Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Superhero, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Military, War,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Earth is wracked by the effects of global warming, and the Wasters are doing their best to complete the job. Jim Wilson and his two companions, a woman and a giant dog are doing their best to fight the Wasters at the behest of the United States of North America. This is a short (seven chapters) account of a small portion of their battle. There is some rape, but it is an integral part of the story.

The man walked alone down the dusty road. He was fairly tall, 6'-1", and a little on the thin side at 178 pounds. His hair was brown as were his eyes, and his face was what some women would call ruggedly handsome. He wore a khaki-colored shirt and jeans, and his boots were the type formerly called engineer's boots or jack boots with a medium heel. He also carried a light pack over his shoulder and two water canteens at his waist.

The most notable thing about him were his weapons. He wore two Glock G-21 pistols, .45 ACP caliber, in spring shoulder holsters and a pouch of extra clips at his belt. He also carried a 10-gauge autoloading shotgun on a sling over his shoulder. You could tell just by the look in his eye that he knew how to use his weapons and was not afraid to do so.

He had a deep sun tan, so that you knew that he was used to being outdoors. His hat shaded his eyes and much of his face, but he still carried a weathered appearance. The most incongruous feature about him was that the man was chewing bubble gum! That had a practical advantage in that it kept his mouth moist and more comfortable.

Walking at his side was a veritable giant of a dog. It was nearly 4' tall and weighed over 100 pounds. The dog appeared to be a cross between a Great Dane and a Rottweiler. The dog was male and had the same kind of piercing look about his eyes as did the man. Yes, indeed, they looked like a pair not to be trifled with!

The road they were gracing with their presence was nothing special by this time. The pavement had all but disappeared under a coating of the ubiquitous sand that covered the entire landscape, except for the mountains in the distance. Thus, the man and the dog kicked up a small dust cloud as they walked. There was no sign of where they were going or where they had been: they just walked.

They approached a tiny collection of dilapidated buildings as the sun began to set. The man was pleased to see the buildings because he knew that meant that it would be easy to obtain water, and that was always a concern in this sun-parched country. The man clicked his tongue twice, and the dog ran off into the desert. He was in hunting mode and would show up in due time with a rabbit or some other animal suitable for their supper.

The man walked to the door of the first building he came to and looked inside. It was already very dim inside the door, for there was only one lamp of burning oil to light the whole room. However, there was enough light for the man's sharp eyesight to pick out four men sitting at a table and drinking something from pottery mugs. One of the four sitting men glanced up at the man entering the room and waved him over. "Come join us for a drink, Stranger. News of the outside world will buy a few mugs of the finest rotgut whiskey to be found within the metropolitan skirts of Coltrain City."

The man approached the table with a smile and sat down in the proffered chair. It happened to be the one with its back to the door, but this did not seem to deter him from sitting in it. His overly keen senses would warn him if someone approached him unannounced.

"I don't know how much I can tell you of the world in general, but I do have some intimate knowledge of the land to the east of here. I will be glad to swap that for some of your fine whiskey."

That was enough to have one of the men hand him a mug and to pour a generous quantity of rotgut into it. Our hero took a small sip of the liquid and quickly deduced that it contained nothing but the usual water, ethyl alcohol, and fusel oils that were common to homemade whiskey. Confident that there was nothing in the liquid that would do him permanent harm, he took a swallow from the mug and began to relate what he knew of the situation to the east of Coltrain City.

"The land is just as you see it here and everywhere else that I have been lately. The drought has set in and water is hard to come by. I was in Hammerhead a few days ago and had a run in with a small gang of Wasters. I'm sure that you feel as annoyed by them as I do, and I was forced to eliminate them rather forcefully. Hammerhead is now a rather pleasant place to live, if that can be said of any place since the Global Warming plague has hit us so hard. There were six families living there when I left, and I did promise to check with them the next time I came through here."

"Well, Mister, it sounds like you have been busy lately. By the way, my name is John Crawford. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"

"Truthfully, it has been so long since I had a regular name that I have forgotten it. Now, most people call me Guardian."

"Oh, shit! Are you really the legendary Guardian? If you are, you have showed up at just the right time! There is a gang of Wasters who are threatening our families with destruction if we do not give them our youngest daughters. There are three girls and nine Wasters, so you know that we will never see our daughters again if we give in to their demands.

"The Wasters will be here tomorrow afternoon to claim the girls, and we can't do anything about it. We once had guns, but we have run out of ammunition, and the four of us and our three young boys don't stand a chance against that well-armed gang. We know that we will lose the fight, but we four are here tonight to bolster ourselves with this liquid courage before we defy the gang tomorrow."

"Perhaps I can help you. Do you know where I can find this gang of Wasters? I may be able to persuade them to leave you alone if I can find them tonight."

"Oh, God, you are a blessing! The Wasters are camped about two miles from here at a river, or what we call a river, nowadays. If you stand on our porch and look southwest, you can see the glow of their campfires."

That was the moment when the dog showed up with a jackrabbit in his jaws. He whined at the door, and Guardian said, "Quiet, Ajax. I'll be there in a minute." Guardian excused himself and left the room. He paused a moment to pat Ajax on the shoulders before walking to the corner of the porch and looking intently toward the southwest. Ah, there it was: he spotted the campfires' glow and filed the information in his superlative memory. Following that, he and Ajax walked off into the darkness to cook and eat the jackrabbit before visiting the camp of the Wasters.

Around midnight, the two approached the camp of the Wasters and found them amusing themselves with some women they had previously captured. There were five women and nine men, and the men were either getting blowjobs or fucking the women. In four cases, a woman had a man fucking her while she was administering a blowjob to a second man. One man had a woman to himself, and he was fucking her in her asshole. She was crying, so it must be painful, but the man completely ignored the tears.

Guardian drew a pistol and aimed at the lone fucker. He took only a moment to line up his shot before he fired. The lone fucker's head exploded under the impact of the .45 slug, and he was knocked away from the woman. She screamed at that, but surely it was more from surprise than from anything else.

Each of the men receiving the blowjob screamed in pain as the women bit down on them as they were surprised by the sound of the shot. All four of those men tried to kick the women away as they rolled in pain from the bites. Meanwhile, Guardian shot at the four remaining fuckers and hit each one somewhere in the chest with a bullet. The wounded or dead men pulled out of the women and fell to the ground.

Guardian shouted to the women to come to him, and he shot each of the blowjob recipients as the women moved out of the way. As a matter of long habit, Guardian swapped clips in the pistol and reloaded the nearly empty clip before he put it away. The five naked women came to Guardian, and one asked, "What do you intend to do with us?"

"Do you want me to escort you to your former homes, or is there someplace else you would prefer to travel to?"

One woman wanted to go home, but the other four said that they had no homes to return to. The Wasters had murdered their families and destroyed their farms, so they had no place to go. Guardian suggested that he take the women to Coltrain City, and they could work out something with the people living there. If that was no good, he would take them somewhere else. A woman who was pregnant was especially happy with that offer.

All of the women offered to sleep with Guardian or with his dog if that was what he wanted in thanks for rescuing them. Guardian declined the offer and the women dressed for sleeping. It never got very cold nowadays, even at night, so the Wasters did not bother with tents. They slept wherever the mood struck them, so that was what the women were forced to do.

The women arranged bedrolls for themselves and for Guardian, and there was something of a contest to see which ones would sleep beside him. Guardian would have happily taken one or all of the women up on their offer, but he wanted them to be rested when they had to walk to Coltrain City tomorrow.

The next morning after breakfast, the women went through the camp taking what they wanted, and that was not much except for bedrolls and water bottles. These Wasters did not have guns, but they did have long knives, and the women did take those, though Guardian wondered how many of the women really knew how to use the knives in a fight.

Guardian and the women walked to Coltrain City that morning, and they were met with considerable relief by the four families living in the village. The villagers agreed to let the new women stay with them, but did not promise them a man of their own until the boys got a little older.

That was acceptable to Guardian, so he and Jane left for her former home that afternoon. Jane was readily accepted by Ajax, so there was no friction there. Jane said that her former home was about 40 miles away, and they could probably reach it in three days of steady walking, except for the hottest part of the day.

Jane was wearing a hat, shoes, and a very short dress. In fact, the dress was so short that her ass cheeks and pussy often were visible to Guardian as they walked. There was no question that Jane was deliberately trying to catch on with Guardian. He just smiled to himself and let her present her show.

Their first night of camping was interesting as Jane tried to seduce Guardian. He waited until after supper to tell her that he would enjoy fucking her as much as she wanted, but he could not become her permanent companion. He did not explain why, but let Jane draw her own conclusions. However disappointed she may have been, she still stripped off her clothes and shared his bedroll that night.

Jane had learned to fuck long before she had been enslaved by the Wasters. She was currently 18 years old and had been fucking since she was 12. Therefore, she had a lot of experience in how to please a man, and she used all of her wiles on Guardian. Their session started with a blowjob which Jane administered expertly and Guardian enjoyed to the utmost. She even exhibited her deep throat skill, and Guardian came down her throat when he could not hold back any longer.

Guardian did not say why, but he recovered remarkably fast from the orgasm promoted by the blowjob, and he entertained Jane with cunnilingus while they waited for him to get hard again. When he was ready, which took only about 15 minutes, he mounted Jane in what some people called the Butterfly Position. This was the old Kama Sutra name for the position, though Guardian was probably the only one currently to know that.

The position started off with the woman on her back in the Missionary Position. She lifted her straightened legs and leaned them against the man's chest and shoulders. In the process of getting close enough to penetrate the woman, her back was arched, and her pussy was aimed at the sky. This gave the man the ability to enter her easily and to plumb her depths to his or her limit. Not only that, it made it possible for the man to rub the woman's G-spot throughout the fucking, and he could bump her clit with his pubic bone on every inward stroke.

Guardian was especially sensitive to his partner's needs, and he was able to give Jane the best fucking of her life. She came three times before Guardian erupted, and she came again with him when he finally ejaculated. This experience made Jane want to snare Guardian to be her permanent fuck partner; however, she realized that was probably impossible. Therefore, she was going to enjoy what she could get for as long as she could get it.

The next morning, Ajax caught another jackrabbit for their breakfast and Jane prepared it while Guardian brewed something he called coffee. Jane tried to drink it, but she just could not stand the taste. Guardian chuckled and admitted that it was an acquired taste.

They had been walking for about an hour when Ajax growled. Without saying anything, Guardian pushed Jane to the ground and dropped beside her. He asked if she knew how to shoot, and she said that she had never had the opportunity to learn. Guardian cursed under his breath at that and ordered Jane to crawl to a low pile of rocks not far from the road.

They both crawled to the rocks on their bellies, and Guardian clicked his tongue at Ajax. The dog jumped to his feet and ran away so fast that he was hard to follow. Ajax was already out of effective range when somebody shot at him. A voice was heard cursing the shooter, and then things were quiet again.

Guardian did not have enough information to know how many Wasters were facing them, but there had to be at least two. His guess was that there were no more than four, but he could not be sure. It was obvious that they could not stay where they were indefinitely, so he was going to have to go on a hunting expedition.

Guardian handed Jane one of his pistols and showed her how to hold it with both hands and how to shoot it. He told her to shoot at any stranger she saw, but not to shoot herself, Ajax, or him. It made little difference if she scored a hit: her shot was more of a signal to call him to her aid. Once he was sure that she knew enough of the basics, he slithered off to hunt the bad guys.

About 10 minutes later, Jane heard a scream of pain, but no sound of a shot. After thinking about it for a few moments, she concluded that Ajax had made a kill. It was not long thereafter that she heard three shots, but there were no voices associated with the shots. The shots all sounded the same, so she assumed that Guardian had been the one to do the shooting.

A couple of minutes later, Guardian called to her that he and Ajax were coming in, and she should be careful not to shoot them. She shouted that she understood and put the gun down so that she could not have an accident with it. Before she expected them, the man and the dog showed up. Neither one looked especially pleased with himself, but she could see the air of quiet competence exhibited by them both.

Guardian picked up his gun and took Jane to see who had tried to shoot Guardian and Ajax. Certainly, no man in his right mind was going to shoot a living pussy that looked as good as Jane did. There were four men of various ages clustered together behind some rocks. Guardian surmised that they had seen the two people and decided to take Jane for their own pleasure. To do that, they had to kill Guardian and Ajax, and that was why they were shooting.

Guardian searched the four bodies and made a happy discovery. One of the men had a 9mm Colt automatic with an extra full clip and a double-handful of loose cartridges with hollow-point bullets. These he gave to Jane and said that he would teach her how to use the pistol later in the day. Right now, he wanted to get away from the dead men. The one gun was all of the loot they wanted, and they left.

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