Underground Star
Chapter 1: Her First Photo Shoot

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Her First Photo Shoot - When a creepy man approaches my fourteen-year-old daughter and I at the mall, offering to turn her into a star, I have my doubts about him and what he has in mind. Phoebe is excited, however, and presses me to let her do it. I spoil her too much, I think, so I give in. It turns out that my doubts were well deserved, but Phoebe's eagerness convinces me to let her pursue her dream and before I know it, she is a star of the underground kind and I'm one of her co-stars.

I knew something was off the moment he approached us. My daughter, Phoebe and I were at the mall, shopping for new outfits for her. I promised her that when she turned fourteen, I would take her shopping for clothes 'more suitable' for her age. I didn't realize what she had in mind when she asked me for that for her birthday. As it turned out, in her mind, more suitable meant skimpier. I'm not naïve when it comes to raising girls, but in my head, Phoebe will always be my 'little' girl.

Phoebe had chosen to wear one of her outfits that we bought for her. We weren't done shopping, but she was excited about her new clothes. She went into one of the bathrooms and put on the short little skirt she picked out. It was pink and pleated. She wore the new white button down shirt too, but instead of keeping her bra on, she opted to take it off and instead of using the buttons, she tied it in the front Daisy Duke style, causing my heart to thunder with worry, wondering what other people would think of a father who would let his daughter dress that way. Everyone was noticing her. She loved it. I felt like a creep.

So did the guy who approached us, extending a card to her. He was a smooth talker. I had to give him that, but he was my age and he was looking at her as if she were of age, which she wasn't.

"My name's Packard Daily, but my friends call me Pack," he said with a salesman's smile. "Any you my dear, are destined for stardom."

It sounded like a line to me; something that a guy would say if he wanted more than he was willing to give.

"Stardom?" Phoebe asked, her eyes alight with possibility.

Packard turned his attention to me. "How would you like your sexy daughter here to become a household name?"

Sexy? That didn't sound like an appropriate word to use about a girl just getting into high school.

"I, uh..."

"Well, of course you would. I mean, who wouldn't? Your daughter, my friend, has what it takes to be famous. I deal with girls like her all the time and I can tell she has a gift." He reached up and stroked her auburn hair with his index finger, making her smile shyly as he flipped a lock of hair from the side of her face.

"What do you mean, sir?" I asked him.

"I'm both a photographer and an agent. I can spot talent a mile away. She's got it and I'd like to offer her ... and you, my friend, a unique opportunity; an opportunity that thousands of young ladies like her would kill to have. I'd like to photograph your daughter. Put a portfolio together and get her hired to become a model."

"Daddy! That's my dream," Phoebe said. "Can I? Please?"

"Well, I don't know, hon. We don't even know this guy."

But the look in her eye melted my heart. I could see how badly she wanted to believe that this guy was selling us a bridge that actually existed. I had my doubts.

"Look. I know this sounds too good to be true. What I'm asking is harmless. You'll be there during the shoot the whole time. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll take the pictures and if you don't like them, we ditch 'em. If you do like them, I send them out to the right people and we try to get her hired. I don't charge a dime up front, sir. I make my money from the commissions after she's hired by reputable agencies and given work."

"I guess that sounds fair enough," I said.

"Oh, daddy! Thank you, thank you!" Phoebe exclaimed.


"I want you to keep in mind, Phoebe, this guy may not be for real," I said to my daughter as we were on our way to meet Packard for the shoot. After the initial conversation, we exchanged information, we had his card, so we gave him our names and my number (I certainly wasn't going to allow him to have hers) and we set up an appointment.

"It's for real," Phoebe said. "Just think, daddy. I'm going to be a model. I'm going to be in magazines!"

Yeah. Maybe. I just hope they are the kind of magazines you can find at your local supermarket.

"I hope you're right, Phoebes. But I think it's wise that we prepare for the worst case scenario here."

"You're such a worry wart, daddy," she said. "Ever since mom died, you've become just like she was."

"I'm just exercising prudence," I said. "And it is my right to think like your father."

I looked over at her as we pushed our way down Leighton Avenue. We were only a few blocks from our house and turning around seemed like such a good idea right then. Phoebe was wearing yet another skimpy skirt. It was cotton and her favorite color of pink, but the most noticeable thing about it was that it was short. Too short. With her being in a sitting position, I could see the tip of her panties. I didn't mention it. I tried that already on previous occasions and every time I did, Phoebe lashed out at me. She was all I had left and the last thing I wanted to do was alienate her.

If nothing else, it was clear that Phoebe was comfortable in her own skin. Maybe modeling was the perfect occupation for her. If Packard was the real deal, I wanted her to have her shot at it. I still had my doubts, but at some point, it would become clear as to whether this was real. We could always pull out. It wasn't like we were under any contractual obligations with him or anything and I had my doubts that he was the type of guy who signed anything.

It turned out that I was right. He wasn't the kind of guy to leave a paper trail.


I didn't know what to expect when we showed up at the address he gave us. As it turned out, the address we arrived at was for a dilapidated looking house. The front porch of the home barely looked like it could sustain the weight of a human being without caving, the grass hadn't been cut in a few weeks and weeds were growing up around the front of the house, most of them at least three feet tall.

"I think this was a mistake, hon," I said as we pulled into the driveway. "I think we should just go home and chalk this up as a mistake."

"NO!" she exclaimed. "Absolutely not. We're here and I'm doing this, daddy. Now quit being a worry wart. I want to be a model."

"Hon. This guy Packard creeps me out. What if he's some kind of child pornographer or something?"

"What? Come on, dad. You're overreacting again."

"Seriously, Phoebe. That kind of thing exists, you know. So, what if. What if that's what he is."

She sat there for a moment, finally looking at the house and the yard, giving me hope that she was seeing it the way I was.

"I want to see for myself," she said stubbornly.

"And if he tries something creepy?"

She looked at me seriously. "Do you think he will?"

I cringed. She didn't look appalled.

My thoughts drifted back to the past few days. Every time we left the house, she made it a point to wear more of her skimpy clothes. Everywhere we went, Phoebe was getting a lot of attention despite her young age. Some of the attention was weird looks from other parents, people looking at her and then looking at me with disdain in their eyes, but she also received what I perceived to be inappropriate glances from grown men. Phoebe ate it up. On one occasion, she wore a pair of booty shorts with the word 'Brat' printed on her bum. The shorts were obscenely short, the bottom of the shorts kept riding up as she walked and to my chagrin, Phoebe refused to adjust them back down to cover the bottom curve of her ass. As we stood in the checkout, a man not much younger than me walked up behind us. I didn't like how close he stood to Phoebe and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him reach up and tweak her rump. I damn near came unglued, but the fact that Phoebe smiled when he did it, kept me from blowing up.

I knew if I did blow up, it would lead to an argument between Phoebe and I. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, that girl had me wrapped around her finger.

I gave in and got out of the car. Phoebe followed my lead, getting out herself and meeting me at the front of the car. She slipped a hand around my arm and we made our way to the front door.

Packard answered the door moments after we knocked and with an eager grin, he invited us into his home.

The place was a mess. It gave me the impression of a single guy with a gambling addiction. There were beer bottles sitting on every surface near every chair in his house as if he had thrown a party the night before. The carpets didn't look like they were vacuumed in months and there was an opened pizza box with a half eaten pie sitting on the couch cushion, which was on the floor in front of the couch, instead of on the couch itself.

"Don't mind my place," he said rubbing his forehead. "Had a bit of a bash last night. I'm still recovering."

"We uh ... can reschedule if you'd like," I said, hoping to get the hell out of there.

"Nah. You're here. I'm here and this absolutely delectable young thing is here as well," he said, taking a step closer to Phoebe. He reached up and cupped her under her chin and she smiled up at him. I couldn't figure out what the hell she could be so happy about. The guy wasn't a total dog, I suppose, but to me he looked like a seventies version of a porno producer. All he needed was a leisure suit to complete the look. As it was, he wore a button down shirt with half of the buttons undone, a gold chain dangling from his neck. "I could eat you up, young lady."

She giggled, blushing slightly and tore her gaze from him as if she couldn't stand the intensity of his gaze.

"Whaddaya say we get things rolling, eh? No sense wasting time. I mean, time is money, right?"

"Sure," Phoebe said, smiling up at him again.

"My studio is in the basement," he said, looking Phoebe up and down. He was literally licking every inch of her with his eyes, causing Phoebe to blush again and making me want to grab her arm and bolt from the scene. Once again, however, I knew that would lead to a downright battle of wills between Phoebe and I. I didn't have the energy to go through that, but I trusted that she would come to her senses on her own. Once she realized this guy's true intentions, common sense would win the day.

We followed him down to his basement and for the first time, I saw that there was some loving attention given to this part of his home. After seeing the rest of the house, I assumed the basement would be the same. It wasn't. The basement was clearly the nicest part of his home. It was where the man made his money, so I guess that made sense.

It was still a little scary, though.

His studio was divided into sections. In one section, a neatly made bed with frilly bed coverings was the prominent feature, surrounded by large lights on stands. In another section, there was a wooden chair, again with its own lighting. In yet another section, there was a couch. In the last section, there was a wardrobe stand filled with different outfits, suitable for a variety of different aged girls. Most of the outfits looked to be just as skimpy, or even skimpier than those that Phoebe had me buy for her.

"Let's start over there, sweetie," Packard said, pointing the section with the chair. "The outfit you're wearing right now will do for a start."

He pointed me to a chair where I had a good view of the shoot. He grabbed an expensive looking camera, put a new chip in it and positioned himself in front of my daughter. He got down on one knee and aimed the camera in her direction.

"Now remember. You are the sexiest girl on the planet. Let me see that. Show me how sexy you can be."

Phoebe began striking poses for him and his camera whirred to life, the sounds of snapping and buzzing, filled the room.

"That's a girl," he said. "See. You're a natural at this, baby. A hand on your hip. Toss your hair to the side." SNAP, WHIR! "Great, hon. That's it. Sexy. Very sexy."

Phoebe continued to offer him sexy stances and he continued to snap images.

"Good. Now let's step it up a little," he said, looking over at me a little nervously. "Try lifting the hem of your sexy skirt for me. Show me a little more of those gorgeous legs."

"Okay," Phoebe said a little too enthusiastically for my tastes. Immediately, she assumed another pose, stretching one leg out for him. She reached down and gripped her skirt, pulling it way too high on her thigh, lifting it enough to make it clear that she was wearing a pair of thong underwear.

SNAP, WHIR, the camera sang out several times.

"Wonderful! Beautiful!" he exclaimed.

Phoebe giggled, leaving her fingers on her skirt. She turned a little more, lifting her skirt even higher, exposing the back of her rump.


"My God, you are sexy. I think that's the greatest ass I've seen in years," he said as he snapped a few more shots.

"Thank you," she said coyly.

I hated how easily he was convincing her to expose her body the way he was. It was still my hope that Phoebe would wake up and smell the coffee. It was clear to me that I was right all along. This guy was no more a professional agent than I was a brain surgeon. If he was anything, he was the type of pornographer that I suspected from the beginning, but I still knew how things would progress if I made a fuss.

But I had to try. I just had to.

"I think this is going a little too far," I said. "I'm not really comfortable with my daughter exposing her ass on film."

"Relax. Relax, dad. I understand where you're coming from, but think of Brooke Shields and the first couple of movies she did. She was young. Very young and her parents allowed her to be filmed in the nude."

"Blue Lagoon?" I asked him.

"That was her second film, but yeah. The first one was just as provocative. Trust me. This isn't a big deal and your daughter can handle it, can't you, sweetie."

"Sure," she said. "Daddy, relax. I'm having so much fun right now."

"Take her word for it, dad. Girls love to be sexy. This won't be a big deal for her unless you make it one."

I sighed. It was two against one and I was in the minority.

"Besides that. I know my clients. The sexier these photos get, the more chance there is that they'll want more of them."

"How much sexier are we talking, here," I asked him.

He turned toward me. "You want me to be honest?"

"That would be nice, yeah," I said.

"Let's just say that as beautiful as your daughter is, it isn't good enough. She has to be willing and right now, she's wearing way too much clothing. Way too much."

"I'll wear less," Phoebe said. "A lot less if that's what it takes. I'll do anything you want me to." She gave me a warning look; letting me know that she didn't appreciate my protests and that if I offered any more, there would be hell to pay. She even held up a warning finger toward me.

"I like that attitude, hon. I think this will work out just fine." He got up from his knee and walked up to her. He reached up to the strap that was holding the front of her dress in place and he pulled it to the side, letting it fall from her shoulder. It didn't fall far enough to expose her blooming breast, but almost. The top mound of her boob came into view, just shy of showing her nipple. Phoebe blushed, but she didn't complain. He backed away and snapped a few more photos. Phoebe stood there offering a smile that was a little more forced than the others, but she kept offering him new poses and after a few more snaps of the camera, she reached up and slid the other strap from her shoulder, covering her breasts with her hands, but allowing the front of her dress to drop enough that her belly button was showing.

"Is this better," she asked him.

"Now we're getting somewhere. God you are so fucking hot."

He snapped a few photos of her standing there covering her boobs with her hands and then Phoebe sucked in a deep breath. She let her hands fall away and there they were. My precious little girl was standing in front of a virtual stranger, her boobs out in the open, nipples pert and pointy and thestranger's camera continued to sing its song.

I tried to tear my eyes away from my daughter, but I couldn't do it. She was developing into a young woman and as much as I hated seeing my daughter's breasts out in the open like that, a part of me liked looking at them. They were so firm and plump, her little nipples poking out all stiff and ready and the pure joy in her eyes as she offered them up for the camera, made me feel like maybe he was right. Brooke had done the same thing after all and look how she turned out. Her name was known by virtually everyone of that era and The Blue Lagoon was one of the most iconic movies of that time.

Maybe this wasn't so horrible.

Phoebe continued to pose for him, relaxing as time went on. She posed with her hands cupping her breasts. She tweaked her nipples and gave sexy looks, looks that said, 'You can have me if you want me'. As horrifying as that was for me, it also made me hard. Sometimes, she looked at me that way. I'm sure she wasn't thinking anything dirty. Not like that, but it was hard for me to see those gazes as anything but genuine.

And she wasn't done.

Packard's camera was buzzing uncontrollably and without any further prompting from him, Phoebe began to lower her dress even more, at first, just exposing more of her thin hips, bringing the top of her thong into view, hooking a finger into her mouth. I swear she was begging the imaginary audience of those images to want her in naughty ways, as if she would give into the desires of that audience at a moment's notice.

Her dress didn't stay on for much longer. She lowered it further and further as Packard continued to sing her praises, exposing the front of her thong to the point that her 'V' was out in the open. I could hardly believe it when I noticed that her panties were wet as her dress finally fell to the floor. She kicked it to the side and turned so that Packard could photograph her ass.

And my daughter was giddy as she stood there allowing him to take pictures of her virtually naked body. He had her sit on the chair with her legs open. Her wet spot was in plain view and she had a drunken look in her eyes as she sat there with her legs open for the camera and for Packard. She slid her hands up and down her legs as if she were getting turned on by showing herself the way she was. She slid her fingers up and down her thighs, working her way toward her juicy mound and she moaned out as her fingers finally made it to her slit. She stroked herself, closing her eyes and started to massage herself between her legs.

"My God, Phoebe," Packard said. "You are so damned good at this. It isn't even funny."

Phoebe's eyes snapped open and her face turned beet red. I think she'd gotten lost in the moment and Packard's proclamation brought her back to reality.

"Oh," she said. "Sorry. I, uh, drifted off for a minute there."

"No, no," he said. "That was perfect. Absolutely perfect. You, my dear, are going to have so many guys jerking off while they look at these pictures. It isn't even funny."

Phoebe blinked. The truth was out and it was finally sinking in.

"My dad was right, wasn't he?" she asked.


"You're some kind of child pornographer."

"I just meet a certain demand, hon. It really isn't a huge deal, is it? We're just having a little fun here, right?"

She shrugged. "I guess so," she said. "Do you really think guys will jerk off when they see my pictures?"

"Is that so bad?"

She smiled. "I guess I don't mind that much." Phoebe gave me a guilty look. "I kind of like the idea of guys doing that when they look at me." Her smile grew even more. "I let guys touch me sometimes. On the bus. At school. Yesterday, I even sucked a senior off under the bleachers." She giggled. "And don't you freak out, daddy. He was just too cute to say no to."

"You're kind of a naughty girl, aren't you," Packard said.

"I don't know. I guess I am. I like sex."

"And a star is born," Packard said.


To further my worries, the photo shoot wasn't over. Once Packard had broken her spell, I began to get my hopes up. I thought for sure that he would relinquish her. It felt like it was over and I began to formulate my plan to convince Phoebe to let this go. This wasn't what we thought originally. This was bad. This was very bad, not to mention illegal.

But Packard got back into the mode of snapping more photos. He had her stand up and hook a thumb into her thong, dragging the string down so the front flap of her panties lowered in front. At first, he had her stop before her pearls were out in the open. Phoebe kept herself shaved down below, which was something I had never even thought about before. The surprising thing for me; was the realization that as much as I wanted this to stop, there was still a part of me that wanted to see what she looked like between her legs. I was ashamed of that fact, but it was undeniable. I wanted to see Phoebe's pussy and I wanted to see all of it.

Eventually, I got my wish.

He asked her to pull her panties down, not all the way down. Just enough to show her pussy lips, but he wanted the top of her panties to still be in the close up shots he was taking of her. Once again, Phoebe began to get turned on. Her eyes lulled shut and she sat back onto the chair. She started toying with herself again, this time, her fingers directly onto her clitoris. I couldn't be sure, but to me, it looked like she was imagining how men would be jacking off as they looked at her photos. She slid her panties down, letting them drop to the floor and then she opened her legs all the way, sliding her finger up and down her slit, moaning out as if she were in the throes of passionate lovemaking.

My daughter had somehow turned into a young woman and I felt like I had missed it, even though I hadn't missed a day of her life.

Packard continued to snap photos of her as she toyed with herself. He didn't stop until after Phoebe gave herself an orgasm. I couldn't believe she was able to relax enough for something like that to happen, but it did happen. Once her body's convulsions stopped, she sobered up again. She sat up in her chair and smiled.

"How am I doing?" she asked.

"Girl, you have got to be the sexiest young woman I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am absolutely loving this."

"Thanks," she said. "Should we do more?"

"More," he said, sounding a little surprised, which surprised me.

"To be honest, I don't think I can concentrate enough to do more. No. I think that's enough for today."

"Oh. Okay then," she said. She sat up straight in her chair. "What now?"

"Now, I pay you for these photos. Fair is fair."

"Pay me?"

"Yeah. This is a guaranteed sale. I don't think there's any point in waiting. I'll make one of two deals. Whichever sounds best to you."


"Look. To be honest, I've never been so turned on in my life. I'll give you four hundred for the pictures we took today and I'll add another hundred on if you help me take care of this raging boner you gave me."

"Oh," she said. "Wow." She looked at me. She had the guiltiest look in her eye that I've ever seen in my life. "Can I, daddy?"

"Huh," I said. "God no. That's taking it a little too far, I think."

"Please, daddy. I like doing that for guys. I love it, actually. Can I? Please?"

But Packard wasn't going to wait for me to give my permission. He walked up to her and before I could say a word, he bent down, pressing his lips against Phoebe's mouth. She kissed him back readily and eagerly, leaving my mind screaming in protest. I think I was just jealous.

I watched them making out, but Packard didn't leave it at that. His hand drifted down to her thigh and Phoebe opened her legs for him, giving him access to her pussy. He slid his fingers along the length of her slit and Phoebe began to moan again as his fingers toyed with her, using his experience, he quickly brought her to another orgasm. He slid the tips of his fingers into her and she stared up at him as if waiting for more approval.

"Do you like how I feel inside?" she asked him.

"Still a virgin," he said, sounding a little disappointed. "I was hoping you weren't. I would love to fix that for you, but I think that's an honor that a father should have."

Phoebe's face turned beat red. "My daddy?" she blurted, her gaze shooting over to me.

"Hon. Don't be ashamed of that. Any girl who can masturbate herself to orgasm right in front of her dad without getting weirded out, should certainly give her virginity to her father. He deserves that kind of love, don't you think?"

Phoebe shrugged. Her face was so red that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between her cheeks and a Coke can.

"I guess so," she said.

"I'd be willing to settle for a blow job, hon. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure," she said.

I sat there in awe, my mind twisting through the conversation they just had as if those words were the trees in a dense forest.

A daddy deserves that kind of love, don't you think?

Me? Take Phoebe's virginity? Preposterous!

But my dick was throbbing in my pants. Oh, how Phoebe reminded me of her mother when we first laid eyes on each other. Making love to my daughter would almost be like reliving the experiences I once had with Melissa. God, did I miss her. I loved being inside of her as I looked into her eyes and felt at one with her. Could I feel at one with Phoebe? I loved her just as much as I ever loved my wife, but fathers weren't supposed to do that sort of thing with their daughters.

As my thoughts ran through my head in a blur, Phoebe dropped to her knees and started taking Packard loose from his jeans. She knelt before him, ogling his member as if she were worshipping the way it looked and she wasn't afraid of it. Eagerly, she took him into her mouth, giving him the pleasure that men wanted from women. She slid him into her mouth, her tongue licking him as she slid her lips further down his shaft. She bobbed her head onto him proving that she had done this before. She sucked him expertly and when he was close to cumming, she pulled her lips away, positioning her face below him, jacking him off until he came into her waiting mouth.

I thought they only did those kinds of things in videos, I thought to myself. Well, maybe that's where she learned it. I wasn't sure about that, but the internet was full of porn and anyone could click on them saying they were eighteen, even if they weren't.

"How'd I do?" she asked him.

"Perfect, love. Absolutely perfect." He bent and kissed her again, licking some of his own cum from her face. She giggled and followed suit, scooping some of his seed from her face, pushing it into her mouth and swallowing it with a smile.

"I would love it if you two would come back again for another session," Packard said. "The next time, I want to do a video. I'd like you to consider taking your daughter's virginity on film."

"What?" I asked, stunned.

"I'd pay thousands for that. Two grand, to be exact; which reminds me." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. He peeled off five hundred dollars and handed it to Phoebe. She looked at it eagerly.

"Wow," she said. "This is mine?"

"Unless your father takes it from you, sure," he said.

"More shopping for me!" she said happily.

"Anyway, think about my offer. A video like that is worth a mint."

"A mint," I said. My mind still couldn't wrap itself around what he was saying. I was in a daze and we left without saying another word. I didn't know if we'd be coming back or not.

But Phoebe did know. She knew perfectly well what we'd be doing a week from that day.

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