Tropical Fantasy
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Sea Nymph

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story I co-authored with a very good friend of mine. Part 1 is written by her and Part 2 is written by me. It is the story of two girls who met online and came together for a weekend in the sun. Enjoy!

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Slow  

Sara had run into town, doing a little shopping, and had left me here to sunbathe, and swim. It was nice to have a little bit of time for ourselves, but my new friend and I were here at this tropical paradise to be with each other, and even though she had only been gone a few hours, I was aching for her return.

Our beautiful rented place sat upon a bluff, with beautiful tropical gardens surrounding the luxurious house. It had a large lanai extending out from the house to the edge of the bluff. One part of it was covered by a roof supported by columns, and had a large comfy bed there in the open breeze. We'd slept there already once, serenaded by the murmur of the waves lapping at the sandy beach below. That bed had become our favorite place in this house, our favorite place in all of Barbados, in all of the entire universe. The open air bed was where we spent our time.

This was where I lay, waiting the return of Sara from her shopping errand. I lay there, idly flipping the pages of some boring magazine, looking at pictures of pretty celebrities, not bothering to ready any text ... just using the magazine to give my mind SOMETHING to do while I waited. I was dressed in a pink and peach knit halter, with a sassy short peach skirt, comfortable casual clothes to wear as I lazed in the sunny warm afternoon. My hair was casually tied into a knot at the back of my head. I was barefoot, and of course, wasn't wearing any panties or bra.

While I lay there, not really reading the magazine before me, Sara had returned, but I wasn't aware. A hopeless romantic, she had purposefully sneaked up the drive, silently slipped into the house and quickly changed into a lovely loose, sky blue short dress with open sides. Although this garment was designed to be worn over a bikini, as it was far too revealing to be worn in public by itself, Sara had omitted the bikini and was naked underneath of it. Her sandy blonde hair was braided into two cute, girlish pigtails. Romantic Sara, always thinking, knew how much I loved her blue bikini dress, and knew I was charmed by her appearance when she tied her hair into those cute braids like that.

As I lay, bored, waiting, flipping magazine pages but barely seeing the magazine, Sara sneaked up and suddenly was climbing onto the bare bed along side of me. What a delightful surprise! She climbed over me on her hands and knees, her dress barely concealing anything, really nothing more than a false gesture of modesty that was only the erotic implication that it needed to be removed. She playfully snatched the magazine from my hand, and tossed it aside in a lovely, silly exaggerated manner as I rolled onto my back to welcome her. With only a smile and brief kiss or two, she knelt over me, one shoulder strap of her blue dress carelessly falling over her arm and revealing one of her perfect small breasts.

Sara reached behind my neck, found a stray end of the bow holding my halter, tugged it open, and pulled the halter up over my head and arms. She then grabbed the waist of my skirt, and as I arched and lifted to help, she slid it down over my hips, down my legs and over my feet. Sara took my clothes, and with a suggestive display of sexy arrogance, tossed them aside, not looking to see where they fell.

I lay naked for her, smiling, stretching my neck to reach up for a long, deep wet kiss, giggling and squirming in pleasure as she took control of me. I lay back in total surrender to let her take me in whatever way she wanted. She began with my nipples, her lips warm and wet, gently sucking them, teasing me with her lips and tongue, giving me the softest little bites, making my nips stiffen and harden into diamonds that could cut glass. I closed my eyes, turned my head to one side, let my arms lay carelessly above my head, and concentrated on the sensation of Sara's mouth on my breasts.

Her mouth and hands worked upon me as my breath increased, and then began moving down my tummy. She paused, prompting me to lift my head and meet her eyes. Her smile told me to lift one leg up over her head so she could be between my legs. With a sweet smile, she teasingly came back upwards, kissing my tummy, finding my belly button, teasing it with her tongue. I supported myself on my elbows so that I could see her, but I kept swooning with pleasure, my eyes closing, my head falling back before I would lift it again to watch her as she continued to kiss my tummy, downwards, soft kisses, little wet licks on my belly, and finally arriving at my pussy.

There was another momentary pause, and then her tongue began to work, slipping between my lips, tracing a line up and down between my clit and the slit of my pussy. She knelt on her knees, ass up, her head buried in my wetness, her back arched, her beautiful ass up in the air as she licked me. For a brief moment of coherent thought, I noticed the adorable dimples on her lower back. That thought was replaced by a wave of pure pleasure as her tongue darted to my clit and one of my hands unconsciously groped at my own breast, finding a hardened nipple, pulling on it roughly, almost painfully.

Sara's tongue buried deep into my pussy then traveled a line up and over my clit to my lower belly. My eyes opened briefly, meeting hers. Our eyes were locked as her tongue descended again to my clit. I let go of my breast and reached down, lovingly stroking her head in encouragement, biting my lower lip in pleasure as her eyes smiled at me. Then giving in again to the sensation, I again close my eyes to simply concentrate. Her tongue continued its work, and I involuntarily uttered a loud, deep moan.

She began a back and forth sideways motion, her tongue greedily attacking my clit, and my back arched involuntarily as I cried out in another long moan of ecstasy. Her hands were now pulling my lips apart, exposing the wet pink flesh of my pussy and my stiffened hard clit.

I could feel the orgasm begin to make itself known, that tingle that quickly built into a rush of pure blissful, powerful, shattering orgasm as my back spasmed into arch-release ... arch-release, as some animalistic groaning, crying sound came from deep within me. My chest heaved with labored breathing and one armed flailed around. The orgasm built, rushed and exploded. In a brief moment, my eyes opened, and I could see Sara's eyes, looking up the length of my body at my face as her tongue worked, watching me as I briefly thrashed in a shattering orgasm, my pussy shuddering in her mouth.

And then it was over. My body was covered with goose bumps, and tiny beads of sweat from the sex and the warm tropical ocean breeze. For a few brief moments, I rested, letting the incapacitating pleasure recede, finally regaining some control over myself.

Then it was Sara's turn.

We both laughed as she brought herself up to her knees, and as I sat up, my legs still around her. I greedily grabbed that lovely blue bikini dress, and all but yanked it up over her arms, roughly flinging it aside as she had done with my clothes. I brought myself up to my knees, and we knelt before each other, kissing, touching letting the breeze wash over us as the soft sound of the ocean waves below hypnotically urged us on. I grasped her hips and pulled her almost roughly up against me. Sara put her hands to my neck and pulled my face to hers, greedily grinding her mouth to mine, our tongues fighting a duel in our mouths.

Sara sat back on her knees as I leaned forward, my lips going to her small, perfect breasts, finding her nipples, teasing them, toying with them, sucking and nibbling them. She moaned softly, then lay back, and allowed me to climb between her legs to her inviting pussy. As I began to lick, I could feel how wet and juicy she already was, and caught a soft scent of her fresh, feminine perfect pussy. I lapped at her clit like eating an ice cream cone or a lollipop, long, firm tongue strokes. Sara responded with moans and began clutching at her own breasts as she lay back and enjoyed it. One of her moans changed into a giggle, and then back to a guttural moan again as my tongue explored her, dipping into her slit, then back up to her hard, glistening pearly clit.

Her moans then changed into a loud whimpering cry as she gave into to the ecstasy. My tongue was relentless. I responded to her cries by increasing the pitch of my licking, furiously lapping at her swollen clit. It didn't take long before her legs closed firmly upon my head, stopping me as she had her own noisy, shuddering orgasm, the soft mound of her pussy quivering and shaking in my lips.

We kissed and caressed for a bit, and then we decided to have a little side-by-side self-administered fun. We giggled as we waved our vibrators at each other, hers a blue one, mine pink. We licked them, coating them with moist spit, then rubbed our own clits, plunging the vibes deeply into our pussies, extracting them to be applied back to the clits, repeating that rhythm over and over. Our free hands touched each other, and we leaned into each other for deep kissing as we masturbated. This had us both moaning, whimpering as we built to our second set of strong orgasms.

As we finally rested, the vibrators tumbled unseen from our hands. We fell into each other's arms, kissing, nuzzling, embracing. The soft warm ocean breeze and the faint sound of the waves below combined into a hypnotic murmur, a sensual promise whispering of when we would repeat our fantasy dance of tropical ecstasy.

We wouldn't wait very long...

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