Wimp Husband Ken
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wannabe cuck with a hotwife gets in over his head after fantasizing online.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   MaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Cream Pie  

Ken's heart was racing. He couldn't believe he had let this happen. The other cars were flying past the windows in a blur as he bolted home. The text was still running through his head, like a gong had been rung. How had it gone this far? What was he going to do?

Over a year earlier Ken had been browsing the cuckold fantasy sites as he was now prone to do at least 4 times a week, pretty much whenever he could get a moment alone when Sarah wasn't home. Sarah was pretty, not a knockout, but certainly not hard to look at. Her brown hair hung down to her shoulders, with streaks of natural blonde highlights where they had soaked up the sun. His frustration wasn't with her looks, or even the extra weight she had now compared to when they met in high school. In fact, her 38 D tits were often the eye candy of most men in public, and some women, even though she wore modest clothing. No, his frustration was with her lack of libido. Ever since she had gone on birth control so they could stop hassling with condoms, her desire and libido had disappeared. It had become a real wedge between them. Sarah was nearly as frustrated as he was, offering to 'help him out' when he asked. But it was never very good. Her actions were robotic, no desire or need in them. He was always the one having to initiate. Even months after going off the pill, Sarah still wasn't interested. Eventually, Ken had started turning to porn. After some time on the generic sites, he had gotten into amateur videos. Homemade clips of real couples fucking, showing the girl liking it. Their eyes rolling back in their heads, begging for more. Ken realized what he was missing. He also realized something else. He was really getting into the videos that showed the woman taking charge, even ordering the man around. It was not long before he also realized when it came to penis size, he was nothing to talk about. At 5 inches hard, and thin, it was obvious to him compared to even the real men on the homemade videos, he was nothing impressive. What surprised him, was how much it turned him on to feel that humiliation. To know that he could never satisfy those women the way they were used to.

Eventually, he had naturally come to realize he was a wannabe cuck. His greatest desire was to watch his wife become a cock whore in front of him. Feeling the humiliation of watching her take another man into her. Begging for him to cum, to use her. The cuckold videos and stories led him to chat sites with other like-minded men. What came as a surprise, was that in these chat sites, the users weren't just cucks. There were Bulls there too.

One night, while doing his regular searching and browsing, Ken came across a chat site where cucks, wannabe cucks, and like-minded men were posting nude photos of their wives. His cock was hard at just the idea of sharing Sarah's photos. There had been a period about 2 years prior where she had allowed him to pose her and take photos in lingerie, nude, tied up, and even sucking his cock. He had used these to stroke to before turning to porn. The temptation was simply too great. The idea of other men seeing his wife naked had him leaking pre-cum just at the thought. Ken quickly edited several photos, cropping out Sarah's face, and posted one of his fat titted wife, for all to see.

This was the beginning of the end for him. It became his obsession, sharing her photos, restricting them for a long time, before finally sharing full nudes to a select few in private chat. Some would play the 'online bull' role, giving him instructions or humiliating him with degrading talk. This went on for months, Ken becoming more and more of a wimp wannabe cuck. Eventually he started to whisper some of his fantasies to Sarah when they would have sex, talking about multiple people situations. Then getting her to make fun of his small dick which always made him cum faster. Sarah began to notice this and actually started to get into it, realizing how much it turned her husband on. She would spit in Ken's mouth, talk about needing bigger cock. But Ken always returned to the online world where he was a wannabe cuck, sharing her pictures.

One night a new member was in the chatroom and started talking up Ken. He simply called himself YourBull. He was obviously a strong personality, taking charge almost right away. But his mood was playful, fun, and Ken was especially horny. He shared some of Sarah's most revealing photos, showing her face, large tits, and bald spread pussy, much sooner than he had before. But YourBull kept Ken engaged, kept him sharing, and turned on. For several days Ken went farther than he had ever before, sharing more than he had before, and he was cumming harder than he ever had before. Then, without notice, YourBull disappeared. Ken didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks. Disappointed, Ken decided to take a step back from the online presence he had created. He was becoming obsessed.

While at work a few days later, combing through the pile of insurance claims against the company he worked for, his phone chirped with a text message. He looked and saw a simple "Hello Ken" from a number he didn't recognize. Ken wasn't surprised by this, he often got many different texts from unrecognized numbers, being an insurance adjuster. Ken replied back "Hello. How can I help?" Ken waited for a reply and got one that made his heart stop. "I'm going to fuck your wife, while you watch." Ken stared at his phone in disbelief. Whoever this was either knew about his desires and fantasies, or was simply a prankster who had made an unbelievable guess. Ken quickly replied, "Ha ha. Who is this?". In response, he received a picture of his wife, fully nude, legs spread and holding her pussy open.

Ken almost threw up. The shock was almost too much. Another text came in. "Why don't you come on home, we'll talk this over." Ken's hands were shaking so bad he almost wasn't able to type out a response. "LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE!" It was fruitless though, he knew that. This man already knew his name, his phone number, and probably where he lived. As if in confirmation of his thoughts, another picture came through, of the front of his house. "Come home now Ken." Another chirp. "And keep in mind, if you don't come alone, all those pictures will go public." Ken stood up so fast his head spun with speed. He typed on his phone as he rushed for his car. "WHO IS THIS??!!" A heartbeat later, "I told you Ken, I'm YourBull. Get home now."

As he pulled into his neighborhood, Ken still wasn't sure what he was going to do. To his humiliation, despite the fear, his cock was rock hard. He turned onto his street and saw a red pickup that he didn't recognize parked in front of his house. He pulled into his driveway glancing at the truck. The driver was obscured by the glare of the sunlight, but Ken noted that the plates were from the neighboring state. Ken got out of his car, feeling like his legs were jello. The truck door opened, and a tall white man, several inches taller than Ken's 5 foot 11 inches, stepped out. He was not thin, but wouldn't be called overweight. He was just thick. He had a shaved head, with dark sunglasses. Beneath his dark t-shirt sleeves were several tattoos on both arms.

The man smiled at Ken, although it was probably closer to a leer. "Hello Ken. How's my cuck?"

Ken just stood there, unsure what to do, or what was going to happen next. He felt like he couldn't breathe.

"Why don't we take a little walk and talk Ken", said the man and started walking towards the back of Ken's house. Ken followed, his mind racing. "You see Ken," said the man, "After seeing your wife I simply couldn't not have her. She became my obsession, much as sharing her has become your obsession. I stroked to your wife's tits, pussy, and ass more than I have any other single woman. I decided I had to have her. Of course, with some free image search software, the information you shared, and a little luck, I was able to find her. She really is something."

"Please ... Please... " Ken said, already starting to beg.

"Stop. You are going to accept this is going to happen, whether you like it or not. Although, we both know you will." He said with a chuckle. "Here's what's going to happen. We are going to walk in together and you're going to introduce me as a friend you met online. You can call me Darren. You don't have to do anything else, except what I tell you. I will explain how it is going to be with Sarah." Ken's eyes were wide, and he was shaking again.

"NO! You can't!" Ken was practically yelling now.

"Enough!" Darren commanded. "I won't have this out of you. If you don't start cooperating now, I will leave, but her pictures and identity will be posted on every porn site I can find. And then I will email her the links."

Ken stood there, a feeling of complete loss of control and hopelessness overwhelming him.

"Now, what I need to hear from you right now, is Yes Sir."

Ken stared at the man for a full moment, racking his brain. Looking for an out. Finally his shoulders slumped, his eyes fell down to his feet. "Yes, Sir." He whispered.

"What was that?" Darren asked loudly, making his point.

Ken cleared his throat. "Yes, sir." Louder this time, feeling the last of his defiance leave him.

"Good! Now that you're a little more calmed down, why don't we go meet the lovely Sarah." Darren replied with a smile.

Ken walked into his home through the front door with Darren on his heels. He felt like a stranger in his own house, like this wasn't really happening. Sarah was at the kitchen table, paying bills it looked like. She immediately took in Darren as he was hard to miss, her eyes opening in surprise.

"OH! Ken, you didn't call and tell me we were going to have company." She said jumping up from the table. She was in one of her simple day sundresses that Ken liked so much. A little bit of cleavage showing, and quite a bit of leg.

"Sorry, sweetie. I didn't know until a few minutes ago." Ken said quietly.

Darren cleared his throat, signaling Ken. "Sarah," Ken said weakly, "This is Darren. He's a, friend, I met online."

Sarah smiled politely and held out her hand, Darren took it saying "You're even lovelier in person."

Sarah chuckled looking at Ken in confusion. "You guys play games together?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, you could say that." Darren said smiling at her. "Why don't we all have a seat so we can talk."

Ken sat next to his wife on the couch while Darren took the rocker across from them.

"Sarah, Ken and I have a few things to share with you. They are going to come as quite a surprise, but I need you to try to keep calm. Can you do that for me?" Darren wasn't wasting time. Ken could see the hunger in his eyes.

"Ummm ... sure..." Sarah replied skeptically. At the same time though, turning to Ken and whispering "What's going on?"

Before Ken could reply Darren answered in a commanding tone "Sarah, I need you to talk to me right now. Ignore Ken for a few minutes." Sarah just stared at him, like she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Sarah, for the past several months, your husband has been sharing nude photos of you with other men." Darren said this so completely out of the blue, that it took several seconds for it to register with Sarah.

"What!?" She shrieked. Sarah looked at her husband who was cowering next to her. "I don't' believe it!"

Darren calmly pulled out his phone, made a couple of quick taps, and an alarm was heard coming from the bar where Sarah's phone was. "Check your phone please Sarah." Darren said calmly.

Sarah jumped to her feet and grabbed her phone, screaming when she opened the text of several photos of her naked, and one even sucking her husband's cock.

"You bastard!" She screamed. Ken wasn't sure if she was talking to him or Darren, until she slapped him across the face.

"Now Sarah, there's no need for that." Darren said with a small smile on his face.

"Get out!" She shrieked, glaring at him.

"Sarah, you don't want to talk to me like that." Darren said cooly.

"Oh yeah?" Sarah replied, her voice choking with emotion.

"No, you don't." Ken could see the excitement in Darren's face. He was enjoying this. "You see, I haven't done anything with the photos of you naked except enjoy them myself ... yet." He added darkly.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, now a little more in control.

"I could have posted them, maybe even sold them. Certainly if you and Ken don't do what I tell you to do, I will. Your parents will get copies, your co-workers, your husbands co-workers. There won't be anybody you know that won't have seen you naked." Ken could see the reality of these words sink in. His wife's face drained of blood, turning a stark white with startlingly speed. "Sarah, sit back down, before you faint, please." Darren continued. Sarah looked around, as if she didn't realize she had been standing still. She slowly sank back down to the couch next to her husband.

"You see Sarah, your husband's biggest fantasy is for you to have a lover. He wants you to be pleasured by another man while he watches in subservience." Sarah glared at Ken, but didn't say anything. Darren beamed, "You already knew!".

"I had my suspicions." She said heatedly. "I never thought he would do this though. And if you think I'm doing anything with you, you're delusional."

"Oh Sarah, yes you are. Or like I said, everybody you know will see these pictures." Darren added, "But to be fair, and to have a little fun. Lets play a game. We will have Ken stand up and remove all his clothing." Ken hung his head in shame. "While he stands there, I'm simply going to talk. Let's say for 1 minute. If at the end of that minute your husband's little cock is not hard, I will disappear. You will never hear from me, and I will do nothing with the pictures I have. You have my word."

"Ooookkk..." Sarah said slowly. She was liking this idea. Lately, when Ken had wanted sex, it was difficult to get him hard to do anything. This could work in her favor well.

"But," Darren continued. "If he is hard, you and your husband are mine. To do with what I like. Agree?"

The question hung in the air like an axe, adding to the already tense atmosphere. Sarah looked at the man across from her, and then at her husband who was just sitting on the couch his head hanging. She thought as far around the problem as she could, but couldn't come up with another solution. "Fine." Sarah said in resignation.

"Wonderful!" Darren cried. "Ken, on your feet. Strip. Everything off."

Ken looked at his wife, trying to catch her eye. "Honey, I'm so..."

"Shut your fucking mouth Ken." Sarah said waspishly. "Do it."

Ken slowly stood and walked over in front of the T.V. He looked at his wife, trying to ignore Darren, and removed his clothes. He was grateful to see his cock had lost its previous enthusiasm. The nerves of the situation had affected him and his hard on apparently.

"Good boy Ken." Darren said when he was done.

To his horror, Ken felt his cock twitch at just being called a good boy.

"Ok, Sarah, would you like to watch the clock?" Darren asked nicely. Sarah nodded once, starting the stopwatch on her phone.

"Ken, I'm going to fuck your wife. After you fail here, you are going to remove her clothes so I can see her in the flesh." Darren started. Ken could feel the familiar desire and warmth flood his genitals. "You are going to watch while she gets on her knees and uses her mouth on my cock. And then, while you watch, I am going to bend her over the back of this couch and fuck her pussy. She will feel herself full like she never has with you. When my cock can't take anymore of her tight pussy, I'm going to fill her with my cum. And then cuck, you are going to clean us both up with your mouth."

Sarah looked up from the phone in her hand and gasped as she looked at Ken. He was harder than she had seen him in years. There was a drop of pre-cum poking out of the tip, and his dick was bouncing as it throbbed. The stopwatch beeped in her hand, as if signaling her doom.

"You sick pervert." She said to Ken, her voice full of venom.

"Oh, don't blame him Sarah. He simply knows you deserve better than he has to offer." Darren said, his voice thick himself. "Now Sarah, will you honor our agreement, or will this have to get unpleasant?"

Sarah stared at her husband, recognizing the sheepish way he wouldn't look at her. A realization struck her. He wanted this. He never would have arranged this, he was too much a wimp for that, but he wanted this to happen.

Sarah looked across to Darren and nodded quietly. Darren smiled, "Show me." He said simply. She looked at him with a question on her face, then realized what he wanted. Hadn't he just told Ken. Slowly she stood up and turned her back to Ken, staring at Darren. "Ken, remove her clothing." Darren commanded.

Ken's hands were shaking as he unzipped the loose dress from the back. He hesitated when he put his hands on his wife's shoulders, but her head dropped in shame as he pushed the dress from her body. She stood in her black bra and conservative panties in front of a total stranger.

"Good boy, cuck." Darren said. "Keep going."

Ken hesitated, then reached up, unclasped his wife's bra and pulled it from her shoulders as if he was trying to get it done as fast as he could. Sarah's breasts fell free swinging a little with the rushed movement. Sarah gasped in surprise but stood still staring at the floor.

"Now cuck, get on your knees, and lower your wife's panties." Darren ordered.

Ken slid to his knees, feeling his hard prick bounce and sway. He reached up and grabbed the sides of his wife's panties, lowering them in almost as much of a rush as her bra. In just a few moments, Sarah was standing completely nude in front of this stranger, with her husband on his knees behind her.

"Good girl, Sarah." Darren said standing. He was already removing his shirt, exposing his thick frame and lightly hairy chest. In a few quick movements he was dropping his pants and underwear, revealing a semi-hard 7" dick. Sarah couldn't help but stare. She hadn't seen one that big in real life. In truth, she had only seen Ken's as they had been high school sweethearts. Darren followed her gaze and smiled.

"You like Sarah?" He said, grabbing the base of his cock and raising it up. Sarah looked away quickly blushing. Suddenly, Darren was in front of her, pawing her. He was grabbing her tits, twisting her nipples. Then his hands were in her hair, pulling her mouth to his. At first she struggled, trying to turn her head away. Then she felt a slap across her left breast, bringing tears to her eyes. "Stop!" Darren said with menace. Sarah looked up at him meekly. "Open your mouth and give me your tongue slut." Darren said in complete control now. Slowly Sarah's lips parted and her tongue slipped from her mouth. Ken watched breathing heavy in astonishment as his wife stuck her tongue in another man's mouth.

Ken couldn't believe what he was seeing. From his kneeling position behind his wife, her ass right in his face, he watched as Darren made out with Sarah, pawing at her tits the whole time. After several moments Darren broke the kiss, grinning. "Even better than I imagined." Sarah blushed and looked away again. Darren grabbed her again, holding her tight to his body. Ken realized he was forcing his hard cock between his wife's legs. He wasn't trying to penetrate her, simply trying to rub her pussy with his dick. Then he was kissing Sarah again, with renewed strength.

Ken was starting to lose himself to the fantasy of the moment. He was in complete disbelief at what was happening. He started to stroke himself, feeling the need for release from his little dick. Darren had noticed however. "Stop cuck! You are not allowed to touch yourself unless I tell you, understand?"

Ken replied meekly "Yes, sir" and let go of his throbbing penis.

"Put your face against Sarah's ass, wimp. Now." Darren ordered. Ken slowly leaned forward, pressing his nose lightly between his wife's ass cheeks. Darren reached around Sarah, grabbing Ken's head and smashing it into the folds of Sarah's flesh. "Tell me what you smell cuck." He said releasing his hold on Ken.

Ken gasped and said "My wife's ass sir, and..." But he didn't finish.

"And what?"

"And, her pussy, sir. She smells wet." Ken said in astonishment, but knowing he was right.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Darren groaned. "I thought I was getting a whiff of slut juice."

Sarah was hanging her head, blushing in humiliation. Darren backed up and sat on the couch, stroking his cock and looking at his newly owned couple. "Get on your knees Sarah, like your husband." Sarah slowly dropped to her knees, feeling the degradation of her nakedness and subservience. "Now, crawl to me on all fours, and ask me if you can suck my cock." Sarah looked up at him with wide eyes.

"No! This has gone too far. I'm done." Sarah cried getting up and grabbing her clothes.

"Tell me Sarah, what would your mother Kathy think of this photo of you on your back spread eagled, with your face tits and pussy for all to see?" Darren asked showing Sarah his phone. On it was another picture of Sarah, in a text message with the correct phone number of Sarah's mother. His thumb was hovering over the send button.

"No, no, no, no ... Please, don't..." Sarah pleaded, with a whimper.

"I told you before, these are your choices. But I'm already tired of reminding you. You refuse me again like that, and I won't give you another chance. This is it. My patience has run thin. Understand, slut?" For the first time that afternoon, Darren looked angry, not just annoyed.

Sarah looked at him, torn with the awfulness of the decision. She looked down at Ken who was still kneeling naked on the floor. "Please Sarah, just obey. It's the only way." Ken asked quietly.

Sarah slowly moved back to her position next to her husband and slid back to her knees. She spared him one glowering look before dropping to all fours and crawling to her new master, her tits swinging below her.

"Good girl." Darren said, watching her move slowly to him. He particularly like the way her ass moved as she crawled.

When she reached him she came face to face with Darren's hard cock. She looked at it, still contemplating her situation. After a moment, Darren cleared his throat loudly, and she remembered her last instruction.

"Please," she gasped slowly, "sir, can I suck your ... cock". She couldn't believe what she was saying.

"Yes, slut, you may." Darren replied eagerly. "And don't take your mouth off of it until I tell you." Sarah nodded, and moved forward, opening her mouth. She closed it around the head, and tasted the musky scent that was coming from the hard penis. She started moving up and down on it, feeling her tongue coat his penis with her saliva.

Ken watched in growing fascination as his wife bobbed up and down on the stranger's dick. At first she was hesitant, looking like she was learning for the first time. Soon though, it was as if she was starting to enjoy herself, the enthusiasm building.

Darren could feel himself building toward orgasm. The anticipation of the situation and his pleasure of watching the couple bend to his will had been too much foreplay for him. Grabbing the back of Sarah's head he started forcing her onto his cock, face fucking her, feeling the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. She started whimpering and trying to pull away. "No!" he commanded, "I told you to keep your mouth on it." She did as he said, but obviously reluctantly. "Ken, get over here, behind your wife." Ken obeyed, not sure what was coming. "Lay down on your back." he said, while letting go of Sarah's head. "Slut, I want you to straddle your husband in the 69 position, but don't touch his dick."

Sarah was all too happy to stop sucking, her mouth and throat were getting sore. She moved over her husband, into his favorite position.

"Now lower your pussy so he can lick it." Sarah did, realizing what was coming. "Get it wet Ken, as if it's not already." Darren said, standing up from the couch. "I'm about to fuck your wife."

Ken eagerly, much too eagerly Sarah thought, began to lick her pussy. Darren had been right, Sarah was already wet, and even started to move a little in rhythm with Ken's movements. She was enjoying this, Ken realized, no matter how much she denied it. Darren moved in behind Sarah, positioning his cock against her wet opening. Then he felt Ken's tongue, he was licking Darren's dick.

"Your husband is licking my dick Sarah." Darren said chuckling. Sarah let out her first moan, a pleasurable one. She was pushing back against Darren, searching for what she knew was coming. Darren didn't give her any warning or preamble. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her as far he could. The first movement made her gasp and her head snap up in surprise. The second stroke made her cry out. She had never felt anything like this before, been taken like this before.

"Lick her pussy Ken, while I fuck your wife." Darren was starting to pant now. He was close. Ken renewed his efforts, licking both cock and pussy, feeling his wife's tits slap against his belly. A minute later Sarah let out a long extended moan, laying her head into Ken's groin, as she orgasmed. Darren could feel her pussy pulse around him, and it sent him over the edge. With a loud grunt he plunged into her and emptied his balls. Sarah could feel the heat of the cum fill her.

A long moment passed, Darren still buried in Sarah's cunt before he started to pull out. Before his dick left her completely though, Darren ordered "After I pull out Sarah, you sit on your husbands face. Empty that pussy full of cum into his mouth. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Sarah replied, still breathless.

Darren pulled out, and even before Sarah could lean back on her knees, the cum was falling out onto Ken's face. With a moan from sore and hardly used muscles, Sarah sat back, feeling her pussy lips meet her husband's lips.

Ken was in heaven. He was finally living out his fantasy, eating another man's cum from his wife. He could taste the two distinct flavors, the familiar sweetness of his wife, and the strong pungent tang of the cum sliding down his throat.

After several minutes, Darren said "Now Slut, move forward again and suck him until he cums." Sarah looked up at him in disgust, but did as he commanded, moving back into the 69 position. It took less than 30 seconds of sucking, and Ken was filling her mouth, something she had never let him do in the past.

"Don't swallow Sarah. Keep it all in your mouth." Darren ordered.

Ken finished moaning and Sarah sat back up, her mouth full of cum.

"Show me." Darren said, and Sarah opened her mouth, letting some of the cum leak from it and fall on her tits. "Good, now kiss your husband."

For the first time that afternoon, Sarah smiled a little. She turned around, and with no hesitation, kissed her husband passing all of his own cum back to him. Ken was much less inclined at this point, his desire all but gone. But Darren said severely "Swallow, cuck", and he did.

When Sarah was sure she had given Ken everything in her mouth, Darren told them to both kneel in the living room. Darren stood in front of Ken and ordered "Clean me cuck."

Ken hesitated, he was not sure what to do. He leaned forward, opening his mouth. Darren guided his dick into Ken's mouth and stroked in and out several times. Ken could taste his wife's pussy again, her juices coating the cock.

Darren pushed Ken away, and asked "What do you say cuck?"

Ken knew what to say, this had been a common banter online between them when playing out the fantasy. "Thank you for fucking my wife sir." Darren smiled in response, and started to get dressed again.

Sarah was looking relieved, seeing Darren put his clothes back on. They could put this whole thing behind them. Darren saw the hopefulness in her face, and laughed out loud.

"Don't worry, sweetie. I'm coming back." Darren chuckled. Sarah's face fell. "I'm in the process of setting up my own apartment here. You see, I do business here quite often, probably more now if I can swing it."

Sarah looked over at Ken with a look of dread. This was never going to stop.

"Now, until you hear from me again, you are to live your lives. Nothing has changed. Well, as far as other people are concerned." Darren said heading for the door. Then he stopped, and turned around. "Except, that when I'm not here, Sarah, you are in charge. You have to do what Sarah tells you to do Ken, understand? If she tells me you have been less than enthusiastic in your obedience to her, then you will answer to me."

Ken nodded sheepishly, only now fully realizing the depth of ownership they were in.

"Sarah, you will be hearing from me. In the meantime, enjoy your new slave." Darren said, walking out the door. Sarah looked again at her husband, once again smiling a little.

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