Sometimes the End Is Just the Begining
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Magic, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Shemale, Fiction, High Fantasy, Zoophilia, First, Masturbation, Body Modification,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A chaotic trip through sexual fantasy, gender transformation and the psychology of finding yourself the lead character and with all things that comes with in your own sick imaginary sexual fantasy. (This was my first attempt at trying to capture the psychological inner working of the feminine mind. So be kind this is a very ROUGH draft...others to follow)

Whenever I would masturbate, which was quite often I loved to create the most outrageously imaginary fantasies that I could, often losing myself within those fantasy where time seemed to pass at a different rate stretching to an infinite horizon but of all those I did have my favorite, the one I returned to time after time, as the years passed and it had become far more than just part of a vehicle to carry me to climax.

The actual physical act of masturbating and the fantasy that accompanied it was only a small part the actual fantasy which I had created years earlier and had been continuously adding to since.

It was an entire world ... you know, the total fictional kind so far from reality that even fantasy was stretched to its blurred outer most boundaries, where the sexual fantasies could be and are far beyond the typical threesome or sex with identical twins or an encounter with favorite movie star, I had long ago left that neighborhood of such conventional and unimaginative sex far behind and moved into a neighborhood of much richer sexual fantasies.

I'm talking about the kind of fantasy sex that you had to imagine totally imaginary things that did not exist in the real world. like having four tentacle arms each ending in a throbbing cock and you were having sex with a magical creature, like a Centaur or an Orc or having a spell cast upon you by an extremely hot and Horny evil sorcerous which caused your cock to grow enormously large, and then being forced to satisfy her unquenchable sexual thirst.

This was the kind of fantasy world I created

The fantasies here varied so wildly they were too numerous to count But there was one in particular fantasy that I used quite often, it always seemed to be the most erotic the most real to me.

I was finding myself as a pretty young female with hundreds of scenario's connected to that fantasy all ending in my female self-getting fucked hard by a huge cock. The strange thing was is that I wasn't gay or even slightly attracted to men.

Oh, don't sit there and pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about, you know exactly what I'm saying; in fact, I'll bet your mind snatched a snippet of you own bizarre sexual fantasy.

Now we all know in the real world that imaginary creatures or transforming your physiology is impossible it breaks all of the laws of physics, natural science and anatomy as well as a whole host of other know laws. But isn't that the whole point? To make the fantasy as erotic as possible so you are so horny you can reach a more intense climax? I know it was mine.

Oh, yes ... Those were my favorite. Pushing my imagination to create a situation in some bizarre location with horny erotic character's wanting to fuck me stupid or vice versa, picturing it in my mind and trying to grasp every little detail while I masturbated even trying to imagine the physical sensations of my imaginary lover lips on my skin all to give it more depth making it more intense when I reached orgasmic goal.

This is what this story is about that wonderful part of our minds we call the imagination and how it changed my life and how flawed it can be.

Believe me when I tell you this; It's one thing when you control your fantasies but completely another when those fantasies break the laws of nature become reality right before your eyes and terrifyingly enough, become your reality.

For most of us when we fantasize we center our thoughts around the sexual act or situations that gets us off the most, picturing it in our minds until we reach our climax. And as the physical orgasm goes through its stages from building to the apex to gentle float down to satisfaction. So does our mind follow a path especially after the orgasm? The fantasy we were imploring now fades back to place of its birth in our minds and gives way to real world or what we perceive as reality., But what happens if the fantasy doesn't fade and instead of it returning to its place of origin it draws you with it solidifying you into its reality making that the real world for you? Do you think you'd be able to handle it? I mean go on with your life in this world now? Think it would be easy? After all it is your fantasy you created it and you've used enough times that you know what to expect ... right?

"Hell yes I could, that would be awesome", I'll bet you're thinking right now, aren't you?

Why not? Aren't they are our fantasy worlds we made the perfect just for us it would be easy to adapt right in.

Maybe ... but then again maybe not.

You're going to find that the carefully detailed fantasy you've imagined so many times in your mind isn't even close to the factual reality when it becomes real for you. That world is much more than just the sexual acts that have gotten you off so many times Trust me, there are so many things hidden from our minds like the unseen, unknown or unimagined. Things that you would have never even known were there unless this had always been your reality.

So now you find yourself drawn from the physical reality you've always known to the one your imagination created only to find out that it's not exactly how you imagined it. In fact you learn, you didn't create it at all!

It has always been there another world existing within another world where our laws of physics don't apply or so it seems. The fact is when we tap into that part of the brain we call the imagination we are in fact just seeing into a world that already exists infinite worlds upon infinite worlds and you find somehow you've crossed the dimensional void to one. How would you cope?

Because not only have you traveled to this strange new world but how had you seen yourself? Because that is now who you and with that come all of the pleasures as well as the pitfalls of your new life and depending on what that self was all the things attached to it you must now adapt to.

This should frighten you. If imagination is just a way to look into another world and that world is real then there are some worlds out there I never want to see.

Trust me when I tell you even if you enter a similar world to ours and you find yourself changed to a character you are familiar with you probably think it would be easy to adapt to the new you. Well let me tell you it's not as easy as it would seem. As I said in the beginning, "its one thing to imagine yourself someone or something else, it's a whole other to actually find it you reality and having to adapt to it."

This my story...

I scoffed at the reflection in the mirror, the face scoffing back was curling the corner of its lips disapprovingly as it scanned me up and down.

As I looked into the face reflected at me I watched as the disappointed scowl faded away and was being replaced by an approving smile and nod

"Pretty", I thought as my slender hand brushed back long silky waves of reddish tinted blonde hair that fell cascading over smooth bare shoulders and framed an exquisitely feminine face with high cheek bones and deep green almond shaped eyes and with long thick lashes, accented with only a hint of eyeliner and a small slightly up-turned button nose set perfectly above a pair of lustfully full red painted lips and shinning white teeth.

The body was unmistakably feminine with a narrow waist swooping into curvaceously rounded hips and a shapely ass. a large round perky pair of breasts were cupped in a silky bra that showed an ample amount of cleavage and below a well-toned midriff with matching panties teased sex, but left just enough room for the imagination to fill in the rest.

I turned first one way then the other studying my figure and the tight fitting lacy two piece. When I finished my inspection gave a little shake of my head and then stripped out of it. It was sexy but it wasn't perfect after all tonight was a very special night, I mean how often does someone lose their virginity for the second time, first as a man and now as a woman.

Before crossing the dimensional void I was a male and lived very happily as a typical heterosexual man for fifty five years. I was even married and had children then divorced and fully expected to live out the rest of my life or at least what I had left as that man. The cancer was in its final stages I had only weeks to live luckily I was not in any pain.

One evening I had just gone to bed and began to run through my mind my favorite sexual fantasy, everything in this world was identical to the real world except that there I was female. I imagined how I looked and how it would feel to be fucked by some guy like had had a hundred times before but this time something was different this time everything seemed more vivid more tangible more intense than ever been. As I rubbed my cock up and down squeezing it and teasing it, stroking it faster going deeper into my fantasy of being fucked by a well hung man feeling his shaft penetrate me and just before I reached the pinnacle of climax and leaped into abyss of ecstasy. I truly felt a huge cock deep within me and then ORGASM!

When I awoke I found myself as I am now, transformed from male to the girl reflected in the mirror trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. How exactly it happened I'm still trying to work out but I do know it has to do with my fantasy.

And even though this world looks nearly identical to the other I can see the difference I must have figured away to cross the dimensions

At first it took me several weeks just to adjust to my new body, fantasizing you have a different body is quite different then having one. I had been living like this now for nearly six month and to honest I was beginning to really enjoying myself and except my new role.

While living as a man I had had sexual fantasy of becoming a female but it was just a fantasy and never did I think it would ever become a reality. That facts is I'm not gay and was never attracted to men, that until I became a woman and over the last six months my mind had transformed to completely feminine.

Now everything about the male excited me but it was different I was not so much attacked by physical appearance but things like a smile would turn me on but what would really get me going were feelings accompanied by gesture or scent.

It was strange. I did often wonder what it would be like to feel a cock deep in my pussy but that didn't seem to turn me on as much as did a simple smile.

Like Jack's, "I liked Jack's smile and his butt" I thought, smiling widely. My mind began to wonder, images of Jack's filled my mind and it was really getting my juices flowing, I caught myself starting to imagine Jack fucking me and stopped it. I didn't want to create any expectations.

"Humph!" I snorted, "It's amazing what find attractive now days"

After trying on several more outfits I finally settled on a two piece ensemble.

A pair of shear French cut panties that hugged me high on my waist then cut down sharply in a V to my crotch. My tits were stuffed into a small lacy bra that caused them to look much bigger than they were. Another quick once over and an adjustment or two and I was as ready or as I ever would be, the feeling flowing through me was quite invigorating. It was a mixture of excitement, fear, the unknown and arousal.

After all tonight I would find out exactly what it felt to be fucked by a real flesh and blood man and some insubstantial fantasy man.

Jack and I had developed a close friendship over the past six months.

He had appeared a few days after I arrived and had helped me adjust to my new life. He knew my entire story and had told me that here on this world the other dimensions were common knowledge and many like myself had come here before.

He also told me that on this world things worked differently than I was used to. When I asked him to explain what he meant by "Differently"

He would reply, "You'll just have to see for yourself". Then say no more on the subject.

We had talked about many things in our time together but lately the subject had been all about the new feeling and desires I was having and it was he who had suggested that we try having sex.

I was a bit shocked and immediately denied the idea but the more I though bout it the better it sounded, if I found myself overwhelmed during the act he most of all would understand and act accordingly, besides he was the first male I had become attracted too and the fact was I liked him so why not?

I took a deep cleansing breath then smiled at myself approving of the skimpy little lacey garments that covered my feminine parts.

I turned and glided into the bedroom feeling a bit nervous and excited but mostly unsure, I had never had sex as a female and to be honest I wasn't sure how to proceed.

As I turned the corner and stepped into the room my heart skipped a beat as my eyes fell upon Jack. He was naked and I couldn't help but drink in his exquisite form, wide shoulders and narrow hips and toned muscles. I found him pleasing to the eye, this made me relax somewhat I had worried the when I saw his naked body I might be turned off, I was glad that wasn't the case.

His back was toward me so I had had plenty of time to get a good look at him before he noticed me and when he turned he smiled that smile that would cause me to melt whenever I saw it and again I felt myself relax even more at least until my eyes locked on semi-hard cock hanging between his legs. He was well endowed to say the least and I wondered if that thing would even fit in me? After all I had explored my new body many times and to be honest barely two fingers would fit in my pussy and his cock was why bigger than that.

Jack saw where I was staring and reached down giving it an adjustment and a few strokes it almost immediately doubled in size and began throbbing. I felt my own midsection reflex and a tiny bit of wetness moistened my feminine folds.

Jack said nothing as he crossed the room to me he reached out and took my hand in his and led me to the large bed, then he gave me a reassuring smile and then moved seductively in and began gently kissing and teasing my neck with his tongue while his hands explored my body working their way to my firm round breasts.

At first I stiffened to his touch but quickly forced myself to relax, it help that jack seemed know exactly where to touch me and what I needed. My bra didn't last long exposing my tits to him. Here he took his time slowly working me into a lust filled passion. Tweaking my nipples with his fingers and licking them with tongue and nipping with his teeth.

My body began to quiver as his tongue slid up and down my neck, his hands squeezed my as one worked itself closer to pussy, which was now aching and soaking wet.

I was so enveloped by the sensations rushing over me that without even realizing it he had lowered me to the bed positioning me on my back and spreading my legs. My panties were gone and I had no memory of him removing them.

His hand slid down one finger splitting soft velvety folds, then drawing back slid it once more through the channel. I couldn't help but moan as his hand continued it massage.

He had positioned himself so that he was partially laying on me, I could feel his weight pressing down on me pinning me to the bed, I felt his strength knowing that if he chose I he could take whatever he wanted I would not have the physical strength to fight him off, this thought turned me on knowing that he had true dominance over me.

His desire to touch my body his need to physically explore and taste every inch of me emanating from every fiber of his being and I felt the overwhelming desire to give myself to him to fulfill his every yearning desire, to surrender my body to him.

I was breathing so hard by now each breath was ragged and sharp as his teasing hands and mouth worshiped my body, electrical charges shocked my framed racing across my skin and driving deep into my feminine core causing me to become drenched in my own pussy juices, my body writhed and shook wildly as I squirmed uncontrollably trying to press my body into his.

As a man I had never been the vocal type during sex but as a woman I found I could not help myself as moans and cries of pleasure erupted from my lips.

Then when he moved down towards my pleading pussy sucking and biting his way there the sounds of sexual desire became louder and when his lips and tongue brushed my pussy I cried out uncontrollably as my back arched as I tried to press my wetness into his face begging him to lick me with his thick tongue and he did not deny me within seconds my body was fevered and I became so wet that juices were pouring out dribbling down to my asshole making it wet and slippery, inviting his finger to slip inside my ass.

When the second finger stretched my ass I cried out grabbing hand full of his hair and pulled his face down. He began vigorously licking my pussy and wiggling his fingers in my ass this sent me to an erotic ecstasy I had never experienced.

My back arched and my legs wrapped around his head as my hands intertwined in his hair and I pulled his head even deeper into sopping velvet folds. Crying out hysterically I felt the beginnings of an orgasm climbing, building to a fevered pitch. I was begging and pleading him to take me over the edge to release me but he stopped only moments before the glorious eruption.

He looked into my pleading eyes and gave me an almost unnoticeable shake of his head smiling.

Then he spoke in a husky sex laden tone, "Not yet, I going to make sure you are satisfied" he smiled even wider as he repositioned himself between my legs which I spread temptingly wider inviting him within.

Sweat glistened on his muscular frame and it filled the air with a tantalizing musky male scent. Then he placed his hands on my shoulders pinning firmly to the bed increasing my desire to feel his huge cock deep within me.

I glanced down and saw his huge throbbing shaft only inches from my welcoming wet fissure and I shook widely as his throbbing cock head pressed into my folds and slid back and forth spreading my fleshy valley and ever so slightly penetrating into me.

I was so horny and needed his manhood skewering my femininity. I kept driving my hips forward trying to impale myself on his throbbing rod but he would not let me have it. I was so drenched in my own juices and craving him that I was on the verge of becoming angry from the overwhelming frustration and was about to tell him so when he gave me what I craved, his rod smashed into my waiting swollen gapping mound. The massive fleshy pole invaded my pussy stretched my inner walls so quickly that it caused a mixture of pleasure and pain that enwrapped every nerve body sending me into a breath taking heart pounding body shaking zenith of ecstasy.

As the first wave hit me it was like nothing I've ever felt starting in my core and there exploding outward racing from the tips of my toes to the top of my head causing my body to convulse uncontrollably as the aftershocks continued to wrack my very being.

wave of orgasmic pleasure rolled over me one after another as his massive cock jackhammered in and out of my wet womanhood, I don't know how many orgasms I experienced I had lost count after one because of the intensity that the seconded hit before I could recover from the first, the third coming shortly after that...

As his pole increased its speed and power pistoning in my pussy like a supercharged race engine, he was relentless I reached apexes of ecstasy that left me knowing nothing else but pure undiluted pleasure.

And when Jack reached his own summit of pleasure I thrust my hips impaling myself on his cock until I felt an explosion of cum as his cock convulsed pumping what seemed gallons of hot jizz into filling me to overflowing then he collapsed on me spent and breathing heavily.

I slid my arms around him stroked his back lightly and waited for him to slow his breathing besides his cock was still in me and I was in no hurry for him to pull out.

A short time later he had me repositioned onto my hands and knees and even before started anything I was already so horny I could barely stand it.

"Now I will show what "Differently" means", he said as his cock spread my pussy and slid in. then he began rhythmically pumping. He pressed it in as far as it would go then he backed out when he drove in the next time it felt as though my pussy had shrank.

After that each time he would invade me his cock would increase in size

And yes ... if you're wondering if we repeated this ... every chance we got.

"Just the beginning"



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