Family Held Captive
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Robert Turner along with his thirty-five-year-old wife Joyce, his seventeen and fifteen-year-old stepdaughters, Kendra and Kiera, are held captive for a week. His beautiful wife and teenage stepdaughters are repeatedly used for sexual gratification by the men, periodically forcing Robert to participate in the debauchery of his family.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   Gang Bang   Orgy   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

Robert Turner was sitting tied to a chair; there were five men, who looked to be in their forties, holding him and his family captive. Besides Robert, there were his thirty-five-year-old wife Joyce, his two stepdaughters, seventeen-year-old Kendra, and fifteen-year-old Kiera. Robert had just started his two-week vacation, and they were supposed to be in the mountains camping. No one would miss any of them for at least a week.

Kendra and Kiera were sitting on the sofa. The five men had Robert’s very attractive wife in the middle of the Livingroom. Joyce had thick curly blonde hair that hung just below her shoulders and a very nice figure with large breasts and a well-formed tight ass. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her ass nicely, and a light blue blouse. The leader of the group told Joyce they wanted to see her strip and if she refused, one of her daughters would take her place. When the two girls heard that, they both started crying.

Robert’s wife of two years looked at him; she had big tears in her eyes. He nodded his head, and Joyce started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. When she got all the buttons undone, Joyce slipped it off her shoulders and let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor.

All five men were staring at the thirty-five-year-old wife’s magnificent D-cup breasts, concealed only by her low-cut bra. With tears starting to roll down her cheeks, she took a deep breath, reached behind her back, and unhooked it.

All eyes were on his wife as she looked at her husband through tears that filled her eyes. She then closed her eyes and pulled her bra away from her fantastic breasts. They didn’t sag but stood out nicely, with nipples and dark areolae.

Joyce just stood there with her eyes closed, letting the men look at her nude breasts until the leader told her to continue. Robert watched his wife as she bent over to slip off her boots. When Joyce leaned over her large breasts hung down. It didn’t go unnoticed by the men.

Robert heard one of them say he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her tits. After Joyce removed her boots, she stood back up and started unfastening her jeans. When she got them undone, Joyce looked at her husband, tears streaming down her pretty face as she worked her jeans over her tight ass. She pushed them down her long legs and stepped out of them, then reached for the waistband of her panties.

Joyce hooked her thumbs in them and shoved down. She was totally humiliated having to do it. The large patch of blonde hair on her pussy was on full display for the strange men. When Robert’s wife stepped out of her panties, the leader walked up to her, ran his fingers through the soft blonde hair on her pussy mound. He shoved a finger in her cunt. where only her husband had been previously. Joyce jumped at his vulgar touch.

“Please! Don’t do that!” Joyce begged, knowing it would do no good, but could not help herself she was so revolted and repulsed by his touch. She just stood there crying and let the vile man finger her pussy. Joyce knew that was just the beginning and no matter what she said or did she was going to be repeatedly raped. She hoped if she let them take her and use her they’d leave her teenage daughters alone.

Joyce was a virgin bride when she married her first husband and was never unfaithful to him. They had two daughters and a good marriage until Joyce caught him having an affair with her best friend behind her back, so she kicked him out and filed for divorce. The girls were only ten and twelve then. Joyce dated some after the divorce was final, but never had sex again until she married Robert three years later. She wanted to set a good example for her daughters.

The leader pulled his finger out of her pussy, and then reached for the zipper on his pants and unzipped it and told Joyce to get on her knees. Joyce shook her head “No” but once again, the threat of one of her daughters replacing her convinced her to drop to her knees. The leader reached in his pants, pulled out his average size hard cock, and shoved the head against Robert’s wife’s lips. Reluctantly, she relaxed her lips allowing his cock to slide into her mouth.

Joyce never really liked sucking her husband’s cocks and especially didn’t like swallowing cum. Both her first husband and Robert were always trying to get her to suck them off. She would refuse them until they would make her feel guilty for not doing it. They would constantly tell her other wives do it for their husbands, and then reluctantly, sometimes, she would give in and suck their cocks, on some rare occasions even swallowing their semen.

Kendra and Kiera, Robert’s two stepdaughters, were sitting on the sofa crying as they watched their mother being totally humiliated by complete strangers. There was nothing Robert could do to stop it from happening, he was tied to a chair, and besides, he could never overpower all five men.

He just had to sit and watch as the leader started sliding his hard cock in-and-out of his wife’s hot mouth. When the leader was about ready to ejaculate, he told Joyce, she had better be a good cocksucker that swallows his cum. It was not long before the leader of the group was ejaculating in Robert’s wife’s mouth.

Joyce did her best to swallow; she choked and gagged, but managed to swallow most of his cum. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, he told Joyce she had done a very good job. If she continued to do what she was told, she and her daughters wouldn’t have to be punished for being disobedient.

The leader then stepped away from Joyce. Another man, with his hard cock fully erect, stepped in front of the pretty wife’s face. Joyce knew she had no choice, so she lowered her hot mouth on the man’s hard cock, and then started moving her head up-and-down. While Joyce was sucking the second man, the leader went over to the sofa, got hold of Robert’s seventeen-year-old stepdaughter Kendra’s arm, and pulled her over to where her stepfather was tied in the chair.

At seventeen, Kendra was a beautiful teenager. She had long blonde hair that reached her lower back and blue eyes. On that particular day, she had her hair in a ponytail. Kendra took after her mother and developed early, by the time she was fifteen, she was in a B-cup bra.

Her breasts continued to grow and at seventeen, she was in a C-cup. She even complained that boys at school were always trying to feel her breasts to see if they were real. When Kendra was a freshman in high school, she got sent to the principal’s office, because a teacher thought she had stuffed padding in her bra to show off.

To go along with her ample breasts, Kendra had a very tight and shapely ass that was showed off nicely by tight jeans. She had on a low-cut pullover shirt that Robert thought showed off way too much of her cleavage. Her tight jeans and low-cut shirt did nothing to hide the fact that she has a very hot and sexy teen body.

The leader shoved her down at her stepfather’s feet, and then told Kendra, it wasn’t fair they have all the fun with his wife. He then told Robert’s seventeen-year-old stepdaughter to get on her knees, and take his cock out and suck it, and she had better make him cum in her mouth.

Robert knew before their ordeal was over with, he was going to watch his wife and teenage stepdaughters be repeatedly raped by the five men that held them captive and they were going to make him participate.

Her stepfather could see the frightened look on Kendra’s face as she got on her knees. Her small hands were shaking as she reached for his zipper, they were shaking so bad she barely was able to hold on to his zipper, but managed to get it unzipped.

Kendra reached her small hand in her stepfather’s pants, wrapping her fingers around his hard cock, she pulled is out. The seventeen-year-old was shocked how long and hard his cock was. It was obvious that her stepfather was sexually excited; he had gotten a tremendous hard-on watching his wife forced to strip for five strange men. His cock got even harder as he watched his nude wife sucking the leader’s cock.

His seventeen-year-old stepdaughter looked at him with tears in her eyes and whimpered, “I’m sorry! I don’t have a choice,” as she lowered her head and wrapped her hot lips around the head of his hard cock. Kendra started moving her hot mouth up-and-down the length of his cock; she was using her tight lips and tongue to stimulate his cock as she sucked it.

Robert knew from the way his stepdaughter was sucking his cock, this was definitely not her first time! In fact, she must have had a lot of practice, because she was really good, a hundred times better at sucking cock than her mother in his opinion.

While his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter was sucking his hard cock, the leader came over and cuts Robert’s arms and hands loose. The leader told Robert if he gave them any trouble or refused to do what they told him, they’d tie him up again, and then severely punish his wife and stepdaughters for him being disobedient.

By then, a third man was standing in front of his wife; her mouth was going up-and-down on his hard cock. It wasn’t long before that man was ejaculating his cum in Joyce’s mouth. Robert heard his wife gagging and looked over at her as she was trying to pull her mouth off the man’s cock. The man to whom she was giving a blowjob wouldn’t let her head up and forced her to swallow his cum.

After he got through using Joyce’s hot mouth, a fourth man took his turn in front of Robert’s wife’s kneeling body. He ran his hands though her curly blonde hair as she lowered her hot mouth on his waiting cock. Robert could see there was no resistance left in Joyce; she just kneeled there and let the man use her mouth.

Watching his hot sexy wife on her knees, with men she didn’t even know, giving them blowjobs, while his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter was giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had, Robert had gotten to the point to where he couldn’t hold back any longer and let loose the first big shot of cum in Kendra’s hot mouth. To his great surprise, his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter swallowed it all down without any trouble and continued to swallow the rest of his cum until she had sucked him completely dry.

When Kendra pulled her mouth off her stepfather’s cock, she gave him a very concerned look, realizing he knew her secret; she wasn’t the little innocent teenager he thought she was. She had been very good at acting as if she was an inexperienced little virgin that wasn’t going let boys take advantage of her.

Robert told her not to worry; it would stay between them, but wondered what else she’d been doing. The leader saw that she was through giving her stepfather the blowjob, and came over. Robert looked around. Sometime while his stepdaughter was sucking him, all the men had taken their clothes off, because they were completely naked now.

The leader grabbed Robert’s seventeen-year-old stepdaughter by her blonde ponytail, and as he dragged her over to the sofa by her hair, he said, “I need to borrow the bitch’s hot mouth.”

Never turning loose of Kendra’s ponytail, he sat beside Kiera and pulled Kendra down with him until she landed on her knees between his legs. The leader’s cock was hard and sticking out as he pulled the seventeen-year-old teen’s hot mouth toward his waiting manhood. Kendra knew what was expected of her.

Her stepfather saw her go after the leader’s cock as vibrantly as she did his. He wondered just how long his seventeen-year-old stepdaughter had been giving blowjobs. He had only been married to her mother for two years and didn’t know what Kendra had done before that, but knew one thing was for sure, the little slut had been sucking somebody’s cock.

Robert’s fifteen-year-old stepdaughter Kiera had been sitting on the sofa crying while her mother and sister were being abused, so far the men had left her alone. Kiera at fifteen was very petite and cute as hell.

Her perky breasts were large enough to bounce as she jogged or ran. Her tight little ass, her blonde hair that was long thick and full, reaching all the way to her ass. She was actually a very beautiful girl with baby blue eyes and a sexy little mouth.

Joyce was very over protective of her daughters. She would get mad at the way that even grown men would look at them, especially Kiera, because she was so young and innocent. Joyce could see the lust in their eyes as they looked over the young teen’s body, she knew what was on their minds, and what they would do to her young daughter if they had a chance.

Kiera was too young to date; she had to wait until after her sixteenth birthday. Kendra had started dating when she turned sixteen and had never given any indication she was sexually active.

While Kendra was sucking the leader’s cock when he looked over at the fifteen-year-old Kiera, “Do you see what your sister is doing to my cock?”

With tears running down her cheeks, she nodded her head “yes.”

“I want you to be a good little girl and go over and suck your stepfather’s cock,” the leader told Kiera while her sister’s hot mouth was sliding up-and-down the length of his manhood.

Robert’s young stepdaughter looked over at him with a terrified look on her face, but slowly got up and walked over to him. Tears were rolling down the fifteen-year-old’s face, as she looked her stepfather in the eye, then down at his very hard cock.

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