A Well-Lived Life - Book 10 - The Wife

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Incest, Brother, Sister, Light Bond, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Tit-Fucking, Slow, Workplace, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Prologue - This is the continuation of the story told in "Book 9 - Anala". If you haven't read Books 1 through 9, then you'll have some difficulty following the story. I strongly encourage you to read those before you begin this tenth (and final) book. Like the other books in this series, there is a lot of dialogue and introspection. There is also a lot of sex. Book 10 is, like the earlier books, a lengthy read. I hope you'll stick with it!

“Big brother? The Board is waiting for you,” my sister said.

I pushed my chair back from the computer workstation that occupied half of my corner office and got my suit jacket from the hook on the wall.

“Keep working on that bug, Penny,” I said. “I’ll be back in a few hours. We should be done just in time for lunch.”

“I’ll have this one and more fixed by then!” she laughed.

“I know you will!” I agreed. “You’re always quick!”

“But you never were!” she giggled.

“Over twenty years and you haven’t stopped with the silly comments! You’re still cute, Pretty Penny!”

“I am, aren’t I?” she laughed.

She jumped up and kissed me on the cheek, something that she’d done every time we parted once we’d started working together.

My sister laughed. “That’s almost as bad as calling me Squirt. You’ve called her that ever since she was in High School.”

“True. I assume that everyone else has assembled in the boardroom?”

“Of course,” she said.

I walked down the hall, stopping to use a window to straighten my tie. I hated the things, but I felt I should dress properly when I addressed the board. I walked into the room and took my seat just to the right of the Chairman, and my sister sat across from me as she usually did.

“Now that everyone is here, I’d like to call this quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of NIKA Consulting to order,” Joyce said. “The Secretary will record the roll.”

“Madam Chairman?”


“Dr. Driesson?”


“Captain Schumacher?”


“Dr. Pater?”


“Mr. Adams?”


“Mr. Adams, the younger?”

“Here!” I chuckled as I always did at that reference.

“Ms. Adams?”


“Mrs. Kallas?”


“Ms. Clarke?”


“Everyone is present. There is a quorum,” the Secretary announced.

“Let’s start with the quarterly financials. Elyse?” Joyce said.

“Revenues are down a bit, as was expected when the indictments were filed against the union leaders and we severed our contracts with them. The pipeline for new business was a bit soft because of Steve’s absence, but it’s looking better now that he’s quashed the rumors that he was running off to Russia to become a monk.”

There was general laughter and an “As if!” muttered under my sister’s breath.

“If you’ll take out the financial report, I’ll go over the details with you.”

I was bored stiff by these presentations, but they were necessary. I half-listened as I looked around the room and made eye contact with an old friend who was sitting in a chair at the side of the room. I wondered how the board was going to react to my announcement.

“Thank you, Elyse,” Joyce said.

“Elyse, our overseas revenue seems to have spiked a bit. What do you attribute that to?” Dr. Driesson asked.

“Our deal with the firm in Moscow is starting to take off. Steve’s friendship with their CEO is going to pay off for us very nicely in Europe.”

I smiled remembering my first encounter with the wonderful Russian woman who ran a similarly named, but legally separate, firm in Europe. That had been a long time ago.

“Julia, would you present the business development report, and project status update, please?” Joyce asked.

“You have a binder in front of you that contains all current and prospective clients, along with projected revenue from each. There is also a, thankfully short, list of clients who have ended their relationship with us for one reason or another. None of them were of any significant size. As Elyse noted, the pipeline was soft, but thanks to hard work by Cindi’s team, it’s improved significantly.

“All of our software packages are doing well. Specifically, development of our newest medical office software release is progressing well, and we’re on target for our planned release in January. Our beta customers are reporting bugs at about the expected rate and Dave was kind enough to allow Steve to be pulled out of a debugging session for this meeting. As we all know, he’s better off there than here.”

More general laughter. Everyone knew I hated these meetings and strongly preferred to be at my workstation with Penny at my side, coding or debugging.

Julia discussed the major new clients that were being solicited and gave the estimated prospects for closing the deals. She talked about a few new proposals that she wanted funded and then finished her report.

“I have one more item that’s not in my official report,” she said, passing around a sheet of paper.

“This is a request from the Naval Research Laboratory to have Penny assigned to a special project for a period of one year. It seems one of Steve’s friends needs some help. The contract is fairly lucrative, but I can’t discuss it in this meeting becuase it’s classified. I had a background check so that I could be read into it, and Captain Schumacher’s security clearance is still active, so I discussed the details with him. The Navy does have a concern about Steve, because of his recent difficulties, so he might not ever be able to know the precise details of what she’s working on.”

I nodded, “Understood. I’ll give my blessing.”

“I’ll set up a meeting with the Commander for next week. She’s looking forward to seeing you, Steve.”

“It’s been some time since I’ve seen her, though we talk occasionally. It’ll be nice to reconnect. She’s actually up for promotion to Captain, I believe.” I said.

“That’s all for me,” Julia said.

“The President’s report,” Joyce said with a smile.

“I actually have something to say, for once!” I grinned. “On the advice of my attorney, I’ve retained a bodyguard. Melanie is concerned that some of the threats being made by union thugs might actually be serious. I believe you all know Katya Sergeyevna, formerly a Colonel in the KGB. Her firm provides our security systems. The young man sitting next to her, Quenton Jefferson is a former Marine master gunnery sergeant and will be my bodyguard until this blows over.”

“Mrs. Anisimova, do you think these threats are credible?” my dad asked.

“We take all threats seriously, Ray Mauricevich. I’ve added an extra guard in the lobby, and we’ll be beefing up the card access system, and adding some extra surveillance cameras on the building. Stepa Rayevich and family, all of them, will be safe. You have my word on that.”

“Anything else, Steve?” Joyce asked.

“A word of thanks to all of you for everything you did while I was spending quality time with Pete.”

More laughter.

“Also, in front of you, you have a proposal for further share option grants that will come out of my holdings. I’d like it approved, if you all agree.”

“I’ve reviewed it,” Elyse said. “There are a few things I need to clear with our counsel, but otherwise, there is no impact on the firm. We’re privately held, so the shares are only an indicator of how we handle profit sharing. The shares have no real value beyond that, though we do buy them back from former employees at the current declared value.”

“Son, it looks like you won’t hold 50% of the shares after this is done. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Between Stephanie, you, and me, we’ll still have over 50%. I also can’t imagine that Joyce would vote her shares against me, nor any of the other executives. And you know Penny certainly won’t. Even if they did, unless you and Stephanie join them, I’ll still retain control. Not that it matters. Stephanie, Elyse, and Julia make most of the decisions and run them by Joyce. I’m just a programmer!”

“You know that’s not true, big brother. You’re the big picture guy. You always have been.”

I chuckled, nodding with a shrug.

The meeting continued as they discussed my proposal, and in the end, it was approved. There was some other business to conduct but I tuned out, thinking about the bugs I had been working on and the new modules that I needed to write. As predicted, the meeting adjourned just before lunch. I shook hands with everyone, and then headed to the washroom. I felt a little strange being accompanied to the urinal by a 6’3”, 220 pound black man with a hard look on his face, but I figured I needed to get used to it, at least for a while.

When I came out, my wife was waiting for me.

“Ready for lunch?” she asked.

“Absolutely, Dr. Adams!” I said, taking her hand and walking towards the elevators with Quenton following closely behind us.

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