Fun at Old Folks Home: Fiction by David
Chapter 1

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Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - More of David's sordid imagination!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

One of the problems working at the bank was the number of old people with accounts who couldn't visit the branch.

We had three particular customers who were all in an old peoples home, normally David would visit them once a year, but he was busy and asked if I would go in his place this time.

I rang the home and made an appointment to see the three old gentlemen. Dave, Tom and Jeff.

The following afternoon I arrived at the home at 2.30 pm and was met by the Matron and taken to a small private room where I was introduced to the old men.

The Matron then left and I sat at a chair by a desk at the front of the room. Dave and Tom sat on a large sofa and Jeff in a separate armchair.

I was dressed in a grey skirt and blouse, copper coloured stockings, red bra, knickers and suspender belt and a pair of dark red shoes with decent sized heels.

As I sat down Tom cheekily said that this was a pleasant change to have some totty as opposed to the miserable David!

They all laughed at this and I said don't be naughty!

Tom replied that they could be very naughty and everyone laughed again.

With the ice broken I started to tell them all about the new investment opportunities at the bank. I was siting cross legged but my skirt was still well down so there was nothing for them on show, although my skirt was extremely tight on my thighs so the outline of my suspenders was visible.

As I carried on talking I noticed Tom nudge Dave and he quietly whispered something to him.

I asked them if there was a problem?

Tom blurted out, "None at all love, but you've got sussies on. I can tell."

Again they laughed and I could feel myself blushing.

Subconciously I crossed my legs again, this time my skirt rode up a bit so there was some leg on show.

I noticed that they were all undressing me with their eyes. Prior to that I hadn't thought anything, now I realised that I had three 70 year old codgers wanting to fuck me silly!

My head wanted none of it, as usual though my fanny let me down, my cunt was already getting wet.

As I carried on I was getting more and more turned on and as a result kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, by now my stocking tops were on show and I could see all three had bulges in their trousers.

Jeff had the proverbial tent pole in his trousers and was openly rubbing his knob through his trousers.

My cunt was now on fire as I uncrossed my legs and sat with my legs slightly apart, they could all see my knickers now and I hoped they could see the bulge of my fanny.

I really wanted to pull my skirt up around my waist and lift my legs in the air, spread them wide open as I pulled my knickers to one side so they could see my fucking gaping hole and then wank myself off in front of these old men.

I wanted them to rub their knobs and balls all over my face, lick my cunt and arse, dp my every wet hole.

I would do anything, I wanted a spunk fest. I wanted to be plastered with their filthy hot spunk.

Tom then said to me, "Come and sit here love."

He and David made a space so that I could sit between them.

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