The Personal Assistant
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Uncle, Niece, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was not the sort of job she wanted. But it was early days and she might be able to make a shift later on when the time was right.

Greta Hamilton never pictured that she would be reduced to a glorified "gopher" girl for some quasi-celebrity because she had spent so much time and effort to prepare for the world of high finance in a well-paying executive position.

Her parents were delighted with her grades in her under-graduate degree and the fact she had graduated from The Wharton School of Business with a post-graduate business degree should have opened doors for her everywhere. Unfortunately, she had the misfortune of looking for employment at a time when experienced people with years of experience were fighting to hold onto their positions and willing to take pay cuts and less perks just to remain employed. The unlucky ones just gave up entirely and took their unemployment checks and acted like it was paid vacation instead of a catastrophe.

She had a huge debt to pay off for her student loans and she really wanted to move out of the family home into a small apartment to have the privacy she needed for social activities.

"Social Activities!"

She knew that was a fancy way of saying she wanted to get laid so badly that she was willing to give the UPS man with the cute shorts a shot at a three pointer on an afternoon when she was the only one at home to receive her mother's new towels. She managed to restrain her urges and made a quick trip to the shower to cool down her emotions. That incident decided her that she needed to get away from the nest sooner rather than later.

It was a full six months after endless job searching that she realized the only paycheck she would be getting would be from a mostly tips food service job or working a cash register at "The Gap" trying to ignore the rudeness of the bossy female supervisors and the indecisiveness of shoppers who were shopping for things they didn't need and probably couldn't afford themselves. She did have an offer of a teaching job at the local neighborhood pre-school but the pay was a pittance because she didn't have a teaching credential like most of the other older teachers with little understanding of the business world or pertinent details of life outside the sphere of five-year olds.

Of course, her concerned parents urged her to consider the position since it was a lot more respectable than working in a restaurant or a retail store in service to the general public.

Greta had never suspected she would be reduced to tears over her inability to find suitable employment. She finally reached a point where she started to spend her mornings in the local Health Club exercising on the machines to trim excess fat cells from her already shapely body. When she started to lose too much weight, she started to eat the protein shakes that the owners were pushing for all of their customers to help create new muscle tissue and eliminate all unnecessary fat from the body.

Most of the customers were middle-aged males but there was a sprinkling of female femme fatales that strategically bent over and exercised in close proximity to the ogling eyes of the jaded clientele.

Greta minded her own business when she was exercising and she didn't mind the fumbling efforts of the mostly married men to offer her advice on her exercise routine. She knew they were probably just fooling around because she was obviously available and wore no wedding ring on her finger.

The assistant manager Candy was the wife of the owner and she offered Greta a job passing out the towels and spotting the clients on the lift machines set to manual operation. It paid a lot better than the pre-school teaching job or the service jobs in retail trade.

When Candy told her that she would have to wear the Health Club uniform she was a bit concerned because it was so skimpy and was cut up high over her buttocks just covering her backside crack and leaving her heart-shaped flanks completely naked to the interested view of all the male customers. She knew some of the female clients were interested as well but deep inside she knew she didn't swing that way and it didn't bother her at all. In fact, she was happy that other people thought she had an attractive body and she made no attempt to dissuade any of them from "accidently" touching her with casual familiarity if they felt the need to communicate with physical touch.

She started to train as a masseuse under the tutoring of the little Japanese woman that had more experience in the manipulation of human flesh than any of the younger girls. Those pretty little things just pretended to be relaxation experts but they used the process to bring the bored males to the edge of a "happy ending" with restrained promise of future abandon. Sometimes, that would result in a fat tip but there was no requirement to do so and they could also be disappointed by the response.

Greta hesitated to actually touch the males in their private regions but the Japanese woman showed her the power of leverage and lubrication and she soon was granting pleasure to males in a way that helped her to achieve her own hidden release and she was able to lose all her inhibitions about such matters without the loss of any of her deep-seated self-pride and shell of dignity.

One of the regulars at the Club was a tall muscular man by the name of Mister Cliff that always asked for Greta to give him a "rub-down" after a workout and she enjoyed giving him a head to toe job that usually included a juicy "happy ending" with anticipated regularity. She never looked for a tip with Mister Cliff because in all honesty Greta felt she was getting more out of it than he received but she was far too shy to admit it.

She was eating her banana and date snack at mid-morning when Mister Cliff approached her and sat down at the small round table next to the vending machines. Most of the machines held healthy things like fruit or protein bars and the drinks were sugar free and plain water for the calorie-conscious clients.

"I see you know the best things to put into your flat little tummy, Greta, that stuff is pure gold for the metabolic system."

Greta hadn't spoken more than a few words with Mister Cliff and had only recently discovered his real name was Clifford Gilmore and that he owned a family business that employed hundreds of people just across the river in the Industrial Park. She had been surprised because she had seen his former wife Nancy Gilmore at her church sitting right in front of her parents with her four children lined up like bowling pins right beside her. She wondered what the beautiful mature Nancy would think of her ex-husband's long joy-stick being serviced by Greta on numerous occasions with joyful manipulations by her talented fingers and well-lubricated palms.

"I try to keep as trim as possible, sir, because the boss likes us to be sort of role models for the clients at all times."

Cliff laughed and sipped at his cold water just extracted from the nearby machine.

"I can see you like your job here Greta but I would like to offer you a place on my staff as my "PA", my personal assistant. It will be a live in position at the town residence which is only a short distance from the plant on Kennedy Street."

Greta was a bit taken aback because she didn't even know what being a "personal assistant" entailed. She really liked the idea that she would receive the perk of room and board at the luxury suite in the building that was totally owned by the Gilmore family trust and that she would finally have the privacy that she so desperately needed away from her inquisitive family members. She didn't think she was a bad girl with the special brand of massage therapy that she practiced on her middle-aged clientele but in the back of her head she knew it was time she had a more healthy relationship with a proper bed-mate finally making her a woman in fact as well as appearance.

Obviously, Mister Cliff was expecting her to continue her massage duties in her new job description but she had no problem with that since he was single once again after his divorce from his wife of almost twenty years. She didn't have to contend with the feelings of guilt she sometimes felt when she knew the man she was bringing joy to was married with a wife and kids at home and that it was not morally correct to act in such a manner in modern society.

Mister Cliff was single and he was offering her a chance to learn about the business world because she would be his representative in setting up meetings and conferences related to the business. She would learn about the inner workings of different departments in the construction business and she would meet other businessmen with varying perspectives on making deals, mergers and methods of improving profits in a changing economic environment. It was right in her area of expertise and she could almost taste her desire to jump at the opportunity.

She peppered him with a few appropriate questions and then quickly accepted the position agreeing to a salary that far exceeded her expectations for an entry level job. Of course, she would be spending a fair amount of time each day helping to reduce Mister Cliff's stress levels but she considered that more of a perk than a duty and she held her hopes well-hidden that he might even wish to use her for more than just a helping hand when things got tight.

Greta moved into the penthouse on the first working day of the following month and she scheduled an early morning rub-down session for each workday morning and she set-up Saturday nights as the special "Hot-tub" night to take care of Mister Cliff's physical needs including taking care of his toe-nails and his finger-nails and even trimming of excess hair from his nose, ears and his pubic area in case he wanted to be on the top of his game for female companionship.

Within six months, Greta was promoted to the dual title of Personal Assistant/Executive Operations Manager and there was no longer any question about her business qualifications for the running of the family business as well as her duties in taking care of Mister Cliff's personal needs.

She knew for a fact that during that entire six month period, Mister Cliff had only had sexual relations one time and it was with a high-priced call girl from the Executive Escorts Service and she had made all the arrangement herself. She had hand-picked the girl from the description he gave and when the girl was ready for bedroom duty, she noticed that in actuality the girl looked almost exactly like herself and she began to wonder if Mister Cliff was trying to send her a subtle message about his expanded needs in private personal matters.

The next time he requested a similar service, she went through all the motions but instead of ordering a two thousand dollar special model for the evening, she simply dressed up in her Victoria's Secret red and black nightie and slid into Mister Cliff's bed with her eyes wide open watching his reaction to her service with a smile.

The weight of his body on top of her was wonderful to her entire system. She accepted his weight and did her best to twist and turn until he was fitted perfectly between her waiting legs. After that, it was a bit of a blur but she remembered the exact moment he entered her because it was the first time any man was actually inside her in such a familiar way. She had already lost all inhibitions and simply wrapped her legs around him pulling him in tightly making sure he would not leave her until the deed was done and she was a woman in the eyes of the world.

She knew he was surprised to find her a virgin but she felt no remorse at not telling him. She had been concerned that if he knew, he might not have wanted to risk the actual taking of her unwanted cherry and she would be forced to scheme until she found someone in a mood to start her training on the road to lust and love, not necessarily in that order.

Greta was really on Top of the World with her new position but late at night when she was alone in bed she vowed in secrecy that she would never allow her emotions to rule her actions and that she would be as professional a Personal Assistant as she could possibly be.

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