The Master Decides
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Harem,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Following on from The Master Downstairs, please read it first. There are new decisions to make for the Master and his slaves now. Will he lose his decency on the road to excess, or will he reach the palace of wisdom? Edited by Anonymous. All mistakes are of course mine.

My heart was pumping, where was I? I turned my head, but all I could see was blackness. I felt a hand running down my raised arm to my head where a blindfold was lifted away from my eyes. I tried to say something, but all I could taste was rubber. I was gagged! When my eyes adjusted, I recognized my basement. I could see Kristen sitting on the floor across from me, slumped down. My head felt like it was running in slow motion.

Jeremy came into sight, carrying something. Now we'll start figuring out what's going on. He turned towards me and smirked. "You surprised me when you came home, I'm sure glad I asked Mom not to let anyone downstairs."

"What?", I tried yelling but it just came out garbled.

"I'm sorry, are you trying to say something?" This didn't look like the Jeremy I knew. A sinking feeling was starting to build. This was the first day I came home. He's got me tied up. What is that in his hands? The DEVICE!

"Struggling won't stop this from happening. I've never had a husband and wife before. Could be exciting!"

The ice cold certainty that I was going to be his slave overwhelmed me.

I woke to the hot rush of adrenaline that always came after the nightmare. Kristen was still asleep. All was well. This dream had only happened twice before, but when it did, I could not go back to sleep again. Things have changed a lot in the month and a half since this all started. I slipped out of bed and headed downstairs to get a drink. Ashley must have heard me get up since she came into the kitchen a few seconds after me. She looked adorable in one of my old dress shirts and a pair of socks.

"Bad dreams again?"

"Yup, same one."

Ashley hugged me from behind, slipping her arms around my chest and pressing her head against my back. Her hands started moving downward when she said, "I have an idea of what might relax you."

I finally had the house to myself, after Kristen had her favorite snack for breakfast and they both left for work. Ashley had moved in a few weeks ago when her lease expired. We had the spare room and both Kristen and I got along with her so well. Believe it or not, it wasn't a non-stop orgy or anything like it. She was just part of our extended household who helped out in so many ways.

Brenda and Susan came over often, as did others. I'm not sure exactly how Kristen organized it, but most nights there were usually one or two guests for dinner. Somehow, it was always just the right number and mix of people. She seemed to be rotating through the slaves, as I often found her talking to one I didn't know well when I arrived home from work. I got to learn about different people's lives and we played board games.

Pretty boring I'd say, except it was actually a lot of fun. Oh, and the winner often got to pick who they wanted to have sex with and how. At first, they always picked me, but I guess I didn't hide my expression too well since all of a sudden, other people were being picked or they were asking to join Kristen and I.

It was Thursday, but I had taken the week off, mainly because I could and because I needed some time to think. As helpful as everyone was, it seemed I still needed to decide what I thought we should do. The goal of the first two weeks was easy, close down the Leaks. Since then, we've kind of been in a holding pattern.

What should the next goal be? Improving the device so that it's either faster, or something more like the Loyalty program we had tried? Starting a business so that we can make money doing this? Build an army? Take over a city?

Jeremy had basically just tried to sleep with as many women as he could get alone for an hour. Amy had a plan for what amounted to world domination. I was somewhere in the middle. I wanted to protect this secret, and find a way for it to help not just me, but everyone involved.

The group I called the Business Committee had come up with several ideas for businesses which could leverage the device. They mostly fell into some sort of coaching or counseling practice. One person suggested that we open a halfway house for people getting out of prison. Another asked if we could help Olympians and other athletes stay focused. A voice deep in my head kept imagining the women's swim team or volleyball or soccer when that came up. Maybe we could help a modeling agency? I had to keep my attention on the device and its effects and how to improve it.

I kept thinking about the neurologist that had treated Jen after Jeremy had pulled the device off, would they be able to understand this? I wondered if there was someone at the University that might be able to help us figure out the device and improve it.

Finally, I mulled over Amy's idea to target someone rich and use their money to fund her plans. Kristen and I were more than comfortable ourselves with both of us working, and I didn't feel a need to live in someone else's palatial estate. While some of the slaves were broke college students, others like Stephanie and Rob were probably better off than we were. There was something to be said for having larger financial resources though, to handle the emergencies and unexpected circumstances having a harem of slaves could create. In general, I wanted to build a team or a company that I could focus on and which might be a way to move us all forward.

Amy and I were sitting in a lounge at the University at two adjacent tables. She had found a pair of professors that she thought might be able help us dig into improving the device. The hot thing to do in science nowadays is to pair up experts in two disciplines to research the same topic. They help each other get past the "known" solutions and try different and unusual approaches. Amy was known as an expert at virtual reality, that's why she was hired. She had reached out to this pair researching motivation from a psychological and neurological point of view. They were using functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure changes in the brain when decisions were made. Amy's pitch to them was that she could use virtual reality to help create a more believable and teachable scenario. She thought they were humoring her, but they took the meeting.

It was kind of hard to overhear from where I sat, but the meeting seemed to be going just ok. I was trying to judge whether we should just capture them, or try something new. I didn't find many new ideas coming from the slaves though, so I was hoping we could find some other way to get the professors' help and their silence. The parts I did understand was that though they found Amy's work interesting, it wasn't relevant enough for them to add her to their team. Amy finished by inviting them both to her lab on Monday in the hope she could "convince" them otherwise. In the meantime, we needed more information, so Tina and Linda stood up from their table as the professors walked by, and started following them. The other college students in our group, Jeremy, Peter, Sally, Jen, and Susan would trade off with them later. We had read a few web pages about how to follow someone and they recommended handoffs between multiple people.

It was evening at a restaurant near the University. Professor Graf was at a booth with his wife and teenage daughter. The two adults were arguing quietly while the child just looked like she wanted to escape. I sent Tina past their table to the restroom to listen in. When I saw the daughter stand up and go in the same direction, I told Sally to go as well and try to befriend the daughter since she was the closest in age. As soon as the daughter was out of sight, the two adults leaned into each other, you could hear the strident tone in their words while the Professor signaled the waiter. A few minutes later when the daughter returned to the table, the entire party stood up and left the restaurant.

Sally and Tina came back to the table and sat down. Sally described what had happened in the bathroom. "I was right behind the daughter when we entered the lounge. She went to the sink and washed her face, I think she had been crying. I asked her if she was ok and she didn't say anything right away. I gave her a moment while I washed my hands. I thought about how hard to push so I just told her that my parents fought like that right before they divorced so while I felt sorry for her, it was up to her to be strong in spite of how her parents felt about each other. I started walking away when I heard her ask how long it had been before I felt better. I asked for her name, which is Danielle. She's a senior in the local high school and is planning on going to the University, but now isn't sure she wants to stay local. She doesn't know why her parents are fighting, but it started two months ago. Before that, everyone seemed happy."

We finished our meals and all headed to our car to drop the girls off. Tina invited us all over to her and Linda's apartment. We hadn't been there since the night we captured Linda so the thought was appealing. I looked at Kristen and as usual, she seemed up for it. I asked Sally if she wanted to be dropped off at the dorm first, but she wanted to come in as well. So much for having an early night.

While Tina was finding her keys, Linda walked up behind us and gave me her key to open the door and let us all in saying, "Master! I followed the Professor and his family home. I know where they live now, it's not too far from the University."

"Excellent Linda, thank you for doing that. Do you mind us visiting now?"

"Of course not Master, this is your apartment. Please keep the key to come over whenever you like."

I looked over to see Kristen undressing Sally while Tina had disappeared. Linda's hands started unbuttoning my shirt. I slid my arm around the graduate student and pulled her against me, leaning down to kiss her.

Tina caught my attention when she came back in the room, wearing a leather bustier and a harness similar to Kristen's with a life like penis bobbing in front of her. "Master, which woman would you like to see me fuck for you? I've been practicing on Linda and I've learned how to fuck a woman senseless. Would you like to see? Linda's easy, but she's dying for your cock. I've had Sally practice sucking on this, but I've never used it on her pussy. Or maybe you'd like to see Kristen on the end of this? I'll make the Mistress beg for release if that's what you'd like to see?"

I was speechless. I had seen Kristen fuck other women and men with her harness, but I had never thought to see someone else do my wife in the same way. Kristen had stopped undressing Sally and was staring dangerously at Tina. Tina looked away from me and showed a bit of fear when she saw Kristen's face.

"Ker, get your harness from the car."

Kristen said, "Yes Master", as she left the apartment.

"Tina, tell me why you want to fuck Kristen with that."

"Master, you told me to be more dominant with Linda and I've learned to love it. That moment where you've broken the person and made them submit to you is precious to me. It's how you must feel when you take the Device off someone's face. I keep thinking about that quote, 'the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom'. Isn't that what we are all doing here with you?"

Linda finished unbuttoning my shirt and crouched to start working on my pants. Sally just stared at us, with her dress half off. I didn't know what to say, but Tina's words weren't diminishing my lust.

"Tina, show me what you do with Linda."

"Yes Master!"

Linda looked over her shoulder at Tina and then started sprinting towards the living room. Tina tackled her into the couch and quickly had Linda on the floor with her hands tied up behind her. She pulled Linda's hips up, forcing her knees under her.

Linda's head was on the floor, looking up at Tina, "Please Mistress, I'll be good for you"

Tina flipped Linda's dress onto her back, showing us all that she was naked underneath. "Show Master how much you love my cock and maybe he'll let you have his." She was rubbing Linda forcefully at this point causing her to moan and writhe. "Master doesn't know how much you love being treated this way yet, but he will after I'm done with you. Tell Master who's slave you are"

"Master, I belong to you and you've told me to listen to Kristen and obey Tina."


Tina slapped Linda's ass causing a deep moan.

"One Mistress, thank you."


"Two Mistress, thank you."

Tina kept going for a bit while Kristen came back in the room. Kristen began disrobing and told Sally to finish undressing and then take the rest of my clothes off. Linda was sobbing quietly while Tina kept slapping different parts of Linda's glowing red ass. "Tell Master how much you love this."

"Master, Tina has to do this every few days to remind me to be better"


"That's not what I asked Linda. Tell Master how you beg for this."

"It's true Master, I could never admit it before, but I love when Tina does this to me."

"When we were going out, you wanted to be my dom, now I'm yours. How do you feel about that?"

"Mistress, I was terrified of being weak, which is why I pushed everyone so hard including you. You and Master have helped me accept who I am."

With that admission, Tina grabbed Linda's hips and in one smooth stroke, slid her dildo deep inside Linda who arched her back and grunted.

Kristen stood naked next to me with an arm around my shoulders and gestured to Sally to start sucking on me. She whispered in my ear, "Master, what do you want here? I can help you tame the monster you've unleashed. Or, you can tie me up like Linda and either have me yourself or give me to Tina. I can tell by how you just moved that idea interests you. Do you want me to beg you like Linda is? Or are you just going to tell Tina to have her way with me. She would be the first person to fuck me besides you since our wedding day."

Linda was groaning faster and faster now while Tina kept saying outrageous things to her. "Fuck yourself onto my cock Linda, show Master what you want to do to him."


I pulled out of Sally's mouth and kneeled next to Linda's head. With a gesture, Tina stopped while she was buried in Linda, who opened her eyes trying to figure out what had changed. All she could see was my cock bobbing in front of her. When she figured it out, she inch wormed forward and jammed her mouth over my cock. I immediately felt her tongue start caressing me.

After a few bobs, I stood up and waved Tina back. From behind, all I could see was Linda's glowing red ass and dripping pussy. Every breath Linda took, I saw her asshole pulse a bit. The smell of Linda's sex was overwhelming so I aimed my cock and slid into Linda's pussy in one stroke.

Every time she rocked her hips back at me, her ass slapped into my groin and hips, causing her to groan. I didn't know if it was pain from her ass, or pleasure from fucking me, but each stroke she made was exquisite.

I looked over at Tina, Kristen and Sally and told them to start licking each other. I turned my attention back to Linda, grabbing her hips and started fucking into her harder and harder. She was begging her Master to fuck her harder when she clenched up and came hard for me. She slumped forward and then onto her side, pulling off of my cock as she tried to curl up in a ball.

I stood up and walked over to where Tina was on her back, with Kristen riding her face. Kristen was in turn licking Sally. When Kristen saw me standing next to them, she slid over to lick my cock clean. Tina in turn had Sally sucking on her fake cock, giving her tips on how to go deeper. I suddenly realized this must be where Sally had been practicing since that first day.

Kristen looked up at me and said, "Master, there's two more women I want to lick off your cock."

I corrected her, "Three, including you. But first, what do you think of Tina fucking you?"

"It does excite me, but I'm not sure I want her to do to me what she just did with Linda"

"Master, if you read the sheets, Linda loves what Tina does to her. I'd tell you to read my sheet except you never let me finish mine, but being on the receiving end of that ferocity has never interested me. Unless you tell me to of course. On the other hand, the thought of her fucking me is kind of exciting."

"Kristen, Sally, kneel on the couch facing the wall and show me where you want me to put my cock. Tina, get me a glass of water."

"Yes Master," as they all scrambled to obey.

Linda was struggling to get up into a kneeling position with her hands tied. I undid her, and told her to assume the same position on the couch. I took a deep drink from the glass and told Tina to first get my dick wet and then start licking each of the women lined up.

She quickly obeyed licking my cock and then pushed her face into Kristen's pussy. After a few seconds, she slid over to Sally.

I speared Kristen's dripping pussy, grabbing her hips to lever my cock all the way in. After a few strokes, I pulled back, stepped over and pulled Sally back onto my cock. I hadn't been with her since one of the yoga sessions a few weeks ago, but she was as tight and wet as I remembered. Last time she kept trying to get away from me, but this time, she started fucking back onto me immediately.

I slowed up, and switched over to Linda again. Her ass was a duller shade of red now, but still beautiful. I put the palm of my hand on her ass and felt the heat from all the blood rushing to that area. I took one stroke inside Linda and then stepped back to see all of them.

Tina was kneeling next to me, still wearing her harness. Perhaps this was another step down my own road of excess, but I could hardly believe hearing my own voice telling Tina to give each one ten strokes with her cock. She scrambled to her feet and walked up behind Linda, slapping her ass lightly causing another groan. The ten strokes were lightning quick, all while Tina whispered in Linda's ear. She stepped behind Sally and said "I've been waiting to introduce you to my cock Sally. I'm glad Master is here to watch me fuck you with it." Spearing into her, she added, "One day, I'll show Master how it looks when I fuck your asshole with this"

Sally was quaking as Tina fucked her vigorously, bracing herself against the wall. Kristen was watching all of this, then looking back at me and my rock hard cock. I didn't say anything as Tina moved behind Kristen and grabbed her hips. "Mistress, I look forward to you fucking Linda and I with your fake cock, whenever you like, not just because Master tells us to."

Kristen was looking back at Tina and I as she said, "Fuck me Tina, as our Master commands. Make me come for him." Considering she had been reluctant, Kristen seemed to be overcome by the emotion of the moment.

Tina started jackhammering my wife, trying to push her through the wall. Kristen was slightly larger than Tina, but Tina made up for it in energy.

After the ten strokes, Tina looked at me to see what I wanted next. I stepped up next to the couch and pulled Kristen's head to my cock. It had juices from all three of them on it and Kristen licked it up like it was glazed sugar.

Linda looked like she was done, but Sally's ass was wriggling like she wanted more. I pushed my way back into Sally and started fucking away on her. Tina stood waiting, so I motioned her towards Kristen's ass. She jumped back into action, surprising Kristen with her vigorous thrust. Linda was looking at me so I told her to suck on Sally's tits.

I was approaching my peak and I just wanted to finish at this point. So with one final thrust, I came deeply in Sally. I pulled out and pushed back in on the next pulse and the final one. I sagged to my knees and told them all "You can all cum now." A wave of orgasms hit the couch while everyone reacted to my command. I just fell back to the carpet and laid on my back.

A few minutes later, I felt Kristen licking my cock while the other women took turns cleaning up in the bathroom. I was really tempted to just stay with Tina and Linda overnight, but Kristen still had to go to work in the morning even if I didn't. Besides, Ashley was probably wondering what had happened to us.

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