Sex Slave to My Brother
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, First,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenage girl finds BDSM porn on her brothers computer. Curious she tries to tie herself up. And then her brothers finds her!

"Fuck!" I screamed with frustration as my laptop crashed for like the umpteenth time this afternoon. "How the fuck am I supposed to get any homework done?"

I had a history paper due tomorrow and like usual I had waited to the last minute to work on it and now was paying the price. I had lost my whole paper twice now and had to rewrite over again. I was at my wits end. The only recourse I had was to go use my brother's computer. Ben hated it when I used his things but I couldn't see any other choice if I wanted to finish this paper. And I had to finish it, as it was like half my grade in the class.

I went down the hall to my brother's room and knocked on the door. I didn't hear a response, so I slowly opened the door, hoping Ben wasn't in his room and just not answering me. Thank god he wasn't and I could sneak in some time on his computer. I made my way through the mess on his floor to the desk with his computer on it. I cleared off some old coke cans around the keyboard and sat down to do some work. I hit the mouse to wake it up and as the screen turned on I got the shock of my life.

The web browser was open and on the last page my brother had visited. And there on the screen was a fantasy picture of a naked woman tied up with rope. Her arms were tied to her knees and she was spread wide open and you could almost see up her slit into her pussy. "Shit!" I cried out in disgust. "What the fuck is my brother into?"

I quickly closed the page and opened a fresh one so I could do my homework. But over the next half-hour or so my mind kept wandering back to that picture of the naked woman tied up. And then somehow I found myself going through his bookmarks looking for what else he had saved. I came across a bookmark for Tumblr and clicked on it and up popped the page I had seen earlier.

I found myself disgusted all over again but yet I couldn't close the page. I think it was the look of pure bliss on the girls face, as if she was experiencing the best orgasm of her life, which compelled me to scroll down the page to see what other pictures popped up. Image after image of naked women filled the screen. Each one of a naked girl tied up in some compromising position.

I found these pictures disturbing and yet I couldn't look away. Worse I was finding myself strangely aroused by them. My hand seemed to make its way between my legs and under my skirt its own accord and I found my panties were damp with excitement. I absentmindedly began to stroke myself.

As I continued to scroll down the pictures got stranger and stranger; pictures of girl who were held captive in handcuffs and in other bizarre metal instruments that I had no idea what they were, pictures of girls preforming strange and dirty acts with other girls, and much worse things.

I found myself stroking my slit faster and harder. Soon enough I found that my panties were in the way of what I really wanted and quickly slipped them aside. As my fingers dipped into my aching slit, I was surprised at how wet I was. I couldn't believe that I was so turned on by seeing all these naked picture of women tied up.

One of pictures that I found most intriguing was the one of the woman with rope wrapped around her breast forming a bra like harness. It also seemed to be popular, as a majority of the women in the pictures were wearing one and most of the seemed to relish it. As I slid my finger up and down my slit, sending tingles of mixed desire and awe through my body I began to picture myself tied up in the situations I saw these women in.

And then I came across a stick figure diagram of how to tie the breast harness. Instantly I knew I had to try it out. I had been wondering about the rope I had seen strewn about my brother's room, and now realized I could use them to try out the harness. I quickly stripped off my tank top, my breasts bouncing free as I did; there was no way I was going to try this with my shirt on. I knew I wanted the feel of the rope pressed up against my breasts without anything in-between. My breasts were very sensitive and I loved to play with them when I masturbate and knew from others things I rubbed across my nipples, that that the rope would feel amazing against my bare skin.

I found a piece of black rope that looked long enough for what I wanted to do. Following the instructions as best I could, I started by folding the rope in half and lining the loop up in the center of my back. I pulled the rope around to the front of me, lining it up under the curve of my breasts, before wrapping it behind me. I threaded it through the loop and pulled on it, tugging it tight against my skin. I then wrapped it back in front in me, lining it up under the rope running under my breasts and then behind my back again. There I threaded it through the loop again and pulled it snug.

Even just this small bit of rope wrapped around my body felt exquisite. So I continued tying myself up. I pulled the rope back in front of me this time wrapping the rope over the top of my breasts, before looping it behind me and back through the weave of rope on my back. I pulled the rope snug before wrapping the rope around front and over the top of my breasts again. I had to take a deep breath before continuing, the rope felt so wonderful that it was getting hard to concentrate on finishing. The only way I was able to go on was the thought that it would feel all that much more delightful when finished.

I wrapped the rope through the loop in back and up over my left shoulder. I weaved the rope down through the wraps of rope in-between my two breasts and back up through them, and finally back over my right shoulder. I looped the rope through the loops already behind my back and pulled it tight. The loop running around the ropes in-between my breast was pulled tight, delightfully pinching my breasts. I sighed in happy contentment as I tied off the rope.

I looked at myself in the mirror hanging on my brother's closet door. I looked stunningly sexy wearing my short skirt and a rope harness around my perky breasts. I don't think my boobs ever looked so good, slightly pinched and framed by the black rope. I knew my nipples had never been as hard and prominent as they were right now. And I finally understood why all the women in the picture on my brother's computer looked so thrilled in their bondage.

I noticed some more rope lying on the floor and figure if the harness was so wonderful that even more rope would double my pleasure. Remembering the pictures of the women who had their legs encased by rope, I set out to do the same. I picked up another piece of the black rope and sat down on my brother's bed. I folded the rope in half and looped it around my left ankle. I pulled the end through the loop securing the rope around my ankle. Then I slowly began to wrap my legs together. Strand after strand I looped about my legs, working my way up my calves to my knees.

I stopped to try to move my legs but they were trapped together. The rope felt so sensual encasing my legs as I strained against it. Though my legs were already bound together in a wonderfully erotic sensation and I still had a lot of rope left. I continued running the rope up my legs, relishing the feel of the soft rope hugging my skin. My arousal grew as each strand was laid down right next to the one below it. As I reached my mid thighs I became disappointed to realize the rope was almost out and I couldn't go any higher up my legs. So I looped the ends of the rope around the strands in-between my legs, pulling the rope tight before tying it off.

I now couldn't spread my legs even a millimeter and that was so exciting. I realized that I must look exactly like one of the girls in my brother's pictures. Well almost anyway, I still had use of my hands and then I felt this overwhelming desire to know what it felt like to have them tied behind me and be completely helpless. I reach off the bed and grabbed a third piece of rope and folded it in half. Then I wrapped it around my left wrist and looped the ends through like I did with my ankles. I placed both hands behind my back and tried to loop the rope around my arms like I had with my legs. But it was too tough. I was able to get one loop around my wrists but not a second one, nor could I get them tight. I struggled over and over to tie my arms but I found I was unable to get the feeling I sought. I could loop the rope but not tie it off. I kind of half got it once but the tie wasn't strong enough and when I pulled on the ropes they loosened immediately.

I was feeling disappointed that I couldn't fully tie myself up and was just about to give up when I found the answer to my problem. The answer lay in a glimmering silver metal pair of handcuffs I just happened to see sitting on top my brother's dresser. Of course they were on the other side of the room but I knew that I had to get them. And as I didn't want to untie my legs my only option was to hobble over there.

I eased my legs off the bed and gently stood up. I had to catch myself as my balance was completely thrown off by the wrap around my legs. As I didn't have any play in the rope at all, I couldn't take a step. I couldn't even shuffle my feet, which I found out the hard way when I fell over. Luckily I fell onto the bed.

I stood back up determined to reach the handcuffs. The only way forward that I could think was to try to hop there. So I took a small experimental hop forward. I think I only moved two or three inches and I had to windmill my arms to prevent myself from falling over again. I took another hop forward, maybe three inches, but this time I was better able to keep my balance. With each hop I took my confidence grew and I was able to hop farther and faster. I somehow managed not to fall, though I did have a couple close calls but overall it was a highly erotic experience. I could feel my breast bounce, being pinched by the rope with each step. The rope around my legs shifted and shimmied over my skin, caressing my legs and sending tingles of excitement throughout me.

I finally made it over to the dresser and with a triumphant cry I picked up the handcuffs. Yes, now I would be able to completely make myself helpless. I turned and worked my way back to the bed. A few hops later, I was getting good at this, I collapsed from exhaustion onto my brother's bed. After laying there for a few moments and dreaming about the final outcome, I finally stopping panting.

I sat up and took the handcuffs and secured one band around my left wrist. Then I placed both hands behind my back and with a loud clank, I secured the second cuff around my right wrist.

Oh god I had done it! Completely made myself helpless. I pulled on my restraints relishing the feel of being securely tied up. It was one of the most erotic and satisfying experience of my short life. I felt so aroused and horny laying there half naked on my brothers bed. And to top it off there was no way I was going to get out of this without the key.

Oh shit!

The key!

I began to panic struggling against my binds. Where was the key? I couldn't get out without it. I had to find it. The rope around my legs was rubbing against my skin and the metal cuffs were digging into my wrist. And as terrified as I was, the panic only seemed to make it that much more exciting for me. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, my breath racing. The ropes around my breast wonderfully bit into them as they heave back and forth. I was trapped! And I was loving it!

I don't know how long I lay there struggling, even knowing I had no hope of escape. But I didn't want to be found out my brother. Which the longer I lay there the more of a possibility that became. I knew he would be so mad at me. He didn't like my using his things let alone be in his room. Most importantly though, I didn't want to be caught half naked by my brother. I couldn't imagine how embarrassing it would be to be found this way. Here I was tied up, practically caught red handed. And I did it to myself.

I finally managed to calm myself a tiny bit. I needed to find that key. I managed to sit up and slip my legs off the bed and then stand up. I tried to hop over to the dresser where I found the cuffs, hoping the key was there. I found it much harder this time with my hands tied behind me as I didn't have them to help keep my balance. In my haste, I fell a couple times, landing painfully on my butt. But each time I manage to stand back up and continue. I needed that key!

But there was no key!

It was a weirdly conflicted feeling, here I finally managed to reach the dresser and there wasn't a key in sight. Fuck, where's the key?

It was strangely arousing and terrifying. I was trapped! No way to escape.

Ok, I need to think. I had to find that key. Tied up I couldn't even open the drawers to see if the key was in them. There was no way I could search the entirety of my brother's room. What was I going to do?

I was panting from the struggle and exhausted. I knew needed to sit down soon. Actually I could go lie in the bed and rest as I try to figure out what to do. I turned and began to hop back to the bed. It was slow going. I looked up and it felt like someone had moved the bed another twenty feet farther away. With each hop, I found I had to struggle harder and harder to stay standing and prevent myself from toppling over. Each hop got smaller and smaller, the bed farther and farther away.

But then somehow the bed magically seemed to appear right in front of me. I had made it. I collapsed onto the safe comfortable mattress.

I just laid there, my breasts heaving with each breath. The soft bed was relaxing me and my panic receded. As tired as I was, the rope and handcuffs still felt wonderfully erotic around my body. I probably got too comfortable because my heart lurched in my chest as I suddenly heard my brother cry out, "What the fuck!"

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