Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The product of bio-engineering they search for their place and the man who made them what they are. They search for their humanity and sexuality. God no sex? What a crappy life!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Masturbation   Slow   Transformation   Violent  

Angelika - Like an angel
Truda - Fighting woman
Varick - Protecting Ruler
Harman - Man of the army

The man moved through the shadows as if he were a part of them. Through many years of practice it was now mere child's play. Looking around the compound the man's chiseled features searched for the container that held the doctor. After all these years they finally had a location on the man. Moving to the container the man broke the lock with practiced ease, only to find a note and a recording device inside. Silently cursing his luck the man grabbed both and faded back into the shadows as he made his way off the compound. Outside he was met by a woman who bore similar looks as the man, showing her what he'd found she too cursed, "The others aren't going to be pleased." She told the man. Nodding the man replied, "I know, imagine my displeasure at not finding him there.

Starting the jeep the woman drove them a little ways to their cargo plane, inside they were met by two other tall blonde people with similar features. "What do you mean he wasn't there?" The second male shouted.

"This was all, I'm afraid that he has duped us again," The first male said. The note he held simply said play me to the end.

"Might as well listen to him mock us again," the first female said.

Starting the device they listened to the voice of an older man, "My children, this was the closest you have come yet I applaud you. It has only taken 20 years for you to become as adept as you have. I know you want answers, I will provide the few that I can. You all are well over 70 years of age though you only appear to be in your 20's. This is a bi-product of the genetic manipulation experiment all those years ago."

"I think that the doctor has finally lost his mind," the until now silent second female said.

"No my dear Truda, one might say I have finally found it," the voice replied causing Truda's mouth to gape.

"You bastard you have a live hook up to this!" She shouted at the voice.

"Yes and Varick I know you are tracing this though, I could tell you it is of no use, I know you'll try," The voice advised the oldest male in the room. "Now then if we may, please all sit." all but the second male did as asked, his lean muscular body tense, on guard, his eyes darting everywhere. "Ah Harman, I should have known you never sit."

The shortest of the group the first female a half a foot shorter than Truda her dirty blonde hair lying limp on her shoulder shook her head. "I suggest we hear him out," she quietly said. "He is going to tell us no matter what, we might as well get it over with."

"Thank you Angelika you at least..." the voice started.

"Do not thank me doctor, we all have better things to do than exchange pleasantries that none of us feel. I wish to be done with this, then get on with life such as it is." Angelika said in hushed bitter tones. The voice sighed it had been so long since he'd actually seen them, since that last day in the late 50's when he left them with an old friend.

"Yes I will dispense with them also, as I said all four of you are the products of genetic manipulation. Though I am sure that one day your bodies will fail it won't be for a very long time."

"So what you are telling us is that we are damn near immortal?" Angelika spit out at him.

"Yes, in a sense you just might say that, you heal far faster than anyone else, you are immune to almost all diseases, your perceptions are hundreds of times better than all. One might even go as far as to say that you are perfect." The doctor's voice proudly said. The four in the room looked at each other with wide eyed expressions.

"Seventy years old?! I do not believe you doctor, you have lied to us before to get us to do things for you. I am sure this is just another in a very long line of lies that you have told." Varick the leader and eldest of the group spit out at the voice, when his trace led him to a impenetrable wall.

"I did try to warn you Varick but as a great leader you always have to have the facts, that I taught you all those years ago." The doctor went on trying to explain further. "The fact that you are finally as advanced as you are has prompted me to reveal all I can about you and your pasts, as well as my own, to a point."

"Can we get on with this?!" Truda snapped, "What in the hell do you want of us now? I also believe that all of this is a lie so finish up so we can leave this hellish place!"

Sighing the doctor knew they were having a hard time believing him. "Alright, as you should know I was a doctor in Hitler's army. I..."

"More lies! You would have to be over 90-95 years of age there is no way that you can convince me that you are that old," snapped Varick. "I have had enough of this!" Varick and Angelika had started for the door when neither could move. "Release me you son of a bitch!" Varick was shouting.

"If you'll listen, then I will but if you refuse, then I am afraid that I will have to keep you that way." The older man's voice replied.

"Let's sit brother," Angelika told him with a sigh, "he's going to prattle on no matter what."

"Not prattle my dear Angelika, I just thought after all this time now that you are where I hoped you'd be, and you deserved a reward." The doctor explained.

"Reward!? A reward for what? Failing to kill your ass again?" Harman shouted raising his fist in the air. "You've been a bane to us for as long as I can remember. Now you spout these lies? Bah! I'd rather hear the previous lies than these!"

Sighing again the doctor thought a moment and started again with a new tactic, "Alright you are all students of history especially the second great war. Have any of you by chance ever heard mention of a Dr. Johann Bauer?"

"Of course. Harman started, "he was a biologist that was killed in the early stages of genetic work ... that ... he, NO! I refuse to believe that you are him!" The other three in the room turned to stare at Harman.

"What are you going on about Harman?" His sister Truda asked.

"He claims that he is Johann Bauer! Lies, all lies he was killed when his lab exploded in 1942 killing him and all his assistants, no bodies were ever found. They also said that there were others there that the Doctor had been experimenting on. I ... NO!" Harman screamed as he grasp his head a terrible searing pain lacing its way through his brain. "Nicht mehr Doktor bitte es weh tut! [No more Doctor please it hurts!]

"Harman? What have you done to him Doctor?" A worried Truda asked.

"I only allowed him a memory that has been suppressed for a very long time. He'll be right in a moment." The Doctor replied.

Breathing hard Harman slowly got off the floor, "I will kill you for what you did to us you sadistic son of a bitch!"

The others could only stare at him, "I have told you too much already but there is a task that you can do for you not me. I know you all want to have children but seemingly can't. That I am afraid is also my doing, though I can tell you that one of you specifically you Angelika has had a child." Angelika's eyes opened wide as distant memories suddenly assailed her mind. "Yes that's why you have a deep lonely longing within you. He is a strong man, one that I cannot even control, one day soon you four will also be that way, I will leave you these memories so that you can start to rebuild who and what you are. Harman you are the key, be well my children 'til I can see you again if ever."

In the silence that ensued the four could only stare at the recording device. If what the doctor had said was true then they were well over 73 years old! "I cannot believe what he is saying" Truda broke the silence, "He has told us lies before I don't know why he expects us to believe even a word of this, right brother?"

"Es ist in Ordnung, Schwester, ich glaube, dass er einmal die Wahrheit sprach." Harman grabbed his throat not believing what was coming out of his mouth. [It's okay, sister, I believe that he once spoke the truth.]

"My god I can actually understand that, Harman can you stop?" Varick asked a moment later.

"Ich bin mir nicht sicher," Harman started then cleared his throat, "Verdammt ich kann nicht scheinen to get my speech right." [I'm not sure, ... Damn I cannot seem... ]

"God I thought you'd be speaking that all night." His sister Truda stated.

Sitting, they all looked at Varick, obviously he has decided to reveal some of our past to us. Though I am wondering why, guilt? Fear? We may never know he said that Harman is the key. What can you remember after he did that to you?"

"I was on a cold examination table, there were several doctors around me poking and prodding me. It all started when the doctor stuck a huge needle in my arm. After that they were doing a huge battery of tests."

Varick's eyes flew wide as he too was seeing an almost identical scene being played out in his mind. The pain had been unbearable at times as he and his sister were passed at most of the time. Looking at his sister Varick could see that his sister was seeing the same exact scenes, though he could see that she was also reliving the pain. Looking at Harman and Truda they too were reliving all the experiments though it seemed to be hitting Truda a lot harder. Varick could see that they needed to get the hell out of there as soon as possible before they started to collapse.

Motioning to the others they went to lay down as he went to start the plane they didn't have a lot of time to get clear of here. Finally airborne, Varick set the auto pilot and laid back in the seat, he could hear the others in the throes of the pain and dreams that he knew would be hitting him soon; he just hoped he could resist long enough to get them back. A sigh went up from his lips he should have seen, the signs were clearer each time he saw more 'til now it was the first thing he looked for. Adjusting the flight plan he could only wait now for whatever was coming to overtake his senses.


Alan Gance looked over the financials for the company, hmmm things were looking good with this acquisition, the company might move into the top 10 in the world money wise. Bob the office manager came by a moment later, "Alan you need to get this notarized NOW! Then we'll be set for the meeting in 20 minutes you need to hurry!" Alan nodded and hurried out, this was an important deal and would set Alan for a long time good thing no one else knew about it. Coming back 10 minutes later everything on his desk was gone! Pissed as hell he started to reach for the phone when he had a vision of Bob taking everything and laughing saying that the little piss ant Alan didn't have the balls to call him out on whose work it was. This would make Bob a partner and he'd be set for life.

Walking into the meeting Alan was seething, as Bob walked by he stopped beside Alan and thanked him then laughed when Alan told him to enjoy it, cause it wouldn't last. "What do you think you're going to do? I know exactly what everything on here is, it's mine and you can't stop me! You little maggot! I'll step on you if you open your mouth!" Alan sat down his anger almost palatable looking at Bob take all the hard work he'd done over the last year. All in the possession of the man Alan had thought a friend. Alan sat at the far end of the table his face blood red the anger building higher and higher.

Bob stepped to the podium and opened his mouth the speak, Alan was thinking don't do it it's not yours! Alan heard the man laughing in his mind, <The little shit all he'd have to have said was it was his to the CEO and the man would have taken his word for it, he was on thin ice with the man.> "I wish to present my..." Alan was screaming NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in his mind directly at Bob, who gagged looked straight at Alan then fell to the carpet, blood flowing from his eyes, ears and mouth pooling in a quickly expanding puddle. Several of the women were screaming as were a few of the men. Alan was just sitting there no emotion nothing as he had felt Bob's heart explode.

The CEO looked around the room and spotted Alan sitting there his eyes dull and lifeless. Hmmm interesting the man thought I might have to investigate the man more haven't seen anything like this in a long time he thought. Alan wasn't exactly sure what had happened. He hadn't wanted the man dead he just wanted the man to stop, and not to steal what was his. Alan sat there through all the chaos that ensued as the brightly colored EMT's came and took the body out, Almost as if on auto pilot Alan left the room when they were all told that they could leave now.

Alan looked at the clock it said 3:30 he almost stopped at his desk but kept going to the elevator. Getting in he rode all the way to the bottom floor exiting he was moving across the room when a blonde man with chiseled features moved past him to the elevator. Alan stopped as if he'd been shocked, he'd felt that once before though he couldn't seem to remember when. Considering most of his memories weren't that good, he'd lost the good people raising him at a young age. In and out of foster homes, beat unmercifully in the orphanages no one believing him, the orphanages were good places, the nice people didn't beat the children.

Finally beat so bad that he was almost catatonic, the last three places he'd been were investigated, and all the staff at all three places were arrested the last he'd heard most of them had been killed in prison the inmates really pissed about them abusing the children in their charge. Finally Alan was placed in a decent home though they didn't have that much, but they gave Alan the one thing that he'd dreamed of his short life love and a haven to come home to.

Being extremely brilliant it was soon found that Alan had a way with numbers. Years later he was accepted to a prestigious University but by then the damage had been done. Quiet and withdrawn Alan was often picked on 'til he learned to almost move without making a sound, he graduated at the very top of his class with marks higher than any other. Accepted to a high paying position in an accounting firm Alan thought finally they would leave him alone. Sighing in frustration he walked out to the bus to go home such as it was. He was climbing on the bus when Harman came out of the building searching the faces as fast as he could. That's when he felt the tingling, it wasn't as bad as when the doctor was near, but it was there, it had to be. Harman's eyes darted to that direction seeing the bus as it was leaving, narrowing his eyes he studied every face on the bus.

Pulling a phone from his pocket, he pressed the speed dial, "Harman, I got a look, it was him it had to be, the energy signature is the same as ours, and the doctor's problem is it is far stronger than I was led to believe. From what I felt he made the man's heart explode without touching him."

On the other end Varick and his sister were listening to him on a speaker phone. "Did you feel him when you were entering the building?" Angelika asked not waiting for her brother.

"No, though I have the feeling now though it is almost masked, he is a crafty one, I have memorized all the people on the bus. I'll return to base soon." Shutting off the phone Harman felt something he hadn't in some time looking back he saw a much older man staring at him through the glass then the man was gone just as fast. Shaking his head he tried to clear his senses but a nagging feeling was still with him. Turning he left unaware that the man was still standing where he'd been.

So, the man thought they are here in America at last, perhaps he could find their base and pay them a visit though it was a little worrisome that Harman had seen him, no matter as he reached out and tried to erase the memory. Hitting a wall the man smiled so the weakest of them had finally developed a mind shield. This was going to be interesting after all especially since he'd not seen them in 30 years.

Alan walked into his apartment and flopped on the couch, should he turn his self in? No they'd think he was nuts and send him to a psych-ward. Shit what in the hell was he going to do? Looking at the TV he searched for the remote not finding it he sighed and thought he'd have to get up when it came on. Huh? Looking at it the TV went off, on and off, ok he thought let's see if I can do something big, I want all the cable channels. Making the TV change channels he started to laugh then settled on a really hot porn channel. Ummmmmmm, he thought be damn nice if she was wanting me I could use a good fuck he thought. Thirty minutes later there was a

knock at his door, getting up he opened the door and there she was! OK he thought but does she want to fuck me?

"Get the hell out of those clothes and screw my brains out stud!" she said panting. Alan looked into her eyes as she'd been saying it but saw nothing there, it was almost like she was sleep walking, still he wasn't about to pass on free pussy. A few minutes later he was balls deep pounding the shit out of the woman who was screaming out his name and begging him to screw her harder. Finally with a roar he shot a huge load deep into her smoldering hot pussy. As he got up he told her to get dressed and tell all her friends about this glorious sex machine that he was. Then he told her to leave and drive home naked.

Laughing Alan thought about what he could do with this power, there were more than a few people that he had to pay back for a lot of the hell that he'd been through in his life. Awaking the next morning he stretched and thought he needed a woman to get him off thinking a moment he remembered the cute ass blonde that lived upstairs umm he thought she'd do. Thinking toward the roof he felt her up there, what the hell? He was feeling her? Then he also felt a strange tingling sensation in his head. What the fuck is this he thought.

<Hello Alan, > came a thought of another person. <I want you to come to me and show me what you can do, NOW!> came a demanding order.

Shaking his head Alan got mad, <I don't really give a shit what you want asshole! Fuck off!> Alan thought as forcefully as he could. There was a brief silence then the other was screaming out, <What have you done! Stop it you bitch! Damn it!> then all was quiet.

Alan wasn't sure who that had been; it had felt almost like the boss of the company he worked for. Well Alan smiled I used to work for. He decided right there and then it was about time he got the hell out of town. If he had abilities as strong as they were feeling it only followed that the clandestine branches of the government would be after him soon. With a sigh he started to pack his few meager possessions and headed for the door.

Alan reached for the door but felt several men outside who were sent to bring him somewhere. The weapons they had were of no consequence except for one reaching out (this was amazing Alan thought) he found what made the weapon work and disabled it. There he thought though ... searching more he could see each man had an ability not very strong (compared to his self) but together they might be able to overpower him. Hmm he thought looking at them harder his mouth dropped open when he saw just what he had to do to knock them out. Ugh! He could see their insides shaking the willies Alan touched each man gently and watched as they all fell.

Walking out he just kept going, just a little pissed that they had interrupted another session of sex damn, I really wanted her too! A man looked on from the other side of the street opening his phone he had to report this.

Alan went to the Train station buying a ticket, and he waited for his train. Harman could feel the man now much clearer than the day before. He'd finally found where the man lived but when he got there found nothing, only the signatures of several boosted ones. Crap he hated to deal with those weaklings. The amount of power the man had was almost staggering, if he didn't know better Harman would have sworn it was Varick he was feeling. Keeping his power as low as he could though ready at a moment's notice, Harman followed the man. Suddenly Harman felt a tingling from near the entrance, damn it! They had company and it wasn't the good kind.

Alan had sat to await his train out of the city, a moment later he knew he wasn't alone. Great, he thought, though he could do this without moving, reaching out he touched all those he felt. They all went to sleep except one who made no move toward him. Reaching out, he tried again, hmmm Alan thought this one is unlike the others. Alan's senses snapped to full as he looked closer at the man. When the one made no move toward him Alan decided to just watch him. If worse came to worse he could always try to make him go away.

Harman reported what had transpired including the man trying to put him to sleep, Varick smiled he was glad he and Harman had worked as long on his defenses as they had, now only Truda's defenses were mid level but she was working every day to increase. "I want you to only follow him do not approach make no move toward him stay as far from him as you dare, when we know where he has gone we will follow."

"Understood Varick though I am worried about the boosted ones they have to have come from someone. I am afraid that one of Bauer's assistants may have also survived this long. I will keep you apprised of everything." Harman said as the train started to pull in, Harman walked to the far car as the man went to the front though he couldn't see him Harman could feel the man watching him. Smiling Harman thought so the man wasn't a fool after all, good, as he took his seat and waited for the man to make a move.

Back at the station another of the boosted ones as Harman had labeled them was passing his hand over the entire area. Hmm the older man thought back at the accounting firm, this is most unexpected. The energy signature was exceedingly strong as he'd thought. The older man felt that Alan had just emerged and he was already so strong he couldn't be controlled, plus the fact that his pawns were no match for him. Sighing he had to gain control of him if he was going to take the doctors files he needed them if he was going to live longer much longer.

Alan rode the train for hours as the distance stretched farther and farther from that cesspool of a city he'd been in. The smell of the hundreds of unwashed bodies that had been there before almost making him gag, unfortunately he had to have his senses this open, Finally the train stopped and Alan got off he'd felt the man at the other end the whole time. Though the man made no move toward him Alan could feel that the man wanted something from him, though what Alan wasn't really sure.

Harman felt the man get off the train the whole time reaching out to make sure the whole time where Harman was. The cool breeze helped to clear his overworked senses. Harman was starting to like the man more and more, following at a very far distance Harman felt the man tense up more. Hmmm Harman thought the further away I get the more nervous he gets what is up with this man?

"Harman; we departed the train at the end of the line, I'd estimate that we are approximately 16.1 klicks from the city. Please advise as to action to take." Harman told Varick.

Varick was silent for a moment they'd been looking for this man for several months now no sense in losing him. "Back off to a safe point, we will be there in a few hours I am hoping to put an end to the speculation as soon as possible."

"Understood, backing off, and extending to full range," Harman told Varick as he hung up. This man didn't feel like he was going to be fooled that easy. Walking in the opposite Harman bedded down in the forest behind the train station. Damn he thought it was good to get out in the field again.

Alan felt the man on the train get off and go in the opposite direction hmmm he thought, I can feel something from him though not sure what. An hour later he felt the other man go to sleep maybe the man was nothing after all. Laying down he stretched out on the sleeping bag; he needed to head out tomorrow. Five hours later Varick, Truda and Angelika arrived in the special Jeep that they had made a few years ago. Pulling near Harman he was up and ready almost immediately. "I have felt him all night even when I was asleep, it was like when I can feel you three." Grabbing Angelika's arm a moment he warned, "he is very powerful like us, don't trust that he will bond with you immediately Angelika."

"I don't expect him to," she tossed over her shoulder as she followed her brother, "though I think he will feel something when I am closer, what?" She shrugged, "I'm not sure but I can feel something I never have before. If nothing else I will get to see my son for the first time in

decades." Harman nodded he wasn't up to much on this touchy feely family thing.

Varick and Angelika calmly walked to where Harman had noted that the man had bedded down. When they arrived they were surprised to find that not only was he not there but hadn't for quite a while. He'd used a trick that Varick and the others had learned decades ago. Angelika picked up the clothes feeling the energy of her son, the doctor had been right he was indeed strong, almost as strong as they were. Reaching out she felt for him ever widening her search 'til she found him another 32 klicks away. Touching her brother his eyes went wide, obviously the man was very accomplished at hiding and running.

As they walked back Angelika found the note in his jacket:

I know that you are after me though I do
not know who you are. You want me for
what I can do, perhaps you want to add
me to whatever faction you are. I am
warning you now, I am far more than you
think I am, leave me alone and I will
seek you out. Follow me and I can
guarantee that you regret it.

Varick snickered, the man had balls; that was for sure, but they needed to get to him before the others did. Rejoining the others They loaded up and started after the energy signature that was as they spoke getting further away.

Alan watched as they left he'd finally figured out how to mask whatever energy they were following of his. After they had been gone for a while Alan started hiking to the small cabin that he'd bought a few months ago it was so peaceful here. Alan decided that he could stay here and hide out for a while, at least 'til he didn't feel them looking for him anymore. Though he thought that might not happen while they thought he was alive. Two hours later he was trudging up the path toward the cabin, the smell of pine wafting through the air. Entering the cabin he'd settled in finally able to relax for the first time in two days. Turning on the radio he listened to the weather report, hmmm they were expecting snow soon going out he gathered wood to chop. Finally he felt he had enough making a neat stack on the porch wiping the sweat from his brow he went in to take a shower. Best to take it now before I froze when the snow hit he thought.

He ate sitting back in the chair he was finally at peace the fact that he could no longer feel any of those that had been following him made him feel a hell of a lot better.

An hour later there was a knock at his door, huh? He thought as he reached out it was a woman damn! It was a hot ass woman at that! He could smell her perfume from here, she was about 5'8'' with dirty blonde hair. "Hello in the cabin!" He heard her soft voice yell. "Can you assist me?"

Dropping all his protection he gently probed the woman's mind finding nothing there to threaten him. Opening the door he was shocked at the beauty of the woman standing before him. She was muscular but not overly as to detract from her feminine beauty, her limp dirty blonde hair was shiny and healthy looking, but it was her smile that held him mesmerized. "Ca ... Can I help you?" Alan stuttered a moment.

"Yes, may I come in? I feel it would be beneficial to us both," here she looked at him long and hard as he gulped, "son."

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