OSL: Amber's Wedding
Chapter 1: Friday

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Friday - A short little story about a dear friend's wedding. A vignette to be read AFTER An Ordinary College Sex Life 3.

-- DECEMBER 2006 --

It was a perfect Hawaiian afternoon. Although it was the winter season, the islands never really got cold, and today the sky was clear save for the occasional white, puffy cloud that briefly passed in front of the sun. The sounds of tropical birds fluttering about the trees filled the air, accompanied by the distant roar of waves crashing against the beach below.

"Isn't this place amazing?" Sasha sighed dreamily as she set her martini glass down on the little table beside our chaise lounge, and then pillowed her head on my right shoulder.

Setting my own glass down as well, I used both arms to wrap up my beautiful, buxom brunette girlfriend with big brown eyes in a tight hug and pecked the top of her head. "It is," I replied. "We totally need to come back here with the whole gang."

Sasha blinked and tilted her head to glance up at me. "The whole gang? Only one night with just the two of us and you've already decided I'm not enough for you?"

I frowned, but before I could sputter a response, Sasha cracked a huge grin and rolled herself up onto me, straddling my pelvis with her knees and nuzzling her nose against mine. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I miss having the girls here, too."

"Especially Adrienne."

Sasha stopped nuzzling and sighed. "Especially Adrienne."

"She'll be here tomorrow; she wouldn't miss Amber's wedding for the world."

"Stupid modeling jobs."

"C'mon," I began warmly as I nuzzled Sasha's nose back, "despite my statement about bringing the whole gang back here... someday ... I really AM glad that you and I got a chance to have a little vacation together, just the two of us. It's not often that we get much 'alone' time."

Sasha made a face. "We haven't gotten much alone time on this trip, either. It's been a busy day for everybody, especially with this guys/girls separation thing."

"We were only separated for the morning. Would you rather have played golf with the guys instead of going to the spa with the rest of the girls?"

"Nah..." Sasha got an impish twinkle in her eye. "For one thing, Amber's got some seriously hot friends, friends that weren't very careful about keeping their bathrobes fully closed in the spa areas. And since they all know you were Amber's last serious boyfriend before coming back to David, they were only too happy to try and get to know me."

I smirked. "I seem to recall Amber telling me a lot of those seriously hot friends are into girls, too."

"Mmm..." Sasha's eyes sparkled. "Girls AND guys, to be more precise, especially guys who have been tested and vetted by no lesser authority than Amber herself. Speaking of which, if you're interested in having a little more entertainment tonight than just me in our bungalow, I'm certain a few of them would be quite willing to--"

"I'm happy with just the two of us," I interrupted, raising two fingers to her lips. "Weren't you just complaining about not getting enough alone time with me?"

"Yeah ... I was..." Sasha conceded. "Then again, it's not like we can't have our solo date nights back home ... And it's not like I'll have many more opportunities with some of these other girls again..."

I arched an eyebrow and gave my girlfriend a look. "Definition of mixed signals here. Do you want to spend tonight just you and me? Or would you rather invite one of your new friends to join us?"

"I'm not sure." Sasha shrugged her shoulders and gave me a helpless look. "I want both. And I was kinda hoping you'd have a preference to make the decision for me."

"Well to be honest, if I had to pick right this second, I'd pick being with only you. We really DON'T get a whole lot of alone time, and as nice as the girls around here seem, the truth is that I really don't know any of them very well."

"You don't know any of them very well yet," Sasha giggled while popping her eyebrows. "The alcohol is flowing, the sun still hasn't set, and we've got a lot of time before the party ends and everyone goes back to their rooms."

"You sound rather hopeful, which leads me to believe you're not quite as ambivalent about your choice as you might lead me to believe."

Sasha blushed and bit her lower lip. "Perhaps. Maybe it's the 'old Sasha' in me feeling some repressed guilt for wanting to hunt down and conquer as many hot babes as I can. Like my conscience is telling me I'm supposed to want more alone time with my boyfriend."

I shook my head. "You don't have to feel guilty about anything. If the idea of scoring one of the bridesmaids is what excites you, then as your loving boyfriend, it's my job to make you happy."

Sasha arched an eyebrow at me. "One of the bridesmaids, hmm? Has some lithe, buxom beauty in particular already caught your eye?"

I laughed and shook my head. "Just a figure of speech."

"I dunno. I thought I caught you staring at Maria's ass while we all went ziplining."

I frowned. "Maria's not even a bridesmaid."

"Danielle then."

"She's not a bridesmaid either. She's a bride."

Sasha waved me off. "Not the point. She's fucking HAWT. And she reminds me of Brandi."

"Maybe in temperament; they certainly don't look anything alike. But c'mon, she's David's sister. And she's gay."

"Not fully gay. You said she's banging her brother, too – also like Brandi."

I rolled my eyes. "That's different: David is her only guy. And seriously, we're not tagging one of the brides the night before her wedding. That just seems ... I mean, they're getting married."

"How about Brianna then? She looks just like Danielle, doesn't she? How weird is that? Especially when we all went on that ATV ride and they put everyone in identical camo fatigues? Like once the girls tied up their hair and tucked it under those helmets? Ooh, can you imagine being in-between the pair of them?" Sasha's eyelids fluttered and she ground her crotch against my pelvic bone.

I blinked twice and gave my girlfriend a serious look. "Girls in bulky, shapeless camo fatigues with their hair tucked under helmets getting you aroused? You okay? You need me to take you back to our bungalow for a quickie to take the edge off?"

"Nah," Sasha sighed, staring a thousand yards away past my right ear before blinking and returning her gaze to mine. "I'd rather let this feeling build up all night. People always said there's something about weddings that gets to girls ... makes them horny."

"Who are these 'people', exactly?"

"I dunno, but they were right. You are SO getting laid tonight."

I chuckled and rubbed my girlfriend's spine. "I figured, but thank you for the confirmation."

"And we are NOT gonna be alone tonight," Sasha breathed, fire in her eyes, "not if I can help it."

"Looks like your decision's made."

For a second, the fire in Sasha's irises dimmed, and her eyebrows canted to the sides. "Is that really okay with you? I don't want to drag you into some random hookup with total stranger if you don't really--"

"I'm fine," I interrupted, raising a hand once more to her lips. "We're on a vacation. We're here to relax and unwind. You don't have to feel any pressure to be anyone other than exactly who you are. And you don't have to hold yourself back from doing anything you really want to do, not for my sake. 'Old Sasha' is gone. It's 'New Sasha' I truly fell in love with. And if bringing one of Amber's hot friends--"

"Or two," Sasha interjected with a grin.

"Or two," I conceded, "back to our place tonight is what you want, then I'm with you a hundred percent."

Sasha beamed down at me. "I love you so much, honey."

"I love you, too."

She kissed me, and despite our talk about inviting an extra guest (or guests) back to our ocean-front bungalow tonight, for this moment at least there was no one else in the world but her and me. Our eyes were closed as we joined our hearts and souls together through our mouths, until finally our bodies' demands for oxygen forced us to take a break and breathe.

"That said," I began, panting a bit while searching my girlfriend's eyes, "I would prefer to get to know the girl--"

"Or girls."

"Or girls," I chuckled, "before we kick down the bedroom door, hmm?"

"Deal." Sliding off my lap, Sasha got to her feet and scooped up her martini glass with her right hand while reaching down to me with her left. "Now let's get started."

"Amber said you had a beautiful cock," the lithe, buxom blonde moaned. Her hand pumped my rod experimentally, feeling out the length and testing its rigidity.

I couldn't think of a witty comeback. A moment later, I didn't have to as she craned her head sideways and ran her lips along the shaft from base to tip. She teased the head before rotating over the top and dragging her lips down the other side.

I could see the red streaks of her lipstick on my dick, and then it was all removed from view as she engulfed me in a single lunge. Her face only got down about halfway, and she bobbed back and forth a few times before forcing herself to relax and slowly sink further down.

When her cherry red lips hit the base of my crotch, all I could do was groan and try not to buck my hips upward, lest I gag her. Sliding both my hands through her silky blonde hair, I held the back of her head and kept just enough pressure against it to tell her to maintain the deep-throat a little longer, holding my breath as I concentrated inward on the sensations of her throat muscles contracting around me.

With a sigh, I released my grip and my fellatrix slowly removed my dick from her gullet, gasping for oxygen as she let her head loll backward even while resuming her hand-pumping motions on my rod. And taking advantage of the blonde's momentary rest, the other gorgeous blonde in the room whined, "My turn! My turn!"

In her distinctly Russian accent that reminded me of Viktoriya's, my blonde fellatrix let go of my dick and looked up at me with a smirk. "My little sister ... Always so impatient."

Delicate fingers quickly wrapped around my rod and took up the pumping motions her older sister had abandoned. Hazel eyes sparkled at me for a moment before redirecting their attention to the shaft in hand. And brand new cherry red lips surrounded my mushroom head to begin leaving more streaks of lipstick on my dick.

"Better than just you and me tonight, don't you think?" Sasha giggled from her spot on the couch beside me.

I leaned over, kissed my girlfriend, and moaned into her mouth as I felt my cock being deep-throated for the second time tonight. "When you're right, you're right," I managed to mutter before turning back to my new fellatrix and sliding my hands through her silky blonde hair as well.

The evening had gone more or less as I'd expected, once Sasha had made up her mind to seduce one or more of our fellow wedding guests. The humid Hawaiian weather had all the ladies wearing sheer clothing that brought attention to their best assets. The wedding party had reserved a private section of the hotel mezzanine deck that overlooked the bay to one side and the hotel pool to the other side, complete with our own private bar, which kept the alcohol flowing and also meant that there was no one else to flirt with but each other. 'People' were right: the women were horny; and if any of them wanted to get laid tonight, they'd pretty much have to do so with another wedding guest. Couple that fact with the distinctly female-biased ratio of wedding guests, and it became quite clear that it wouldn't be a question of "if" Sasha and I would find any willing partners, but "which ones" and "how many".

David and Amber had a good group of male friends. Most of them were Engineers, and most of them were natural introverts who nevertheless warmed up and became quite social amongst their own friends and even outsiders like me, once they got to know me. We'd gotten along great playing golf, ATVing, and ziplining, and I felt like I'd gotten a pretty decent sense of their characters.

Quite simply: none of them were lady-killers. Dan was one of the more attractive ones and quite sociable. He chatted pleasantly with one girl at a time. But when two and then three horny, tipsy ladies began competing for his attention, his face got that deer-in-the-headlights expression and I could see from across the room that he had absolutely no clue how to handle the situation. Making matter worse, his girlfriend had noticed and began staring daggers in his direction.

Marshall was almost painfully shy, at least when not speaking in technobabble. A couple of girls made separate runs at him, but his inability to reply with anything other than wide eyes and one-word sentences made the girls start hunting elsewhere. It was still early and they still had time to perhaps do a little better.

Take Eric, a hulking beefcake of man that had caught the attention of more than a few of the not-yet-attached women. He seemed a little more nervous than one might expect of your tall, strong, and handsome-type. Still, despite his social timidity, his Adonis-like figure was undeniably appealing to members of the opposite sex.

Rick might have also attracted some attention, but he seemed to only have eyes for E-Beth, or at least for E-Beth's prominently-displayed cleavage.

Vipul was quite friendly and quite sociable. But his girlfriend Brianna wasn't exactly interested in sharing, and her death stares were more than enough of a deterrent to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Kevin's wife, Jen, didn't need to give anyone else death stares; Kevin himself simply held Jen's hand the whole time and refused to even engage the single ladies.

At least two of the guys were perfectly comfortable socializing with the unattached women. Ex-NFL quarterback Nate oozed charm out from his ears, and lucky for him, his wife Monica seemed quite willing to bring an extra plaything back to their hotel room tonight. But while my buddy Bert smiled, chatted, and even flirted a bit with the single ladies, at the end of the night he left them all disappointed in favor of Lynne.

Thankfully for some of the remaining girls, the bisexual ones at least, Danielle, Cherys, and Amber had a whole bunch of hot friends who were only interested in GIRLS. Kady Jacobsen and Noelle Ronet, for example, looked to be on the prowl for a third cute young thing (or maybe fourth) to spend the night with.

Plus, two of the remaining girls didn't resign themselves to a penis-less fate. Those two girls returned back to Marshall, but instead of getting competitive, the two ladies began smiling at each other and gently caressing each other's shoulders while buttering him up. Marshall's eyes started clicking back and forth between them with an expression of mixed befuddlement and not-daring-to-believe-it-could-be-true excitement. And I silently wished him good stamina for the night that lay ahead.

And as for me and Sasha? Well, it turned out that my randy little girlfriend already had two candidates in mind the whole time – or perhaps they had already come on to her – hence Sasha's continual insistence that we end up bringing two ladies back to our bungalow tonight. Thirty seconds after helping me up off our chaise lounge by the martini bar, my beaming girlfriend gleefully re-introduced me to Nataliya and Maria, Russian blonde sisters, and the four of us spent the rest of the afternoon and evening "getting to know each other".

Nataliya was a tax lawyer, buttoned-up and all-business during the day, and then eager to let her hair down at night. She worked long hours, long enough to never have enough time for a serious, steady girlfriend (yes, she said girlfriend); but she had several friends-with-benefits (both female AND male) on speed-dial to take care of her needs as time permitted. She exuded smoky, seductive confidence, saying only what she meant to say, exactly the way she meant to say it.

In contrast, Maria was a non-stop chatterbox. She worked in pharmaceutical sales, flirted constantly, and had a habit of touching whomever she happened to be talking to, whether it was a shoulder rub, a forearm caress, or just leaving her hand on my knee and not moving it for five minutes at a time. Unlike her big sister, Maria had plenty of time for a romantic partner but not a shred of romantic inclination. "I don't really waste time on dinner-dates," she proudly proclaimed. And the only friends-with-benefits that got added to her speed-dial were the ones who could prove they could not only satisfy her, but also do so without becoming remotely clingy about it.

Hours later, when the four of us arrived at Sasha's and my beachfront bungalow, I got to compare and contrast the Russian blondes' physical figures as well, Nataliya the more curvaceous buxom bombshell and Maria the slender sexy type. Sure, I'd ogled the girls plenty on the mezzanine deck throughout the evening, as both had worn very pretty linen sundresses that showed off their figures to maximum effect. But it's one thing to ogle, and quite another to feel naked skin beneath your hands.

The open bar had done its work, and Maria was such a happy/horny drunk that she couldn't even wait for us to get in the front door. Leaping into my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist, she grabbed my head and rather violently tried to spear it with her tongue. Sasha laughed and opened the door for us, Nataliya spanked her little sister's ass, and I kept my eyes open mid-kiss while navigating my way through the doorway hoping that I wouldn't trip on something and ruin the mood.

Sasha closed the door behind me and I managed to shuffle in front of a couch without tripping. I sat down on it heavily and broke the kiss to gasp for air. Maria used the break to grin at me impishly while untying the bow of her halter-top behind her neck and dropped the front of her dress into my lap. Her strapless bra came off next, and then she was elevating herself on her knees to properly smother my face in her perky breasts.

I was only too happy to reach up and squeeze her titflesh around my cheeks before licking and suckling on her nipples. When contained by her dress, Maria's tits had looked like a firm B-cup squished up and together by a well-designed bra. But even without structural support, her tits remained fairly round and upright, pleasantly-surprising all-natural C-cups that apparently had direct conduits between their nipples and her clit.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Nataliya settled onto the other couch in a manner that was much less frantic but no less erotic. The ladies gazed into each other's eyes, caressing cheeks and brushing hair behind the other's ears while sharing languorous, soul-probing kisses. It took the pair a lot longer to strip off any clothing; truly, they were still fully-dressed when Maria unbuttoned my shirt from throat to chin and ripped it off my shoulders before reaching down to her waist and tugging her entire dress over her head. And I'm not entirely sure when Sasha and Nataliya finally got naked, because Maria rolled us over so that she was splayed out on her back across the couch while I loomed over her, no longer affording me a view of the others.

No matter, I had all the view I could handle right in front of me. Maria had either gone commando all night or removed her panties during a bathroom trip, because she wasn't wearing any when she removed her dress. Her bare-shaven pink pussy was soaking wet, and her perky breasts heaved up and down as she set her head on the armrest to my left, extended her arms over the edge in complete surrender, and panted with urgent need.

Maria was a fairly tall girl, over six feet in heels (speaking of which, she was still wearing them). Her left leg went up and over the edge of the other armrest, and her right foot was on the floor as she completely exposed her naked body to me. I probably could have dropped trou and slammed Big Ben all the way up her twat in a single thrust, and she would have loved all eight inches of it, but the night was still young, and I was in the mood for a little more foreplay before getting to the main event.

I began by kissing my way up from her navel to the underside of her breasts. Licking the creases of her underboob, I nibbled my way around her left globe before latching onto a pale pink little volcano of pleasure. I already mentioned that those things had a direct conduit to her clit, and my Russian firecracker moaned in rapturous ecstasy when I sucked on it, almost as if I'd sucked on her clit instead.

But I didn't stop at her nipples. I kissed my way up Maria's throat while simultaneously walking the fingers of my right hand up her inner thigh. Maria shivered beneath me and gasped when I licked her ear. And with her mouth gaping open wide, I pushed my tongue into it at the exactly instant when I pushed my index and middle fingers into her cunt.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK!" Maria howled, already shaking in climax.

Damn. This is gonna be EASY.

Indeed, nearly everything I did to her seemed to work. With most girls, I built up a user manual of sorts instructing me to press button 'X' before caressing pad 'Y' and rubbing spot 'G' before inserting tab 'D' into slot 'V'. With Maria, I could sort of just bang on the keyboard like a spastic chimpanzee and she went off like the Fourth of July every time.

Sure, if the spastic chimpanzee was an idiot savant that could bang away at the keyboard and accidentally write Shakespeare. Even when you think you aren't trying hard, you're pushing all the right buttons in exactly the right order. That's why all the girls love you.

Okay maybe...

The point is: Maria was having a fucking good time, and I still had my shorts on. I kissed, I licked, and I suckled. I fingerbanged, I rubbed, and I even popped my pinky into her ass at the same time. Maria screamed and shrieked and thrashed around that couch until she finally couldn't take it anymore, but I was on such a roll that she had to whimper, "No more, no more ... stop, please... Please!" before I finally got the hint and let her yank my wrist hard enough to pry my fingers out of her pussy.

Nataliya barked some kind of Russian curse word from behind me. "I do not think I have ever heard her to ask somebody to stop!" she whistled in disbelief. "I did not realize the phrase 'no more' was even in her vocabulary! And you have not even taken your dick out of your shorts yet!"

"Mmm," Sasha hummed proudly. "Just wait and see what he can do when he DOES take it out!"

"I am not waiting any longer," Nataliya insisted, grabbing my hand and tugging me away from her gasping sister before turning me around and forcibly jerking down on my waistband. "The shorts! Off! Now!"

I chuckled and unbuttoned myself, but Nataliya grabbed the zipper and dragged it down for me. Both she and Sasha were already naked (though like I said: I didn't know when or how that happened). Once she jerked both my shorts and boxers down to the floor, taking away them and my sandals as well, I was finally naked too.

"Amber said you had a beautiful cock," Nataliya moaned, staring in wonder as my eight-inch column of man-meat thrust away from my torso at a 45-degree angle. After gawking at my pussy-pleaser for another moment, her hand wrapped around the shaft and pumped it experimentally, feeling out the length and testing its rigidity.

I couldn't think of a witty comeback. Instead, I sat down on the couch behind me, on the seat next to Sasha. A moment later, Nataliya craned her head sideways and ran her lips along the shaft from base to tip. She teased the head before rotating over the top and dragging her lips down the other side. I let her go to work, but after a few minutes, Maria whined from across the room, "My turn! My turn!"

Nataliya glanced over at the other couch, sighed as she let go of my dick, and looked up at me with a smirk. "My little sister ... Always so impatient."

Looking much recovered from her cascading multiple orgasms, Maria hopped over and quickly sank to her knees on the living room rug, side-by-side with Nataliya. She cooed at my prick as if it were a tender flower, her delicate fingers wrapping around my rod and taking up the pumping motions her older sister had abandoned. Hazel eyes sparkled at me for a moment before redirecting their attention to the shaft in hand. And brand new cherry red lips surrounded my mushroom head to begin leaving more streaks of lipstick on my dick.

"Better than being alone tonight, don't you think?" Sasha giggled from her spot on the couch beside me.

I leaned over, kissed my girlfriend, and moaned into her mouth as I felt my cock being deep-throated for the second time tonight.

"When you're right, you're right."

Side-by-side on the bed, Nataliya and Maria caressed each other's sweaty naked bodies while kissing each other extravagantly, relishing the taste of each other's tongue. What had started as the sisters snowballing my cumload between them had progressed to a makeout session just for the sake of making out, as by now there surely couldn't be any of my salty jism left to devour.

Spooned in behind the older sister, I ponderously pumped my penis in and out of her pretty pussy, panting softly and inhaling the spicy sweet scent of the back of her neck. This soon after my ejaculation, I was in no hurry to get off. And with Nataliya's little sister rubbing my lover's clit for me, I could simply savor the sumptuous sensations surrounding my shaft, slowly screwing my Russian doll for as long as we cared to continue.

On the other side, Sasha spooned herself behind the younger sister, likewise tasting her lover's neck and pumping her Russian doll's pussy from behind, albeit with her fingers instead of a cock. Maria was still calming down from the earth-shattering crescendo of the royal hammering I'd given her several minutes before, so the lissome blonde was likewise sedately savoring the touch of a woman's body behind her while enjoying her sister's body and kiss from the front.

But the young Russian energizer bunny could remain in such a tranquil state for only so long. Maria recovered from my Sex God pounding much faster than I would have thought, and we all soon heard the aggressive moan of a horny blonde in heat as she took her Sapphic kissing up a notch, then licked her way down her older sister's body, and finally hoisted Nataliya's leg over her shoulder so she could apply her tongue to the point where my prick pounded in and out of her sister's pussy.

Nataliya reached across the now-empty gap to drag my girlfriend toward her, letting Sasha's lips take over where Maria's had left off. My Russian doll found new playthings to molest in front of her, and as her sister's oral attention stoked new fires in her loins, she ravenously devoured Sasha's tongue and stroked the Armenian beauty's body while bucking her butt back at me.

The rise of sexual energy in the room carried me along with it, driving a new sense of urgency into my hips that sedate stroking could no longer satisfy. At first, I tried to simply reach around and palm Nataliya's big breasts to use as handholds while I pounded myself into her pussy from behind with greater and greater force. But trapped on my side I couldn't find the leverage I truly wanted, and couldn't reach all of the trigger spots on Nataliya's body I'd discovered in developing my user manual of my Russian doll's body. So after a few minutes of allowing the four of us to maintain our respective positions, I finally wrapped an arm around Nataliya's waist and rolled myself onto my back, carrying her with me so that she lay back against my chest, impaled on my upthrusting prick, with almost every inch of her skin exposed to my hands' subtle (and not-so-subtle) molestations.

"Yes ... Yes ... Yes..." the busty blonde moaned as I repeatedly lunged upward into her wet, willing body. She groaned as I squeezed her mountainous melons together and forcefully gyrated them in opposing circles, one after the other. I scraped my fingernails across her nipples and scored them across the sensitive creases where the undersides of her breasts met her chest. I tickled her ribs and bit down on her shoulder and grabbed the back of Sasha's head to yank it down into Nataliya's now-unattended breasts while grabbing Maria's head to forcefully tug it back into place to munch on her sister's swollen clit. And soon the three of us had my Russian doll groaning "Ohhh... YESSSS..." as she rapidly approached a new orgasm.

"Yes-yes-yes-yes-YES!" Nataliya shrieked as she abruptly tensed up and came, her body spasming atop me while she clutched Sasha's head against her bosom and wrapped her legs around Maria's neck. But after another minute, all four of her limbs went slack, and I quickly rolled her lifeless body off my chest. A second later, Sasha rolled after her, crushing their matched D-cup boobs together while kissing and fondling and licking the momentarily-exhausted young woman in the aftermath of her incredible climax.

With the two of them occupied, I turned my attention to the remaining girl. "C'mere, sexy," I beckoned to Maria, who grinned up at me with a face glistening with her sister's orgasmic fluids. The perky blonde gleefully leapt back onto the bed, straddling my hips and hurriedly sinking my skyward shaft into her snug snatch.

"Say it again," the younger sister breathed as she began humping herself on me at full speed right from the start. "Say that word again."

I arched an eyebrow for a moment while rapidly rewinding my memory back a couple of seconds. "Sexy?" I wondered aloud, finding myself rewarded by that silly grin and even harder and faster fucking. So I repeated once more, "You're so fucking sexy. So hot while you ride my dick like you were born to it. I love the look of your sexy little body, the sound of your sexy accent, the feel of your sexy perky boobs in my hands, the sexy gleam in your pretty eyes, and of course your sexy cunt on my cock."

"Oooh... yessss..." Maria whimpered, practically crying with joy. I think she had an orgasm right then and there, because she had to pause for just a moment to close her eyes and sigh. But a second later she was right back at it, hammering herself onto my dick over and over and over again. Her hips were a blur of motion up and down and up and down before she suddenly dropped her chest down onto mine and crammed her tongue back into my mouth. And she hooked her arms beneath my shoulders, holding onto me for dear life as she tried to fuck me even harder.

We swapped spit and groaned into each other's mouth until we couldn't breathe. But when Maria finally pulled her head away to gasp for air, I found strength enough to roll us over and take over the fucking. "Fuck you feel so fucking good, my sexy girl," I groaned. "My personal Barbie doll so perfect and pretty."

"Oh, FUCK!" Maria cried, clenching her eyes shut and leaving no doubt she was cumming right then and there. She quivered in my arms, a happy grin spreading all the way across her face. And when she re-opened those pretty hazel eyes to stare up into mine, for a second there I worried that another gorgeous blonde had just fallen in love with me.

But rather than whisper some loving endearment, my Russian doll raised her legs and hooked them over my shoulders, crooning, "Fuck the shit out of me, you sexy, sexy man. Fuck my pretty pussy. Use your little Barbie girl. I want you to bend me in half and pummel me into the mattress. I want you to fuck me anywhere, everywhere. Hold my head and face-fuck my throat. Pin me down and cream my cunt. Bend me over and violate my tight asshole. Anything and everything you want to do to me ... No limits tonight."

I blinked in surprise, taking that all in for a moment, although I didn't stop the automatic in-and-out thrusting of my cock. "Seriously?" I asked, making sure I was getting the permission I thought I was. After all, she was taking an awfully big risk with a guy she'd just met.

Her eyes sparkling, the hazel turning an almost familiar gold, Maria stared straight into my soul. "For the rest of tonight, this is one Barbie doll that is all yours."

Arching an eyebrow, I let a smirk draw across my face. Without pausing my metronomic stroking, I turned my head and whistled to draw Sasha's attention away from the alluring sixty-nine she shared with Nataliya. "Hey honey?" I called. "Which suitcase has the toys?"

After Maria's invitation to use her like a Barbie doll, I had Sasha don the Big Ben double-ended dildo so we could roast the Russian girl like a spit. Maria moaned and groaned with a throat full of fake Ben penis while the real Ben penis skewered her from behind. And Nataliya lubed up a Big Ben vibrator and used it to probe her little sister's sphincter at the same time.

Once Maria was ready for the real thing, Sasha lied down with her fake dick thrust up into the younger sister's pussy. My girlfriend and my Barbie doll swapped spit and rubbed tits while I eased my cock into the Russian blonde's anal chute. I'd been fantasizing about this moment from the first time I started staring at Maria's ass while we'd been ziplining. And I relished every second of cornholing the hell out of her until I blasted her bowels full of scalding cum.

Nataliya went after the creampie to snowball it back to her sister while Sasha got me cleaned up. This time Maria wanted to wear the strap-on, and she fucked Sasha doggie-style while my girlfriend ate out Nataliya's cunt while the elder sister sat up against the headboard. And I stood up atop the mattress, straddling my own girlfriend's prone body while feeding my growing erection into Nataliya's mouth so she could revive me for another round.

I almost blew it by coming within seconds of cumming down Nataliya's throat, it felt so good to hold her head and face-fuck the hell out of her, but I managed to hold off so that we all could switch places and go again. This time, I was on the bottom with my dick in Nataliya's cunt since Maria actually wanted to fuck her big sister's ass first. And Sasha lay down beside me so Nataliya could use my girlfriend's pussy as a muffle for her screams.

But once we got Nataliya off, it was Sasha who asked Maria to switch holes with me because her boyfriend had a thing for racking up new assholes. Giggling, Maria gladly pulled out and cleaned her fake cock off while Nataliya simply rolled over in place, sliding my shaft through her sphincter and then lying back against my chest to let Maria step between our legs and fuck her big sister's pussy instead.

Together, the three of us got Nataliya off one more time before my urgent need to cum asserted itself. Motioning the other girls away, I kept the busty blonde skewered on my shaft and rolled her over face-down on the mattress. Gripping her shoulders, I set my knees and pounded the shit out of her until I howled and blew my wad into the bowels of my second Russian blonde of the night.

This time Sasha went after the creampie, and the three girls ended up swapping my sperm together. And after Maria did the honors of sucking me hard enough to get me holding her head and face-fucking her for a bit, I geared myself up for the grand finale.

Only then did I realize that in all of this, I hadn't ever actually fucked my own girlfriend. To rectify that, Sasha and I started off missionary style, making love and taking our time while the Russian sisters caught their breaths. But then Nataliya decided it was her turn to wear the strap-on, Maria got antsy about joining in somewhere, and we ultimately decided on Maria and Sasha in a sixty-nine position with Maria on the bottom with her head at the foot of the bed, Nataliya kneeling on the mattress holding Sasha's head and fucking my girlfriend's face, and me standing on the floor feeding my cock into my girlfriend's ass while Maria alternated between licking Sasha's clit and tonguing my balls.

Together, the two blondes and I brought the lone brunette to a screaming orgasm, or at least as much as Sasha could scream around the obstruction in her throat. After that, Nataliya rolled Sasha out of the way and slammed her fake cock into Maria's cunt, hooking her little sister's legs over her shoulders and pummeling the screaming Barbie doll into the mattress.

Meanwhile, I hooked Sasha's legs over my shoulders, although I remained standing at the foot of the bed. And with one hand rubbing my girlfriend's tits and the other hand holding the vibrator against her clit, I slowly long-dicked Sasha's ass until she clenched up and came, her rippling anal muscles milking my sperm out into my third and final asshole of the night.

Worn-out, sleepy, and sexually satisfied, the four of us collapsed onto the bed together and gasped for air. A few more drowsy kisses were exchanged, but nobody tried to start another round. And eventually, the two Russian sisters got out of bed and started putting their sundresses back on, although they merely shoved their bras and underwear into their purses.

"Sorry, we aren't really the type to sleep over," Nataliya said apologetically.

"But there are still a couple of days left in this vacation," Maria offered amiably. "Who knows where the moods might take us?"

Sasha and I sat up to bid the girls goodbye. "Good night, sexy," I said as I kissed Maria, followed by a hug and a kiss for Nataliya as well. The Russian sisters left our bungalow, and a smiling Sasha slid off the bed, leading me by the hand into the bathroom to take a shower.

I embraced my girlfriend underneath the spray while she lathered up her hands and began to clean me up. I sighed and leaned back against the shower wall, sighing as the cold tiles helped dissipate the heat off my back after more than an hour of near-constant fucking. But as it turned out, my randy girlfriend wasn't quite done yet. Soapy cleaning gave way to firm-hand stroking, and as little Ben started to realize a pretty girl still wanted his attention, he began to perk up a bit.

I blinked in surprise and glanced down to find my girlfriend's luminous large brown eyes looking up at me. Getting up on her tip-toes, she leaned against my chest and stole a kiss from my lips. And when she dropped back down on her heels, she gave me a coy little smile.

"Not satisfied just yet?" I mused, my heart rate increasing as she continued to pump my not-yet-hard cock.

Biting her lower lip, Sasha looked up at me and leaned against my chest again, letting go of my penis to scratch her fingernails against my pectoral muscles instead. "I know that roping in two of Amber's friends was my idea from the start, and I loved every minute of it."

Arching an eyebrow, I led her, "But..."

"But ... Even when we made love there at the very end, just you and me, I couldn't shake the realization that we weren't actually alone. And sure enough, it was only a few minutes before Nataliya buckled on the strap-on and I found myself being triple-teamed by all three of you."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Not bad. Just ... not intimate. Even though all the other girls are back home in California, it feels ... I mean ... Alone time with you is rare enough as it is."

I frowned. "Like you said: it was your idea to seduce Maria and Nataliya."

"And I loved every minute of it," she repeated. "Gawd it was so hot to watch you screwing the shit out of those two girls, to watch my boyfriend making beautiful babes we'd never even met before scream their pretty little heads off. It's been a while, hasn't it? Since we hooked you up with some strange new pussy?"

I frowned. "I think it's only been a couple of weeks since you and Adrienne brought those new models to our apartment ... When Kim and BJ were spending the weekend at her father's?"

"Maybe. It's weird ... My relationship with you developed amidst Tri-Delt West, and it became such a routine to see you seizing and inseminating all those hot sorority girls at your slightest whim. I kinda got used to always watching you in action even when you weren't having sex with me. Pressing some hot young thing's face into my crotch, making her eat me out even harder while watching you pound another pretty young thing into the mattress? Nnngh..." Sasha's eyes fluttered and she practically had an orgasm right then and there.

I chuckled. "Quite the voyeur you're starting to turn into, aren't you?"

Through hooded eyes, my girlfriend stared up at me. "Maybe ... I never really thought about it like that. But I can't deny how much it turns me on to remember that first time I saw you throw Brooke's legs over your shoulders and skewer your little sister's cunt, how hot I felt watching you bend Marisa over at the waist and ram your dick all the way up her ass in one thrust, or how hard I creamed watching you violate and conquer both Nataliya and Maria tonight. It was ... well in some ways ... it was even better than fucking you myself."

I blinked twice in surprise. "Maybe you really DO have a voyeuristic side to you."

"Maybe ... Might explain a bit about why I enjoyed being a stripper. I loved performing, and I loved to watch, too. Maybe there's an exhibitionist side of me we need to discover as well." She giggled.

"Could be. Remember the time we found a quiet corner on campus five minutes before class started after you threw mud at me? Or that study room in the library with the freshmen right outside the door?"

"Mmm, I remember." Sasha's eyes sizzled along with her smirk. She quickly got up on her tip-toes and pecked me before settling back down on her heels once more. "Another reason why I love being with you. I feel like I'm discovering new things about myself all the time."

I smiled and hugged her warmly. "As long as you're happy."

"I am. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life." Sasha sighed and hugged me back, resting her cheek against my shoulder. "And yet..."

When she trailed off, I gave her a squeeze and prompted her to finish, "And yet..."

"And yet ... while I'm SO happy that we're together, that our relationship is the way it is, and it was SUCH a turn-on for us to have the Russian sisters with us tonight, I can't help but feel..." She sighed and shook her head. "Right here, right now ... it's just me and you. As much as I love watching you sexually destroy girl after girl after girl, I also love those rare moments when there's nobody else around. And I know you're tired after doing your best to work your Sex God magic on all three of us, but ... well..."

"You want to make the most of this time when it's just me and you."

Sasha shook her head. "It's such a contradiction. I love the freedom being with you gives me. I love watching you fuck the shit out of someone else. I love the opportunities we have to conquer hot new babes together, and those two Russian blondes are some of the hottest we've ever had. And yet I can't shake the notion that I'm constantly having to share you with others."

I frowned again. "Then don't. Say the word and it'll just be you and me for the rest of this vacation. Well, except for Adrienne flying in tomorrow."

Thinking that over, Sasha furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head. "But I don't want that either. I want to watch. I want to BE watched. I want to feel pride in watching my man conquer someone new. I want ... I want..."

"You want your cake and to eat it to?"

Glancing up into my eyes, my girlfriend chuckled. "Yeah ... something like that."

"Well like you said: right here, right now, it's just me and you."

Her hand slid down to my again-limp penis. "But you're all worn out. And here I am, feeling this emptiness within that only you can satisfy. I want to feel you inside me again. I want you to fill me again. I want to feel the pulses of your warmth spitting into my insides and stuffing up my cunt. I want to feel the heat of your sperm radiating from deep within my womb. Will you cum in me again, pretty please? Will you ... my lover ... pin my heaving naked body beneath yours and plaster your hot skin against every inch of mine while that marvelous, beautiful cock skewers me down to my very core?"

Sasha had wrapped herself around my chest by now, and holding her in my arms and bent down to kiss the crown of her head. Her fingers continued to fondle my prick, and while it wasn't completely erect just yet, it was well on its way.

"Tell you what," I murmured with a chuckle and a smile. "Keep talking like that, and I'm sure I'll be able to manage for you."

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