Oh, Brother!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Aliens, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Analingus, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Workplace, School, Nudism, Military, War,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Martin Wolfe is second from the youngest in a family of siblings left behind by the Confederacy's pickups. He is also the only male, and that soon makes him more than just an annoying brother now.

"Martin, can you come over for a moment?" my eldest sister Sandra, or Sandy, as she was known, asked me abruptly, breaking my concentration.

Let me stipulate what she meant by this. I am Martin Wolfe, yes, that's right ... Wolfe. I got teased a lot about that name when I was younger, especially as there was nothing particularly ravenous or wild about me at first glance. I was now eighteen years old and had lived, not quite on my own, for the past six months since my birthday. You see, we both lived near our restaurant, the Wolfman's Tavern, but in separate apartments, mine being the basement, or, the Dungeon, as my sisters called it. Oh, yes, I was the only male in the tribe now. I should mention that because it was quite relevant here. When Sandy called me to "come over," she generally meant that she wanted me to leave the Dungeon for her upstairs apartment that she shared with the other Wolfe ladies. Well, either that, or she wanted me to work an extra shift at the tavern.

"Over to work or something else?" I teased her.

"Home, baby brother. Home sweet home. Just because you moved out doesn't mean that this isn't your home, too. I really wish that you hadn't moved to the Dungeon, but I understand why you did. We miss our favorite brother, though. We all do, honey," Sandy pouted ... the "honey" was typical of her and my other sisters.

I didn't think much of it. They had started using it when I turned thirteen and hadn't stopped it since. It was just a bit strange, but normal for them. I figured that it was their way of buttering me up when they wanted something. I sighed, wrapped up my blog writing exercise, and headed up to what I jokingly called the She-Wolves' Lair. They took that in good humor, but still ... well, what were siblings for, but for teasing and bickering, and then closing ranks against anyone else who dared? That was even truer for the past year since Mom and Dad were extracted by the Confederacy, as a pair of concubines, no less, and left us the tavern to run as siblings. We were on our own and had to make the most of it.

Last I heard, Dad had been recycled and Mom passed off to the Civil Service when he got too jealous over her being pregnant by another man ... it turned out that female sponsors didn't always respect the former marital bond, either. It was Dad's genius idea that somehow it would work out better with a female volunteer, but they had picked one who clicked with a male co-sponsor later and things hadn't turned out as intended. It was bad luck, perhaps, but he should have learned to move beyond assumptions and accept that their marriage was over, whatever the sponsor's sex. Concubines don't have husbands or wives, and I had already faced that fact myself.

When I arrived at the door and knocked, my sisters practically dragged me inside their apartment and led me to the sofa in the living room, where they planted a plate of tacos on my lap and all but shoved a bottle of beer into my right hand. Sandy scurried about the kitchen, while the twins, Marla and Michelle, sat on each side of me. In the armchair, on her own, was the very youngest, Stephanie, who had just turned seventeen on the day before, on Valentine's Day, no less. I should note that Stephanie was adopted and looked like her Mexican birth mother instead of my family's Irish-German heritage. She was rather lively and pretty, even a little bit sassy at times. We didn't know her real birthday, so Mom and Dad chose Valentine's Day because they said that they fell in love with her at first sight.

"So, what's going on, gals?" I asked now, quite curious as to the occasion.

"Seems that Mom gave birth at last, in the Civil Service concubine pool. We have a new baby brother, named Adam, of all things. If we ever want to see them again, however, we need a plan of action. I don't know about you, little bro, but I want to see Mom and Adam someday, not become a juicy snack for the Swarm," Sandy popped in, planting a kiss on the top of head.

"What does Tyler think of that, Sis?" I asked her about her long-time beau and high school sweetheart, Tyler Hearst.

"Yeah, that's taken a turn for the worse. He scored an even 4 on his CAP and has opted to despair of any future for himself, even preferring that I adopt his blue funk. We haven't quite broken up, per se, but it's not looking good for us, and the news about Dad getting recycled didn't help things, either. He's also not pleased that I beat him by two percentage points. I think that he fears that I'll pass next time and volunteer without him, or even worse, that he'll end up as my slave. Not at this rate and with his attitude, he won't! He should be so lucky as to be my sex slave! Not my fault that he isn't at least a six like me. That's his doing," Sandy cursed as she sipped on her beer.

"Geez, it never rains but it pours, does it? Sounds like Tyler needs to get with the program and work on improving himself," I declared grimly, taking a sip myself.

I started to grab a bite of the tacos, when Marla slapped my hand. Before I could protest, she began feeding me herself, much to my shock. Seeing the surprise on my face, Michelle started feeding me, too, after which Stephanie knelt to remove my shoes and socks. The real stunner was when Sandy took off my shirt and began unzipping my pants. I was now in my underwear, at which point, the girls rifled through my wallet to find my CAP card. Now it was their turn to be astonished, as they saw my seven point seven. Yeah, my number was all lucky sevens ... very lucky for me, in fact.

"This is real? You're a volunteer?" Stephanie spoke up first, her eyes growing quite large.

"Well, I'm not gonna counterfeit, Sis. I don't fancy being executed by the methods that I've heard about. Yes, for the record, I'm a sponsor. I didn't tell you for obvious reasons," I assured them.

"What 'obvious reasons, ' kid brother? Don't you think that your sisters deserve to know if you can volunteer and take them to space, away from the Swarm?" Sandy demanded to know, reminding me that she was indeed the firstborn at twenty-three.

"Sandy ... concubines are expected to sleep with their sponsors. Presumably, you know that. Even worse, they're supposed to breed with them. If you and I did that ... that's incest! We shouldn't do that, should we? It was already weird enough when you stripped me to my boxers, but damn, surely you were just playing! You weren't planning to actually fuck me, were you?" I asked, seeking reassurance of their intentions.

"Um ... Martin, I got news for you, honey. We were already going to fuck you, but now ... now we're really going to drain you, baby brother. Screw all those taboos and rules, bro. We've wanted you for years. I was just planning to retest and keep you as a concubine once I passed, but who needs that now? I mean, come on, Marty ... we're your sisters! You're not going to leave us behind, are you? You don't want us to get eaten by the Swarm, do you?" Sandy laid it on very thick, in fact.

"Besides, only three of them are related to you by blood. I'm not, so there's some fresh blood already to limit any genetic problems, and the Confederacy can fix the rest of the consequences. Come on, big brother! You promised Mom and Dad that you'd take care of us, didn't you?" Steph pleaded with me.

"Oh, alright, if you insist! I was just gonna try to set you up with someone else who was a sponsor, but if you really want to sleep with your own brother... ," I slipped in a guilt trip of my own.

"Hey, that trick is NOT gonna work on us! We don't want some friend of yours, anyway, gamer or whatever! We want someone we know and love! We want you as our sponsor! So, please drop the passive-aggression and how did you put it, 'get with the program!' Brothers and sisters go together more than you think. Even fathers and daughters, mother and sons. It's a brave new world, kiddo," Marla observed.

"Besides, this way, you won't have to test-drive some stranger when you're very nervous at a pickup and wonder if you've made a mistake. You won't catch some stupid socialite or desperate housewife, or some pathetic legal eagle career woman who suddenly discovers a biological clock in time to save her hide! Or the silly cheerleaders who never had any time for you in high school, but who will somehow develop a convenient crush on you right at pickup time! We're not just any girls. We already love you and care for you for yourself. We're your sisters!" Michelle remarked with some very good arguments there.

"Yeah, we know that you're a virgin and we'll rid you of that in a way that you'll actually get to enjoy!" Sandy winked at me.

"Okay, sold, but some things will have to change! From now on, I'm the Boss! Before you object, you know the rules, girls!" I commented, "no sense in delaying the transition and suddenly having to adjust when it's life or death at stake."

"Yeah, like you'd toss us out an airlock, but you're right, bro! You're right for once. You get to be head of our family now. So how about moving back upstairs where you belong and fucking your sisters into next year! Think of it as a late extra birthday gift to Stephanie!" Sandy urged me before yanking down my boxers to start licking the head of my dick.

"Hell, yeah, Happy Birthday to me! And Valentine's Day, too ... will you be our Valentine, bro?" Stephanie giggled as she began to work on my balls.

"I think he will. Just look as how the little soldier salutes when he's released," Marla began making out with me, inserting more tongue than expected.

"Yeah, well, I'm marking him as ours!" Michelle said between hickies that she gave me on my neck and shoulders.

"Girls ... ladies ... damn! How long have you wanted this from me?" I groaned as I felt my sisters deep-throating me in turns.

"Since about your thirteenth birthday, hon. That's when we fell in love with you, although Steph was still too young back then. Even she had a crush on you, though. Trust me, you made the right choice. You won't regret claiming us, your own sisters, as your sex slaves!" Sandy promised me while she slurped on my cock.

"Love slaves, but close enough! It's not just sex. We love him. He's our brother! Though the sex will be even better for that. And I've been waiting just for him!" Stephanie declared as she greedily licked my balls.

"You're a virgin, too! You've ... been waiting for me?" I expressed surprise.

"Damn straight, bro! Saving it just for you! Nothing against Sandy giving it out, since she has a boyfriend, but I think that he's history, anyway. Still, someone needs to mentor us and that requires some experience!" Steph teased us both a bit, "Of course, I have given head before, just not gone all the way."

"Yeah, she's not quite as slutty as the rest of us, but I think that you're gonna enjoy sex with all of us, including little Steph. Oh, and yes, Tyler is done now that we have Martin with us. I'm tired of his BS. Who needs boyfriends when you have a brother as yummy as ours?" Sandy shocked me with her latest remarks.

"You got that right! And sisters as juicy as us!" Marla giggled as she began kissing Michelle right in front of me.

"You ... two? Lovers? Lesbian girlfriends as well as sisters?" I reacted with amazement.

"Bet your sweet ass we are! Don't worry, though ... any time that you want a threesome, look no further than us! We don't offer that to just any man, but you're our favorite brother, so, you get that deal. Then again, we don't date guys as a rule ... not until you. We've been muff diving since we were thirteen! So, technically, we're virgins, too!" Michelle informed me between kisses to my face and neck from both of them, "We decided a long time ago to wait on straight sex until you were ready for us."

"Yeah, our sisters saw it before I did, more fool me. They realized that you were Mr. Right for all of us. They kept telling me that Tyler was wrong for me, but I didn't believe them. Now I know what I should have known ... what I've really known deep down, but finally faced. The truth, that I am in love with you and have been since you were thirteen. I didn't accept the reality of it until Tyler showed his true colors and I decided that I want rid of him.

"That was when I listened to how the girls talked of you and it occurred to me that they were right. You're perfect for all four of us. I was going to dump Tyler, either, but now I am convinced that I must the next time I see him. Hell, maybe I should dump him tonight, perhaps while you take the one hole that I never gave him ... my ass!" Sandy informed me, shocking me even further.

"You should also go off the pill and let Martin knock you up, make Tyler see you swell up with another man's baby," Marla teased me while licking my right ear as Michelle did the same to my left.

"I love that idea, guys! Do it! Let's all do it! Let's get pregnant by Martin while we wait to get picked up!" Stephanie stunned by urging that course of action.

"You girls really mean it, don't you? You all actually do care about me that way, not just as siblings, but as lovers," I reacted with confusion and absolute wonder.

"You bet we do, honey. That's exactly how we feel about you, bro. You're our brother and I was gonna take you to the stars, but since you're willing to take us instead, I will gladly submit to you and surrender any claims of leadership or authority over this family to you. After all, I would have expected you to obey me if I had been the sponsor, so it's only right that I do the same for you as, hopefully, your head concubine," Sandy swore to me as she licked and sucked away at my dick, sharing it with Steph enthusiastically, "Granted, old big sister habits die hard, but I'll work on that ... Master."

"Master sounds nice," I admitted with a slight blush.

"Agreed, it fits. I was prepared to call you Mistress, Sis. Why not Master for our brother? Our delectable Master, our dear brother ... so sweet to us. I knew he wouldn't let us down," Marla said, grabbing my hand and putting it on her bosom through her T-shirt.

"Don't forget my tits, bro. They're just as firm and perky, if still a bit smaller than Steph's. Not our fault that she has those busty mamacita genes," Michelle teased the youngest as she placed my other hand on her cleavage.

Steph stuck out her tongue, and Michelle giggled, "Yeah, please do! I'd love to lick you as well, especially your yummy ass!"

The girls all coughed and nearly spat out their beer when they heard that comment pass Michelle's lips.

"Alright, off with your tops, all of you!" I instructed them, wanting none of them to feel self-conscious about cup size, since all of them were lovely.

"Yes, sir! Girls, our Master has spoken! We go topless now!" Sandy insisted before she resumed sucking my cock and Stephanie started licking my taint.

"Want rid of our bottoms, too? You're going to see us naked, sooner or later, as our sponsor, Master. Might as well get that out of the way," Stephanie observed as she took off her top, getting a thumbs-up from me.

"Alright, then! Bottomless, too, ladies! Master wants us naked as jaybirds! Anything for Master now!" Sandy commanded the girls, who quickly complied, stripping to their birthday suits in record time.

"Well, it's only fair! I've been naked for a while now. Naked and at your mercy, ladies," I joked, as the girls resumed feeding me without skipping a beat.

"Girls, let's finish feeding Master, so he has the energy to fuck us as we want him to do!" Sandy got the twins busy with that while she got back to work on giving me head and Steph now commenced a serious and shameless rimjob.

When they said "feeding me," they were quite literal, of course. Not once was I permitted to pick up an actual handful of food. Oh, I drank the beer as I pleased, but even then, Sandy brought me another right away. Marla and Michelle even kissed me with traces of beer still on their lips. It was just one exercise in pampering me after another. Whenever Sandy got up to do something, Steph took over the blowjob, before passing it back to our eldest all over again.

"Girls, I can't hold back anymore! I'm about to cum, and right down Sandy's throat!" I announced, feeling a sudden and familiar twitch and jerk in my balls.

Sandy said nothing in response, just winked at me and kept on sucking like her life depended on it. Well, then again, she had reason think that it did. When Steph started to ease a greasy, oily finger into my asshole, I lost all self-restraint and erupted into my elder sister's mouth, after which she passed it to Steph for a moment for a taste of my load. The sisters snowballed each other, much to my surprise, and before I knew what was up, they were making out like girlfriends instead of simply sisters. Marla and Michelle looked at them with shock, as did I, but they both turned with a sheepish look to us and shrugged.

"It ... just ... came naturally," Sandy stammered, unusually for her.

"What she said. Plus, I wanted a taste of it," Stephanie explained to us.

"Welcome to our world, sisters. I think that we ladies can all embrace our inner lesbians at times, with Master's blessing, of course," Marla winked at me.

"Consider it given, provided that you don't neglect me," I grinned.

"Don't worry about that, babe. You're our man now. Our Master as well as our brother. Speaking of which, how about dessert, so we can get you ready for the next phase? Time to give our brother ... and Master what he really deserves," Michelle leaned over to thrust her tits in my face.

"Dessert sounds good ... and so would some food," I joked, but I was at least half-serious, and despite the giggles (and tickles) which followed, my sweet sisters knew it, too.

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