07-01 U Mama War

by Ernest Bywater

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Desc: Action/Adventure Story: Time moves on, Gerry lives to a ripe old age and finally gives in to write a summary of his fight with U MAMA well after the fact. This is more a text book style entry fo how he conducted his campaign.

Lest we Forget

After many decades of refusing to do so I've finally given in to Issy and am writing an account of what I call the U MAMA War, one hundred and seventy years after its end. I've refused in the past because I thought it would look like an account glorifying myself since I was the main leader. I don't want that. I didn't conduct the war for me. I did it partly for revenge on those who hurt us, but mostly for love. Yes, love! Love of those still alive, I wanted them to stay that way. Not have their lives cut short by money grubbing scum. My parents' strategy of defending ourselves didn't work because loved ones still died, killed by the minions of the scum. I wanted to take the war to the enemy. I didn't want to kill these people, I wanted to destroy them, make them suffer (as we have), cause them great pain, break their very souls when I let them know who did it and why. However, I couldn't bring myself to be as them. I couldn't hurt the innocent because that wasn't in me. This restriction made the war a difficult one, and the restrictions by my parents made it a very difficult war for some years. At times the tempo changed because of events.

After the Day of Blood there was no one to stop or control me and I was able to wage the war the way I wanted to, so I stepped up the tempo. I had to because I'd changed. Few realised it, but I'd changed a lot! The change was caused by so many deaths that day. The very long list of close family was bad enough, but the deaths of the children was too much. Then finding Amarayah like that, that did it! It pushed me into the abyss. It was bad enough she and Sunny were dead. But the manner of their deaths was the final straw. The flame of hatred was so bright and strong it almost consumed me. I fell into the abyss of hatred and destruction where I was when I killed Ricardo Ruiz, but this time my mind was lucid enough to maintain a hold on reality and watch my descent. I was lucid enough to redirect my fall to the one place where I could call upon other powers and beings to help with my revenge. I travelled back to hell where I'd previously met and bested Satan himself. The place I went when I drowned rescuing people in the cyclone. In hell I met and bested Satan on his own turf. I could've replaced him as the boss of hell, but that wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't what I should be doing. In order to regain control of hell he agreed to send me back to the world of the living. He said I was too mean and tough for him, so he sent me back. Looking at what was left of my Little Ray of Light my mind returned to hell. I was ready to open its gates and let all the demons of hell loose to attack and destroy those responsible for these deaths. Satan screamed in outrage at my return, and he shivered in fright at my all-consuming burning hatred because its power was much greater than his. He trembled with the knowledge I'd returned while still alive. He tried to send me back to the world. He couldn't do it - he didn't have the power to do it; yet I felt something pulling me back. I felt a great power drawing me away from hell and back to the world. I'd found the greatest of all truths, there is a power much greater than hell and all the demons in it - love! Those who loved me were calling to me and praying for my sanity. I realised if I loosed the hell-hounds upon the world the innocents and my living loved ones would also suffer. I couldn't allow that. I returned to the world where I belonged, but I was different, I knew that hell was inside me, and a part of me now. A permanent part in a distant corner of my soul. Some say that was all in my mind because hell doesn't exist. Others say it must have happened because heaven and hell are real places. I can only say that hell seemed like a very real place to me on both my visits there. The hatred and rage still existed within me, but it was no longer in total control of me; I now controlled it.

The loving support of Meara, Issy, Vicky, Angie, Deanna, and the rest of my close aides and family were all that stopped me from being totally consumed by the forge of hatred. I wasn't consumed by the flame because their love caused it to cool me off and temper me instead. I was tempered and hardened, made ready to tear my enemies apart with my strengthened talons.

Why do I write this now? Because so much time has passed and too many have forgotten. They don't know it's important to remember. I've never forgotten, I don't want anyone to forget what happened. I want them to remember those who fell in this war. I want them to remember why they fought and died, and why we remember them. It's so we know not to let anyone do to others what had been done to our beloved dead. That's why we remember, and why we must always remember. That's why I write this!

So I remember all of my family; mother, father, grandmothers, aunts, grandfather, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, lovers, comrades-in-arms, citizens, and the innocent children murdered so evil people could try to satisfy their greed. As Laurence Binyon wrote:

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

Lest we forget the sacrifices made by so many for what is right,

We will remember them!

U MAMA War Report

The Beginnings

The war with U MAMA started in 1946 just after the Japanese pulled out and we informed the French we were no longer a French colony. They insisted we still were one, until we asked them how many tens of thousands of troops they were prepared to have die trying to conquer us. Now we had modern weapons and were similarly armed to them they wouldn't find us as easy to control as before. They never sent any troops, but kept up a lot of political trouble for the next sixty-five years. In the short period of calm that followed King Marshad was betrayed and killed by some army generals in the pay of U MAMA.

During the Japanese occupation a US officer hiding in the Amir Mountains found out about the Amir Diamond Mine. After the war he told his father who told his brother-in-law, the owner of a major arms company in the US. They decided to get control of the diamond mine and use it to become billionaires. They needed help to do this, so they brought some friends in on the deal. Since most were part of U MAMA they decided to use the U MAMA resources to get what they wanted. Thus they started a semi-secret war that lasted seventy years. Much of the war was fought with spies and assassins, but some were military campaigns. For all except the last few years of the war both sides kept the existence of the mine secret, as neither side wanted others involved. I'm sure their initial desire to control Berant was purely greed, but am also sure it later became much more ego than greed because we defied them so much and so successfully they were determined to beat us.

The major military campaigns of the war are recounted in various journal entries and are available in other histories. So I won't recount the events of the Dareed War, the Darmore Incursion, the Day of Blood, or the Shukra War. I'll talk about some of the clandestine activities against us by U MAMA and the CIA, as told to me by my grandfather and father because you need to understand what we were up against and fought. I'll concentrate on my clandestine war against U MAMA and the CIA. How I used spies, assassins, economic warfare, and theft to hurt my enemies in a manner that caused them the most suffering while removing their ability to hurt us further. When I was able to counter attack I attacked the very core of their being, the core of their existence, their reason for being, the seat of their power - their bank accounts; and squashed them like the evil bugs they were. All the spying and killing I did was to stop their assaults on us and to bankrupt them.

I was able to get started on my counter offensive after my fourteenth birthday and it took until I was twenty-four years old to finish them. The majority of my actions were after the Day of Blood. It took eight long years for me to end the U MAMA war and sheath the "Sound of Battle," the sword mother had drawn on that terrible day.

The Early Attempts

In 1949, a few months after King Edward killed the rebel generals and their hard core supporters, the U MAMA bosses started trying to assassinate him. The first attempts were by hired gunmen, but when the fourth and fifth attempts were made by CIA agents he registered a strong protest with the US government. When the sixth assassin turned out to be a CIA agent he had the head and hands removed, packed in ice, and sent to the Berant Embassy in the US. They sent it through the US postal system to the US Secretary of State with a note saying the next CIA assassin would have different bits posted to the various news organisations. After that the CIA rarely used their own people as the actual gunman. It's believed the Secretary of State wasn't happy due to the several staff in his mail room who had to take a lot of sick leave after opening the package, and them having some other problems.

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