The Knight and the Acolyte Book 3: Barbaric Passion
Prologue: The Haunted Barbarian

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: The Haunted Barbarian - Knight-Errant Angela and Acolyte Sophia continue on their quest into the dangerous orc lands. But a threat thought defeated will haunt their journey.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   High Fantasy   Paranormal   BDSM   Light Bond   Swinging   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Lactation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Analingus   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Violent  

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Thrak – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

The wind was cold. I barely felt it rippling across my scarred, red-brown skin. My greataxe lay across my lap, the twin, crescent blades glinting in the light. I stared at my wife's grave. A year and I could still hear her sweet laughter and see her lithe, human figure. Nine years she had been my wife, living in the tribal lands, adopting to our culture.

She made a better orc wife than many women of my tribe.

"The tribe is moving on," Bruk said from behind me.

I did not answer my brother. He led the Red Eyes now. I had lost the tribes leadership when I let our rivals, the Ghost Wolves, kidnap, rape, and murder my wife. No orc who couldn't protect his woman could protect the tribe. I could have fought the change in leadership, but everything had been ash then.

It still was.

My younger brother led the tribe. He was a fine leader, I suppose. I barely paid any attention. The last year was a fog. Serisia was gone. What was the point?

"Thrak?" Bruk growled. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me. I didn't fight. His swarthy face loomed over me. His eyes were a lighter shade of red than mine, blood-red to my dark crimson. His hair was cut short and thickly curled into a woolly mass. Bone ear spreaders and a nose plug made his face even fiercer. "When will you stop weeping over that human whore?"

A snarl escaped my lips. The rage burned inside me. I grabbed my brother's hand and threw it off. I rose, my greataxe gripped in one hand, the muscles of my body rippling. I was taller than my brother, bigger, the largest orc of the Red Eye Tribe. My brother stared at me with defiance, goading me.

Did he want me to rage?

The last time I had, thirty Ghost Wolves died—men, women, children. They had despoiled and murdered my sweet Serisia, and I had paid them back thirtyfold. I put the entire camp to death before my rage burned out.

I hated the bloodlust. Every orc boy dreamed of being a berserker, of letting the madness of battle so consume them that they lost all fear. But it wasn't only fear lost in the rage, but compassion. I hated that emptiness. There was a part of me that acutely remembered every moment of every rage and all the countless deaths I had wreaked.

"What do you want, Bruk?" I growled, fighting the darkness. "Speak, before your words give more offense."

Bruk spat. "We move to the spring pastures. Will you help your people? Or will you continue your pathetic vigil?"

"The tribe does not need me." Bitterness curdled my words. "You lead them. You protect them. I couldn't protect her. I can't protect the tribe!" My hands tightened on my ax. "Leave, brother, before you awaken me."

My brother hesitated, his eyes widened. He was no berserker, but he had seen my rages. "Fine. Waste your life grieving for that human—"

I snarled and lifted my ax. I fought against the rage. My wife was no whore. She was a fighter, a warrior in female form. She was fearless, her skin as fair as milk, and hair long and straight, flowing behind her like brown silk. She wouldn't want me to kill my brother, and probably half my tribe, by surrendering to the rage. But if my brother called her whore again, I would cleave his head from his shoulders.

My brother fled. He always was a coward.

I snarled, my hand gripping my ax. I wanted to swing it. I wanted to hew. I wanted my wife back. I turned and sat down before her grave, forcing myself back to calm. Killing wouldn't do any good. It wouldn't make me feel better. Nothing could replace the hole in my chest.

Now, that isn't true, Serisia whispered.

Her ghost appeared beside me in a kilt of ochre, red, and black, her breasts naked like an orc woman, her pink nipples pierced by bone. Other bone piercings adorned her ears, eyebrows, and nose. Other than her skin and delicate features of her face, she could have been an orc woman. Her spirit leaned against me, my skin tingling where her incorporeal, translucent form touched me.

I knew she wasn't real. I knew I had to be mad. But I spent so much time staring at her grave because she would appear to me here. Every day it grew harder to move from this spot. Only the necessities of living drove me away, and then I would always return with whatever flowers I could find. The stone cairn that marked her passing was dotted with petals.

You will find a way to live again, she whispered.

I believed she was a manifestation of my subconscious, the part of me that wanted to live and kept me from slipping into death. It was a strange phenomenon. But knowing she wasn't real didn't keep my heart from believing.

She pressed against my side, leaning her head on my shoulder, her brown eyes meeting mine. You need to stay. You can't go with them.

"I won't leave you," I told her. In the beginning, I could, but it grew harder and harder every time I left.

You will leave here, but not with them. She is coming to heal you.


I found her. She is what you need. You have my blessing to live. I want you to be happy.

"I can't leave here. I can't leave you."

Serisia touched my chest above my heart. I won't leave you. I'll be with you. I'm in here. But don't worry, you'll like her. She's fearless and intelligent.

"Who is?"

Just wait. She'll come. She'll make you happy again, my love. That's all I want.

"Why do you keep me alive?" I asked, tears burning down my cheeks. "I could join you. A flick of my dagger, and then I would be happy with you."

Because you are needed.

Her hand stroked down my chest to my kilt and passed beneath it to caress my cock. I groaned as her incorporeal hand stroked me. Tingles ran up my cock as her cold hand touched me. The fuzzy electricity swelled my shaft until I tented the front of my kilt.

"What are you doing?" I groaned.

I need your cum to leave this place, she whispered.

"A phantom?" I groaned. Did that make her real? Her touch was delicious, stimulating, and more than a figment of my imagination. I leaned back and let out a growl as she stroked me faster. "But ... that will change you."

Do you trust me?

I wasn't even sure she was real. But phantoms were dangerous. All the stories told of the dangers of spirits ingesting cum or pussy juices. It would make them able to manifest corporeally, to interact with the world. But they were monsters and killers. They would haunt the people they loved in life, hurt them. Kill them.

"I ... I trust you," I groaned. "But..."

I would never hurt you, Serisia smiled as she lowered her lips. I want to be with you as long as possible. And then I'll wait for you and her.

"Her?" I growled. "You want to share me?"

Your heart is bigger than any orc or human, she answered. You can love us both.

Serisia's mouth opened. Her lips passed through the fabric of my kilt to engulf my cock. Her mouth bobbed, phasing through the kilt as she went lower, then appearing as she rose up. My cock throbbed in her mouth, the tip aching.

Her hands massaged my balls, spreading the fuzzy tingles. My hand reached out, fingering her round breast and playing with the bone piercings. I twisted them and she moaned in delight about my cock.

"Serisia," I gasped. "My love. I missed this. I miss you so much."

Her tongue slid around the tip of my cock. Everywhere she touched sent sparks of electricity shooting down to my balls. My hand tightened on her breast. Her spirit was cold, but felt so real, just like I remembered her.

I closed my eyes and imagined she was alive and loving me. I let out more growls of pleasure as she worked more and more of my thick cock down her mouth. The tip pressed on the back of her mouth, and she swallowed, my shaft sliding down her throat.

Serisia hummed, just the way she always would when deep-throating me.

"What a woman," I growled. "You are more orc than any of the cunts of my tribe."

Her fingers tightened on my balls, shooting pain up through my cock. I savored the pain. I was a warrior. I was bred to drink pain and suffering, drinking it like a mother's milk. It was my nourishment.

My cock throbbed in her mouth. My balls tightened. I hadn't enjoyed another since Serisia's death. My balls were backed up. I couldn't last much longer. Her mouth was too sweet. My hand pulled hard on her nipple, giving her pain.

Serisia screamed in delight around my cock. The humming vibrations caressed my cock. I growled and erupted my cum down her throat and straight into her stomach. She vanished, my hand suddenly holding nothing.

"Serisia?" I gasped.

Oh, yes, she whispered in my mind.

Serisia flickered back into reality. Her hands seized my kilt and lifted it. A smile crossed her lips as she uncovered my cock. She grasped it. My cock didn't tingle with electricity like before. Her touch was still cold, but was also more real.

I touched her breasts again, squeezing them as she mounted me. My cock throbbed hard. I was an orc warrior. I could love my woman all night. Our lips met in a kiss. She felt so real in my arms even though I could see through her body.

I held my phantom wife as she mounted me. Her pussy slid down my rigid cock. I growled in delight as she engulfed me. My hands slid around to squeeze her ass. I could see my large hands through her body. I could even see my cock buried in the depths of her pussy.

Thrak, she moaned. I missed this. You will make her so happy.

"Why?" I growled as I lifted her weightless body up my cock, her tight pussy gripping to my thick shaft. "I don't need her. I have you again."

Sadness entered her eyes. I can't stay like this forever. You've bought us some time. Time for me to help you out one last time before I wait for you and her in paradise.

"I don't want to lose you again," I growled as she worked her pussy up and down my shaft, moving faster.

Life is so cruel, she groaned. But I promise you. We will be together in the next life.

Her lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes and savored her small mouth as we kissed. Her pierced nipples rubbed against my chest as she humped faster and faster against me. My fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass.

It was so wonderful to be in her again. The ecstasy of this moment filled me. I growled as she slammed down my cock. Even if it was just for a little while, I would savor every moment I had with the woman who owned my heart.

"Thrak!" she moaned, her pussy tightening on my cock. Her head tossed back as the pleasure spilled through her. "Oh, how I missed this."

My hands tightened on her ass. My dick throbbed in her depths. Already, I was about to cum. I held it off, gritting my teeth as her ass flexed beneath my hand. Her pussy tightened about my cock as she drew it up.

"You're so thick," she panted. "You always stretch my pussy out until it hurts. I love it!"

Serisia slammed down my body. Her hips undulated, grinding her clit into my groin the way she loved to do. Her eyes rolled back as her body spasmed. Her pussy convulsed about my cock, milking my sperm.

The spirit of my wife came atop me, her translucent flesh becoming opaque, almost alive.

"Thrak!" she moaned and hugged me. My balls tightened. "Cum in me. I always loved it when you came in me."

"Yes," I growled.

Our bodies heaved together as her orgasm writhed through her. I couldn't fight off my pleasure. My cum erupted into her pussy. The pleasure pulsed through my body. I held her tight, her hard, pierced nipples and soft breasts on my chest, her hair spilled over my shoulder as she gasped and shuddered.

My pleasure reached its peak as the last blast of cum flooded into her. Then it was gone.

I fell back on the grass and she lay atop me. I wasn't mad. My wife's spirit was real. I closed my eyes and waited for this new woman to appear.

How could I ever love her as much as Serisia?

Lady Delilah – Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi

I smiled as I sat on the fence, stroking my red hair, and watched Angela fight the abomination made of corpses. She danced with such grace as she flowed through her forms. She was handling the dark warlock's attacks well. It was wise of her to seek out Gewin's priest and receive the God of War's blessing.

I needed to go back to Shesax and reign in King Edward. He was not following my plan. Sending a dark warlock to kill Angela would only let her know she had an enemy. The king was such a foolish, young man. I should spank him the next time I see him.

I watched the descendant of the lilies and heir to the High King fight with grace.

Edward had every right to fear her.

Pride crossed my lips. I had guided Angela, subtly nudging her into the knighthood. I had watched her blossom into a woman. My heart beat wildly in my chest. Her beauty had captivated me even when she was a coltish fourteen.

I knew then Angela was the woman I loved.

I slipped off the fence post. I couldn't remain around here. It would not do for Angela to see me. I touched the pendant around my throat. It was a triune set of amulets, each attuned to the others. The second hung around Angela's neck, and the foolish Edward had given the third to the warlock so the foul man could hunt Angela down.

Yes, I was most displeased with his majesty.

I strode down the road, my fingers clenching. He needed to learn his place.

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! The Simulacrum – Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi

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