Further Adventures of Paul and Ashlee
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - So Paul and Ashlee are still married and continue to have very interesting adventures taking care of their three kids, their family and even their extended family. I hope that you like this story as much as you liked the first one about these two characters.

"Paul! They are talking about you again on the TV!!" Ashlee yells from inside the RV.

I groan and put the beer I had been sipping into the cup holder on the armrest of my chair. "What are they saying now?" I yell back at her.

She pokes her head out of the RV door, "They are accusing you of buying the election again."

"Are you kidding me?" She shakes her head. "Ignore them honey."

"What is that all about?" Tony asks me from his chair next to mine out next to the grill.

"The national news media are trying to drum up a response to my support of a few congressional and senatorial candidates. They think that I did something wrong by giving money to them during the last election cycle."

Tony, the man, the myth, the legend, is a friend of mine. Though Tony is not his given name. Thornton Reginald Samuelson III is his given name but after growing up with the name and dealing with the teasing all his life, he took the nickname of Tony when he joined the Army and that is the name that he gave me two years ago when Ashlee and I met he and his wife at a camping overlanding convention in the desert southwest. He has been Tony ever since.

"Oh." He took a pull from his beer and thought about it all for a moment. "Why are they upset?" he finally asked me.

I went to the grill and checked on the sausages that were cooking. "I supported a bunch of 'Tea Party' candidates and just about every one of them won. The media is trying to say that I bought the election since I supported so many candidates and they all won. You know, liberal media, conservative candidates, constant conflict."


Ah, the sound of meat cooking on the grill.

"Honey, do you need another beer?" I looked toward the voice not sure which honey is being asked. It was Tony's wife Megan doing the asking.

Tony upended his beer bottle and thanked her. She walked past me and I lifted my empty bottle up and wiggled it, "I'll tell Ashlee." she said laughing at me.

I moved the sausage from the grill to a platter and Tony was there with me to help. His limp wasn't too bad and it didn't require him to use a cane which is good since I was handing him a large platter of food for the table.

Why was he limping? Well, that is a long story. I'll try to sum it up for you. He grew up in Massachusetts the eldest child to the Samuelson fortune. Ya, that Samuelson family. When he got to high school, he figured out that he was going to be expected to join his father in the family business but it just wasn't something he wanted. He wanted to serve, to be something outside of the family and to travel. So, ROTC was his first stop in high school, then he went onto college under a ROTC scholarship even though he didn't need it. After he got out of college he went right in as a Private E-2 and worked his way up through the ranks finally achieving the rank of Captain. He would have stayed in if not for a lone sniper who damn near shot his leg off. The bullet caught him in the calf and severed it really badly. Another man in his unit got to him, tied off the bleeding and helped him rescue eight other men from his unit as the Taliban attacked their base 'over there.' He couldn't tell me anymore about it other than it was 'over there.'

After the attack was subdued and he got his men out of there, the military gave him a Purple Heart, the Distinguished Service Cross and several others medals all because he got shot, saved a bunch of guys and managed to get everyone out of harm's way. Yeah, I have thought many times that he should have gotten the Medal of Honor, but he just waves it off and tells me that what he did wasn't worthy of the medal. I don't argue with him, even though he has a limp, he could still kick my ever loving ass.

Tony's wife. Now that is another good story. Megan Suzy Samuelson (Franklyn) has been friends with Tony for as long as they both know. They told Ashlee and me that they met in grade school and became fast friends. They sort of broke up just before they hit puberty, but when they went to the same high school, the friendship was rekindled and became deeper. They dated each other all the way through school and then through college. She went to school to learn how to run a hotels and restaurants while he was going through ROTC training and a history degree. They were married during college but had been lovers long before then. They were each other's first love and first sexual partner. Getting married was only a formality to these two. They had been together from the beginning and both agreed they would be there until the end. Being married was only to make it 'official'. I heard them joke once that they had been married since 3rd grade when they played dress up as kids and had their teddy bears as witnesses and a stuffed giraffe as the official up in her parent's attic.

Seemed like a dream family doesn't it. Well, they have had their own challenges. No kids. He produces enough sperm, but her tubes won't allow eggs or sperm to pass through and her uterus was not accepting of a fertilized ovum either, rendering her sterile. Procedures had been done. Tests performed. Fertile eggs planted, but nothing worked. They are without kids and would not have their own naturally.

Adoption? Well, while he was active duty, no one would let them adopt. Now that he is retired with full benefits but disabled, no one will adopt to them either. A major catch-22 if you ask me.

Which is why they were drawn to us when we met. Ashlee and I had three of the cutest kids in a buggy at the overlanding convention when they saw them, they fell in love with them and have been friends with us ever since. The kids got their attention, but we drew them in and forged a friendship that has lasted the test of time.


I looked up. That was not a happy daddy, but a slightly panicked daddy. I looked around and saw a little girl running my way. At least I think it is a girl. From what I saw, she looked like the swamp thing instead of a girl. She was covered in mud from head to toe. A second little girl was running after the first and a solemn little boy was bringing up the rear. Well, not the actual rear, our nanny was carrying a backpack with a look of horror on her face was bringing up the rear.




The four of them finally got to camp, Jessica was covered in mud, Brynn had mud on her knees and hands while Justin was wet from the waist down but not muddy. Our nanny got there just as the kids tried to argue their case and tattle on each other.

Ashlee and Megan came out of the RV both carrying food for dinner just as the kids and the nanny arrived. They were both horrified at the mess the kids were, but you could tell that they were both trying not to laugh out loud. I mean, twin girls and one boy all dirty, followed by a nanny who was doing her best to keep them under control was a very funny picture.

"Ok, who wants to go first?" Ashlee asked standing at the picnic table after putting the food down.

"Justin pushed me into the mud No I didn't Brynn did it No I didn't I was just walking she pushed me No I didn't You were playing..."

I looked at Ashlee, to Megan then to our nanny who I finally waved over to our side of the conversation. "What happened?"

"Jessica tripped over a rock and fell into the mud over by the creek."

I nodded my head. "What about the other two?"

"They tripped over the same rock and fell into the same creek."


"You know what a little leader Jessica is. She was out front, tripped on the rock and the other two fell over her and into the creek."

"Thanks." I said quietly to her and went to Ashlee. I quickly related the story to her and she had to cover her face with her hands to keep from laughing out loud.

"Ok. Here is what we are going to do. All of you are going to strip right there while you dads set up the outside shower. Then all of you are going to get clean, then into your jammies and sit down to dinner." Ashlee said in full mom mode.

Jessica piped up, "What about Justin? He pushed me!" she whined.

Ashlee got down on her knee in front of her daughter's face, "Honey, look at the scratch on your boot. That scratch says to me that you tripped and your brother and sister tripped over you when you fell down."

Jessica looked down at the large scratch on the toe of her boot and blushed. At least I think she blushed. The drying mud on her face hindered us from seeing exactly what was going on.

"Ok mom."

Tony and I walked to my RV, pulling curtains and putting down rubber mats on the ground to allow the three kids to get clean without standing out in the open naked. It works pretty well and the hot water heater in the RV allows everyone to get their shower.

Once the curtains were up, Ashlee, Megan and our nanny all work together to strip the kids, wash them all off and then carry wet, naked kids into the RV to put their jammies on.

I went to the table where Tony and I filled our plates and sat down. Megan joined us and filled her plate as well. I held out my hands to them, they took them and we all bowed our heads to thank the good Lord for the meal and our time here. "Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the meal, for the company and for the beauty you have given us to enjoy. Bless this food to your glory and our good. Amen."

They join me in an amen then we grab our forks and dig in. The sausage was awesome. The fire charred outside gave way to a juicy meat inside and the whole thing was simply perfect.

"How's your meal Tony?"

"This is very good. How did you get so good at cooking?" He asked me with a mouth of food.

"Yeah, not many men can do this, certainly not my Tony. I love you honey." Megan teased her husband.

I swallowed my bite, took a swig of my drink and tried to answer them. "My first wife and I cooked all the time. Our son was going to be a cook since he loved it so much so we got into the habit of having him in the kitchen helping when we made dinner. It was a family thing."

Megan was the first to speak. "Your first wife? Son? I don't understand."

I took a breath, I hated to explain this all the time. Yes it had been over six years since they all died in a car accident, but it still was a subject that I didn't enjoy talking about very often. I steeled my soul and started in. "I was married before. Almost six years ago, my first wife and two kids, both boys, were killed in a car accident. Ashlee came into my life a short while after the funeral..."

"Not really, you asked me out to lunch. Remember?" Ashlee said with two clean little girls in her arms and our nanny with a clean little boy in her arms. She joined us and I gave all three kids a smooch. Brynn crawled into my lap while Jessica stayed in her momma's lap.

"Yes, that is true. I did ask you to lunch after the funeral when I came back to work and luckily you said yes."

"Yes I did, and so glad that I did." This time I got a kiss from my wife.

"So, you lost your whole family in one accident?" Tony whistled his amazement and sat stunned looking at me.

"That is correct. Haven't I told you this story before?" I asked him thinking that I told them all about us back when we met the first time.

"Nope. You never mentioned them." Megan said.

"Well, I am very sorry that it has taken so long to tell you all about them. I must be slipping in my responsibilities of being a good story teller."

"So, you lose one family, ask Ashlee out to lunch, then how long until you two got married?" Megan asked.

I had to look at Ashlee for confirmation. I wasn't sure. "Well, I suppose it was about a year after we started going out that she married me and then 8 months later, these three show up."

"Wait, 8 months? What happened?" Megan asked a little concerned.

Ashlee took over. "When you have three babies in your belly, there is not enough room for all of them and I had to have an emergency c-section due to the doctor's concern about their health. He saw or heard something or, I don't know what. One minute I was being examined by him and the next thing I know I'm being raced to the hospital for an emergency c-section. It happened so fast I don't think we ever got a full answer." she shifted Jessica a bit on her lap and continued. "All I know is that when I woke up, I had three babies, two tits, and only one husband to help out. I was too overwhelmed to question the doctor about why he did what he did."

"Did the kids spend any time in the NICU?" Megan asked.

"Yes, as a precaution. They didn't want anything to happen to them so they spent about a month in a NICU so the doctors could watch them very carefully. They were so tiny."

"No bigger than my two hands." I said holding up my hand to them.

"When the doctors saw that they were eating, pooping, peeing and growing, he sent us home with them. Our mothers were there for what felt like a year after we got home. We finally sent them home since it was wearing on them and us and found an agency where we could find a professional nanny. There is where we found Kaitlyn. She has been a godsend. Justin took to her immediately as you can see and she has been living with us ever since."

"Yes, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have been very good to me as well. I wasn't sure if I could be a nanny. I mean the agency kept having to replace me. Someone always managed to complain about me for nothing. I was worried that I was going to have to go back to being a waitress just to make ends meet. Then I get an assignment to help a couple with three kids and I fit in so well, that I never looked back."

Ashlee gave her a one armed hug then turned back to our discussion. "So anyway. The world sorted itself out after Kaitlyn joined us and we have been a large, a-typical family ever since."

"Aaah, that's so sweet. I'm glad to see that it all worked out for you two."

The discussion faded away as the meal progressed. All three of the kids ate the meals placed in front of them. Matter of fact, they ate everything in sight. I had to bring out the desert early just to make sure they got enough food. Tony joked that when these three become teenagers, I'll have to have a delivery truck arrive everyday just to have enough food on hand for them. We all laughed at the thought of them becoming teenagers. I cringed inside.

After dinner was cleaned up and dessert eaten, I put the kids to bed in our RV on the bottom bunks that folds down inside. You know, it's a table with two booths, but you fold the table down and moved the cushions around, it becomes a bed. So, the three little ones get their sleeping bags out, find a spot they like and bunk down. Kaitlyn changed in the bathroom and got her own sleeping bag out and joins them.

A little side note about the sleeping arrangements. When I ordered the RV, I made sure that there was going to be enough room for one adult to sleep among the kids on this little bunk bed. The company had to extend the shell one whole foot longer just to make room for it all. Ashlee and I sleep on the bunk above the truck cab in our own little space. It is quite comfortable and plenty of space for the both of us. Oh, maybe I haven't fully explained everything. Our RV is built on the frame of a Ford F-550 with four wheel drive, a big diesel engine and a completely enclosed camper shell built right onto the frame. We have fully enclosed water, heat, A/C, toilet, shower, kitchen, eating space for all of us and satellite TV with solar panels on the roof for added power while out in the backcountry. If you Google off-road RVs, you'll find it. You won't find ours since it was a really special order, but you will find their base models. If you have a half million dollars lying around, I would strongly suggest you get one. Totally worth it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all where we are. Alaska, along the western edge of the state just a stone's throw away from Canada. We are not in a camping area, we actually found an old military base that was used back during WW2 so we parked our campers and set up shop.

"Daddy, when are you and mommy going to go to bed?" Jessica asked followed closely behind by Brynn, "Do we have to go to bed now?" and then Justin "It isn't even dark out yet."

I kissed all three of them and made sure that Kaitlyn had enough room for her bag. "Yes, you have to go to sleep now. Even though it isn't dark out, it is very late for you three and the sun will be up before you know it. So no arguing. Time for bed." I tucked them in then got down on my knees next to them. "Who wants to pray first?"

Justin did tonight. We joined hands and Justin said his prayers. "Thank you God for mommy, daddy and nanny Kaitlyn. thank you God for the mud that Brynn fell in and for the water that we all played in today. It was a great day and we all really enjoyed it. Amen."

Jessica tried to give her twin brother an elbow, but she missed and I had to shush her. Jessica and Brynn thanked God for their day. Jessica asked God for a mud puddle that she could push her sister and brother into. I had to tell her that she had forgiven them and that the mud was her own fault not her brother and sister's fault. "Ok dad."

Kaitlyn thanked the Lord for this little family and for her work.

Once everyone had their say, I turned off the big light and everyone settled in for the night. I put the ladder down over them so that Ashlee and I could get into bed later.

When i got back outside, Ashlee, Megan and Tony were sitting around the fire talking and looking over the maps that we had brought along looking over where we were going next. I took my folding chair and positioned it among the group.

"No I think that we need to take this road, look, it goes right through this little town and if the information I have here is correct, we can take helicopter rides up to this glacier here." Tony was pointing at the map with his tablet in hand as well.

"But what about this route? It'll be faster." Megan said.

"Ya, but there are fewer gas stations and towns along that route." Ashlee said.

The chair creaked a bit alerting everyone to my presence. They looked at me and Tony was the first to ask, "Paul, this trip is your idea, which way should be go?"

I moved closer to the rest of them and looked the map over. I put my finger on the arctic circle and then the town of Deadhorse, then ran it south along what looked like a highway, but further down found out that it is the pipeline not a road. So, I rerouted my finger and found what was 'called' a highway in these parts and tried to figure out where to go and what to see. I finally handed the map back to Tony. "Show me the town you saw."

He reached over and pointed out the little town he saw then handed me the tablet with the travel information on it. "Its right there." I looked the map over again and then ran it north toward the arctic circle.

"Ok, let's head to this town when this place gets boring. We can fill up the coffers and gas tanks and head up here to this town, then here and here then finally we will stop by the arctic circle park and get our pictures taken and then we can make the final push to Dead Horse."

I leaned back satisfied with my ideas and everyone agreed that this was a fine plan. Ashlee had only one question. "How do we get back?"

"I would say that we just retrace our steps." I answered her.

Megan took the map and looked it over some more. "Hey, how about we take this route home." Megan pointed out a second route that took us deep into and through Canada that was pretty much straight north of Missouri.

"Yeah." I said. "That should pretty much work out very nicely."

So, it was decided. We would head north and west to refill and to take a helicopter ride and then jump on Alaska highway 11 all the way north to Deadhorse. Should take us about a week of driving before we get there.

We packed up the chairs, put out the fire and all went to bed.

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