An On-line Favour
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I find a new friend not far from home

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Masturbation  

It started out as just an ordinary weekday evening. I was on my computer, checking out the adult contact sites, you know the type, sites where you go for horny chats and hopefully a meet for some sexy fun. I checked who was online and to my surprise found there was a woman who lived in Bangor as I did. I messaged her and asked if she'd like to join me on Yahoo Messenger. She said she'd love to and sent me her Yahoo I.D. and I quickly added her to my contacts list. We messaged back and forth for about an hour about things in general, our jobs, our likes and dislikes and marital status. I found out that like me she was divorced. Eventually conversation turned to sex and I asked if I could see her web cam. She replied that if she could see me, then I could see her. I was up for that so I switched my cam on. When she turned her cam on, I couldn't see her face, it was focussed on her chest but I could see that she sitting there in a white cotton bra. She asked where in Bangor I lived. I replied that I was from Upper Bangor and gave her my address. As soon I did that, her web cam went off and I asked why she'd stopped it. For a couple of minutes, the screen stayed blank then she started her cam up again. This time though, I could see her face and understood why she'd stopped the web cam so suddenly. I actually knew her, and quite well at that. She was my neighbour and lived in the same block of flats on the floor above me. So, I was to say the least a little embarrassed and just said, "Oh hello Hazel." Her web cam went off again and she messaged me asking whether I was okay with what had just happened. Of course I replied that I was and added that I'd love to see more of her.

Almost immediately, she started her web cam again, but this time she had removed her bra and I could see her breasts in all their glory. Of course the inevitable happened and my cock began to grow in the pants. "They're beautiful," I said and asked if I could see more. She said I could but she wanted to see more of me first. I told her that was no problem and stood up and took off my shirt and pants and then my underpants so she could see my cock. I saw her sigh then she stood up and slid her skirt down, leaving her in just a pair of white cotton panties. As she stood there, I began to stroke my cock but she messaged me to stop. I asked if there was a problem and almost came at her reply. "Don't do that, I'll come round and do it for you." she wrote. Then she stopped her web cam again and signed out of Yahoo. I put my pants back on and sat down waiting for her.

I sat there for about five minutes before I heard the end door of the corridor slam and I went to the door and let her in. As soon as the door was closed behind us, I took her in my arms and kissed her. My cock was still rock solid and I heard her groan as it pressed against her. "I've never done anything like this," Then like an idiot I said. "You don't mean you're a virgin?" At that she burst into peals of laughter. "No silly," she said, "A virgin at my age? I mean I've never picked a man up online before."

We both knew why she was in my flat so I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom where I sat her on the edge of the bed. I stood looking down at her as I took my jeans off again. I hadn't bothered putting my underpants on so as soon as I did, my rigid cock was on full view. I saw her smile. "Mmm it looks even better in real life," she said. As she spoke, she took of her blouse and, I could see she hadn't bothered putting her bra back on and her tits were also on full view. I leant down and slid my hands under her hips up and pulled her skirt down. I expected her to still be wearing the white panties but was pleasantly surprised to see that she'd changed them for a black lacy pair, that really showed off her pussy to perfection. I stood looking down at her as she raised her hips and took her panties off. For a couple of seconds, we both took in the sight of each others naked body then I pushed her back onto the bed and dropped to my knees between her spread thighs.

Now one thing I've always loved is the aroma and taste of an aroused woman's pussy, it's like a drug to me, and Hazel's pussy was no exception. As I lowered my head towards it, the heady scent of her sex filled my senses and my head began to spin and mouth was drawn as if magnetically towards her glistening pussy lips. While massaging her inner thighs with my thumbs, I slid my tongue into the top her slit and her her gasp above me and her hips thrust upwards, causing the tip of my tongue to make contact with her clit. It was as though someone had thrown a switch, as her pussy erupted into my mouth, filling it with her sweet love honey. I swallowed as fast and hard as I could, but there was so much, that a lot of it trickled down my chin or down between her ass cheeks. I'd never known a woman come so quick and I began to realise that it a long time since Hazel had had sex but I was about to change that!!!

I stood up and leant over her, kissing her on the lips and she groaned as she tasted herself on them. In this position, the tip of my cock was pressed against her pussy lips and I felt her legs open wider, me to enter her, an invitation I was more than willing to accept. I slowly fed my cock into her as gently as possible, after all if my assumption was right and this was her first cock for God knows how long, I didn't want to hurt her. When I'd got around half of my eight into her, she began to moan and I stopped and asked if she was comfortable. She didn't answer, just moaned louder, until she finally screamed out as another orgasm hit her. The second orgasm lubricated her pussy even more and I slid deeper into her, until my entire eight inches was buried in her velvet tunnel. I then began a slow sawing motion. Sliding into her then pulling back until just my knob nestled in the entrance to her hot, spasming pussy. She soon began moving her hips in time with my thrusts and I felt my own climax building and knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and with one, final hard thrust so I came deep in her pussy. That triggered yet another orgasm and she wrapped her legs around my waist, trapping my cock in its velvet prison as I pumped more and more of my seed into her. Finally though, we both came down to earth and I smiled down at her.!!!

"Good?" I asked. She smiled back at me. "Good, it was marvellous Mike," thank you. It's been so long." I climbed onto the bed beside her and we lay recovering and talking. She told me she'd been divorced for almost twenty years and in all that time had had only three relationships, none of which were truly satisfying sexually. I had given her her first true orgasm in over a year. She told me that she did have toys and made good use of them but tonight had shown her just how much she'd missed the real thing.

I was ready for more but she said that after such a long abstinence, her pussy was sore and would I mind if we called it a night, promising to repay the favour very soon. Of course I was disappointed but agreed. I had the feeling I wouldn't have to wait long before she did repay the favour!!!

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