Wives and Daughters Swap Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Blackmail, Coercion, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hypnosis, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Rough, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark Taylor runs into an old college roommate that entices him to join a very private club, one where a powerful hypnotic drug is used on each wife and daughter.

Mark Taylor was at the mall with his fifteen-year-old daughter, Sarah, when they ran into Tim Miller, Marks’s old friend and roommate from college. They talked for a while and the whole time Tim kept eyeing Sarah; while she was looking in shop windows, he was checking out her tight little ass. Mark had to admit he couldn’t blame him because she was wearing a pair of tight jeans, which showed off her well-formed ass and the little spread between her legs.

Sarah’s bra-covered breasts were pushing out against her light blue blouse. Sometimes she would catch men staring at her, their eyes would travel from her breasts to the area between her legs, then back to her breasts. It was so embarrassing, but she tried to ignore them. Sarah knew most men liked girls with large breasts and hers were embarrassingly large for a fifteen-year-old. It was something her mother had warned her about, because she had had the same problem growing up. As did her mother before her.

Even at fifteen, Sarah was a hot little number. Taking after her mother, Sarah developed early; her breasts were the largest of all the other girls in her class. The older boys were always hitting on her and asking her for a date, even though they knew her parents were strict on her. Sarah wasn’t allowed to date until she turned sixteen, the next year. Sarah had beautiful, kind of dark, long red hair that reached down almost to her ass. Her complexion was perfect, no freckles and a very cute face that featured pretty green eyes.

Tim was thinking how much he’d like to fuck Mark’s young daughter. He was amazed how developed she was when Mark said she was only fifteen. Tim hadn’t seen Mark in years and, after seeing his daughter, he wondered what his wife looked like. If her daughter was any indication, she must be one hot piece of ass. Tim was curious because Mark was always a little shy at picking up girls. He, however, never had a problem fucking the one’s Tim brought to their dorm room. They had shared a few girls during their college years.

Mark knew what was on Tim’s mind; he would like to take his young daughter down and shove his hard cock in her tight little pussy. He wondered if Tim still used his old tricks of drugging a girl to get what he wanted from her, if she didn’t give it up willingly. Mark certainly couldn’t complain because he had gotten far more pussy being Tim’s wingman than he ever would have otherwise. The fact that Tim drugged most of the girls they fucked didn’t bother him. If the little bitches were stupid enough to let some guy slip them drugs, they deserved to have their hot little pussies fucked.

The two men talked on for a little while longer, but before they departed, Tim asked Mark if he would drop by his house Saturday. Said his wife would be gone all weekend and it would give them a chance to catch up on old times. What Tim didn’t tell Mark was he had a sixteen-year-old stepdaughter that would be there; he wanted that to be a surprise. Mark said he’d love to stop by and catch up on old times, asking, “How about ten o’clock?” Tim told Mark that would be great and gave Mark his address and then shook hands and left.

Without being too conspicuous, Mark looked back in the reflection from the store windows as he and Sarah walked away. Tim was definitely watching Sarah’s tight little ass as she walked. Knowing Tim wasn’t beyond slipping drugs in an unsuspecting girl’s drink, he was just wondering if he would do it to Sarah, and it he did, what he’d do. He had to admit he’d had thoughts about fucking his beautiful young sexy daughter, but had never acted on them. Besides, his wife Cheryl would kill him if she ever caught him fucking their daughter. She was extremely protective of Sarah.

Mark and Time had a history of teaming up on girls that started back in college; there was this one hot little seventeen-year-old freshman, a cute little blonde named Lisa Mathers, which Tim somehow managed to talk into going out with him. By the time, Tim got Lisa to his and Mark’s dorm room she was so high she could hardly walk. Tim picked her up, carried over to his bed, and laid her on it. Lisa was mumbling something about she shouldn’t be there, and needed to go to her dorm. Tim told the sexy little blonde she just needed to rest, that he and his roommate would take care of her. It was the first time young Lisa had ever been away from home and away from her parent’s control. She had no idea what she was letting herself in for by accepting the date with Tim.

Lisa was on Tim’s bed, he was laying half on top of her with his leg across hers. She was telling him she wasn’t that kind of girl and needed to go to her dorm. Mark could tell from her slurred speech and the fact she wasn’t doing a good job of fighting Tim off, he was going to have his way with her. He already had her top completely open, her bra undone and pushed up sucking on her nipples. By then she’d stopped complaining and telling Tim to quit, and was just moaning as he took her blouse and bra off completely and dropped them on the floor.

Mark watched Tim slide his hand under Lisa’s little skirt while sucking on her hard nipples. He worked her panties off her ass, and then looked over at Mark, motioned for him to slide them down her legs and off her feet. Mark eased over slowly so he wouldn’t startle Lisa as she was still struggling a little. He got hold of Lisa’s panties and eased them down her legs and off. The cute little blonde was now nude except for her little skirt.

Tim eased off the bed, and started taking off his clothes. Lisa tried to get up; but was so high on the drug Tim gave her that she just couldn’t make her body function. As soon as Tim got naked, he spread Lisa’s legs and climbed on top of the cute little blonde. Mark watched Tim line up his hard cock with Lisa’s tight little hole. With her short skirt bunched up around her waist, Tim pushed the head of his cock into her tight virgin pussy. Lisa’s legs jerked.

“NO! Take it out! You’re hurting me! I’ve never...” Lisa said, in a whimpering slur as she started to struggle a little harder.

Tim put his mouth over hers to keep her quiet, and then pulled back with his hips and shoved hard into her tight little hole, completely imbedding his cock in her previously unused pussy.

“O God ... No!” Lisa said, in a crying slur, as her legs kick up on both sides of Tim’s body as he rammed his hard cock into her tight little cunt.

Tim really started fucking her with long hard strokes; she moaned and groaned every time he slammed into her hot pussy. The shock of having Tim fucking her made her a little more coherent. She was begging him not to go inside her, but Tim paid no attention to her pleading. He just kept fucking her tight little hole until he unloaded all his cum in her. She just lay there whimpering as he slipped his softening cock out of her.

“She’s all yours now,” Tim said, as he climbed off the bed.

Mark already had his clothes off and was stroking his cock, hard from watching the little blonde being fucked. He went over to the bed, grabbed hold of her little skirt and worked it off her ass, sliding it down her legs and off, leaving her completely nude. Mark looked Lisa in the eye as he crawled on top of her. Big tears filled the young teen’s eyes as she felt the weight of Mark’s naked body on her.

“Please ... not again,” Lisa cried softly, more coherent as Mark shoved his hard cock in her still tight little hole.

Already well lubricated with Tim’s cum, it didn’t hurt her as much this time when she was penetrated. Mark started fucking Lisa with long hard stokes. It wasn’t long before Mark was adding his cum to her pussy. The cute little blonde just laid there and took it. Lisa had concluded, even in her drugged foggy mind, there was nothing she could do to stop them. As soon as Mark got off Lisa, Tim climbed back on top of her and fucked her again. When Tim got through with the cute little blonde the second time, Mark took another ride on her hot sexy teen body before they let her rest and sleep that night.

Being the last one to fuck her that night, Mark was the one that had to sleep with her. It was almost noon when Mark woke up, the little blonde was still asleep beside him. Tim was asleep on the other bed. Mark was afraid Lisa would wake up, take her clothes, and run out the door; so he hid them from her. Mark had been up a little while when Lisa woke up. She sat up in bed looking around, undoubtedly trying to figure out where she was, and then jumped up and ran naked to the bathroom. Lisa had been in the bathroom a long time when finally she opened the door slightly.

“Please can I have my clothes?” Lisa in a soft pleading voice asked, from behind the door.

Tim was awake by then, and told her to come out and they’d talk about it.

“Please just give me my clothes,” she responded. Then after begging for a while, Lisa gave in and came out holding a towel in front of her.

Mark and Tim thought it somewhat funny, being that they both had spent the night fucking her. They had already seen everything she had to offer.

“Now can I have my clothes?” Lisa pleaded.

Tim was still naked lying on Mark’s bed. They had fucked Lisa on Tim’s bed and Mark, being the last one that fucked her, he just fell asleep along with Lisa on Tim’s bed.

“Please, I just wanna, go to my dorm room,” Lisa begged, with tears in her eyes.

Tim told her to lose the towel then. Reluctantly Lisa turned loose of the towel, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her standing there totally nude.

The two boys were admiring how beautiful Lisa was standing there stark naked in front of them. Her firm teen breasts stood nicely on her chest. Her nipples were hard and sticking out, from the cool air in the room. She had a nice little patch of soft blonde hair on her pussy that was neatly trimmed so she could wear her bikini without it showing.

“Please, I just want my clothes,” the cute little seventeen-year-old begged.

Tim was lying there stroking his cock, as he looked Lisa in the eye and asked, “What are you willing to do to get them?”

Tears were starting to roll down her cheeks. Defeated she asked, “What do I have to do?”

Tim sat up on the side of the bed and spread his legs, stroking his cock the whole time, he said, “I want that hot little mouth on my cock.”

Reluctantly, the young blonde walked over to Tim. Then with tears running down her pretty face, she dropped to her knees between Tim’s legs. Lisa lowered her hot mouth on his hard cock and commenced to give him a blowjob. It wasn’t the cute little blonde’s first blowjob; she had sucked her boyfriend’s cock back home a few times. After refusing to let him fuck her, he’d convinced her that if she loved him, she could satisfy him in other ways. Lisa would suck on his hard cock until he was ready to cum, and then she’d finish him off with her hand. She never let him cum in her mouth.

Mark was lying on the other bed watching the cute little blonde’s head go up and down as Tim’s cock was disappearing in Lisa’s mouth on each stroke. He was still nude from fucking Lisa last. Then the thought occurred to him, he needed to be getting this on video. Mark jumped up, grabbed his video camera, and started filming Lisa’s performance. By then Tim was ready to go in Lisa’s mouth, he reached out and held her head down. When he started to cum in her hot little mouth, she tried to shake her head “No,” but Tim continued to hold her hot mouth on his cock.

The cute little blonde was gagging and choking, her cheeks bulged out. Some of Tim’s cum was leaking out of Lisa’s mouth, as he forced her to swallow the rest. Mark got it all on video, even close-ups of the cum leaking out of her mouth.

After Tim turned loose of Lisa’s head and let his softening cock slip from her mouth, she stood up and asked “Now! Can I please have my clothes?”

Mark had sat back down after recording Lisa’s blowjob performance. Tim looked over at him and smiled. Then he told Lisa she had one more cock to suck, before she could have her clothes back. Mark was stroking his already hard cock. With tears still running down her pretty face the cute little blonde went over to Mark and got on her knees. Lisa looked up at Mark with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Suck it,” Mark told her, as he reached out and ran his fingers though her soft blonde hair.

The very attractive seventeen-year-old slid her hot mouth on Mark’s cock and sucked him until he exploded in her mouth. Lisa choked and gagged, but managed to swallow his cum also. Tim had picked up the video camera and recorded her sucking his roommate off. Lisa kept begging them to let her go, but they made her fuck each one of them again before they gave back her clothes. They each took a video of the other fucking Lisa’s hot sexy little body.

When Tim gave Lisa back her clothes, Mark made her put them on in front them, while he videoed her getting dressed. After Lisa got her clothes back on, Tim told her, if she didn’t come back next weekend, he’d send the videos to her parents. He’d put them on the internet so all her friends could see them. He told her, he was sure her parents would love to see what their daughter was learning at college, and the wonderful education she was getting.

Tim asked her if she wanted her parents and friends back home, to know just what kind of little slut she’d turned into after leaving home. Crying, Lisa said she’d do what he wanted; just don’t show the videos to anyone. Tim blackmailed Lisa into spending many of her weekends in their dorm room. Tim played Lisa’s boyfriend. He would pick her up for a date, and then bring her to the dorm so they both could fuck her.

The attractive little blonde always begged them not to make her do the immoral things they were forcing her to do, but because of Tim’s threats, she always gave in and let them have their way with her.

Mrs. Harris, Lisa’s mother had cautioned her beautiful daughter to be careful and not put herself into situations she would later regret. She’d told her daughter she was going to be away from home and around many college boys that only had one thing on their mind; to get between her legs.

The seventeen-year-old had promised her mother she’d be careful, and had reminded her, she had managed to stay a virgin all though high school. Lisa knew she could never let her parents see the videos of her nude, performing all the disgusting acts with Tim and Mark, so she unwillingly let them use her. They fucked the attractive little blonde for the rest of the semester.

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