Pagv Version B
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Scientist thought they had discovered a way to protect children from pedophilia's. The discovery occurred on March 14, 2020 when Dr. Mark Ashton and his team discovered a gene in the human genome that when activated in a child should cause the child to produce a pheromone that removed any sexual feelings towards the child by any adult while making feel protective towards the child and it was found that it would last until the child's prefrontal cortex matured.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter  

Scientist thought they had discovered a way to protect children from pedophilia's.

The discovery occurred on March 14, 2020 when Dr. Mark Ashton and his team discovered a gene in the human genome that when activated in a child should cause the child to produce a pheromone that removed any sexual feelings towards the child by any adult while making feel protective towards the child and it was found that it would last until the child's prefrontal cortex matured.

After testing for 2 years in the lab Dr. Ashton and his team won approval to begin clinical trials on human subjects and on November 3, 2028 the FDA approved the treatment for public use which was now called the Protection from Abuse Genetic Virus or by the public as the PAGV virus.

As soon as PAGV hit the market many parents stampeded to get their children treated and within 6 months 98% of the children under the age of 18 were treated and safe from abuse and the number of crimes on children who were abused fell to 1% of what it once was.

As time went on more and more parents felt that their children were safe as not one child treated had reported being abused nor were any who had been treated murdered anywhere in the world were children were treated with PAGV.

During the ninth year after PAGV had been in use an epidemic though of unknown origin hit the world and while the effects were mild and resulted in few deaths it had one unintentional and unknown effect upon those treated with the PAGV virus.

May 6th 2037

Dr. Ashton or Mark to his friends calming sat down at the table with his wife and all of his children and began to eat his breakfast of potatoes and eggs.

Jeremy his youngest child who at 16 was trying not fall asleep into his plate after being up all night at his friends house while the twins James and Gwen age 20 were talking about what classes they had to be at on their first day back at college school since they were sick for the last two weeks.

Todd his oldest child age 23 was eating while listening to music on his headphones and Becky his 18 year old daughter was talking to her mother Amanda about a party at her friend Nancy's house next Friday.

"But mom you said I could go two weeks ago." Becky said.

"I know but unless you get your chores done and atleast a B on that test this coming week you'll have to tell Nancy that you can't make it." Amanda replied.

"That's totally not fair you said I could go already." Becky said.

"That's to bad young lady." Amanda replied. "You know you're going to fail math if you don't bring your grades up still."

"But I was sick last week." Becky said.

"That's why I'm giving you warning now to study and get atleast a B on the test or you will not be allowed to use the car next Friday to go to the party your friend Nancy invited you to."Amanda replied.

"But..." Becky began to say.

"No buts Becky." Mark said. "Your mother is right and I will not stand for you arguing with her."

"But daddy..." Becky pouted with the voice she used when she was little with her father to get her own way usually.

"That's the end of it Becky." Mark said as he interrupted her mid pout. "One more word in protest and no car next week either."

"Ok daddy." Becky murmured.

Ring Ring Ring Marks cellphone suddenly sounded.

"Hello?" Mark said as he hit Answer.

"Yes, Ok let me call you back in 10 minutes." Mark said and then hung up.

"Honey, That was Daniel." Mark explained. "He called because he thought we had left already for your aunts like we had planned. He needs to speak to me on the video phone in my office."

"Ok Dear." Amanda replied.

"No problem, Becky just so you know we do love you but your mother is right." Mark said.

"Ahh Daddy, please I just can't miss this party." Becky protested.

"No, and that's the end of it" Mark said.

Mark got up then and walked over to Becky and gave her a hug and then walked over to his wife and hugging her behind whispered into her ear that he loved her and as he hugged her he felt an erection suddenly rear up in his pants and he rubbed it against her ass slowly.

"Later?" Mark whispered in her ear.

"MMhmmm" His wife replied while trying not to burn the pancakes.

"Ok I need to call Dan back." Mark said as he turned and began to walk out of the room while carefully hiding his erection with the newspaper. "It shouldn't take long."

As Mark sat down in front of the video phone in his office it rang.

"Hi Dan, what's up that you had to call me at home?" Mark said as means of welcome.

"Hi Mark." Dan said."Sorry to bother you but we're receiving some weird reports in the last 2 hours."

"Weird reports?" Mark asked.

"Yeah."Dan said."We even had a guy walk in with his 2 kids."

"Really?" Mark said as he reached down so as to adjust his pants with his throbbing erection as minor thoughts of sex began to plague in his mind." What's the problem with the guy and why did he bring his kids in?"

"Well he would not say exactly, just said the shot was not working" Dan replied.

"Did you treat the kids with a booster of PAGV then as is the standard treatment and examine them for signs of any abuse from a fight or a beating?" Mark asked as he tried once again to carefully adjust his erection without being seen.

"That's the problem, they were treated about 6 years ago when they were ages 12 and 14 and yeah I also checked them for any signs of abuse but there was nothing." Dan said.

"Now that is odd." Mark said."Anything else?"

"Well, yeah something strange did happen." Dan said "I thought I saw the 18 daughters looked like they were glowing red but I must have been imagining it as I have been here all night."

"Yeah OK that does sound strange." Mark replied."Tell you what, to be safe give them another dose of PAGV and also send me their records and a DNA sample and all the data on the other weird reports you said you are getting."

Mark heard the office open and close behind him but before he could turn around Dan asked him another question.

"Do you want that emailed or delivered by courier?" Dan said.

"Email will be fine." Mark said as he rubbed his erection slowing under his desk."Also email me the data on their DNA as well and call me back after you get some sleep."

"OK, talk to you later and bye." Dan said.


As Mark reached over and turned the video phone off he heard whoever had come in open the door to the bathroom in his office and close it.

As he got up his erection bumped into the desk causing him to gasp with pleasure.

Willing himself to ignore it he walked over to the bathroom door and knocked and said "OK who's in there."

"Just me dad." Came the voice of his son Jeremy.

"What are you doing in my bathroom." Mark said.

"Becky is helping me wash off some syrup, she knocked it all over me by accident." He heard Jeremy reply through the door.

"Well open up the door as it is rude to talk through it to a person especially if that person is your parent and why aren't you using your own bathroom upstairs?"

The door opened and Mark saw that Jeremy who had syrup all over his face and that he was in his underwear and that Becky was holding his shirt and wringing it out while his sons pants and underwear were in the sink soaking in some steaming water.

"What happened to your clothes?" Mark asked.

"I tripped and spilled the syrup all over him when I was putting it away." Becky replied before Jeremy could say anything."It went everywhere and it's also all over the kitchen floor and table. The twins left before it happened a few minutes ago to go to the bookstore to pickup some stuff they needed for class so Todd is helping mom clean it up as to why we didn't use our bathroom we didn't want to get it into the carpet on the stairs"

Mark then smelled something like cinnamon in the bathroom and at the same time he felt his cock which was already erect begin to throb even more and he realized his daughter seemed to be staring at his crotch.

Blushing Mark began to back quickly out of the bathroom and close the door but suddenly the door stopped as he felt someone pulling on it from the other side.

"Anything else daddy?" Becky asked. "I really need to help get this syrup out of Jeremy clothes before it ruins them."

"No, No I have some work to do." Mark stammered. "You two hurry up in there though and try and be quiet while I work please." Mark said as he firmly finished closing the door while his cock started to throb even harder.

"Ok daddy we'll probably be another 20 minutes or so." Becky said.

With that Mark walked back to his desk and sat down and proceeded to adjust his erection.

Turning to his computer he logged on to get him email he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of his son covered in syrup and then he began to read the reports and check the DNA samples that Dan had sent him and suddenly after about 20 minutes he noticed a pattern.

All of the reports were coming from the parents of children who had received their PAGV treatment when it was first released.

As he went further into the reports he saw more and more it was reports of parents claiming to be sexually excited towards their children and there were some other scattered reports of the children having glowing red eyes.

Suddenly he heard a noise what sounded like moaning come from his office bathroom.

Rising to investigate he began to walk towards the bathroom and then he slowly opened the door and saw that his daughter was on her hands and knees and sucking his 16 year old sons throbbing teenage cock.

He stood for a minute in shock while he watched his daughters lips suckling his sons pulsing cock and suddenly his son moaned and he heard him whimper "OH god, please stop Becky I'm gonna cum" and then Mark watched as his daughter reached around and thrust finger up her baby brothers ass causing Jeremy to suddenly whimper as his buttocks clenched as he violently spewed his cum into his sisters sweet sucking mouth.

Becky worked fast to swallow her baby brothers cum load with each pulse of his cock, once, twice, three, four and finally five large pulses of hot sticking cum shot down her throat and as she finished swallowing her brothers semen she suddenly became aware that someone was watching and that the someone was her father.

Becky pulled away from her brother quickly and as she did a small tiny sliver of her brothers semen dripped down her face from her mouth.

"I can explain daddy." she said as soon as she finished swallowing the remains of her brothers semen. "I was just showing Jeremy what Todd showed me last week."

"What do you mean you were showing him what Todd showed you?" Demanded Mark while at the same time he could not help but think how hot she had looked while sucking her brother off.

With that Mark recalled all the reports he read and it fell together that somehow the PAGV was involved in this.

Before his daughter could reply Mark turned and rushed over to the video phone to call Dan back and let him know but he was stopped just as he reached over to dial by his daughters hands.

"Daddy please don't be angry." she said. " We didn't mean any harm and don't be angry at Todd either please daddy."

Mark stiffened as he felt his naked daughter rubbing her lithe body against him as she said that and before he could reply she said.

"Please, let me make it up to you and show you everything that Todd and me did."

With that she slid down to her knees and he felt her grasping his throbbing erection through his pants and watched with an open mouth as she sunk down before him while at the same time she unzipped him and reached into his pants to pull his cock out into the air.

She then lovely took her lips and sucked the head of her fathers cock into her hot moist mouth and moaned as she had the first taste of his erect penis enter her.

Mark gasped and closed his eyes as he felt her tiny mouth moving over his twitching tool and then gasped again as he felt one of her hands stroke his balls.

As he felt the orgasm build he began to thrust into his pretty daughters mouth and then heard another voice say "Hey dad, got room for two?"

As Mark looked up he saw the voice was that of Jeremy still naked and his cock was erect and pulsing again even after having just had sex with his own sister and that Jeremys eyes were glowing red and the smell of cinnamon was in the air and with that Marks orgasm began and he grasped his daughters head and shot his hot sticky load into his daughters mouth.

Pulse after pulse of semen shot from his penis and exploded into Becky's mouth which was sucking and nibbling him to extremes of pleasure and as the last salty burst of cream was ejected he saw his own sons hand reach out and stroke his own cock which was hard again.

As the orgasm passed Mark slowly leaned back against his desk and sank down on his knees to the floor gasping for each breath after what had just happened with him and his daughter.

Before he could say anything he heard her say.

"Daddy, will you fuck me now."

"God yes, anything pumpkin."

"Goody, take me from behind please Daddy." she said.

With that Becky turned away from her father and got on all fours and raised her skirt over her ass while spreading her legs apart for her father and Mark saw his daughters lovely little slit slowly appear with its erect tiny clit and its dripping wet center and he was amazed at how pretty it looked.

Mark unable to resist bent over and took his tongue and gently licked open her folds and then gently licked her clit which caused Becky to stiffen up and gasp and moaning she began rocking back and forth while her father licked her causing her to whimper and pant with rising lust.

Suddenly she felt something strange near her ass and then whatever it was slowly began entering her anus.

Gulping air she looked back and saw that it was her fathers thumb and he was pushing into her ass and closing her eyes she had the first of many orgasms with her father as he assaulted her pussy with his tongue and her ass with his thumb.

Mark for his part smiled as he felt his daughters cunt spasming and tightening around his tongue while at the same time his thumb kept drilling into her tight ass and her cunt tightened and clenched around his tongue as she orgasmed again and again.

Suddenly unable to wait any longer he removed his tongue and grasping her hips he took his throbbing cock and placed the tip against her tiny wet cunt and thrust inside. Becky feeling her fathers veiny cock wedge its way inside whimpered suddenly and moaning begged her father. "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me."

Mark then proceeded to do just that, he thrust his hard cock inside her again and again with his balls slapping her clit each time he thrust inside her causing her to whimper and moan as she began to orgasm on her fathers cock. Jeremy not wanting to be left out of the action walked around his sister and got to his knees and fed his cock into her mouth again and as father and son ravaged her Beckys mind exploded into orgasm once more. As he thrust into his greedy daughters pussy Mark found himself worrying about pulling out before he shot inside her because of the risk of her getting pregnant but it was to late as his orgasm suddenly hit like a ton of bricks and overcome he was unable to think of anything else except the pleasure of his cock as he shot inside his daughter. Finally, his orgasm over he pulled out and watched as his semen poured out of his daughter tiny slit onto the floor and then panting he collapsed next to his daughter while she continued to suck her brothers cock to another explosive orgasm. Finally collecting himself Mark managed to say while he panted for breath "Honey we best get dressed as your mother might come in at any minute."

Becky licking her lips as she finished swallowing her brothers cum grinned and said with a twinkle in her eye."You forget Todd is helping her with cleaning up the syrup."

"What does that have to do with anything." Mark said.

"Who's idea do you think this was?" Becky grinned.

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