Angie's Choice
Chapter 1: A Broken Father

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Broken Father - Angie catches her father being naughty, and gets curious

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Small Breasts  

It was a typical Saturday for Angie Brighton:

Her father picked her up around ten, and took her to lunch. Then, it was back to his place were she spent the afternoon working on her homework. The evening was usually order-out pizza, and a movie. She liked to watch movies at his place because he would let her watch the R-rated ones as long -as there wasn't too much gore or sex. But at home, her mother cut her off at PG-13. She was a bitch, as far as Angie was concerned, anyways...

It was her mother that filed for divorce. And it wasn't because he was an alcoholic, abusive, or a cheater. In fact, she was the cheater, and the only reason she wanted the divorce was so she could sink her talons into her new, rich boyfriend. It was only two-years ago, and Angie and her dad both knew what she was up to, but there was no way that her infidelity could be proved. So, she got every-thing -including custody of their young daughter.

Often, Angie could see the sadness in his eyes, and she knew that he had never really gotten over the pain and humiliation. Especially since her mother married her sugar-daddy not but two-weeks after the divorce was finalized. However, he did do his best to put on a cheerful face when she was visiting. She really wished that she could live with him despite of all of the wealth and comfort of her mom's new home.

It was late that night, in the small-hours of Sunday morning, that everything changed:

Angie had been awakened by something. A strange noise, perhaps? So, she headed to investigate. The young girl could hear the sounds of sex coming from the living-room, but could tell that it was on the TV. She almost knew what she was going to find, and there was a part of her that didn't want to see, but it was her adolescent curiosity that gave her the courage to press forward.

Peering around the corner, she could see her father from behind sitting on the couch. On the television was some guy pounding a girl that was laying on her back, with an opened, white blouse, and a plaid skirt hiked-up around her waist. She could also see her father's right shoulder bouncing, rhythmically, up-and-down.

She gasped, quietly, and thought, O-M-G! He's watching school-girl porn!

She couldn't believe it! Her father was a dirty-old-man!

Once again, Angie had mixed feelings. While a part of her wanted to run away, another part of her was getting turned-on by the whole scene. And, once again, her adolescent curiosity got the better of her.

She stood there silently for a time, feeling the warm rush to her nethers, and the wetness building down-there. As the seconds passed, she felt her nipples become like little stones. And when she made the slightest move, her soft, cotton nightgown felt like burlap rubbing against them. Her breath became deeper, more labored, as she watched her father. Although, from her vantage, she could not see him stroking his thingy, she knew that was what he was doing.

She pictured it in her mind's eye: his strong hand wrapped around the thick, fleshy shaft, languidly moving along its' length. She gasped again, but this time, too loudly.

Her father snapped his head around, scanning the darkness, and finally rested on her silhouette. And when he realized that his daughter was there, he began to scramble, turning off the TV, and pulling a blanket over his lap.

"What are you doin' up, honey?" he asked, with a nervous tremble in his voice, while trying to pretend that nothing was amiss.

"Something woke me up," she responded, innocently, at first, "and I came to see what it was. What are you doing, Daddy?"

He heard the accusatory tone in her question, and he knew that he was caught. Still, he tried to play it off...

"Nothin', just watching some TV."

"Oh, please!" she exclaimed, as if she would not be so easily fooled, "I know what you were doin'," she continued, matter-of-factually, as she began to step forward, "and it's no big deal! People do it all the time; it's totally normal."

He sat there in shocked silence unable to respond, until he realized that his daughter was sitting next to him on the couch.

"I'm sorry, pumpkin," he blurted out, trying to compose himself, "why don't you just go back to bed, and we'll forget about it, 'kay?"

"Don't be embarrassed, Daddy." she pleaded with him, "I was about ready to do it, too!"

She couldn't believe she just said that to her father. It just jumped right out of her mouth. And with these words, they both just stared at each other in the darkness, as taboo images ran through Angie's young mind. She wanted to watch him do it; she wanted to see him cum. She had done it to herself before, but she had never seen a boy do it before.

"Just turn the movie back on, Dad," she demanded, as if requesting a glass of milk, "I wanna watch what you're watching."

"Young-lady!" he almost yelled, "I don't think that's very appropriate, do you? Not to mention, I think it maybe illegal?"

"Please, daddy, please?" she begged, putting on her best pouty-princess voice.

"Just go to bed." he ordered her, in a calm tone, pretending that she just hadn't suggested that they watch porn together.

"Why," she shot back, "so you can finish?"

"Got to bed!" he repeated, this time a bit more harshly.

"No!" she said, defiantly, as she lifted her small butt from the couch, and began to pull her nightgown up around her waist, "I'm gonna finish before I go to bed!"

"What do you think you're-?"

Before he could finish his question, she had grabbed the remote, and turned back on the television. The muscular guy (with the giant cock) on the screen was hammering the (so-called) schoolgirl's bald pussy, as he watched his daughter begin to run her index-finger along her nearly-bald slit. He could see it was already sopping wet (his daughter's, not the girl's on the TV).

He couldn't stop watching her, although he wanted to, but he couldn't. He felt his erection begin to return, and she must have noticed.

"You do it too, Daddy," she encouraged him, sweetly, "don't be afraid. I wanna see it, anyways!"

The next second, the blanket was on the floor, and his throbbing tool was exposed for his little-girl to see. Her eyes wided at the sight of it, and she gazed upon it hungrily.

"Do it, Daddy," she whispered, "stroke it!"

The movie was all but forgotten, as the two sat there in the glow of the screen watching each other pleasure themselves. Angie had her legs spread-wide, and her virgin petals were swollen and splayed open. They glistened with her lubricious nectar, as she ran her delicate fingers over them, and cooed salaciously.

"Can I try?" she asked, shyly, staring at his hard, thick rod.

Taken by the forbidden passion of the moment, he couldn't find it in his heart to deny her, and he moved his own hand out of the way.

Slowly, carefully, she moved toward him, until her soft hand reach out, and took hold of his manhood.

"Gently..." he requested, as he took a deep breath at her touch, and then repeated with his exhale, "Gently..."

She could feel it throb in her hand, as she gingerly gripped her father's cock, and began to slowly move along its' length. She swelled with pride as she heard him begin to softly moan at her workings, and this excited her even more.

"Will you do it for me?" she pressed, as she stopped stroking him, stood up, and removed her nightgown completely.

He drank in her trim form: how the shadows cast across he budding breasts,

and perky nipples; her wavy, blonde hair that fell lightly around her shoulders, the sparse, feathery patch of pubic hair that could barely cover her reddened mound. And once again, he didn't have the heart to deny her...

"Sure, princess," he agreed, and said, as he patted the couch next to him, "sit here."

Angie did as her father said, and sat right next to him. He then grabbed her with his brawny arms, and scooted her closer so there sides were pressed together. He took her leg closest to him, and put it over his own. She could see what he was up to, and opened her legs wide for him. Next, she felt his hairy arm slide over her tummy, and his broad, powerful fingers touch her sodden gash. She jumped at first, but as soon as he started to rub and explore, she knew he was going to be gentle with her -as she was with him. And, so, her hand found its' way back to his hardened rod, and began to stroke it.

She moaned, and squirmed at her father's touch. Her loins burned with excitement, as she felt his turgid rod pulsate in her hand. She watched the next couple on the television -actually, it was a guy, and two girls. The one girl was on all-fours, with the guy thrusting his huge member into her from behind, while the second girl laid under them, licking at the others pussy. Angie imagined herself being fucked like that by her daddy, while her best-friend was underneath her, and lapping at her hoo-hoo. The thought was all she could take.

"Oh, God, Daddy!" she cried, "Don't stop! It's happening!"

She had made herself orgasm before, but not like this. This one was more intense, and it didn't come-and-go quickly. It came in waves, wracking her body, as she wailed her ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck!" she bellowed, "It's not stopping!"

Her father went to remove his hand, but she quickly grabbed his wrist, and forced it harder against her twitching loins. She ground her gushing snatch against his hand, as she called-out wildly. And then she could hear him grunting, and moaning loudly, as his cock jumped in her hand. And as she was still cumming hard, she looked over just in time to see the first jet of his sticky jism arc into the air. The hot liquid splashed over her hand, and kept shooting from tip of his throbbing prick.

The second jet landed on her pert tits', and the third on her taut tummy, before it just started leaking down his shaft.

They both just sat there, in the aftermath, silent. No words were spoken. There was only the sound of their post-orgasmic, labored breathing. Eventually, in the deafening silence, they did get up, and went to their respective beds.

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