Make Up Your Mind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman joins a social club because she is lonely but because of her welcome, invites the chap, an office holder for lunch, where intimacy followers, however, she is 'hot' and 'cold' in that relationship - read on

Ron considered himself pretty tolerant but his relationship with his wife had reached the stage of open hostility and it wasn't because she was lazy or just sat on her backside and didn't do anything it was because of her total rejection of any form of sexual intimacy. Where once he hoped that she would forget that she was some sort of religious theologian and do what other wives did, 'fuck' and 'suck', now he had to accepted that his wish would never eventuate, in a way he had realised that years before because even the slightest form of sexual behaviour had been rebuked by his wife. To satisfy that loss he sought the intimate contact with other women and those contacts had a least given him some form of satisfaction, that was till he met Eliz.

Eliz was no great pin-up, she would never grace the pages of any male magazine but she smiled and to his surprise didn't baulk at the occasional use of a four letter adjective. His first contact with her was at a social gathering, she was just standing around so he asked if she could assist him in putting out the morning tea requirement for as one of the 'office holders' of the social club it was his job to open up and get the requirements for morning tea ready. Eliz was one of the first to arrive, he didn't know her but she was there and he could use her assistance. After all was ready he introduced himself. "I'm Ron" he said. "Eliz" she replied. There was no further reference as to whether that was a short variation on her name or that was what she was called from the beginning; it didn't bother him but he did get a bit of a thrill at morning tea when she brushed against him and just for a moment he managed to grasp a tit large enough to have a good feel but an action that only bought from her a grin. Her reaction immediately put his mind into full gear; maybe Eliz could become another name in his 'black book' of available females. 'She has let me touch her tit', he muttered. 'Maybe she may even fuck or better still suck me off'. The thought of a woman with his cock in her mouth, slobbering over it and then taken a load and let it dribbling out always excited him. The question now was to really test the waters.

The meeting ended and as was the custom with a few of the old hands of which he was one to have a 'real coffee' in the shopping complex, he invited Eliz to join him; her response was another notch on the road to intimacy. The coffee was finished and as all were about to depart he asked her how she had come and when told that it was by bus, he asked if she would like a lift home, a question that was immediately answered in a positive way, another notch added to his desires. He was not one to immediately jump onto a woman, although he knew other men who would have not hesitated to have tried to fuck Eliz the moment they reached their vehicle, especially as she had not rebuked or questioned the feel of her tit. However, he still remembered the public abuse he had suffered years before when he thought he was getting on well with a woman to find his assumptions were certainly not hers and to be publicly reprimanded was not something he wanted to face again.

"It was nice to meet you Eliz", he said as he stopped in front of her unit. "If you would like and are considering coming to the weekly social gatherings I would be happy to pick you up for your address is not that far out of my way".

"Oh! Ron I would appreciate that. I didn't quite know what to expect but you and your friends, especially at the coffee shop made me feel so welcome, you have made my day for I live alone and I just wanted to escape the boredom that I so often feel", her replied was almost like a purr. He exchanged mobile numbers and with a "Till next week", he drove off after waiting till she had entered her unit, not for a moment expecting a call later that day.

His mobile rang just as he put the recycle bin around the back. "Ron Granger", he said. "Ron this is Eliz. You gave me a lift home from the social meeting yesterday", said the chirpy female voice.

"Yes I remember you Eliz; is there something I can do for you?" he asked.

"I ... I was wondering if you would like to come to lunch, say around one. It will only be a light lunch, soup and an egg dish, my way of thanking you for including me in the general discussions and the invitation for coffee afterwards", she concluded.

"I would be delighted Eliz", he replied. A few more words of general chit-chat followed before he signed off.

Her unit on the outside was neat; nothing over the top but inside was quite Spartan, but clean. "Lunch is nearly ready", she said and then after being invited to sit he was asked. "Would you like a cool drink I have fruit juices, wine but no beer?"

"A fruit juice would be fine Eliz", he replied. Shortly she delivered a cold orange drink with a lovely smile but that was not what he zeroed on, it was the open blouse, the noticeable shape of her tits and the way they wobbled, telling him that she was braless. "That was a lovely lunch", he said as he finished. "A far cry from what I would dish up at home. I would generally have spaghetti or baked beans on toast or tomato and cheese also on toast and naturally a cup of tea". She hadn't asked whether he would prefer coffee or tea but his preference soon had a cup of tea in front of him. "I will put these dishes in the sink", she said. "Sit on the lounge Ron, I won't be long". The lounge was comfortable but it was old, the frayed edges were evident of that but that wasn't his concern and while he waited he flipped through a local paper that was on the small coffee table. Shortly she was next to him, whether it was her closeness that encouraged, at first a slight form of intimacy or her action in groping for his groin as he automatically sought her tit, it didn't matter but it wasn't long before her tits were bare and he was sucking on an enlarged nipple while she squeezed his very interested cock. He paused some saliva covered her nipple. "I think we can improve on what you are doing", he said as he stood up. Eliz sat, her tits wobbled. He undid his belt and dropped his trousers; his cock now released throbbed in front of her face. "Suck it Eliz", he said as he pushed it into her face, rubbing the nob over her lips. Whether it was her hesitations that irritated him or just the desire to be sucked could be debatable, but he snapped. "Suck the fucking thing Eliz, just stick it in your mouth and drain my balls". With that he pulled her head forward, her mouth opened and he gave the standard moan of appreciation as she began to suck.

He came with a gasp and Eliz, like so many other women bucked as he pumped the contents into their mouths. He held her till his balls were empty and the contents were dripping from her lips and onto her tits. "Fuck that was nice", he said as he handed her his hanky. She spat and made a dash for the bathroom and he smiled as he listened to the gargled noise of a mouth being washed.

His principal rule with women was not to hassle them; he had been burnt so he didn't text or ring her so he didn't know what her reaction was to sucking him off, but she didn't seem to offended when he had said goodbye, she was still braless and didn't object when her gave her tits a nice bounce before he departed. She sat for some time after he left; she didn't dress but had a shower and just put on a dressing gown. Her mind was in chaos for she enjoyed meeting Ron and his welcome but when he pushed his cock into her face and virtually forced her to suck him was a cause for concern so in that frame of mind she rang him and told him that 'she didn't want to suck' but would like to continue the relationship. "That is fine Eliz", he said but with a smirk on his face he fired a broadside. "In that case I will fuck you, for if you fuck as well as you suck you will be fantastic". There was a gasp and the phone went dead.

There was no real concern that he may have blown his chance with her for he had other women that he could call upon and they were not going to ask him not to perform any sexual activity. He didn't forget her but did get a surprise when she texted and asked him to ring. "Afternoon Eliz", he said. "How are you?"

"I was wondering if you would like to join me for coffee, just up the road from my unit there is a number of shops and one is a coffee shop; I have been there before and it is quite nice", she said.

"I would be delight to Eliz, what time did you have in mind?"

"About two thirty", she replied. He gave a positive answer and as he signed off wondered what bought the invitation on but hoped it was a positive invite that would lead to a fuck. "If the silly cunt doesn't want to suck well she better spread 'em", he said to himself. She was waiting when he arrived, her smile seemed genuine but there was a notable difference, her tits were not wobbling and neither was she wearing an open blouse. The conversation was quite formal but when they arrived back at her unit she did invite him in, but that was all for when he cupped her tits at the sink, she turned and her voice was slightly hostile. "I don't like that and I don't like what you said over the phone Ron. I am not a whore, but I do like you but I don't want to be used". There was really nothing to do but made a controlled exit and as he left he was disappointed but he couldn't complain for she had certainly given him a very enjoyable 'suck job'. However, for Eliz it wasn't that simple for she would again enter the arena of loneliness and although his phone call of wanting to fuck her had been a shock, she knew what a fuck was and he was so pleased when she performed what he called a 'suck job' and she had certainly enjoyed the attention her tits had received for as he sucked her nipple she experienced real enjoyment. "I don't want to lose him nor do I want to be lonely again. I'll ring him and I hope that he doesn't hold a grudge".

Although her phone call and its contents did take him back for her language was very suggestive, he was more than happy to receive it. "I should be at your place in about twenty minutes" he said and as she had said that if he wanted to fuck her she was willing he added. "Eliz have your tits bare, for they are a real turn-on", all he heard was a giggle. She improved on his recommendation; she just wore a dressing gown that once inside she opened, she was naked. "Fuck you are very attractive woman, lovely tits and a forest at your groin; I hate women who shave". Minutes later her gasp as he drove his cock up that hairy crack was like music to him. He moulded her tits and sucked and squeezed her nipples, she rose and fell as he pumped, working in co-operation to his every thrust but when he emptied his balls with a thrust that lifted her backside off the mattress, she bucked and knocked a small vase off the bed side table. "You are a randy cunt Eliz, but boy you are a great fuck". He rolled off and then cuddled together they slept.

He didn't hear her get up and it was only when she called from the bedroom door to inform him she had made a drink did he get up. She hadn't dressed and to be frank, even from the back she was attractive. "Sit down Ron", she said. "This is nearly ready". For several minutes the only activity was the drinking, finally she put her cup down and then asked. "What will your wife say if she knew I had sucked you off and we had fucked and that you were now sitting naked with me having a drink"? He didn't ask how she knew he was married, maybe she had heard it mentioned at the social meeting. "My wife", he smilingly said "Would not be happy, but in a way Eliz it would be the chance to open that door of freedom that I really haven't had the opportunity to encounter. You really are the only woman that I have sensed could be that release value. I don't love my wife Eliz, my marriage was a mistake but it has sailed on in the ocean of toleration for there was no acceptable port I could anchor in", he concluded. He had no idea of what his answer would be but she certainly didn't expect one so candid. "How ... how long have you disliked your wife Ron?" she asked. He leaned back in the chair and then got up and retired to the lounge the same lounge where she had sucked him off some days before. "Virtually from the beginning", he said. "Once she made it clear that 'religion and her church' came first and I was there to pay the bills and do the maintenance and that intimacy was only for reproduction and then only to be tolerated for the church said any other form of sexual activity was a sin; I sought other women and that has been the case for decades".

They departed again on good terms and both very satisfied, but again Eliz had the jitters for her sister flew at her for engaging with a married man, especially when she was told that sucking and fucking were involved. "You must break it off", she was told in very strong terms so again a text was sent advising Ron that she was breaking it off. "Can't this silly cunt make up her mind", he snapped when he read the text. "She is an adult can't she tell her sister to butt out and mind her own business, if Eliz wants to fuck and suck that is her business not the business of her fucking sister". Again the text flew back asking her to make up her mind. "What do you want Eliz a sexual affair or just a cup of coffee up at the shopping complex? You are a fantastic fuck and the muscles of your mouth as you suck my cock makes my teeth rattle, so made up your mind Eliz for remember there are other women in my address book".

For days she lived in a world of confusion, she wanted the sex but didn't want to irritate her sister or cause a family row and she also wondered if the offer to take her to the airport which he had offered to do was still available, therefore it was with reluctance that she asked him that question. "Eliz I said I would take you and I won't go back on my word, maybe in England you will find what you seek a companion that can put a smile on your face and leave you bandy for weeks, however I would like a fuck before you leave". All he heard was a giggle.

He arrived at her unit with plenty of time to spare. "I said I would like a fuck before you depart Eliz so drop your panties and bend over". His outspoken command did take her back but she also knew that he was to drive her to the airport so with a bit of an awkward grin asked. "Just my panties?"; a quick glance at the time bought on the answer. "Fuck no, we have time, strip and that way I can mould those lovely tits". He pumped her 'doggie style' driving his cock into that hairy goal as though it was a piston, he moulded her tits and squeezed her nipples, knowing this could be his last fuck, he was going to enjoy it and make certain she remembered it; he rammed her hard, almost pushing the lounge off its runners. "You are a randy cunt Eliz, you love a fuck, you love cock sliding up your hairy crack, well now take a cunt full' with that he blew his balls, leaving her gasping.

Traffic was light on the way to the airport; conversation was just chit-chat, nothing of anger just good humour. "We have two choices once I get to the airport", he said as the turnoff approached. "I can drop you at the International terminal and drive off for I can't park or I can park in the short term parking bays and have a farewell kiss. I can then help you with your luggage and after you book in have a coffee before you pass through into customs", he said. Maybe it was because she was leaving, or maybe because she was still feeling the throbbing of his cock and also didn't have to engage with her sister that decided her response. "I would like a nice a very nice farewell embrace". He smiled and took the lane that led to the parking area, he chose one that was facing a separation wall and was fairly concealed with other parked vehicles. They embraced, he moulded her tits, lifted her blouse and bra so that her tit was exposed, she squeezed his groin. He didn't say 'hold for a minute', but undid his belt and eased his trousers down so that his cock and balls was bare. "Give it a suck, something I will remember". She paused and there was a hint of hesitation for after all this was a public car park, but with him working on her nipple and squeezing her tit and remembering the fuck she had only recently received, she lowered her head and just heard a light whispered comment. "All of it Eliz, don't leave an inch out of your mouth, drain my balls totally" and there she slowly sucked him dry and as he pumped the contents into her mouth, she like all the women erupted but was held till she finished what was being done. She rose up and accepted the towel. "Now let's go and book in", he said.

Eliz left but as he waved to her as she passed into the custom area he was satisfied that finally she had made up her mind that it was cock she wanted, either in her mouth or up her cunt.

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