The Century Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Coercion, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Voyeurism, School, Nudism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lolita River's freshmen year in high school proves even more exciting than imagined. The 14 year-old virgin is not as innocent as everyone imagines. Her repressed sexual fantasies have been kept secret. But when she's approached to join a secret sorority of older girls, she jumps at the chance. And, when asked to share her thoughts and deepest desires as part of her initiation, she lets her inhibition as well as her panties down. The Sorority sisters want her to tell all, feel it and just DO IT!

Lolita Rivera was school-wise and street-stupid. The 14 year-old was an A+ student all through elementary school and was enrolled in three honors courses in her freshmen year in high school. Her academic standing wasn't the only thing of high quality about her either. She had the reputation of being a goodie-two-shoes, but smart and pure as she was ( or appeared ), her body had burst through puberty with guns ablazin'. Ms Rivera was no nerdy geek, not physically at least.

She was taller than most of the girls in her 9th grade class. She wore her long, ash-blond hair in a French braid which made her look more mature. Her face was more than pleasant, sharper than cute and drew the eyes of boys a few years her senior and even that of some of the male teachers. Her figure, however, was a delight to behold for the male student body and a point of envy among female students in her grade and older. She was sexy in a 'girl-next-door' / 'innocent-siren' kind of way.

Everyone assumed she had it all. But they were wrong. True, she had many advantages over the girls in her classes (and even sophomore, junior and senior girls). But Lolita was just repressing the demanding demons inside which she could neither understand nor resist. She had hit puberty at age eleven, but it was she who was knocked out. At so tender an age, her mind was confused even though her hormone raging body knew exactly what it wanted. This virgin craved sex in the worst way. Just how badly she needed it and how bad it had to be to satisfy her, she had yet to discover.

But something happened right after her 14th birthday which sent her innocent mind and her sex-crazed body at odds. Lolita had an older brother, 16 year-old Gary who, like all boys his age, was sloppy, inattentive, girl-crazy and horny as hell. Of course, he downloaded porn videos and enjoyed them in the privacy of his bedroom as he masturbated to increasingly kinkier displays of lust and debauchery. He tried to keep his viewing and auto-pilot solo-flying sex secret. But he didn't try hard enough.

One evening when Gary thought he had the house to himself, he got himself comfortable. Meaning he took off all his clothes, donned his earphones, stretched out in his swivel chair before his computer, closed his eyes and slowly kept his hard drive in ram mode right into the lubed palm of his right hand as he leered at and fantasized about the sluts on the screen before him. His wide-eyed, jaw-dropping, half-naked little sister stood silent in the doorway taking it all in.

'Taking it all in' in more ways than one! Her mind soaked up every bit of what she saw both in person and on the video clips. Her rapidly moistening, panty staining pussy was as open for suggestions as her lusting mind. Her panties shoved to one side, meant her pussy could also take it all in ... all the fingers of her left hand, that is.

Lolita was a curious young lady and one with a very active imagination. She watched and sensed all that was going on and all that was soon to come. As loudly as her big brother came, Lolita's Big O was equally great but just a silent. Lolita was hold it all in and taking it all in. But she kept it down as it was building up inside her. Her lust and her fantasies had no outlet. She didn't dare expose her feelings and her thoughts.

But, like an addict, she couldn't resist coming back for more. She was stirred, of course, by the sight (and smell) of her cock-stroking, ejaculating big brother. But her mind was locked on to the obscene scenes playing on the screen; her imagination placed her in the sexiest scenarios on display. She had to relive these and relive the sheer joy in and through them. She started surfing select sex sites, testing out which ones might bring her the greatest satisfaction. What she discovered about Internet porn was almost as exciting and shocking as what she discovered about herself. She kept both close to her chest.

For months, it was only just fantasy. But repressed desires and driving need tend to stay pent up only so long. Within three weeks of the school year, Lolita's restraining wall collapsed, her dam burst and her volcano of underground molten lust spewed out. The trigger for this release of sexual tension was Lolita's being approached by senior and junior grade girls who, they said, were part of a secret sisterhood of sexual sensation, sort of a sorority. This group of a dozen or so girls met on weekends at sleep-overs and shared their hottest and most daring thoughts, their secrets and their 'hands-on' knowledge.

Just the thought of such a sisterhood made Lolita wet. More, it meant she wasn't alone in these dirty thoughts that delighted her and left her underwear wet and smelly. She just had to join this group which called itself 'The Century Club'.

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