SF - Special Forces or Special Females
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It seems that when Special Forces are sent into foreign countries they sometimes do not want to standout as military so accessories are added to give them a cover so to speak.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Military  

My name is Gail Peters and I started journaling in middle school after my first experience with a boy. Tommy Quillan and I had been neighbors for seven years, and were more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend. So when we were out hiking that summer and found the small pond surrounded by the thick trees we decided to go skinny dipping. We had swam in underwear before and swimsuits too, but never seen each other naked until now. We were both 12 and seventh graders. After splashing around for a while we did the show me yours and I will show you mine. That lead to physically exploring each other’s private regions gentle touching and mostly looking was all we did. When I got home I was so excited but afraid to tell anyone that I started my journal. Tom as he wanted to be called in High School were the perfect couple. We enjoyed each other’s company and fooled around a lot but never went further than oral on each other {69 as we would later find out we did not invent}. I had always been a tomboy and enjoyed activities not considered appropriate for girls. I ran cross-country and swam in high school. I was second in the state in the 5k cross-country my freshman year and was first every year after. I placed at state in swimming but never higher than 3rd my junior year and 4th my senior year, but I was a lifeguard during the summers. I earned a scholarship to college for cross-country and a starter all four years. I was third my freshman and sophomore years and was caught in a pile when a girl tripped and did not place my junior year. My senior year I was second by 2/10 of a second. My major was outdoor recreation as that was my passion much to the dismay of my parents. Why am I telling you this? Well it will explain what happened to me after graduation.

So when I finished my walk across the stage and received my degree there were three people waiting with my parents. Two men and a woman. They asked us all to lunch and would explain everything at that time. My parents and I agreed so we joined them. We were seated in a corner booth away from most people with one of the men sitting at the next booth alone to give us more privacy. I was very curious about all this as were my parents, my dad spoke first asking exactly who they were and what they wanted with me.

Col James Browning and Col Amanda Freeland both U.S. Army as was CSM Jeff Golden who was sitting at the next table; and they wanted to offer me a job with the Army.

My mother objected loudly saying “like hell” my dad was more polite and asked why?

I finally spoke and asked, “yes, why me?”

Amanda answered by saying that my physical abilities along with my obvious outdoor skills would be perfect for my role in the Army.

I asked if I was interested what would I be doing and what pay and benefits would I receive.

James answered saying that I would be listed as a GS 13 step 6 at $40 an hour and full health benefits of all GS employees. My job would be based on how I did in my training.

They left me with paperwork and an airplane ticket. If I accepted I was to take the flight and bring only one change of clothes and personal hygiene items. The flight was for Monday two days away. We went home and talked about this before I left to meet up with my friends and celebrate graduating. Mom was against it but dad like me thought it would not hurt to check things out as it was a great opportunity.

I said nothing to my friends and just enjoyed the evening. I got home Saturday morning about 4:30 am. I slept until noon, I woke cleaned up dressed and met my folks for lunch. Mom was still upset about the offer but dad had told her it was my choice to make. After lunch I went for a run and swam some before cleaning up for dinner. Sunday we went to church Tom was home too and asked if I was up for a hike, had been years since we had done a hike together. We talked about how college went and what we were planning to do after graduation. Tom was a business major and had job offers in two big cities. I told him I would probably end up working in the outdoors. Sunday night I packed a daypack with a change of clothes business casual and my hygiene items I wore jeans and a polo with a nice jacket and my running shoes.

Monday June 1st 1998

The flight was three hours and when it landed I found that there were a dozen of us ladies waiting to be picked up. The fact that we all were built about the same and only had a daypack or small carryon bag had us all laughing as we introduced ourselves. Two SUVs pulled up and CSM Jeff Golden got out of the first one as the drivers opened the back for our bags. CSM Golden asked everyone to get into one of the SUVs and we would be off. We drove into the mountains and pulled into a small military base north of Fort Bragg by a ways. Everyone was in civilian clothes and at first look it did not appear to be a military base, it looked more like a college or business school. We all entered a main building and were seated around a large table in a conference room.

Col Amanda Freeland and CSM Golden entered along with three other females.

CPT Brenda Chase 1LT Dana Osborn 1SG Ellen Whitedoe the Company Commander, Executive Officer and First Sergeant of our unit. Brenda began a quick briefing explaining that we were being offered a job working with US Army Special Forces as support personnel and would not be in the Army. Basically we were Government employees working for the Army not in the Army. Ellen asked us to introduce ourselves and after if there were any questions they would answer at that time.

Joan Stevens was first since she was seated to the right of Col Freeland. LeAnn Smith was next followed by Susan Jones, Xim Fu Won, Zoe Navajo, Renee Whitetree, Debra Knowles, Kylee Brown and me Gale Peters.

The only question seemed to be the same for all of us. Why us? Amanda answered that with a brief story. It seems that when Special Forces are sent into foreign countries they sometimes do not want to standout as military so accessories are added to give them a cover so to speak. She stressed that appearances ONLY were required anything consenting adults did was heavily stressed as optional and MUST NOT interfere with the mission. She continued by saying that her people had never causes any problems but on more than one occasion the SF guys got too friendly and did not respect NO; causing them to be severely dealt with and in a few cases caused a mission failure. We would be at some risk but NOT involved with actual missions, thus we had to undergo and pass training before we could be hired. At this time the Col and CPT stepped out and a SSG Freddie Douglas the S1 and SFC Wilma Green the Platoon Sergeant came in to complete our paperwork and get us started training.

After all the paperwork was completed we followed 1SG Whitedoe and PSG Green out the back and into a large warehouse. We got in line and were issued our gear. It started with a rolling footlocker, military duffle bag and a soft frame backpack system. 5 tan T-shirts, 5 white T-shirts, and several colored T-shirts. 10 sets of underwear sets bra and panty 5 were sports and 5 were casual comfortable. 10 pairs of athletic socks, 6 pair of casual socks, 4 pair of nylons. 5 running shorts, 5 yoga pants, 2 light jackets, 1 medium jacket, 1 heavy jacket. 9 pairs of cargo pants 3 tan, 3 grey and 3 black with 2 military matching tops for each color. 2 pair of boots, 1 pair of cold weather boots and a pair of cross-training shoes. 2 mid-length skirts, 2 dress slacks, 2 jeans and several blouses. Next was electronics as we received a phone, compact tablet and oversized laptop along with all the plugs and other items to support their use. We were informed that more gear would be issued as needed for training. Everything barely fit into the footlocker duffle and backpack. We then moved to an apartment like complex and each assigned an apartment. It consisted of a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette with a dining area greeting area combo.

We were instructed to move in, unpack and meet at the dining area for dinner. I did not realize we had skipped lunch. There was a simple laminated paper with an explanation and picture of how to get everything to fit in our limited space as well as where to put everything. I had just finished when I heard a buzzing bell like sound and then a PA announcement that it was 18:00 and dinner had started.

I grabbed the light jacket and went outside to find the others doing the same. I wondered how it was we all had the light jacket even though we were not told to bring it.

As we entered the dining area PSG Green told us to meet at the conference room after dinner at 20:00 and to bring our phone and tablet.

Zoe was the first to speak and asked if everyone noticed we all had the light jacket? Debra and I both said it was getting chilly. Everyone said that is why they had brought it. Susan Jones spoke next and told us her background and asked for each of ours. She was 28 and a Physician Assistant with 3 years of ER experience her specialty was Internal Medicine; Renee Whitetree said she was an Trauma Nurse with 3 years’ experience; Quinn Romero was 21 and a graduate in Computer Science; Carol King also graduated with Communications & Electronics; Tina True 22 Engineer graduate; Xim Fu Won graduated Exercise Science and the only thing she could think of was the fact that she had several black belts in martial arts; Zoe Navajo was a Survivalist instructor with several years of experience and a Botany graduate; Debra Knowles graduated with a degree in outdoor recreation emphasis in Search & Rescue which she was a member; I introduced myself Carol Peters 21 also outdoor recreation graduate but the only thing I had done was my running; Kylee Brown 21 had not gone to college but was on the US Marksmanship team and had been for 5 years; Joan Stevens 22 was a business graduate and skydiving instructor; LeAnn Smith finance graduate and scuba diving instructor.

We quickly returned to our rooms for our phones and tablets that had been charging and all made for the conference room.

1LT Dana Osborn, 1SG Whitedoe, PSG Green were waiting to brief us as soon as we all were seated. Smiling the XO started by saying it was nice that we were early it was 19:53 by the clock on the wall and all our phones and tablets. Dana began by telling us all that we were not Army so we were not to refer to any of them by military rank but for us to use first names like anyone talking with a friend would do. So from now on everyone was to use first names.

Starting tomorrow Tuesday we would begin our training – this would be our schedule for the rest of the week:

06:00 athletic clothing weather appropriate for indoor and outdoor exercise

07:30 hygiene time

08:00 breakfast

09:00 1st class

12:00 lunch

13:00 2nd class

16:00 briefing/lecture/misc

18:00 dinner

19:30 evening activities

22:00 lights out

Wilma asked if we had any questions then released us for the night when we didn’t have any.

On the walk back to our apartments Debra Susan and Zoe all asked if we had any military experience or family history etc. None of us did and they continued that it had not been said or recommended that we dress the same or match but it might be to our benefit if we started walking talking thinking the same. We all agreed that it was not a bad idea. So we agreed on white sports underwear and socks with tan yoga pants and T-shirt and the light jacket and cross-training shoes. We all would bring our phone with earbuds and the armband carrying case.

Tuesday June 2nd

Brenda, Dana, Ellen and Wilma were waiting for us as we exited the building we were shocked to see them wearing the exact same items we were and even had the phone earbuds and arm case. Susan spoke up and just said, “What gives?”

Brenda laughed then apologized saying, “This entire area is monitored with cameras and sound listening security. Your rooms are not but the hallways and common areas are. We were expecting to have to have you go back and change into a common attire and give you the exact or close to the same conversation you all had walking home last night. You are all correct in the fact that even though we are not a military unit or Army. We will be working with them and have to have that mindset to make it a smooth working environment. We will start with a light warmup then run a mile today and increase ½ mile every day until we are at 5 miles. Then we moved to a gym and did circuit training on nautilus equipment. We were sent to clean up and meet for breakfast and told to have our tablet with us at all times unless told otherwise. On the way back we agreed to wear tan cargo pants and T-shirt with boots.

After breakfast we met in the conference room again. This time we watched a video and then had a briefing from Dana reviewing most of what the video covered. The video was a sample of Army Basic Training / Officer Basic Course / Basic NCO Course and a few specialty topics like communication, electronics, and counter espionage. We broke for lunch and when we returned Amada was there to give the next briefing.

She started out by explaining that each of us had been recruited for our individual talents and experiences. Then she asked us who we thought of as leaders in our group.

Everyone named Debra Susan and Zoe and she agreed saying that until further notice they would be the three team leaders. Debra’s team would be Joan Renee and Xim; Susan’s team would be Gale Kylee and LeAnn; Zoe’s team would be Tina Carol and Quinn.

She went on to explain that physical training and exercises would continue to be a group activity but unless otherwise instructed we would divide into teams for the rest of our training to better allow for one on one instruction in any areas needed. One by one she detailed just why we had each been recruited.

Susan Jones 28 PA with specialization in internal medicine and trauma training

Debra Knowles 21 All around Climbing Instructor and Search & Rescue Member

Zoe Navajo 21 Survival Instructor and Tracker

Carol King 21 Communication & Electronics Specialist

Gale Peters 21 Cross-Country Runner Swimmer Outdoor Specialist

Joan Stevens 22 Skydiver Instructor

Kylee Brown 21 National Marksmanship Team member Pistol & Shotgun

LeAnn Smith 22 Scuba Diving Instructor

Quinn Romero 21 Computer Science Specialist

Renee Whitetree 25 Trauma Nurse

Sim Fu Won 21 Multiple Martial Arts Training

Tina True 22 Engineer with Demolition License

While none of you will have the credentials you all will have the training each of you specialize in by the time you leave here.

We were all laughing until we realized Amanda was not laughing or even smiling. She said, “What I mean is that you won’t be a PA or Nurse but you will have serious medical training close to what Renee and Susan know. And you may not be a crack shot or black belt but you will know how to shoot effectively and accurately and defend yourself and each other with your bare hands. Each of you will help the others to become as knowledgeable and proficient as you can with all the skills you have. We went to dinner and returned at 19:30 and began our computer training with Microsoft Office review we all were very proficient with all of the programs and were told we would move on to specific programs we would be using. The next morning after morning exercises we would begin training as teams.

Wednesday June 3rd

We ran 1.5 miles at an 8 minute mile pace most of us were fine at that pace but a few were hurting at the end. But instead of going to the gym we went to an indoor pool and were told to strip to our underwear and swim as many laps as we could at a comfortable pace. Everyone managed 20 laps. Brenda, Dana, Ellen, Wilma, Susan, Zoe and Xim did 30 laps. LeAnn and I both were at 45 when Wilma told us to stop so we would have time to clean up before breakfast. LeAnn asked me how many more I thought I could do and added that she might have been able to get to 50 but she was wore out when Wilma stopped us. I tried to laugh but was too tired and said I could have done between 50 and 55 maybe more because I had lost consciousness about 10 laps back I was on autopilot. LeAnn snapped me in the hip with a towel and laughed.

After breakfast we broke into our three teams and had specialized training.

Susan’s team began language class learning Arabic Russian & Spanish all together which made it harder but in the long run easier since we had multiple languages to study and remember together.

Debra’s team began climbing training, rope tying, repelling, hoisting and other stuff.

Zoe’s team began communication classes learning different radio systems how to program clear and reprogram communication systems and phonetic alphabet along with encryption and decryption skills.

After lunch we continued with the training. Dinner and back to the training.

Thursday 4th

We did not run distance this morning instead we took what is called the Army Physical Fitness Test or APFT. As many pushups and sit-ups as you can do in 2 minutes without stopping and a 2 mile run as fast as you can run. Everyone scored in the high 80% on pushups most of us were in the high 90% in the sit-ups and most were in the high 70% on the run; except for Zoe and Susan who were high 80% only Debra and I were in the 90%.

Hygiene and breakfast then back to training in the same classes as yesterday.

Friday 5th

2.5 miles and then back to the gym; hygiene and breakfast. And a third day of the same training as the past two days.

Saturday 6th

We were expecting to have the weekend off but found ourselves running 3 miles and then the gym; hygiene and breakfast.

The difference was we were training as a whole group in hand to hand combat skills. It wasn’t any specific style more of the best of several different styles depending on the situation you were in. lunch and more beatings in hand to hand. Dinner and we were told to dress casual and meet at the conference room. We got our first off-site mission!!!

We were driven into the local town and given some money to go to a bar and get as much information from as many guys as we could in the five hours we had until closing at 2am. That was the entire mission briefing and then we were off. Again we talked on the drive into town and were trying to figure out what they really wanted from us. We broke into teams and played the girls night out game.

Sunday 7th

Instead of exercise we did hygiene and then ate breakfast before meeting in the conference room to give our briefing on who we met.

Everyone on our team talked to at least one guy Kylee and I spoke with two.

Susan – Tod Smith 27 April 28 1988 Atlanta GA UPS driver 7 yrs single

LeAnn – Robert (Bob) Reynolds 23 November 17 1992 Detroit MI Personal Trainer 5 yrs single

Kylee – Steve Cooper 22 March 11 1993 York PA Police Officer 4 yrs single James Romero 24 October 9 1991 Syracuse NY Police Officer 6 yrs divorced

Gail – John Kelling 25 June 5 1990 New Orleans LA Grad Student Education PE/Coach single track sprinter 2X HS state champion 100m Div2 Champ & 3rd 100m 2000 Olympic alternate Sean Wright 30 August 7 1985 Kansas City KS Army SSG MP 12 yrs SS#521-37-4680 {drunk and did not realize when asked just gave it quickly} right out of HS joined army father truck driver mother middle school teacher younger sister Sr HS widow wife killed in Iraq 2007 morter 2yrs after married just finished college degree in criminology going to OCS wants to be CID

Debra’s team all spoke with one guy

Debra – Arron Anderson 25 July 2 1990 Dover DE auto-mechanic 6yrs single

Joan – Michael Johnson 21 Jan 10 1995 LA CA auto-mechanic 2 yrs single

Renee – Shawn Moore 31 May 9 1984 Mobile AL Airline Pilot 2 yrs single

Xim – Roger Brown 21 August 1994 Sr College student Accounting major single

Zoe’s team all talked with one guy but Quinn used her phone to gather all kinds of info on each of the guys they talked to by searching the web facebook etc.

Zoe – Mark Singer 30 March 28 1985 Firefighter Paramedic {getting divorced due to job}

Carol – James Agillar 27 April 20 1988 Realtor single {possibly gay}

Quinn – Steve Billings 25 October 3 1990 Electrician single

Tina – Harold Irvine 30 February 8 1985 Legal Assistant claime to be single {married 6yrs}

The also had credit history; facebook information; linkedIn info; arrest history; job history

Everyone laughed at the lack of info and massive amount of info that was gathered. Brenda was overall pleased with the fact that we were able to approach a guy and get some information from him without causing a problem. The point was to give us confidence in our ability to contact and interact in a mission mode without giving ourselves up.

We had the rest of the day off to recover and prepare for the coming week.

Monday 8th

We were woke up earlier than normal at 03:00 and instructed to dress for a run followed by a swim after which we would run back. It was not too cold out for the 4 mile run {we still gained a ½ mile Sunday} at the lake we were told to toss our shoes and socks into the boat and swim across the lake about ½ mile swim in freezing cold water, I told everyone to group together for the swim to keep as much warmth as we could with each other and make sure everyone made it across. There were medical staff at the other side to check everyone as we put our socks and shoes on for the run home. All of us were close to hyperthermia but everyone took off running mostly to warmup and after 200 meters we were told to get on the bus that was waiting for us with the heat on and warm blankets.

We didn’t break into teams after breakfast instead we boarded a bus and drove to a shooting range. We stopped at a tent and drew holsters combat vests body armor tactical equipment the whole kit and caboodle. Then we were issued a Glock 43 and two Glock 19s. The G19s were tactical and we had a thigh and shoulder holsters for each and the G43 being a slim single stack was our concealed pistol which we had a bra, inter-thigh and belly holsters. We spent the rest of the day going over the function / operation of the Glocks as well as how to disassemble, clean, reassemble and do a function check. We never even saw ammo. Lunch and dinner were in a brown plastic bag that we needed our knife to open. The food was nothing special but overly filling and required a lot of drinking water.

Everyone passed out and slept in whatever they had not taken off before crashing on their bed.

Tuesday 9th

For not doing much yesterday everyone was sore, tired, and irritable when we woke up. The 4 ½ mile run was at a steady 8 minute mile pace and we did extra stretching and a more yoga style workout.

Then back to the shooting range this time with ammo – dummy rounds first then blanks then real bullets. When meal time came it was the brown plastic bags again. Amazingly it tasted better today, not sure if it was because our standards were lowering or because it was better. At the end of the day Kylee had given everyone pointers on shooting and she had the only perfect score beating the instructors much to their dismay. Debra Joan Xim Susan Tina and I were the only experts but the others did make sharpshooter nobody failed to qualify which was great.

Wednesday & Thursday 10th & 11th

We did the exact same as Tuesday except we added the ½ mile to the run doing 5 miles each day just speeding up the pace slightly from the 8 minute pace to 7 ½ minute mile pace.

Friday 12th

We did the APFT again and everyone was in the 90% for all events. Zoe Susan Debra and I all scored the first 300s with 100% in each event. We were told to bring a casual set of clothes and a dress with us today. Which had us all wondering and worried.

At the shooting range we started training from the holsters learning to draw aim and shoot. We even practiced with the slim G43 from all the holsters and we laughed as we put the dresses on and drew from the thigh holster. I was not the only one shocked at how quickly and easily I could draw the pistol and fire a solid hit from under my dress. Even more shocking was the fact that nobody flashed underwear during their draw!

Saturday 13th

Once again we were up and doing our 5 mile run at a 7 minute pace back to the gym for circuit training and then we were told to bring the same stuff we had yesterday. Tactical uniforms on carrying a change of casual clothes and a dress along with our pistols and every holster. We began hand to hand with pistols learning how to take a pistol away from an opponent without being shot and how to shoot an opponent who was trying to stop us. Of course we only used dummy round but still had a few cuts and scrapes occur. No brown bag meals today as we were able to eat in the dining facility.

Sunday 14th

To everyone’s surprise we had the day off. You would not believe everyone just napped and rested the entire day.

Monday 15th

We did the normal 5 mile run at 7 minute pace and the regular gym workout. After breakfast we were instructed to board the bus and driven to an airfield. Joan started laughing when she saw the instructors were from the same school she taught at. The morning was spent on classroom stuff, how to gear up inspect our parachutes. Then we moved onto exiting the plane and how to land, as well as what to do in emergencies and malfunctions.

Tuesday 16th

Started the same as Monday except we got to tandem jump all morning. Then we got our first solo jump after a wonderful brown plastic bag lunch. Several more jumps including two very scary night jumps and we were done for the day.

Wednesday Thursday & Friday 17th 18th & 19th

We were back to group training moving to different classes for each team.

We were back to our groups to get back to regular training switching around to other classes.

1 February 1999 and we finally finished all the training that the powers to be wanted us to have. I was being paired with Susan and Xim for a mission. We would meet up with a male Special Forces team at the airport and our equipment was being forwarded to the area we would be operating in. Susan and I were wearing the G43 on our thigh as we were in a sundress Xim wore a halter top and shorts set and was concealing her G43 in the bra holster. The four men joining us were MSG Matt Winter the team leader who was a linguist weapon specialist; SFC Charlie Silver medic and commo expert; Don Montoya weapon and demo expert & SFC Benito Rodriguez Intel & electronics expert. We would be stationed in Brazil and working mostly in Columbia against the drug cartels. Almost all the others were also on a mission. Tina and Quinn were not because they were working with a company on new communication systems that were smaller more powerful and better encrypted.

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