Alexandra's New Pet
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Slavery, Lesbian, Fiction, FemaleDom, Oral Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Domme recieves the parcel she has been waiting for

Alexandra sighed happily as she closed her front door on the world, her job paid well enough, and she enjoyed the bustle, but home was home. For Alex, "home" was currently a large house in the country, 3 floors and a basement, sprawling gardens, all set well away from the hustle of the nearby city.

"your parcel arrived, ma'am" Beth, the housekeeper said, taking her coat. Alex smiled at her, feeling a jolt of pleasure at the thought of what was awaiting her. "did they put it downstairs?" She asked

"yes, exactly where you instructed-a, are you sure you won't need me tonight?"

Alex glanced at the girl, now in her late 20's, plain looking, with a nondescript figure, and long brown hair, sometimes she wore glasses, sometimes not. Alex had hired her a few years ago as a part-time cleaner, but the girl has proven herself to be competent and easy to be around- not intrusive, and gradually Beth had become a full time employee. "yes, yes, that's fine." she spoke irritably, she wanted Beth gone so she could inspect her parcel in privacy " you'll be staying at your mother's tonight won't you?" The girl nodded " good, well, have a nice time- I just know you will"

Alex kissed her on the cheek, as was her habit, and sent Beth away. When the door clicked shut, Alexandra smiled, a huge beaming smile, she strode through the kitchen, picking up a sharp knife, and her heavy set of keys. Beth was not allowed in the basement, it was kept locked at all times, Alexandra had no need -so far- to hide the keys, Beth was obedient enough to not venture down there. The "delivery men" were "special" hey knew exactly what was in their large crate, and they would have gone down into the basement alone, Beth hovering nervously at the top of the stairs, awaiting their return. This was not the first time Alexandra had a package delivered "to the basement"

She slipped through the first door, locking it behind her, then at the bottom a flight of stone stairs, was a door locked with an electronic pad. In a second it was open and the crate was visible. Alexandra sighed happily, she had been waiting for this for a long, long time. The crate was quite small for what it contained, sturdy, but then the distance it had travelled it needed to be. Alex put her ear to the top, a very faint noise could be heard from with in, laughing she thumped the top with her fist and listened again, now there was a definite mewling from within, a female noise. Alex could feel herself growing wet from the anticipation, but she did not hurry. Instead she ran her fingers all over the outside of the box, noting that the heavy nails had been removed already. The delivery men would have opened the parcel already, checked that the cargo was still in good shape, they would have removed the catheter and generally cleaned the cargo, they could get pretty pungent over a couple of days.

Alex selected a few tools from a near-by rack, whip, collar, cuffs, leash ... The basement was the sprawling wine-cellar kind, with arched stone supports dividing the space a little, some areas were sectioned off, in one corner was a steel cage, and another had been built up to be a little cell, 6ft x4ft. She could wait no longer, she sliced through the string holding the crate shut and gave on side a hefty kick, the crate spilled open like a chocolate orange, and revealed its delicate cargo. A shivering, scared girl, 18 years old, and virgin. She was blindfolded and had ear muffles on, and in her mouth a red ball-gag- quite small, but big enough for this girl. She was oriental, petite, but with heavy breasts. No piercings or tattoos- Alex had specified that, as the company who supplied her would have added any adornments to order. Alex preferred to do that herself. The girl had jumped when the box opened, or, rather, she had tried to. She was still as she was packaged, kneeling, legs apart, hands bound firmly, but gently to her thighs, and her neck tied to a steel rod to keep her upright. Alexandra shivered with delight, she had so many plans for this little creature.

Alexandra removed the ear-muffles, and gently eased out the ball-gag, laughing at the girls fear, she tried to pull away from the stranger's hands. For a moment the girl just panted, and worked her jaw, Alex laughed again, to allow the girl to hear her, and to know she was with a woman. Alex did not know how much priming the girl had received. Some of the delivery companies girls were abductees, and some sold by their parents, others came "willingly" lured by a "better life" in a rich country. This girl was one of the latter, she had given up her freedom, to come and work for a foreign employer.

"girl, you speak English?" Alex spoke loudly, her voice stern from the beginning, the cargo began sobbing- not a good start "do. You. Speak. English? If not I'll pack you straight back up and mail you home!!"

The girl shrieked, and spoke a few words in her native tongue before switching to English "no, no, I speak English, I have spent many months learning, please, please do not send me back, I could not survive any more time it the box" she was still sobbing, the tears leaking out from under the blindfold, Alexandra gently reached out and wiped the tears off her cheek "there, there my dear, your journey is over, and now you are in your new home. The girl struggled to control herself, the prospect of dark dark days nearly over heartening her.

"now, did they name you? I expect your birth name is totally unpronounceable?"

"Lei, my name is Lei" the girl said, her English reasonably good, but still strongly accented.

"well, Lei, were you prepared for your new life? Did you receive any training? I paid a pretty penny for you!" Alexandra pushed her gently with a stiletto'd heel, letting it dig into the slightly tan skin of her thigh

"I. I ... was told a little, I can cook and clean..." she offered " please release me, I ache so badly, I don't understand why I am tied like this" she started sobbing again. Alexandra sighed, tired of the girl's whining. The way the girl was tied, bolt upright, arms secured gave her a good, unfettered view of her ample breasts. Alex smiled, and picked up a thin cane, she took careful aim, lining the rod up with Lei's nipples, and struck, the cane almost disappearing into the girl's tender flesh for a moment. Lei screamed, she certainly had good lungs, the scream seemed to go on and on, it made Alex wet, she smiled appreciatively. When she spoke, it was slowly, deliberately so that the girl would understand "That was the first of many. Your cooking and cleaning skills are unlikely to be of much use to you. As for releasing you, I may NEVER release you, if I choose. If you continue whining I might leave you here to rot. Do you understand me?" The question hung in the air potently, the girl struggling against her bonds trying to ease the pain in her breasts, sobbing "I'll ask you again" Alex said, bringing the cane back down across her breasts, her pussy growing very wet at the angry red stripes.

Lei cried out again, the tears dripping off her cheeks on to her heaving breasts "I ... I don't understand ... please don't hurt me" Alexandra took one more swipe at the beautiful breasts, the red marks so attractive, the cane bit deeply, embracing the flesh, the girl's nipples tightened into hard nubs. Alexandra waited for the girl to quieten, she knelt down, close to the girl, she hitched up her skirt so Lei could smell how aroused she was. Alex leaned close, licked a tear off of the girls breast, and slowly started sucking on her painful nipples, the girl moaned from a pleasure-pain. Alex continued, she squeezed the other with her hand, massaging it, and took the nipple in between her finger and thumb, rolling it gently, then dug in her nails, deeper and deeper until the girl started to squeal "hush, hussshhh ... you like that, don't you Lei?" Lei groaned as Alexandra flicked her tongue over the nipple again while pinching the other "don't you like it?"

"no! no ... oww it hurtsss" the girl gasped, still futility struggling against her cargo bonds. Alexandra slowly ran her hand down to the girls mound, and along her slit, it was dripping wet. In mock anger Alex sat back on her heels, and slapped Lei's breasts hard, the girl shrieked and bucked in the bonds

"here is your first lesson, slut, do not lie to me..." she slapped them again making sure to catch the cane-welted nipples "what is your first lesson? I will carry on doing this until you tell me" Alex slapped them again before the girl had time to stop crying

"muhmmm ... not lie..." she gasped

"WHAT was that??" Ales shouted reaching for the cane again, she swished it through the air so the still blind girl knew it was in her hand " when you address me, you call me mistress!! I would have thought you would have had THAT much trained in to you!!"

"sorry m ... m ... mistress ... pplease ... no more ... I won't lie ... please don't hurt me mistress" The words tumbled out of her mouth, by now she was shaking like a leaf.

Alexandra smiled, and reached to move a lock of hair off of Lei's face "there, there, pet, hush ... you'll soon settle into it all. It's not my fault they didn't train you is it?" she cooed gently, the words soft and reassuring

"n ... no ... mistress ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I will learn quickly ... I promise..."

"there's a good girl- now, let's get you out of this crate, would you like that? I expect you're hungry?" Alex's pussy grew wet just thinking about "feeding" the girl. Lei nodded crying, she was desperate to stretch her legs. Alex picked up the knife, she went to cut Lei's hands free, she let the coolness of the blade run along the girl's flesh producing a shudder and then instant stiffening of fear. Slowly, she freed first one hand then the other. Lei instantly started rubbing at where the restraints had been. Alex allowed it for a few moments, then retrieved a pair of long bondage gloves "hold out your hand" she asked nicely, Lei hesitated "NOW" stifling a sob Lei obeyed, her breasts still very painful from the cane. Alex carefully fastened first one hand then the other into the arm length gloves, then secured the hand strap so her fists were in a ball "comfortable?" she asked, voice frosty, Lei nodded tears still escaping the blindfold "good, collar next..." she picked a thin but sturdy locking leather collar for now, no doubt the days in that crate were impossibly uncomfortable, and she wanted to allow Lei a little healing space. The gloves attached to the collar at their tops, so that they could not be removed, and the collar locked in place around her neck.

"OK, legs next. This is gonna hurt while the circulation comes back" Lei nodded, stifling the sobs. Steel on flesh she cut through the bonds, not cutting the girl, but scaring her, showing her that IF she wanted to she could have cut her. One leg at a time Alex gently unfolded then until the girl was sat on her butt "I have some pretty shoes for you to try, here, I'll even put them on you for you" The girl's legs were numb still from the cramped position, so it was easy for Alex to force them into the ballet shoes and click the lock in place " now I don't recommend trying to stand in these, not today" Lei nodded "now, I'm going to take your blindfold off, I want to look at your pretty eyes, then, we will get you fed" Alex smiled at the girl blinking in the light of the basement. The eyes were red raw and fear showed clearly, slowly the basement came into focus, and for the first time Lei saw her new owner.

Alexandra was a pretty woman, mid 30's, slightly austere, but still friendly looking. At about 5'6" standing with a slightly curvy figure, accentuated by her smart skirt and blouse, with a generous sized cleavage She stood out in a room from the sheer force of personality, but could have stood out for a myriad of other reasons! Alexandra walked across the room and fetched a chair. She brought it over to the girl "now then, food- hungry, yes?" Lea ran a dry tongue over her lips, and nodded "thirsty too ... mistress" she said. Alex smiled "well that's good, isn't it pet?" confused Lei merely nodded, watching her new owner. Alexandra sat down on the chair wriggling her bottom as she did so, and pulled her skirt right up. So her bare ass was on the seat. She thrust her hips forward and spread her legs "come on then, Lei" she sneered the name " eat up!" Alex watched the girl hesitate, she smiled and started fingering herself "hurry up girl! This is the only liquid you're going to get today, and you'd better be good at cunt-licking, your going to be doing a lot of it. In fact it's going to be your main hobby" she held out her fingers to the girl " come on, clean these up first ... or do you want me to carry on caning those delicious breasts of yours- I'd quite like too" Alex looked round for the cane. Lei leaped forward, face paling, and in seconds was licking Alex's fingers clean "mmm good girl ... now come on ... i've waited along time to feel your tongue inside me" She grabbed the girl's hair and dragged her nearer. Lei, over her initial shock, dove in to Alex's pussy. It was clean shaven, so she was spared a mouthful of hair, but Alex had deliberately not showered yet, and all day the thought of her parcel had kept her wet and horny.

"oh my god!" Alex purred as the girl got to work, licking up and down her slit and dipping her tongue right inside her pussy, occasionally her tongue would flick down to her asshole "my god girl, you do that soo good" Alex grabbed a handful of Lei's hair, feeling an orgasm coming on far faster than she wanted, she crammed the girls face right into her pussy she ground her way to an earth-shattering orgasm. Sated Alex released Lei's hair and slumped back in the chair "oh lordy! You are going to be doing SO much of that, you are a born cunt-licker ... I can see why they sent you!! I'm going to enjoy owning you girl! Now- clean me up, remember that is all the liquid you're going to get today- unless you'd like me to piss for you- would you like that?" Lei shook her head vigorously to show that she really would not like that- she could not talk as her tongue was still deep inside her new owner. Alexandra laughed and pushed her away.

"now. Bed time. You need to sleep" Alex led her on all fours to the cell, inside was a surprisingly comfortable mattress, with clean sheets and a blanket. The girl was obviously grateful for it, she did not bother to ask for the gloves or ballet shoes to be removed, she realised that the bed was a privilege which her new owner could take away at whim, and though her belly still rumbled, sleep would heal more than food could. " I will be back tomorrow for you" Still smiling, Alex locked the cell door and strode out of the basement, very pleased with her new purchase.

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