cunt Daddy"

I did as I was told, it somehow made it easier and more acceptable to be told what to do, so I did it. I felt a pair of soft lips brush against my rock hard cock before they moved over it and took it in. Looking at Holly and smelling Holly tricked my mind into believing Holly was really sucking me off.

"Oh Holly, take Daddy's cock in your mouth, you want my cum don't you. You are so pretty and Daddy loves you so much. Your eyes are amazing and you have Daddy's cock in your mouth. You are going to get Daddy's cum in a minute sweetheart if you suck me like that for much longer"

Sarah sucked long, firmly and deep. she kept a steadily building rhythm up on me. The more I talked, the faster Sarah sucked, only in my mind it was my daughter working for my spunk.

"Oh Holly yes, yes, yes, i'm cumming in your pretty mouth Holly" and I pumped my third load of cum into Sarah tonight.

What had this girl done to me? fuck, we'd only just met and she'd opened up my darkest secret fantasies.

Sarah stood up and pushed me to Holly's bed. she said to me "You are an incredible guy and I think we are going to have so much fun together, but as much as I'd like to stay the night, I don't want to be here when Holly gets home tomorrow. I want to meet her and soon, but you need some time alone with her to come to terms with what we've shared. You have my number so call me tomorrow and let me know you are cool with everything. Then maybe I can come round tomorrow night and I can meet her. what do you say?"

Sarah seemed to have it all worked out and made everything seem so natural, relaxed and fun.

She'd drained my cock royally tonight, yet I felt invigorated and a little sad that she was going, but of course she knew best.

We straightened Holly's room, she gave me her knickers to have a final smell before she placed them back in the laundry basket. She stroked the damp patch and winked at me. One final check and we turned Holly's light out and closed the door. I couldn't help thinking there was a strong odour of sex in there. Then as if reading my mind, Sarah said. "I don't want you to go in there again tonight, don't even open the door, just leave it be and get some sleep, you are going to need it to keep me satisfied" she smiled and giggled.

"Come on, you can call me a cab, you never know it might be the same guy as earlier" she giggled again when she saw me frown.

Sarah had left and I reflected on the evening. Wow! it was all a little surreal. Sarah was one on her own. I certainly couldn't imagine there were many as open minded as her.

I settled down and slept like a baby only to be woken by Holly shaking me gently. "Daddy, it's time to wake up. I've been home about an hour and it's eleven o' clock, remember you said you'd take me into town and help me chose some clothes for the summer holidays".

My cock was rock hard and only covered by a thin sheet; had she seen my tent? My mind flashed back to what Sarah had said about her checking her own father out and masturbating while thinking about him.

Good god, my mind had started the day where it had left off last night.

I said "Of course Honey, i've not forgotten and I kissed her on her forehead.

"Thank you Daddy" she said in her little girl voice which she always uses when she wants something

As she spun around and pretty much skipped out of my bedroom I found myself checking her arse and legs out - good god that skirt was short.

Shower time I thought, it's going to be a hard day in more ways than one.

I couldn't wait to ring Sarah later. I was hooked and wanted to share more of this new fantasy with her.

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