Father-son Date Mother-daughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Todd convinces his widower father Jim to double date with him with Penny and her daughter Sarah. The plans fall apart when there's chemistry between the four of them, and a surprising crossed set of relationships develops. There's a further surprise as well.

"Dad, you have to get out of the house once in a while – do something, meet people, see the outside world – be social ... get laid."

I protested, "I do. I do. I ... went to the movies last week. I walked to the theater too, and even peeked into that new restaurant they're building on Main." I ignored the last of his comments. Except for people at work – the same ones day after day, and clients – mostly the same ones day after day, that was as social as I got. I hadn't 'gotten laid' in well over three years – or maybe it was four. The more I thought about it, I realized I couldn't remember the last time I had sex it was so long ago.

My son rolled his eyes, "Your business contacts don't count in my book. Mostly, you've done little but sit in your chair staring into the back yard or trod into work and put in your time."

"I like my yard and my job." My job was the lead partner in a legal and accounting firm of Morris, Whitney, and Eaton or MWE as we usually said. I was Morris, and had two junior partners. I specialized in estate planning for high-end clients. We did very well in this market.

My son sounded exasperated, "Why? Root cause, why?"

I knew he wanted to know why I wasn't getting out, but I tried to divert the conversation to a discussion about the yard.

"Well, your mother took such good care of the yard. I have done some weeding, but it'll never look as good as when she was caring for it. The landscape guys that come only do the grass and edging, unless I ask for something special. They always use those damn noisy grass blowers too; I hate those. As for my job, I love it because it's so consuming."

The truth was I saw Edith in every little thing in the house and yard. We'd been married for almost thirty years before she passed, and I missed her more than anything. I hurt to even think about her, but I thought about her all the time.

Todd said, "Dad, Mom's been gone almost two years. It's time to move on and stop hiding from life. I'm not saying you have to forget her. We all loved her dearly and will continue to until we're gone. She wouldn't want you sitting at home moping and pining away for her, or working twelve to fifteen hour days just to avoid the real world. I know she told you to move on with your life after she died."

"I know. I'll try to get motivated."

This discussion was not new. Todd had given me about eight months to get over my wife's premature passing, and then he'd slowly started to nudge me to get out and do something social. He'd started to get really aggressive about it recently.

As a master of passive-aggressive behavior, I'd agree with him and do nothing. After that, he'd suggest general things, and I'd do nothing, and then he got specific but I always had something that got in the way – work things usually.

Todd said, "How about I help you? Would you go on a double date with me?"

I guffawed at his totally new approach to getting me out and about, "A double date with my son? You're kidding, right? You'd pick some cute girl your age for me, and there I'd be not knowing what to say, even how to talk about the music of your age, and her having no idea what real rock and roll is about, or stuff everyone my age knows. She'd think of me as an old fart."

I was fifty-two years old, and despite my upscale job and lifestyle, I'd managed to remain trim without much effort. Todd was twenty-six and unbelievably handsome. I'd watched girls practically fall at his feet and beg to be his slaves, but he remained aloof from their charms and always seemed to be in control of the situation.

Todd argued, "You know more than you think, besides I would not try to set you up with a person my age. I met this girl at work. She's nice, and her mother works in my company too. They're both good looking, smart, great jobs, and I'm sure you'd have a nice evening; I was thinking we could team up. You know, divide and conquer. You take the mom – a divorcée who is not bitter about it the way some women are; she's full of life, vim, vigor, wit and very pleasant; and I'll take the daughter – Sarah, who is also a gem."

I rolled my eyes, "You are really determined to do this – to get me out of this chair and house, aren't you?" I gestured at the outside world with one hand.

"Very." Todd crossed his arms across his chest and tried to look powerful and in charge. I thought he bore a slight resemblance the way he was standing to Mr. Clean.

I stared into the yard again – thinking. Edith told me quite specifically not to sit at home. She even made me promise to get out and be with people, even telling me I should get married again. Despite my salt and pepper hair, I was still a vital person in my early fifties. I had a few good years left – well, a few months anyway.

Todd had stopped grieving at the loss of his mother after six months. For me, it might never stop. I ran that through past my 'What would Edith do?' filter. She'd tell me to get off my ass and go out. She'd even laugh and tell me to go get laid.

"OK." I said the two syllables precisely and clearly.

Todd whirled on his feet. I could tell he'd been about to protest my reluctance. "What? You will?"

I nodded. "You're catching me at a weak moment."

"I'll set something up for this coming weekend." Todd grinned with happiness. He was a catch – the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, plus he was well off by way of a great job, had a winning personality, and a wicked sense of humor. After college, he'd gotten a job in sales for Gleason Glass Works.

Todd worked the east coast part of the country territory from Virginia to Ohio to Maine, traveling for a few days many weeks to visit prospects for the special industrial-grade glass products his company made. He'd hit the ground running, and already had a reputation as a 'hot shot' in the company. He was going places – fast. His latest coup was an all-glass clad skyscraper in Manhattan. The job was worth millions, and his bonus had let him buy a sedate but hot car – a new Jaguar F-type convertible. He also had a pile of money left over. He was truly sex on wheels in that car. I guessed there were few women that weren't subjugating themselves to his every whim. He didn't give most of them a chance, however.

Todd rolled up to my house the following Saturday afternoon, his red convertible taking a prominent place in my circular driveway. We'd had several conversations by phone about our date with Penny and Sarah Ward.

I hadn't been too enthusiastic about a father-son-mother-daughter date, and the closer to the occasion, the more I felt that way. Of course, I would have felt that way about any date. This was now the first date I'd been on – other than with Edith, in over thirty-two years.

Penny was the mother – Penelope; maybe five or so years younger than me, so late-forties, and she worked as the head of customer service for the eastern states. I could see why she and Todd met. Sarah was a mechanical engineer, and worked designing the enclosures and frames to hold the heavy glass panes in place in specialty buildings, like Todd's skyscraper. I was still from an age where women engineers were a rarity.

"Hi, Dad. Come on, we're going to be late."

"Wait! We can't all fit in your car."

"We aren't. You're riding with me, and we're meeting them at Penny's home. We'll have cocktails there, and then dinner down at the marina driving in Penny's sedan. After that ... we'll maybe you'll stay at Penny's overnight, while I go off to Sarah's condo. Don't worry. Just get in. We're playing this all by ear about what the outcomes are."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not used to women who want to 'do' someone on a first date." I think my late wife and I had gone together for four months before we got truly sexual with each other; of course, that was a long time ago.

"Well, this is sort of a second date, although you didn't make it to the first one. I took the two of them to lunch on Wednesday before I went out to Pittsburg for yesterday's meetings. We had a good time, and we talked about you a lot, so they'll feel they know you."

Todd reached in his pocket and then put out his hand. "Here, take these."

"What are ... Oh!"

"Condoms, just in case." He dropped six of them into my hand. I felt uncomfortable. This was almost like saying, 'Hey, your date is a sure thing.' Plus, what was my son doing setting his father up to have sex with someone from his company? Did modern day sons do this for their dads?

"My God, this is a year's supply."

"Get over it. You're a handsome and vital man. You are not old, contrary to how you think about yourself. You've just been on the bench for a couple of years. It's time to get back into the major leagues."

"But what if Penny doesn't do things on a first date?"

My son gave me a glance that signaled get real. He said, "Dad, welcome to the twenty-first century. In this country, it's a time when men and women can easily agree to indulge in pleasures of the flesh without anyone feeling like a slut or uncomfortable, unless I suppose you're my father."

He paused and added, "Look, just take them. They're precautionary. Penny may be old fashion, but my feeling from knowing her a little is that she's in tune with modern times and is a sexually liberated woman. You will like her; she will like you. On that basis, you and Penny should feel at ease making love to each other."

"But I'm not sure I'll be in love with her. I don't fall in love in a couple of hours."

Todd rolled his eyes. "Excuse my use of a euphemism. You two should feel at ease fucking each other's lights out tonight. How's that? Just follow her lead. If she wants you, she'll let you know. Go with the flow. You don't have to make a long-term commitment in order to have some sexual fun." He grinned at me, and male that I am, I couldn't help but smile back at him. At least the two of us knew we were now on the same page. I wondered if I would think any less of Penny because she slept with me, or would the converse be true?

I put the foil packages into my jacket pocket. Their eventual use on a 'get-to-know-you' date like this seemed far-fetched to me, but maybe I was behind the times.

Todd drove us about twenty minutes to a nice neighborhood south of the main city in the small town of Clayton. Penny Ward's house was a large sprawling ranch with a two-car garage set behind a low wall that ran along the road. The front yard was about a half-acre of beautiful grass and flowering shrubs. Todd parked in the driveway blocking the right side of the garage in case she parked her car nearer to the house.

We got out, rang the bell, and two gorgeous women let us in the door, with polite hugs and greetings.

Penny was wearing a little black dress that came to just above her knees and spike heels – my favorite. From what I could see, she had fabulous looking legs to go with the rest of the package up above. She looked gorgeous – high cheekbones, attractive brunette hair, and makeup just perfect and not overdone, and enough of her form showing to indicate that all the curves in the dress really belonged to her and were in the right places.

Moreover, Penny was alive and bubbly, but not in a bimbo way. She showed a zest for life and for meeting new people, like me. Right away the word vivacious came to mind.

Sarah was in a print dress that shouted summer and happiness due to all the bright colors. She had a warm smile, and like her mother, a wonderful sense of self-assurance. I had rated Penny as beautiful, and this only left the stunning rating for Sarah. I would be pleased to the utmost to be seen in public with the two of them.

The house was meticulously decorated, and neat as a pin. I thought of my own home, and how over the past couple of years, I'd come to accept a lot of clutter in every room. I resolved to do something about that, because I liked the tidy look of Penny's home.

I appropriately fawned over Penny's house, got the nickel tour from Sarah as Todd followed along, and then we joined Penny for some wine and cheese on her patio. I now got to see her pool, her large patio, and the great landscaping behind the house. Other houses in the neighborhood could not be seen from her backyard.

We sat at a patio table and chatted as the sun sank lower in the sky. Penny was duly impressed with Todd's car, so he gave her a brief tour of his new toy, as Sarah and I continued to chat.

I confessed my surprise about hearing about her engineering background. She laughed and said she liked the ratio of men-to-women in the engineering school. Despite her pretty appearance, she oozed excess brain cells and brilliance, and I came to believe she had a very high IQ. She also had some repressive nerd personality traits, so I suspected she wasn't as social as Todd may have indicated. I tried to imagine her and Todd making out, but put the idea out of my head lest I gawk at her in some way and she'd figure out the workings of my perverted mind.

We drank sparingly, and then the four of us took Penny's Lexus to the Marina Restaurant a few miles away. Todd had arranged a table by a window looking out over the large marina as the last of the boats returned from a day in the large bay outside the town's breakwater. Even after dark, there was enough light in the area to see a lot of activity in the marina.

Our conversation was lively and congenial. We all seemed to click with each other. Both women were what I call touchers – when they had a significant point to make, they'd touch your arm or shoulder or hand. It was kind of sexy given how beautiful both women were. I liked touchers.

Todd offered to drive home, and Penny awarded him the keys. After we were in the car, I found Sarah sitting next to me in the back seat. I looked surprised, but she just laughed and held my hand in both of hers in her lap in a gesture that was slightly more than just friendship. I allowed that small bit of intimacy without over thinking things. I kept thinking of Todd's admonition to go with the flow. I also kept thinking that I was a few layers of clothing away from Sarah's pussy. That thought made me hornier than I'd been in a long time.

Todd drove only a short distance, and pulled into another establishment that was a dance club. Both women approved of the stop when he checked with them before parking. We parked and went in. I didn't bother to ask how he happened to know about this place.

The music was a little rockier than I would have preferred, but we danced for an hour, and had another round of wine as we drank and watched many others dancing. Of the hour, I probably did forty minutes of fast, and twenty minutes of slow, splitting my time as Todd did with both women. I figured I was his wingman. When we slow danced, both women moved in close and got cuddly with me. I felt a twinge as my pheromones started to activate, and also as lots of memories of how I'd felt earlier in my life at such times – a sexy female dancing close to me.

We quit the club on the early side, maybe about ten-thirty, and headed back to Penny's. There was a much greater intimacy between all of us now, and the somewhat stilted conversations of earlier, were replaced with pleasant repartee. Todd drove again with Penny beside him. This time Sarah snuggled against me in the back seat, pulling my arm around her and even kissing me on the lips while we were in the backseat. I was in heaven. I was nervous. Wasn't she supposed to be kissing Todd?

At home, Penny dimmed the lights on the patio, and we took glasses of wine out there, although by then I wasn't drinking too much. I wanted to keep my head about me. Some music started, and we found ourselves dancing again. This time the mood was more intimate, regardless of whom I danced with.

I considered my time with Sarah a delight, but a holding action since I thought Todd had designs on her. I shifted my emphasis to Penny.

After dancing a while, I found myself kissing Penny and she kissed back with great enthusiasm and passion. Our kisses escalated into something serious and arousing in only a few minutes, our tongues dancing with each other. As we kissed I became acutely aware of the very feminine body beneath the fabric of the little black dress.

As though to take a break from the heat of our passion, I found myself dancing with Sarah again. Todd had orchestrated this change of partner. As we danced, Sarah pulled me into a very hot embrace and suddenly our kisses escalated into something more significant – French kisses just as I'd been doing with Penny. I could also feel her pushing her groin against my leg in the process, a turn-on by any standard. The whole evening had new trajectory. Were two women actually coming onto me and Todd simultaneously?

Dancing with Penny again, she initiated some grinding against me that signaled a woman in heat. I hadn't dated in well over three decades, but I thought the signals were pretty clear as to where she also wanted the evening to go. Penny also bought my hand to her breast as we danced, and that started a petting session that neither of us planned to end soon if I had my way.

My heart rate hit about two hundred beats per minutes because I allowed myself to get aroused and horny by Penny and her open invitation to get more and more romantic with her. I felt old instincts coming back, so I pawed at her as we made out dancing on her dimly lit patio. She seemed to like my style if her touches and kisses were any indication.

I could feel her nipple through the material of her dress and bra, so I often focused some attention there, and Penny obviously liked that. She hummed and purred contentedly in my neck.

After a while Penny pulled me with her to one of the poolside chaises. We lay down, but as we did I noticed that Todd and Sarah had disappeared. So much for paying attention to my surroundings.

"Where'd Todd and Sarah go?" I asked. I guessed it was dumb question as soon as I'd said it.

Penny smiled and kissed me, "I think they wanted some privacy. They're probably in the family room making love. We'll peek in after a while."

I accepted that without much thought and pulled Penny into my arms. Todd would be happy; Sarah was really sexy and I knew from our talk earlier that he had hopes and expectations of a having sex with her.

After a few minutes of making out, Penny said, "The zipper to this dress is in the back; could you?"

I did, and the dress soon got tossed aside. I then had a gorgeous middle-age woman in my arms in only panties, a bra, and stockings.

Penny said, "Will you please lose some of your clothes? I'm feeling a little exposed unless you join me."

I joined her, tossing my sport coat and then more and more clothing – hers and mine – onto an adjacent chair. After some further breaks from our make-out sessions, we were both nude. I hoped Sarah didn't suddenly appear and get grossed out by the two of us. I sized up Penny, and there was nothing about her to be grossed out about; it was only me. I resolved once again to get in better shape.

Penny must have read my mind. She whispered in a sexy tone, "They're fucking in the family room. They'll be busy for quite a while ... and I hope we will be too."

I thought of the term 'cougar' repeatedly over the next ninety minutes. Penny was the aggressor; I was the prey. We did sexual things to one another with our hands and mouths, before we finally escalated things and had intercourse. I turned out to be a hero on two counts: first, I loved to eat pussy, and second, because I happened to have condoms, so the pace of the evening didn't have to slow while she went and looked for some. Moreover, Penny wasn't at all bothered by the fact that I happened to have brought condoms on our first date; she was grateful.

I wasn't the only one of us to express my affection orally. Penny went down on me before and after our mating sessions. My messiness didn't bother her in the least, so I didn't let her messiness in her slit bother me either.

To my middle-age surprise, I used two of the rubbers in ninety minutes before I was obviously dead meat. Penny and I cuddled in the cool evening air on our chaise. I was feeling very affectionate and romantic towards her, and I could tell the feeling was mutual. We kissed a lot, and were very loving towards each other.

Suddenly, Penny popped up and said in a cheery tone, "Hey, let's peek and see what our kids are doing?"

I went with the flow. I was curious too. I asked, "Have you done this before – spied on Sarah?"

"No, never! To tell the truth I'm curious to see what your son looks like bare-assed naked too." I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but if she did I'd trail along on this sightseeing expedition.

We remained naked, and snuck inside the patio door. We tiptoed through part of the living room, the dining room, and part of the kitchen, going slower with each step. We could hear the rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh as we neared the room, plus Sarah's voice imploring Todd to do nasty things to her faster, deeper, and harder.

We were in partial darkness the way the house was lit, so we could peer with apparent impunity into the dimly lit family room. Sarah was on her back on the sofa, with Todd kneeling in front of her as he plowed his long cock into her body at a methodical rate.

I was astounded beyond belief. I'd seen some porn, but never actually seen for real two people having sex. There was no part of their coupling, no part of their bodies, and no part of the words they said to each other that we couldn't see or hear. I could watch my son's long prong sliding in and out of Sarah's beautiful pussy as her breasts shimmied and shook. She was way beyond beautiful.

Penny looked back at me and smiled. She backed us up a little, and whispered, "Oh, this is so good. Don't you like watching them? I love it. Don't you think Sarah is beautiful? And Todd ... oh, God, such a hunk."

I nodded, and we moved back so we could see them again.

Watching my son's cock slide back and forth into Sarah's pussy was beyond inspiring. I got another hard-on much to my surprise. Penny discovered it as I rubbed against her butt. She played with it with her hand for a minute, and then directed it into her pussy as I stood behind her. We were bareback. She turned to me and whispered, "Don't cum in me."

I nodded and continued to enjoy our coupling as I got increasingly turned on watching Sarah get fucked by my son. This was beyond arousing. I must have become the consistency of steel. Although I was feeling Penny, rubbing her ass as I plunged repeatedly into her quim from behind, I imagined my cock pumping into Sarah and that it was her pussy that was spasming around my cock.

Todd and Sarah changed places to where Sarah was riding his cock cowgirl style as he reached up and fondled her breasts. The scene was arousing like nothing I'd ever experienced.

Todd and Sarah talked dirty to each other – I guess that was what you called it. They were telling the other how it felt, how much they enjoyed the fucking, what they wanted to have happen next, and all the fun it would be afterwards. They talked about their orgasms, and about her pussy and his cock. They laughed, nearly cried, moaned, groaned, and swore up a blue streak. A wide range of emotions seemed at play, and I doubt there was a vulgar term for intercourse or genitalia that didn't get used.

Eventually, I heard Todd warn that he was near again. Sarah told him she wanted his cum on her tits, and he promised her. At that point she came in an obvious orgasm that had to have started Todd down that irreversible path all men know and can't retreat from.

A moment later, Todd jerked his cock out of Sarah and tore the condom off; she slid to the floor beside the sofa, knelt, and looked up at him. For a second as she'd moved, I could see the open hole where her vagina had held his shaft. Todd's cock started to spurt white gooey surges of man cum onto Sarah's magnificent tits as she held them up for him at targets. As the molten eruptions slowed and then stopped, Todd lifted Sarah into his open arms and the couple kissed and cuddled. The cum was obviously being smeared between the two of them without care.

Penny pushed me back a little, we separated, and we tiptoed back through the house, our movements hopefully concealed by the music that still played throughout the house.

Back on the patio, Penny lay back and I sank into her body again. She lasted about ten strokes aided by my finger on her clit before she exploded in an orgasm. I lasted about twenty seconds past that when I pulled out and came on her tuft of pubic hair.

We cuddled into each other at that point, kissing and pawing at each other's bodies. This was the best evening I'd had in years – maybe ever. Hell, it was the first sex I'd had in years; nothing like making a big splash as the comeback kid. We were quiet and kissing each other, when a calm voice startled our reverie.

"Did you like watching us make love?" Sarah said in a teasing tone.

I spun around from where I was cuddled against Penny, and I felt her jerk too. There stood Todd and Sarah naked, and obviously still aglow from the lovemaking session we'd just seen them finish moments earlier. Todd had his arms wrapped around Sarah, with one of his large paws cupping a breast.

"I ... errr ... whaaaa..." I was speechless at having been caught being a peeping tom.

Todd laughed, "You two looked pretty hot too. We saw you watching us and fucking. We put on a little show for you too. We spied on the two of you about a half-hour ago too. I think that was the end of your second round. You two were hot. We were fucking while we watched you, too. I guess we're all a bunch of voyeurs."

Penny said in a neutral tone, "Well, we appreciated your show. You two were cute and obviously you turned us on. I hope we weren't too gross, as old folks go. You should know that I also have an exhibitionist streak in me."

Sarah sat on the adjacent chaise, and as she did, she purposely flashed me a wide-open view of her sodden pussy. I swear my cock got yet another surge of blood into it in anticipation of fucking her. After three orgasms I knew I'd only embarrass myself if I even tried anything further; three was a goddamned miracle of some kind for me.

Todd sat beside Sarah and cuddled her to him. I couldn't help but notice that she had reached over to hold his flaccid cock.

Penny said, "I apologize if we embarrassed you. I just had to peek, and then we got turned on watching the two of you. Todd has such ... magnificent equipment, and my own daughter was so sexy. Who knew?" She giggled.

Sarah chuckled, "Don't worry about it. We could have done a whole bunch of other things to stop showing off because I think we saw you as soon as you were there. The window on the other side of the room acted like a mirror, so we saw you both as you came to spy on us."

Todd said, "We watched the two of you wrap-up your second round. I'd never seen anybody having sex before except in porn flicks. You two were also hot, and Penny – you are one hot MILF."

Sarah turned to me, "You are very easy on the eyes – the two of you together." She gave me a look that I knew was simultaneously desirous of me and sultry.

I ventured, "Well, if we ever do this again, maybe we should all be in the same bed or something." Even as I said the words, I wondered where that thought had come from. It was so uncharacteristic of me to think that way. I'd never been in a group sex situation before in my life, yet here I was suggesting one.

Penny smiled, "Oh, good idea." I noticed she had her eyes glued to Todd's withered cock. I could tell she wanted to play with it, but was holding back.

Sarah allowed, "This has been a weird date: father-son dating mother-daughter. Even without the sex, we'd be in the newspaper."

I ventured with a laugh, "Instead we'll be on the Internet under a headline that starts 'Sexual History Was Made Tonight'."

Todd said, "Great idea. Maybe I'll write up the events of the evening and post them on some site. Does anybody mind if I take pictures?"

Penny ignored that possibility, and suggested, "The pool water is still pretty warm. Does anybody want to join me for a swim before we call it a night?"

The four of us slipped into the pool. Penny came and plastered her great body against mine. If I weren't completely spent, I would have gotten a cast iron hard-on. As it was, I was truly cooked and barely twitched despite the sexy nude woman throwing herself at me.

Todd and I dressed after drying off with some towels Penny gave us. She and Sarah disappeared for a few moments to get robes.

At the front door, each woman gave each of us a full body hug and a kiss that rated about 10.0 on the Richter scale of seismic events. We confirmed with both women that we'd get together the following weekend, planning to do something on Saturday before our double date dinner.

I brooded over my first date with Penny, and in a way with Sarah, over the entire week. The day after our date, I arranged for a large bouquet of flowers to be delivered with a card addressed to both women from Todd and me. I was having romantic feelings about the two of them, and I couldn't reconcile them with the one-man-one-woman, couple mentality I'd been raised with and lived under for my whole life.

The sex had been mind blowing. I was sure I came across as a virgin and a not very skilled lover. I resolved to address some of those issues. Moreover, there were some really arousing moments that made my wildest fantasies seem tame: seeing Todd and Sarah making love, and then feeling the mutual attraction and affection from Sarah as well as Penny – including in a sexual way.

I got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and came out with a prescription for Cialis and a list of vitamins and hormones to start taking to enhance my performance capabilities in three dimensions: stamina, hardness, and recovery time.

I also found my free weights and started to work on my physique. I cleaned out my refrigerator, and dumped anything that wasn't on the South Beach diet. While I wasn't fat, I also wasn't buff. The women had kicked me into a major self-improvement program. I also straightened up the house.

Todd did a health check with me everyday during the week, making sure I wasn't falling apart over some antiquated sense of violated morals. I wasn't falling apart, but I did share with him all of my various misgivings and internal debates I was having with myself. All the static I was feeling stemmed from my upbringing with what now were a set of memes that deserved questioning.

Todd saw Penny and Sarah midweek for lunch, and said they were in great spirits, loved the flowers we'd sent, and were looking forward to our Saturday date.

Todd and I planned an afternoon hike up Bald Mountain over near Spencer in the state. It would take an hour to get there, an hour to hike to the top; we'd have a late lunch up there, an hour down, and an hour home. He and I would bring a change of clothes and change at Penny's house, so we could then take them out to dinner. After that, he expected a repeat of the previous week's amorous activities.

Friday, Todd had a serious talk with me about contemporary dating as he saw it. In his exposition, anything sexual was allowed between consenting adults. I agreed with his premise, and then he used that to explain about all the things that consenting adults could conjure up to do together, especially if there were four of them playing together. I felt a lot better after that ... and horny, but I still wasn't all that sure that Penny and I would do anything with Todd and Sarah except maybe sneak in on them again to watch.

We started our date on Saturday at noon, and it unfolded as expected. About two o'clock we were having a picnic atop the mountain looking out at what seemed like a thousand miles in all directions because the day was crystal clear.

We were a relaxed foursome. Our conversational banter was comfortable, and I thought exciting and engaging. Most of the time Penny and I teased, flirted, and did romantic little things together, but what surprised me was that at least a third of the time, Sarah did the same subtle things with me – flirted and sometimes snuggled in for a kiss or hug. Even Todd seemed surprised, but then Penny was keeping him occupied during those times with similar activities, so he had nothing to complain about. Near as I could tell, we were all consenting adults.

I felt that both women liked me – a lot, and I guessed that my son was getting the same signals. I wondered if that was unusual, but then we were unusual in several dimensions: father-son, mother-daughter, our rapid participation in satisfying sex, and how well we all seemed to blend together. Then there were the increasingly interesting crossovers: father-daughter, son-mother. Sarah even teased me for a few minutes, calling me Daddy and acting all coy and sexy around me.

We took another trail down the mountain for variety, and were back at Penny's house right at five o'clock. Instead of showers, Penny suggested we all just go in the pool for a while. The day was warm, we were still physically stoked from our hike, and there was no rush to go to dinner, so I thought that was a great idea.

Our swimming apparently involved skinny-dipping, something I'd only ever done once before – a week earlier in the dark after my first adventure into sexual relations after a very long hiatus.

In broad daylight, we were a little less romantic than a week earlier, but our nudity was still sexy and arousing as far as I was concerned. Both women were obviously aware of the impact their gorgeous nude bodies were having on Todd and me. I inflated somewhat, but not to the point of total embarrassment. I couldn't help but notice that Todd had the same reaction.

What made me totally horny, passionate, and aroused were the full body hugs and kisses that Penny and Sarah gave me. Penny started it, even playing with my junk as I toyed with her breasts – sucking and lapping at her nipples until they were as rigid as my cock. I couldn't remember having done that to Edith for decades.

What totally caught me off guard was when Penny went to Todd to repeat what she'd done with me. I watched her, and even got turned on as my date came on to my son. But Sarah turned to me, gave me a nude full body hug, and then trapped my cock between her legs where it was right against her pussy slit. She even pumped back and forth a whole lot in a mock fuck as we stood in the shallow end of the pool. As she did that, she gave me a kiss that would have knocked my socks off had I been wearing any. If I'd cum I would have blown the water out of the pool I was so turned on.

I saw that Penny was doing the same little mock fuck with Todd. After they broke apart, he looked at me with a pleading look on his face. I've never been good at body language, but I guessed that we were both thinking the same thing – something about how hot all of this was and how we wanted to follow-through with the partners we had just had.

To break the mood, Penny actually got out of the pool, did a lewd little dance while she sang some raunchy sorority song for thirty seconds at the side of the pool, and then cannonballed the rest of us. We were laughing and playing touch tag after that, grabbing for cocks and tits as we swam and dove around the water.

We went to a Turkish restaurant for dinner, chosen because they had entertainment – a belly dancer. Midway through our meal, some recorded music of middle eastern genre started, and a sexy woman about thirty years old shimmied out of the back room, barefoot, in flimsy pantaloons, a sash bra, and with several scarves waving, and a dozen waist chains on that jingled and jangled as she shook. She was also stacked, and her scantily clad boobs vibrated at twice the beat of the music, which made the whole scene that much more enjoyable for Todd and me, and apparently for Sarah and Penny, since they also seemed mesmerized by the dancer's antics.

We got a twenty minute floor show, with the dancer moving from table to table, even giving the men lap dances in true strip joint fashion before moving to the next table. The whole scene was in good humor.

After the floorshow, we headed back to Penny's. She immediately put on some dreamy jazz music, and Todd and Sarah, and Penny and I cuddled up on the chaises just outside the family room door on the patio. It was a warm night and the sexy music drifted over us and set the mood for the rest of our waking hours.

Penny started to pluck at the buttons of my shirt to indicate that I should strip. "God, I've waited all week for this. I need you – a lot."

Her statement stroked my ego, and then she threw me a curve ball. She added, "So does Sarah." I thought, 'Do you mean both women want me? That's impossible'.

I started to worry too that I was just a convenient warm dildo for her until she added, "I really like you – a lot, and so does Sarah. We've got to get to get together like this more than once a week. I want your company more often – like everyday all day ... all night. I ... love being with you." After a paused she got embarrassed; "I hope I haven't said something to worry you or make you not come back."

Well, that made me feel really nice and warm inside. I told Penny, "The feeling is mutual. I wish we lived next door to each other ... or even with each other." She nodded enthusiastically to show her agreement.

My shirt disappeared, tossed carelessly aside, and then so did Penny's. My pants went next, and then her skirt, bra, and panties. Last to go were my briefs.

The loud slurping sound I heard next was Penny engulfing my cock with her mouth. She tried to take my whole shaft down her throat in one gulp, but the act made her gag. No one in my entire life had tried that on me. Edith didn't do oral sex. This was a whole new experience for me – both giving and receiving. I'd watched some porn during the week to hone my skills at giving.

From the chaise beside us, Sarah said, "Mom, take it slow. Work it into your mouth and throat, like this." She went down on my son's cock that she'd already worked into a steely rod sticking straight up in the air from his supine position next to her.

Sarah bobbed up and down on Todd's shaft, taking a little more into her mouth on each downward lunge until finally her nose pressed against his pubic hair. She held the position for about thirty seconds, but we could both see her tongue and throat moving around doing something erotic to his long cock. Todd must have liked it, because he was moaning and making small squirming movements in response.

Penny said, "I can't believe I didn't use to like doing this. No wonder my ex left for a sexy bimbo."

I told her, "Anybody that would leave you had shit for brains. You're as good as it gets." I spoke with authority and added, "No, you're as GREAT as it gets." In saying those words, I realized that I'd already judged Penny and given her exceptional marks in every category I could think of.

Before I could even gasp, Sarah appeared right in front of me. She said to Penny, "Watch me closely." Sarah inhaled the mushroom cap of my cock, sucked and tongued me a bit, and then bobbed up and down, taking more of me into her mouth and then her throat with each bounce. Eventually she bottomed out, having every inch of me. I thought I would explode but by some miracle I held off an orgasm.

Sarah pulled off of me, gave me a big smile that contained all sorts of mischief, and then went back to Todd.

On that note, Penny started to bob up and down on my boner too, finally hitting bottom so that my entire cock was in her mouth and throat, and then she started little tonguing and swallowing motions all while adding suction that brought new meaning to the term blowjob.

I started to finger her Penny's slit and then drove two fingers into her, searching for her G-spot. I found it for certain when her back arched and she came on my fingers, a small amount of her thick cream oozing around my digits.

Next to us on another chaise, Todd and Sarah were making out and molesting each other's genitals: Todd fingering Sarah, a her jerking his cock around in a lewd way.

I went down on Penny, lapping up every taste sensation I could find there. In America alone, I knew that over a hundred MILLION men loved this taste; now why won't one of the food companies get on the ball and market this great culinary delight. I amused myself for a few seconds as I munched on Penny thinking of names for the new product: Pussy Snaps, Quim Bits, Coochies, Box Bits, and Funny Cunny's Snacks, were my favorites.

Penny and I got into a beautiful lovemaking session after that. We were pacing ourselves right beside Sarah and Todd. Sarah's naked presence only three feet away on the adjacent chaise added to the rebar-like hard-on I had sawing into Penny. At one point, Sarah reached over and held my hand, even pulling me slighting until I could cup her nearest breast and feel a hard nipple. Todd never missed a beat, even when Penny reached over to him and stroked his thigh and then right up to where his hard cock penetrated Sarah.

Penny came again, leading me down that same path of orgasmic bliss. Two minutes later, Todd and Sarah peaked in a small display of fireworks. We all lay there panting, and aglow in warm post-orgasmic feelings.

Penny eventually got up and brought us all some bottles of water, which we each finished in seconds. Sex is hard work, and one needs to replenish their fluids. Wine works well too, and I voiced that opinion.

Penny hopped up again, "I agree. Let me open a bottle of Pinot. I'll be right back."

Todd slid from beside Sarah; "I'll come and help." He winked at me and followed her into the house, as they headed towards the kitchen. He had a gleam in his eye, and I could guess where that might lead.

Sarah swung her legs around, giving me an open shot of her beaver quite intentionally. "Do you like the way I look?" she asked looking down at the obvious tuft of pubic hair on her mons. Sarah's pussy was slightly open from where my son had his long cock sawing into her body. That fact alone made her look sexy as all hell.

I nodded. "You're beautiful; every inch of you. I'm of a mind that the parts that you usually cover up are the most beautiful."

"I'm glad you approve. You're important to me too." On that note, she came to my chaise and lay down beside me; she pulled my nude body to hers so we could kiss with lots of body contact. As we did, I felt her hand surround my resting cock and start to revive my pecker.

"Are you sure you want to be doing this?" I said. "I don't want to mess up anything with Penny." I was reviving much faster than I ever expected.

Sarah smiled at me and said, "There are two things you could do that would mess things up with Penny right now; the first is failing to make me happy by making love to me, and second is getting mad at either Todd or her because they're going to have a little romantic fuck too." She glanced inside but there was nothing to see there from where we lay.

It took me a full-uninterrupted minute to process what she'd just said. Fundamentally, the mother and daughter had intentionally swapped partners, and they wanted no ill feelings to result. I had some automatic responses that I examined and immediately declared as knee-jerk responses from an earlier era that I didn't believe I should entertain any further. I also tested the moral issue, and found some traditional memes playing there too. I examined my behavior and found it acceptable. I repeated Todd's statement to myself several times, 'Consulting adults can do whatever they want to do about sex.'

There was more there too. I felt all warm and cuddly about Sarah ... and Penny. But Sarah was in my arms, and she was the one kissing me with her bare hot breasts pushed tightly against my chest so I could feel her nips digging into my skin in a highly arousing manner. Oh, I was full of lust, but I was also full of something else – some very tender and romantic feelings for both women.

After my new partner successfully instigated revival techniques, I ate Sarah to an orgasm in a way that received high praise from her. I then got an amazing blowjob from her where she demonstrated what she had been doing to Todd earlier, only this time she kept bringing me right to the brink and then backing me down. After that, we started to make love. Sarah kept moaning that what we were doing was so nice, and how I was just the nicest man she'd ever met, and that I had her completely in heart, body, and soul. The feeling was mutual.

We made love for twenty or thirty minutes. I half expected Penny and Todd to appear, but they didn't. Eventually, I came, bringing Sarah along with me for her fourth or fifth orgasm by me. I guess I was hitting all the right places.

After we were through, Sarah and I cuddled together on that chaise, constantly kissing, licking, and doing little romantic and pleasing things to each other's bodies. We weren't exactly silent too. We both kept reaffirming our affection for each other, plus she had to listen to me express amazement that anyone of her age and beauty would spend a second thinking of me, let alone make love with me.

Sarah said to me as she stroked my face, "Oh, don't run yourself down. You are the nicest man I know. The age thing you worry about doesn't matter. I know you may think it's a little early to say this, but I love you. You don't have to say anything in return, but I can tell we feel about the same about each other, and I know you feel that way about my mother too – and that's wonderful because so do I, and just for the record I love Todd too. I happen to believe I can love two men at the same time – so does mom."

I ventured, "It feels strange to love two women at the same time, but I do."

"I love two men, why can't you love two women. The rule about only loving one person at a time is not fixed in concrete; it's just been made up by someone."

Penny's voice sounded behind me, "That's good, because I'm feeling very affectionate and loving about the two men here tonight." I rolled over slightly so I could see her.

Todd appeared and winked at me.

Sarah said to her mother in a teasing tone, "Did you two have fun?"

Penny lay down on the chaise close to us and stroked Sarah's arm, "We had a beautiful time. It did just what I thought it would – extended my love to include another person I already felt close to."

Sarah shifted position, having me lean back against the tilted back of the chaise as she leaned back against my body. She wrapped my arms around her, making sure that each of my hands cupped a breast and erect nipple. She looked over her shoulder at me and purred.

Todd adopted a similar position with Penny on the adjacent chaise much to her obvious delight. The two of them were facing us.

I said, "So what do we do now?" I was thinking of the larger picture.

Penny was thinking closer in. "I think Sarah and I should revive the two of you again, and then we should all make love again. Maybe the two of you gentlemen should focus on Sarah for a while, and then on me, and then on Sarah, and so on." She gave a lecherous grin.

Todd asked in as innocent a tone as he could muster, "Oh, so you want to be DPed?"

Sarah laughed, "Well, sometime, but not right this minute."

Penny said, "DPed?"

Sarah explained to her mother in a humorous tone, "Double penetrated – one man's cock in your pussy, and the other man's cock in your ass."

"NO!" Penny announced firmly. "That's private real estate with a huge 'No Trespassing' sign blocking the entrance."

I watched Todd slide a hand from one of Penny's breasts, down her side, and over her hip until it disappeared behind her ass. Penny looked worried but didn't stop him. He apparently searched for her opening, and found it, because Penny's eyes got very large and then her body jerked into a highly alert status. She threw her head back against his chest and closed her eyes.

Todd's other hand snaked down her front after pinching her nipples, until he was stroking her clit. Her body started to twitch and vibrate, as though he were playing a fine musical instrument.

Penny muttered, "Oh, God. I can't believe you're doing that to me. I can't believe I'm not complaining."

Todd kissed Penny's shoulder, "Do you like it?"

"No ... yes ... maybe ... it's interesting, but your finger is much smaller than your cock."

Sarah told her mother, "I've had anal sex a few times. Your ass is flexible and can adapt just the way your pussy does. When I've been in the right mood, I can get some powerful orgasms from doing it. It can be really special in a good way."

Penny was lying there with her eyes closed savoring what my son was doing to her. Todd looked mischievous but sensitive to his partner.

Eventually, Penny stated, "That sign actually says 'No Trespassing Except by Special Permission.'" We all laughed.

The four of us took a swim and played together in the pool. Playing together consisted of feeling each other's sexual parts, and licking pussies as the women sat next to each other on the side of pool. Todd and I kept changing partners too.

We changed places with the women and they were sucking on our cocks, changing back and forth. At one point, they had us leaning together so they each could take both our cocks into their mouth at the same time. It got a little kinky touching Todd that way, but, hey, I'm a consenting adult.

Sarah announced she wanted both of us, so we went back to the chaises. Penny watched us. Sarah got some lube, and then mounted me leaving her back door open. Todd went in that door a few minutes later. Sarah popped off a couple of major orgasms, and then we stopped. Todd stayed with her, and I went back to Penny.

We finished our third round about one o'clock. Penny insisted that we stay overnight. Sarah and Todd took the guest room, and Penny and I took the master bedroom. We were asleep in seconds.

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