THE Harem Tales 1: The Times They Are A Changing
Chapter 1: Roadside Encounter

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Roadside Encounter - The Sa'arm have landed on Earth. People and even the Confederacy must change and adapt. This is Michael's story, set in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle universe. If you haven't read previous stories, you'll miss some of this story's precepts and some excellent tales. Notes: This is not a sex manual, but there is explicit sex. Town and business names are real, the attributes and people are fiction. Rape and sexual violence take place off camera.

I never expected to end up with three wives. This is how it happened.

It was a snowy Friday in winter. I had just buried my mother some three days before and was heading back to Georgia - traveling from her home in the Black Hills. The back of my AWD Sienna was filled with 'stuff' willed to me when Dad died a few years back, and a few family items Mom wanted me to have.

Included in Dad's legacy were several rifles and pistols, hundreds of rounds of ammo for each, field glasses, two 60's era army down-filled sleeping bags, camping gear, two old metal canteens with web belts, fishing tackle, you know, 'stuff.'

Why two sets? Dad and I did a lot of camping when I was growing up. We liked to target shoot, but neither of us were hunters. Fishing was our game.

Now I have to confess, some of that 'stuff' was mine - stowed with Dad while I was transferred around during a four and a half years stint in the Army Signal Corps. I acquired a bum left knee in an auto accident, and the Army decided I was no longer soldier material. I wasn't fast, but I could still walk forever...

I guess that I should also confess that some of Dad's weapons had been 'liberated' and were not legal for civilians to own. Among them were two Vietnam Era M-16s and an M-14 with an automatic fire selector switch. Mine now. Where the hell was I going to keep them? No doubt but that I was...

So here I was, slowly tooling through the Black Hills, approaching Needles Highway. On this stretch, the snow was somewhere between three and four inches deep and slowly falling in large fluffy flakes. I was already regretting my decision to travel on, and now I had to pee.

There are not exactly a lot of public restrooms in that area - and damned few facilities of any kind open long after tourist season ended. There were other complications, and we'll get to them.

I was looking for a wide spot to pull over, when I rounded a curve and found one. Two cars occupied the pullover - one had slewed off the road into a ditch, and the second was close behind it, blocking it from the road. Both were covered with a couple of inches of snow, and the tire tracks and some footprints were mostly covered.

I parked and called out to see if anyone would respond. With no answer, I loosed my hose and let fly into the ditch beside the road. I was zipping up when I heard screaming from the nearby trees, and a dark-haired woman ran out towards the second car.

She was sobbing and gasping, and tears and snot were running down her cheeks. She was dressed in jeans, a ripped flannel shirt, and one walking shoe.

"Over here," I called, and she halted to turn towards me.

"They're killing him!" she sobbed. "Please help us."

"I'll try," I replied, "but I need to know what's going on."

"Two men," she gasped out, "back in the woods - maybe a half mile. We stopped to help when we saw their car skidded off the road there, and they pulled big knives and forced us to go with them. There is a cabin back there, and they stripped off my jacket and were going to rape me.

"Jack broke loose and kicked one between the legs. The other guy clubbed him down, and they tied him to a tree. They were torturing him with a big knife. I broke loose and ran back here. He may be dead by now."

I put my arm around her and opened the door to my still running and quite toasty minivan. She needed to get warm.

"Do you have a coat and boots in your car?" I asked while I pulled out my cell phone and found I actually had three bars. 'Thank you Verizon.' I called 911.

The shivering woman nodded in answer, and I held up my hand when a shaky voice came on the phone. "State your name and nature of your emergency."

I identified myself. "I'm just north of the Needles Highway, and a lady stopped me for help. She says two men were trying to rape her and kill her companion." Then I read her the coordinates from my GPS.

"I'll try to get someone up there, but there's a lot going on right now," replied the shaky voice.

"I'm going to check it out," I told her. "I'm turning down the phone volume so I can move quietly. Tell the police to look for a white Sienna and two other cars off the west side of the road. I plan to disable my Sienna and cover some weapons in it that I don't want found. There's snow, so there should be a trail to follow us."

All this while I opened the Sienna's rear hatch where I keep a winter emergency kit. In it I already had water, a medical kit, energy bars, a poncho, and a blanket. I threw in lots of ammunition, then I donned a shoulder-holster, loaded my Glock, and slipped on my Lands' End down parka and a knit hat. Gloves and two ski masks went into my pockets. I preferred to have the Glock outside my coat, but I wanted it to stay warm. Over the coat, I belted a canteen and hunting knife.

While working, I called forward to my new companion. "You probably heard, I'm Michael, and you are?"

"Rachel Smythe and my husband is Jack. What are we going to do? He needs help!"

I responded, "We'll go to find him. You'll have to come show me, or I'd have you stay here and wait. Can you handle a gun?"

"Yes - pistol and rifle," was her answer.

"Then go get dressed while I get us armed. Be sure to put on dry socks before you put on your boots."

For Rachel, I set up another Glock and two extra magazines. I was uncasing and loading the two 'liberated' M-16s when Rachel rounded the vehicle, and her eyes went wide. "Holy shit! Those are the old M16A1. Are the cartridges that old or more recent?"


Once armed, we went to the Smythe's car, and I quickly removed the rotor from the distributor cap. Then I moved the Sienna away from the two cars and a short way down the road, locked it, and disabled it too.

All this might seem excessive, but it was freezing and snowing. I wasn't about to have us launch into the woods without the minimum needed to survive to make it back to the cars. AND, I wanted them there if we could return.

Plus, there were still weapons in my vehicle that I did not want in the hands of thugs.

All in all, the preparations probably took a little more than five or six minutes, but I now felt we could handle whatever we found.

As we started into the woods, I apologized to Rachel and explained my reasoning for the delay. I was surprised when she said, "I really have little hope that Jack is alive, or I would have been pushing you. BUT I have to be sure, and even more, I have to see this through."

What a lady!

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