The Needs of Naughty Nuns
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Teacher/Student, Clergy,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nuns at play: A series of misadventures in religious life best kept secret if at all possible.

Sister Angela picked up the short multi-pronged whipping device again from the kneeling bench desk in front of her.

The distraught nun had already removed her cowl and robe leaving her back flesh bared for her self-administered punishment. She had sinned and she had repented and now it was time for her to receive her penance for her sin. She looked up at the silent priest in the corner watching her every move carefully. The attractive young nun knew he wanted to dispense the punishment with his own hands but they both were aware it would not be appropriate in the case of a fully ordained sister with years of dedicated service in her past.

Father Malloy had heard Sister Angela's striking confession and had given her unqualified forgiveness for her Cardinal Sin of Lust and now her penance was to be performed before she left the secluded private room in the rectory of the church for duties in the school nearby. He did his level best not to look at her naked boobs jutting out in vain and proud glory with their nipples rising to the sky above like little pointers of heightened sexual arousal. He kept his own hidden shame out of sight and it could not be seen poking against the heavy robes like some wild animal eager for some action.

The good sister felt the weight of the cruel instrument of torture in her hands and she let it whistle through the air without touching her flesh. It had been a long time since she had flagellated her sinful body but now her transgressions were too severe to ignore without remedial action.

Angela was mortified that the priest was in the grasp of an uncontrollable erection waiting for her to strike the first blow on her delicate soft skin with the instrument of torture. She knew he would give her no mercy if he had her bound to the punishment chair in the basement because she had heard the stories from the sobbing young girls sobbing about their corporal indignities all suffered for the remission of their teenaged sins. She had long thought that the girls were merely exaggerating their ordeals but now that she was somewhat in the same boat she had a great deal more empathy for their shameful treatment.

The first blow from the nasty whip carried a sting that she knew was a kiss of painful pleasure on her rarely exposed female flesh. The hard leather strands of the terrible tool caressed her skin like the tender fingertips of a lover with driving urgency to push her into a release more sinful than her original transgressions under the covers in her little cell. She remembered that she had no recourse but to shake from head to toe with the joy of her instinctive release when her fingers hit the trigger hidden deep inside her feminine folds pressed so tightly into the form of the teddy bear her students had given her for Valentine's Day. She knew it was only a stuffed animal but she imagined that it was the hulking day-worker that cleaned the basement and helped put out the trash cans on the side street twice a week. She knew he was ripe with the scent of his muscular unwashed body but she fantasized that he was handling her needy body with his huge hands just like he man-handled the heavy trash cans with his strong arms ringed with muscles of steel that gave no quarter. She could almost feel the weight of his body on top of her as she pushed her face into the pillow to muffle her groans of sheer pleasure.

Quickly, Sister Angela whipped her bare flesh with hard sure swings of the stinging whip. The priest nodded in confirmation of her heavy hand. There was no doubt that she was applying the proper pressure to her flagellation process from the sharply defined red stripes on her female flesh.

The priest stayed her hand and told her to bend over.

Then, he applied the soothing salve to her skin allowing his greedy fingers to run over her shoulders and back all the way down almost to the little concave depression just above her ass crack.

Angela felt a sense of inevitability sweep over her.

The priest was young and not bad-looking. She knew he still had the hidden hard-on under his robes but she tried desperately not to think about the possibilities of actually getting her hands on it to test its firmness. She put her palms together and did the only thing she could do under the circumstances.

She started her litany of prayers hoping that the priest might continue his explorations but knowing that she should be thinking exactly the opposite if she wanted her soul to be saved.

A hidden smile flitted across her pretty face unseen by the priest as she felt his slow hand plunge down lower onto her soft twin globes of perfectly matched buttocks deliciously vibrating with the passion of the moment and the stress of her recent self-imposed whipping. Her words spoken rapidly with a panting hum of excitement were spoken with her face down and out of sight. Her tone grew a bit in volume as the demanding hands transgressed into her delicate regions and confirmed with authoritative finality that she was wet and ready for further action.

There was no way that she could hide her shameful desire for male impalement because she immediately started to lift her flanks in the age-old familiar movement that females did to induce males into that popular position known obscenely as the "Doggie" position. She continued to pray with a feverish speed hiding her face and her expression of need hoping that it would happen quickly and without a single word because she knew she would be far too embarrassed to admit her raw passion was ingrained so deeply into her psyche that it knew no bounds.

She tried not to hear his words of calculated comfort about how this session was to teach her proper humility and the need to keep her body pure in thought as well as deed. He told her to keep her thoughts on her religious duties and not to take pleasure in the stretching of her female parts. Of course, she stayed silent except for the mumble of her memorized prayers and she simply widened her stance to take his welcomed weight on her sturdy back. Her reddened stripes smarted from the touch of his robes but she took it all in stride knowing that a little pain with her joy was not avoidable under the circumstances.

When the horny priest threw caution to the winds and accelerated his pounding, Sister Angela was forced to whimper her unrestrained delight at the welcomed rough treatment. She knew he was already aware of her sinful thoughts and her sinful actions and that her "Doggie" style position was purposely designed to bring him into firing position astride her welcoming hips like some cowboy taming a wild bronco in a rodeo of lust. She had no doubt that the grievous fault of her shameful behavior was hers entirely and that she would burn in hell unless she managed to find some way to express her contrition.

She could feel the spurts of wetness fill her feminine folds with male spunk and she inhaled the raw sweet scent of sex all around her. Her skin was sticky with his offering and she was content with the result because now she felt truly full of redemption in the flesh and in the mind.

Sister Angela put her robes back into place and did her best to hide her sudden confusion and reluctance to look the young priest in the eye. She knew it was primarily her fault but she would do it all over again just to have that feeling of fullness and joy at being stretched to her limit by the insistent staff of enlightenment that filled her void with such supreme delight.

Her arrival back at the teacher's quarters was greeted with some relief by her assistant Sister Harriet. Poor Sister Harriet was one of the newly arrived sisters that had completed her training upstate at the motherhouse under the supervision of the much feared Sister Ursula. The somewhat elderly Sister Ursula was on the verge of retiring and a much needed rest in the Order's Arizona Convent for nuns past their expiration date for sustained work.

She calmed Sister Harriet down just the way she did when she would come to her in the middle of the night with the stories of her terrible dreams about being assaulted by unknown males in a darkened alley with stiff cocks and no condoms. It was strange that the young nun was more upset at the thought of no condoms than about the hardness of the shafts about to show her the way to female submission.

Of course, they had the responsibility to teach the young females under their care and training about the dangers of unprotected sex in any form both for the transmission of disease and the terrible danger of an unwanted child before they were ready to become a happy mother.

The thought of motherhood sent a chill up her spine and she was glad that she had continued to take the pills that she had been taking forever and a day even though she was supposed to be functioning under a vow of chastity.

It was not that she didn't have every intent to keep to her vow of chastity, it was just that sometimes things would get out of hand when one least expected it just like the little session in the rectory when the dedicated priest just wanted to show her the way to salvation with his own brand of instruction.

Sister Harriet and Sister Angela put together the instructional materials and were finished before noon time.

Angela decided to take a shower in the privacy of her cell and she invited Sister Harriet to join her in the repast that she had placed in the tiny refrigerator in the corner from the left-overs from the evening before. Sister Harriet was not of a nature to refuse good food and she started to eat even before Angela had finished her shower.

Harriet was stretched on Angela's bed with the teddy bear in her arms when Angela came out of the shower. She noticed that the younger nun had been sniffing the teddy bear and she wondered if she could catch the scent of her juices released repeatedly when she held the soft object between her legs at just the right moment of orgasm. It was an interesting thought but she doubted the younger woman had much experience in such matters and was just curious about the scent. She did notice the newly arrived nun was ogling her naked body like it was a lollipop dispensed for her enjoyment.

Angela sat on the edge of the bed pulling up her long black stockings and asked Harriet to dry her hair. Somehow, they both got entangled in each other's arms and legs with the younger nun on the bottom in appropriate submissiveness to her senior guide in all matters spiritual and physical no matter how private and sensitive in nature. They were both giggling and laughing at the display because it was childish in the extreme and they both needed a bit of laughter to take away the boredom of a teaching environment.

The older nun allowed her devious charge to take control of her flanks and insert her busy fingers and eventually even her mouth onto her needy rear door like some scientific experiment in sustained stretching of the sphincter muscle with a determined sense of adventure. They were both a bit breathless in a matter of moments and Angela hastened to return the favor after lifting the young nun's robes to her waist with a skilled flick of her wrist and the insertion of an overly wet tongue.

Not wanting to go too far, they both slowed down and concentrated on finishing the tasty food in front of them, eating every last crumb with gusto. Sometimes, they would feed each other in a display of some undefined fetish that was more erotic than domestic in its origins.

The sound of the bells calling to vespers was ringing out loud and clear and they did their best to look appropriately subdued and proper before putting their hands together and moving to the staircase with agility and decorum expected for that time of day from nuns filled with piety and role model behavior.

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