Help, My Fiancée's a Nymphomaniac!
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Mark Gander

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ben Markowitz already seemed to have it made, with a sassy, kinky Bosnian girlfriend and the likely prospect of swinging soon. That was when his Welsh friend texted him, desperate for help, as he couldn't satisfy his fiery Latin lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Workplace   Incest   Cousins   BDSM   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Menstrual Play   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Nudism  

The text from my best friend Jasper was only one word, but that word spoke volumes about his sheer desperation to me.

"Help!" Jasper wrote me.

It was classic Jasper, of course. He hated to ask for help, but when he was in enough of a bind, he kept it short and simple. A Welshman with a sort of friendly roguishness and uncouthness to him at times, he reminded me of an 18th century highwayman type, to be honest. This was rather funny, given that he was actually a deputy sheriff and thus very much on the right side of the law.

"What's wrong?" I texted back, truly puzzled as to what could bother my buddy so much, so close to his wedding day.

"I learned something about Connie that has me rather shaken up and in need of a drastic solution, Ben," he responded.

"What has she done?" I asked him, point-blank now.

"She confessed a few things to me, in the interest of honesty and fairness, and I'm a bit stunned, to put it mildly. I am still bloody well shocked by this," he answered me, which really got me going.

"Okay, meet me at Nigel's in fifteen, if you can. Can you?" I replied.

"Very well, but Connie's coming along for the trip, since this is about her and me. I have an idea, but it's rather extreme, and while she is on board with it, I want both of you present when it's broached. You ought to get Tamara for this one, too," he announced cryptically.

"Why does my girlfriend need to tag along, exactly?" I demanded to know.

"Just trust me. I'm your mate, remember? Now, get off your arse and take Tamara with you. I don't care if you're snogging or shagging. It's not bollocks, I swear," he promised, so I woke up Tamara, who was on the rag right then, so frankly hated it when I disturbed her rest ... she went from saucy to cranky to downright mean at times during her period.

"What's the matter?" Tamara snapped, and as always, instantly regretted it, "Sorry, I was just having a hell of a good dream. It was you, me ... and Daniel Craig. We were ... you know ... having a threesome."

"That dream again, huh? Well, in my dreams, Eva Green sometimes joins us and sometimes it's just her, you, and me. Sometimes... , well, you get the idea, babe. Don't act so shocked. We've talked about threesomes, gang-bangs," I started to say.

"And reverse gang-bangs, lest we forget," Tamara winked as she interrupted me.

"And orgies, anyway, and at times, you bring it up before I do!" I resumed, adding, "Anyway, Jasper needs us to meet Connie and him ... urgently. Nigel's, 15 minutes, I told him, so let's get hopping, okay, bunny?"

"Yeah, well, if I'm your bunny, I deserve to get fucked like one tonight, especially for you getting me up from such a hot, sexy dream!" Tamara griped.

"But you're ... well, you know," I observed.

"Bloody and rare down there? I know. That's another thing that I'd like to change between us, since we're talking of relationships and sex," she complained as we got dressed in a rush.

"What is?" I asked her as we got to my truck.

"No sex on the rag. That's fucked-up! I'm horny all month long, dear ... it doesn't stop because I'm on my monthly! Hell, half the time it's worse!" Tamara declared, much to my surprise.

"Holy smokes, that explains a lot! Well, we can discuss that after we meet with Jasper and Connie. Whatever it is, it must be pretty serious for him to send me a desperate cry for help by text!" I coughed, not sure how to take this news.

"Yeah, well, I hope that he realizes what a good friend you are, when I've killed you with a heart attack after riding you to death all night long! Oh, look at that face ... you think that I'm kidding ... oh, no, Mister ... you and I are getting it on tonight!" Tamara warned me with a very sassy grin on her face.

"Is that before or after I spank your cute booty for being such a sass?" I had an evil gleam in my eye as we walked into Nigel's.

"Promise? Because if my butt's not bruised by the end of the night, I'll never let you live it down!" Tamara taunted me, knowing how to get my goat.

"Oh, you're getting it now, missy! Here's a little preview," I slapped her ass to make my point as we sat down ... in full view of Jasper and Connie, both of whom cracked up with belly laughs when they saw it.

"Well, we now know a little something new about the private sex life of Ben Markowitz and Tamara Dragovic, haven't we?" Jasper gave me more grief.

"Yeah, yeah, speaking of which ... private lives, what's such an emergency that you wake up the bloody monster at eleven fucking thirty on a Thursday night, anyway?" I probed now, prompting a slight and playful poke in the ribs from Tamara.

"Okay, I will cut to the chase, then. Connie admitted to me today that she is a diagnosed and declared nymphomaniac. I mean that in all seriousness. She has a medical condition which produces an insatiable libido ... sex drive in layman terms. I feared something like this when we first met, but back then we both hoped to control it. She needs more sex than I can give her and she doesn't want to cheat on me by having secret extramarital affairs," Jasper informed me abruptly.

"So ... you're going to give her permission to sleep with other people? Since you have trouble keeping up, is this one-sided, or will the extra help be enough to allow you the same ... how do I put this ... liberties? Or, more to the point, do you even want the same rights or are you content to be faithful while she satisfies these needs? I'm not saying this to judge you. I just want to make sure that, a year or two down the road, you're not crying into your beer about how you've been mistreated, cuckolded, or what have you.

"Connie has never struck me as unfair ... you know that I don't see you that way, Connie ... otherwise, you would never have come clean with Jasper, I do believe. However, one does not have to be objectively wronged to feel misused ... to feel betrayed, humiliated, etc. The biggest question, though, is what does this have to do, not only with me, but with Tamara? You wanted us both here for this, so I'm all ears. What about you, Tamara?" I naturally pried further.

"Very much all ears. I'm listening intently, on the edge of my seat on this one, baby," my girlfriend assured me, and she showed every sign of being attentive, in fact.

"Okay ... I need you to fuck Connie ... and not just once or twice. This would be a very regular thing. Since you're dating Tamara, however, this affects her as well as you, me, and Connie. Hence why I want her here ... I need her blessing for this, so it doesn't harm your relationship. So ... what do you guys think? Is this okay or should I ask someone else ... not that there is anyone I trust more than you," Jasper declared, much to my astonishment.

"Alright ... so ... you want Ben here, my dear, loving boyfriend, your best mate for how long now ... to have sexual relations with your fiancee? Wow ... that's just ... damn! That's ... hot!" Tamara exclaimed, which wasn't shocking to me so much as it was to Jasper and Connie, "However, I have one condition for my approval. Just one."

"Very well, I'm definitely listening," I perked up.

"Me, too," Jasper was curious.

"Hit us with it, Tamara," Connie showed her interest by speaking up at last ... she had been strangely silent this whole time.

"Very well ... look, Ben is a great boyfriend, make no mistake, but he's very squeamish about one of my fetishes. I don't blame him. It's not for everyone. However, if I could get that itch scratched without troubling him to do it ... it would suit both of us. Everybody wins," Tamara was a bit evasive, but I could sense where this was headed.

"Which kink?" Jasper wanted to know for sure.

"Bloody sex. Dipping into the red stream ... sex during my menstrual period. Don't worry ... I'm not asking you to earn your red wings or anything like that. It's just that ... Ben has a hang-up about fucking during that time of the month ... which is often when I need it most. So ... if I agree to this sharing business, I want one of you two ... you can decide which one ... maybe both of you ... to do something to pleasure me during that month, whenever Ben would otherwise feel pressure to do it and frankly wouldn't always get it up for me due to how gross it can be.

"You can do straight-up fucking, strap-on sex, oral, whichever combo or technique you feel most comfortable with ... even the red wings, but only if you WANT to do that ... during that time. Since Ben is pinch-hitting for Jasper at times, it's only right to ask one or both of you to return the favor. That's what friends do, right? Help each other out?" Tamara stunned the couple with that proposition.

"Well, Jasper ... papi, we are asking a lot of them. It's only fair to Ben and Tamara to do something for them, too. I mean, I don't mind doing my part, but for this, well ... papi, you need to step up to the plate, too. It's only three to seven days a month, and then you can take it easy if you prefer, but ... I'm ready to do my part and it would only be right and fair to ask you to pitch in, too.

"Besides, you deserve some strange booty, too, even if your needs are fewer. That's the only part of this that hasn't sat well with me, the fear that you would somehow feel that you're still obligated to be faithful because your sex drive isn't as great as mine. With Ben assisting you ... you'll be able to do so much more than before ... don't you think?

"If you're helping Tamara out, there's no reason to feel that you're cheating on me ... you're just showing gratitude, being a good friend, and repaying their kindness, right?" Connie encouraged her fiance, my best friend.

"Well, when you put it that way," Jasper blushed a little as his lovely Cuban lady began stroking his package through his pants, "What are we doing with Tamara ... I mean, what are you doing ... are we going to do the same stuff to her, you and me? What do you want me to do to her?"

"Papi, I'm about to spread my legs for your best friend, okay? We're a bit past petty jealousies, alright? Do whatever feels right to you ... just be sure to do it right and satisfy her needs, pick up the slack for Ben as he is doing for you. I know you, papi ... I know what you want to do to Tamara, what any healthy, red-blooded guy would want to do to her. Just do it, okay? If Ben is helping you satisfy me, it's only right for us to help him satisfy his girlfriend. You're just letting your concern for my feelings and social mores get the best of you. They're helping us, well, turnabout is fair play and we should help them as well," Consuela "Connie" Ramos encouraged her fiance.

"Very well, then. I happen to be on the rag tonight, in fact. So ... how about a little swap? Jasper with me, Connie with Ben. Deal?" Tamara proposed, looking very naughty indeed, "By the way, I still want my spanking from Ben later tonight. Over the knee, bare-bottom, of course. With his hands. No feeling is more sensual than a good, old-fashioned, bare-bottom, bare hands, over the knee spanking by an older guy, and Ben is a decade older than me, thank God!"

"Oh, is that how you feel about it?" I turned to my kinky girlfriend, "You like that and you want to share me with Connie ... for how many years ... how is it that I haven't proposed to you again? Marry me, you saucy little slut!"

"Is that an order?" Tamara licked her lips.

"Hell, yes!" I got rather assertive as we downed another pint each and chowed down on the appetizers ... in my case, fried calamari with cocktail sauce.

"In that case, it's about time ... and, God, yes! Can I ask two favors, though?" Tamara answered with enough heat to melt lead and enough tongue to supply a butcher.

"Go ahead. I'm curious as to what my future bride wants from me," I felt my cock reach full stiffness by now.

"That if Jasper and Connie tire of us, we find a new couple for this kind of thing ... and that we write our own damn vows," Tamara urged me intently.

"Fair enough. Though I doubt that we need to worry about them doing that," I grinned.

"Hell, no! I can't predict the future, but I have trouble picturing myself giving up his cock, if it looks like it's shaping up to be," Connie pointed saucily to my rigid boner.

"Oh, sweetie, I can't describe to you how fine this cock is ... you simply have to try it for yourself to understand it," Tamara assured her while lighting up to smoke.

"I admit that I'm looking forward to eating that bloody quim of yours, now that I have Connie's blessing for it. You don't mind if I rim you, too, do you? I've wanted to lick that arse of yours ever since we met," Jasper confessed in front of all of us ... no secrets between us anymore.

"Honey, red town or brown town ... it's all yours to go to town tonight," Tamara promised him with a wink, her sexy Bosnian accent more pronounced when mixed with the smoky sound from her cigarette ... so far, quitting was easier said than done for one with her culture's attitude about smoking.

It wasn't much longer before we all settled up, and given how hammered we were, Jasper suggested a motel room for the night near the pub, often used for people hooking up from the place. We were soon all tearing off each other's clothes, and I found myself making out hungrily with Connie, while Tamara did the same with Jasper, her tongue wrestling with his as well.

We were soon fully engaged in our swap, my tongue sliding downward to Connie's wonderful tits as I licked her entire bosom ... and then it reached her belly, followed by her clit. As I continued to tease this luscious Latina, I noticed that Jasper's face was buried in Tamara's shaved and gory twat, her thighs wrapped around his neck to hold him in place, while she began panting, moaning, and sighing ... all clear signs of imminent climax with her. I took it a little slower, but soon Connie showed every indication that she was beyond the point of no return as well as I ate her out to successive mini-orgasms.

When both women collapsed, I looked over at Jasper and Tamara before sliding my cock into Connie's sweet slit from behind, fucking her bareback as it was already known how much she hated condoms. Tamara soon had Jasper on his back, riding him like it was nobody's business, also bareback ... as if by mutual understanding, we have silently agreed to trust each other that way. Before we knew it, both couples were engaged in a sort of synchronized rhythm that caused hips to move as just the right pace of strokes and cocks to reach deeper inside delectable cunts.

We each fucked for several more minutes, my dick plowing Connie good and hard while Tamara continued to straddle and use Jasper for her own pleasure. However, neither woman could hold back the excitement from strange cock inside them for long, and it wasn't much longer until they both came feverishly before collapsing on our pricks. Jasper couldn't resist at all after that and shot his load damn near close to my fiancee's womb. The realization that we had at least partly opened up our relationships ... both of them, was simply too much excitement to ignore, and I spilled my seed into Connie's soaking wet twat.

"Tamara, baby, you were so fucking right! I wouldn't believe how great it was with Ben until now ... thank you for sharing him! I hope that you enjoyed Jasper, too. Ready for me to clean you up? I am ready for my red wings, that's for sure ... I'll gladly devour you to thank you for being so generous with your man's fine rod," Connie offered, but didn't get a chance to say much more before Tamara pushed her head downward.

"Less talking ... more licking. Now, whose cock do I get to suck?" Tamara turned to me and began answering her own query with her soft, slick lips on my dick.

When Jasper parted Tamara's cheeks to begin rimming her, she lost all self-control and came in a series of wild orgasms that just seized her body and shook it like a tornado. Once I was nice and hard, she let go of my cock from her mouth and watched lustfully as I began fucking Connie furiously while the sultry Cuban babe continued to eat her out.

"Well, baby, maybe I should get examined for nymphomania, too," Tamara teased me as I fucked Connie roughly and pushed her face deeper into her bloody gash.

"Nympho or not, you're more than holding your own, honey. I'm looking forward to many good years of hot swapping and swinging orgies, how about you?" I chuckled as she guided Jasper back into her twat.

"Just try and stop me ... Master," Tamara blew me a kiss while I kept plundering Connie and Jasper pounded her good and rough...

When Connie and Jasper heard Tamara call me her Master, they came almost instantly in turn, as I erupted inside the former squeezing snatch and the latter filled my fiancee with another round of spunk. There was only one thing left to do, and before she could pretend to object, I had Tamara over my knees, spanking her sweet ass for being such a naughty little minx. Then again, she was MY slut, wasn't she, just as Connie was Jasper's slut, too ... Judging from the giggles as well as whimpers, and the juices flowing onto my thighs from between hers, she had been desperately craving this discipline all day long, possibly longer.

Sharing two women with my best friend ... one of them his fiancee and the other mine (also my little fucktoy, of course) ... and sometimes seeing them pleasure each other ... hell, yeah, a guy could get used to this!

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