Have Cane, Will Travel
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is bad enough when your brain and body betray you, legs in perfect shape but unable to hold your weight. When you wake up in a strange world with alien creatures as well? At least you still have your cane.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Furry   Oral Sex  

Rain fell in his eyes as he opened them.

Greg slammed his eyes shut, wincing. He placed a hand over them, feeling the drops coming down sharply. His other hand came under it, trying to wipe the water away. Part of him, the part that was actually in the here and now, realized this was rather pointless. At least until he had some sort of protection from the elements. He did it anyway, eyes blinking. Right hand still sheltering him, he got his bearings.

He was flat on the ground.

He was outside, too. Both were seemingly impossible places to be, given his last memory. He had been...

Greg frowned. He didn't know where he had been.

His head looked left, then right. He was on dirt, trees visible. Cold rain fell on him, body both chilled and numb. His eyes closed. He had been sleeping. At home. Right? He had been sleeping at home.

No ... no. He had been in the hospital. The attack. He had been in a hospital bed, tubes all detached. No wires or clear tube draining his chest cavity. He had been sleeping in just his underwear, gown forsaken. His eyes opened again. His body was nude on the ground, his head lifting slightly as he glanced down his twenty five year old form.

His eyes closed again as the world moved.

OK, that hadn't changed. The universe still spun. Not as much as it had before, thank the

gods, but there was still movement. A slight rotation to the left. He could feel his mind complain at the view, a slight pressure. OK. He still probably couldn't walk, then. He could sit up, though. Pressing his palms against the dirt, he pushed up. His body resisted, weakness flowing through him. He resisted it, calling on the strength he knew was there. It was his mind, not body, which was betraying him. Greg felt his body move. His mind seemed to move a few moments later, confusion and dizziness filling it. He stopped once he seemed vertical. Hand going back to his eyes, he used it as a visor as he blinked.

Trees surrounded him. They were shrouded in rain and the shadows of early evening, exact type unknown. Not that he could have identified trees beyond some broad types. Evergreens, birch, trees that are neither of those. These looked maple or oak-ish. They had leaves. He blinked, world still swirling. It calmed down a bit as his mind adjusted to his head's new position. He slowly moved his head to the left.

A fire.

It was faint, at flickering in the distance, but even to his addled mind it was clearly a fire under some sort of shelter, the shadowy form of someone tending it. Or, was it in fact his addled mind that was creating his image? It didn't matter. He had to move, and this was as good an excuse as any.

Shivering, Greg readied himself. Looking right, he saw a cane. Well, that would help, even if its existence did draw the reality of all this into question. There had been a walker beside his bed. Reaching out, he grabbed the plastic handle of the metal stick. Moving slowly, right hand pushing the end of the cane into the dirt, he slowly got to his knees.

The mud actually helped a bit, giving him some leverage. His instructions for standing had involved never using the cane/walker itself for support, instead making sure your hands were on the bed/chair. Something that would hold your weight. Well, he had no choice here. One hand on his left knee, right hand pushing the end of the cane into the wet dirt, he slowly rose. His body tipped to the left, hand going out to a tree he honestly hadn't noticed there. Had it been there? Probably. He was still rather out of it. Steadying himself, he slowly gathered his legs under him. He pushed upward.

His mind swam even as his body stopped moving. The rain still came down. The fire still seemed to be there in the distance. Good. He took deep breaths, moving the cane a bit as his feet spread themselves.

Greg was stable. It was time to move.

Left foot first. That was the key. The world moved to the left, so his body wanted to lean right to compensate. His leg went forward, the cane only an moment behind. He stopped, making sure it was stable. So far, so good. He moved his right leg, bringing his foot down next to the left. OK. A bit wobbly, but he could do it. Another step. He focused his eyes on the shelter ahead. It looked like leaves and branches. The inhabitant was blurry. That was due to either the rain or him. Probably mostly him. Another step, then two. He stopped.

It wasn't human.

It sat on a log, long legs spread, knees out like a man. The body was furry, grey, hunched over, grey arms laying on its upper legs. It's face ... The fur was black. Its snout stuck out an inch or two. The eyes he couldn't really make out, which he wasn't sure he was happy about or not.

He blinked. OK. He could deal. He'd pretend it was just his medication or something. He was dreaming, but you were supposed to treat dreams as real, right? Thomas Covenant hadn't helped matters by not believing.

Then again, things didn't improve in sequel series where he DID believe, so maybe the problem was him.

Greg walked closer. The creature became clearer.

It moved, head swiveling towards him.

Greg stopped, body swaying as his weight came down mostly on his cane. The stranger bolted to its feet, facing him. He saw the tail briefly, easily long enough to extend upwards past its head. One arm came up, covering its chest. Why ... ah. She was a she. He could see the faint outline of breasts. Her fur looked matted down, damp if not soaked. Her eyes were a piercing orange with black pupils. He saw fright.

"Who's there?"

She spoke English. Another point in favor of a dream world. Then again, what else would a monkey speak? Malay? He took a deep breath, body trembling in the rain. He shifted his weight.

"Someone who has no idea where he is or what the fuck is going on." Her head jerked back at the sound, free hand seeming to grasp for something behind her. It found nothing. "My name is Greg."

The two stared at each other. The rain fell down harder, drops stinging as they hit his shoulders and head. His weight shifted again. His eyes dropped. She, too, was nude, fur covering anything between her long legs, with no attempt to use her free hand to cover that as a human woman would have. Even as he thought that, her right hand did come over to cover her groin, fingers spread. Unable to help it, he gave a tired laugh.

"I couldn't see anything anyway." He thought he saw a sight smile, one he could swear was embarrassed. Her hand fell away. "Look, I won't hurt you. Is there room under there for me to get out of the rain?"

Her eyes flicked away, then back. He raised his left hand to wipe at his eyes.


Slowly, she motioned towards the other side of the fire. He saw the shelter, four poles holding up a cloth roof, extended about three feet past the edge of the flames. Nodding, he thought himself into motion. Left foot first, cane a moment behind as he pulled it free of the clinging mud. He put most of his attention on where he was going, only partly noticing her gaze following him. There was a low rock just under the roof, the very back of it wet. Nodding to her as he stepped under the covering, he slowly maneuvered so he was looking over the fire at her. She was now sitting again, their eyes meeting. With the greatest care, he slowly sat, hand behind him to find purchase on his new seat. There was a spontaneous groan as his butt found the rock.

"Thank you."

She slowly nodded. He could feel some drops hitting his back. He scooted forward a bit, finding a place to set his cane. Using both hands, he wiped the water from his body.

"Tiana." He looked at her startled. She blinked. "My name is Tiana."

He blinked in reply. This seemed to confirm reality, as not only was this not a name he would have used for her, but he had never heard it before. He moved a hand through his hair.


She nodded, arms now in the same position they had rested earlier.

"Are you from here? I thought this area was empty."

"Where is here?" He shrugged. "My last memory was being in a bed, all dry."

Her head cocked. Greg now could see her ears better. They were black, like her fur, but small and human like.


"I thought so."

"You can't walk?" Tiana indicated with her left hand. He nodded,

"I need help." He took in more of his surroundings, mind adjusted and clearer. The movement that was always there in his vision had steadied somewhat. He saw a pack, what could be clothing hanging on sticks beside the fire. They had been out of view before. "Why are you here?"

She regarded him for a long moment. He wished he could lean back on something. Even on this rock, his balance was not a sure thing. He placed a hand on its rough surface, again moving a bit.

"I'm just traveling." Her voice caught him off guard for some reason. She shrugged as his gaze met her face again. "I needed to be alone. Find myself. See the world." A smile touched her lips, white teeth visible. "Finding strange creatures was not planned."

"Same here. I was in a hospital, trying to cure whatever happened to me." A pulse when through his head. Greg put his right hand up to his forehead. "Maybe I'll close my eyes and be back there."

"You think this is a dream?" Her voice was curious.

"No idea."

Tiana nodded. The fire having gotten low, she grabbed a thick stick from out of view and tossed it on. Sparks and a flame rose.

Time passed.

Greg awoke.

He was on his side, looking out at a handful of trees. OK. Not in his hospital room. Memories came. A fire. Strange creature. Was she still here?

He rolled onto his back, left arm hitting something wood. With a quick effort, before his body could protest, he pushed himself up.

Spinning. Left hand went to his head as his right shot out to the ground for support. He was on mostly grass. His eyes closed.

"Are you awake?"

So. She wasn't a dream. He wasn't sure if that was good or not. He looked again. Still the same grey furred monkey girl, with a black furred face. She now wore clothing, though. A white halter top with thin straps going over her shoulder, small breasts creating mounds. Around her waist was a skirt/wrap, dropping down to where he assumed her knees were. A necklace seemed to drop down from her neck, although that was too much detail for him to take in at the moment. His eyes closed, thumb and forefinger rubbing them.

"Maybe. Are you still real?"

"Maybe." He heard humor. That had been missing. At least she seemed well rested.

"Then maybe I'm awake." Greg blinked his eyes. She was on the other side of the fire, putting on a tan knapsack. She paused, uncertainty crossing her face.

"Are you ... hungry? Do you have food? Or," she hurried on, "some place to get it." Tiana paused. "Do you HAVE some place to go?"

"No on all counts. I still don't know where this is." His hand found the rock seat, mind focusing on that. It would make a good support. "Could you grab the cane for me?" Without waiting, he pushed upward with his left hand, His feet were reluctant to get into position, knees and legs not helping. He felt hands under his right arm. Anger flashed though him. He didn't need help. It left just as quickly as he rose unsteadily. The cane handle found his right hand, left having been forced away from the rock. Legs somewhat straight, he found himself now without her support, balance precarious but there. He moved a leg. There. That was better.

"Thanks, Tiana."

"Here." She held a canteen made of some sort of fabric, its cork top undone but held by a leather strap. He took it with his left hand, taking a swig. "Do you want a persimmon?" She held out a large tomato. He handed back the water bag, taking the fruit. He didn't know what to expect taste wise. The skin was bitter and tough, but the inside was soft, yet still crunchy. He lay the crutch against his leg, breaking the fruit open and focusing on the interior. The pit he spit out. Tiana crossed her long arms over her chest. "Good?"

"Good." Greg found himself licking the inside of the skin. "If messy."

"Well, I didn't want to get a spoon dirty."

He nodded. Made sense. He threw the skin into the coals of the fire pit. Greg noticed her eyes were aimed down. Well, there was nothing he could do about his nudity. At least she wasn't laughing at his hairless bits.

"We do usually wear clothes." She nodded at his comment.

"Thought so. It has to be a bit awkward with all that out there."

"Nobody has ever claimed humans were designed well."

She gave him a strange look at that. Well, he had never heard anyone say it. Greg had never gone to those churches that might have some opinion on the matter. His shrug was answered by a sigh.

"You'll have to come with me. I'll get you clothed somewhat and supplied before we part."

He nodded. Greg needed a hell of a lot more than that, but knew he was damned lucky to be getting this help. He adjusted his stance, cane repositioned.

"Ready when you are."

Tiana's gaze stayed on him for a few extra moments. With a readjusting of her pack, she turned away.

"Follow me."

Greg had never worked so hard.

Forget the quality of the ground, either muddy or uneven, rocks and roots making their presence known every fifth step. His coordination still wasn't there. Even focusing on it, the pattern of left leg and cane, then right leg, failed more often then not. Part of it was keeping up with her. He knew she was going slow for him, trying not to leave him behind, but damn it! He felt like an idiot cripple! Trying to go faster just made Him more unstable. That made him even madder. Every stop to regain his balance just made the entire adventure seem more pointless.

And where the hell was he?"

He tried to take a good look around, given the restraint of trying to stay upright. Lots of trees. Not much else. They were sort of following a trail, but it came and went. The ground was just a little better than that around them.

"Where are you from?"

Tiana's voice came from beside him. Greg gave her a quick look, felt his left leg start to move where it shouldn't, and quickly turned his attention back where it belonged. He forced his legs back into rhythm.

"It depends on where "here" is. I'm from a small village outside the city of Buffalo ... Lots of people."

"All like you?"

Like him? It was to laugh. All he could manage was a snort.

"All human. Clothed, for the most part, unless I just haven't visited the good parts." He paused, catching his breath. His stance spread, weight held by just his two traitor legs. "You?"

"Like you, a small village, but not that near a city. The small one we're coming to is probably the closest."

His gaze looked ahead. Nothing.

"What's this place called?"


He slowly turned his body to face her. That...

"Stupid name, isn't it?" A large smile broke out on Tiana's black face. "I didn't name the place, so don't blame me." She sent her gaze ahead. "It does make a sort of sense, though, once you see the place."

Greg nodded. With a name like that, it had to be descriptive. He slowly turned.

"Let's go."

Oh, God.

His Kingdom for cushion.

Greg didn't protest as Tiana helped ease him down onto a rock sitting conveniently beside a large tree. His legs ached. So, too, his right arm and hand. His feet, surprising, were surviving the barefoot adventure just fine. He did notice some bleeding that hadn't been there before.

"I wish I had extra sandals to give you." He glanced down at her feet. Sure enough, Tiana had wood strapped to her feet. Stylish design, too, leather a little more elaborate then pure functionality demanded.

"I wish for lots of things." He closed his eyes. "I know we haven't gone that far. Will we make it there today?"

"At this rate, I doubt it. You're going to go slower as the day goes on."

"That's obvious." Greg clinched his fists. He hated this. Hated the whole cane thing. He glared down at his legs. That they were fine just made it worse. It was his brain that was the problem. Stupid brain.

"It's OK." He looked up at Tiana, expression not changing. "I'm in no hurry." She smiled, as if that would help him believe that. He grunted.

"But you didn't plan on sleeping outside two nights in a row."

"Nor three," she added, voice much too happy. He winced at that new information. "But it's not a big deal. This is an adventure, after all." She knelt before him, right hand going to his bare knee. "You need help, and I'm going to help you."

He believed her. Something in her eyes. He blinked, just catching those red eyes drop between his legs before coming up again to meet his gaze. She rose to her feet.

"OK. Enough rest. Let's get you moving, see how far we can get before lunch.

It was a plan.

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