Cleveland Rocks!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Analingus, Size, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Becky and I had been lovers for a few years. Unfortunately my job had moved me to the Southwest. Now we get a chance for a weekend reunion in Cleveland. Knowing Becky and me, the potential is limitless.

After six hours in the purgatory of the modern air transportation system, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally. I sighed in relief as my trip from Phoenix to Cleveland - with a horrible layover in Chicago - came to an end as I stepped out of the gangway and into the airport terminal.

I stopped only briefly to put back on my black suit jacket and make sure everything else looked sharp in my reflection in one of the darkened windows. I hate traveling in suits, but I was dressed to impress in a black double breasted Armani and a royal blue shirt and tie that match my eyes. My brown hair was cut short and with my sharp features and tall wiry frame it gave me a slightly predatory look that was completely foreign to my personality. I picked up my carry on luggage and quickly made my way through the crowds of weekend flyers and emerged through the security checkpoint to see Becky waiting for me.

Becky and I have been lovers for a few years. And that is the sum of our relationship. We met in college as academic rivals. Our classes kept throwing us together, and eventually after a late nitght study group we ended up getting busy in a library bathroom. After that we tried dating once or twice, but quickly realized we were better off keeping things strictly sexual. Our relationship has been a long series of one night stands - great adventurous sex without worrying about a commitment to each other. When we lived in the same city we would get together at least once or twice a month depending on the status of other relationships.

The great thing was sex with Becky has no limits. We have done some of the craziest, nastiest, kinkiest things you could imagine (and I'm sure some of you have some pretty good imaginations).

Unfortunately, I got transferred out west and we have not seen each other in over a year. At first it seemed like it was going to be a clean break. Then a few months ago I got an email from her. Since then we have been exchanging phone calls, sexts and erotic letters. This was the first time we had a chance to meet in the flesh and I knew we were both excited for a weekend together.

Becky was standing on the far side of the security checkpoint watching another line of incoming passengers. This gave me a chance to check her out, and I almost got hard just looking at her. She had on black soft leather calf length boots with just enough heel to highlight her shapely legs and ass. Becky's milky legs were encased in a black skirt that fell to her knees with a slit on her outer left thigh that came back up almost high enough to see the side of her panties - that is if she was wearing any. Her outfit was topped off by a matching waist length jacket worn open and copper color bustier underneath. The bustier was cut short to show off her flat stomach and did its primary job well lifting and separating her full C cup breast.

It looked like Becky barely topped 110 pounds, but I knew she was probably closer to 130. Her 5' 6" deceptively soft frame hid her true weight and no one could probably guess at the limber strength she had at her disposal. When you looked at Becky, all you knew was she was hot.

The only big difference since last year was Becky's hair was back to her natural copper curls that fell in ringlets down her back and matched the hue of her bustier almost perfectly. A much better look than the blond dye job she had tried out before I left. Moving around to her side I could just make out her profile - sharp cheek bones with a pugish nose and golden green eyes that I loved to look into. You could tell all her moods from the color of her eyes.

Moving against the flow of the crowds I managed to slip up beside her and whispered, "Hey stranger."

Becky whipped around and I was rewarded with a glowing smile and a big hug. "Hey yourself. Where did you come from? I thought you had missed your flight or something."

"Hell, there was no way I would miss this weekend even if I had to fly the plane myself. No, just normal crappy air travel problems. Fortunately I only have this bag, so we can get out of here."

"Good," Becky said leaning into me, "because waiting here has just given me time to think about all the things I am going to do this weekend and I'm so wet I could take you right now."

"Okay, but it will have to be a quickie." I said gripping the lapels of her jacket like I was going to start disrobing her in the terminal. She laughed and slipped out of my grip to move towards the exit. I caught up to her and took her hand in mine. With a squeeze of her hand I said, "It is good to see you." Becky just smiled and led me on outside.

Walking to her car through the dim parking structure was a tease in itself. The lot smelled musty and we could hear the constant roar of the jets taking off and landing as we stole kisses and feels working towards the bank of elevators. Unfortunately there were a few other people in the car, so we had to cool it. When we emerged from the harsh light of the elevator fluorescents onto a relatively empty floor of the garage we left the last passenger behind us.

I took the opportunity to pull her to me and kiss her deeply for the first time. Under the glare of the orange sodium lights I felt her mouth open and accept my tongue into hers. She tasted of peppermint, which she habitually sucked. She tasted like Becky.

My hands wandered from her neck and shoulders down to her firm backside. "Am I not feeling what I think I'm not feeling?" I asked holding her close and patting her skirt over her tight and apparently bare ass.

"You didn't think I was going to wait until we got to the hotel room, did you?" She said with a wicked smile.

Becky's old Ford Escort was off in a corner and there were not many people parked around her. "I know you must be making decent money these days. Why haven't you gotten a better car?"

"Oh this one still runs well for my personal use. Plus it has too many memories. Remember the time we..."

"Do I ever. I didn't think you could fit three people in the back seat, much less lay down."

"But somehow we made it work." She laughed as I threw my bag in the trunk and lay my suit coat over it. Becky unlocked the door on the passenger side for me. Before she could move around the car I came up behind her and kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear. She stood with one hand against the passenger side window and reached back to rub my hard cock through my pants with the other.

Keeping Becky facing the car I reached in the slit of her skirt to play with her. First I rubbed my hands up and down her thigh, raking her skin with my fingernails just hard enough to leave red lines trailing behind like jet streams on a clear winter sky. Then I pulled the front of the skirt aside and trailed my long fingers up both her thighs, pushing the material up as I went. My fingertips found the soft junction between her legs and swirled around her outer lips, spreading her moisture after them.

"This isn't the time for teasing." she moaned into my ear, biting the lobe. Keeping things going at my pace I slid a finger down her cleft and deep into her while my thumb circled around her hard clit. As I moved my hands in a rhythm I knew would please her she kept stroking and squeezing my hard flesh through the thin material of my slacks. Soon I would not be able to take any more.

My finger came out of her with a wet pop before I pulled her away from the side of the car. We moved around like drunken dancers as she undid my pants and pushed them down with my boxers. I sat down in the passenger side and moved the seat back. Becky crawled over me and straddled my legs before she pulled the door shut behind her.

Hovering over my thighs she took my cock and stroked the shaft. "I've missed you." Becky said addressing my dick as if it was the ‘little man' she affectingly called it, then she said to me, "I love how you are the perfect combination of thick and long." Before I could reply she rubbed me against her wet opening, and then impaled herself on me in one long slide.

"Oh Becky. Shit woman I have missed that warm cunt of yours."

"Tell me." She said, starting to move herself up and down my length. Becky likes me to talk while we fuck, so I start to give a color commentary.

"I love how you can take all of me right away. You are such a great fucking slut that I always feel welcome inside you."

"Yes." She moaned. "I'm the best fucking slut."

"You are. And I'm going to fuck you all weekend." I continued adding my thrusts to her rhythm. "When we are done you are going to be covered in cum and it will be leaking out of you."

"Yes!" She said picking up speed. "I'm your cum slut!"

"You are my slut. And I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk."

"Yes. Yes!"

I could feel us both getting close so I picked up speed holding onto her waist and start slamming myself into her. The car was rocking on its springs while I said, "You've missed this cock haven't you slut. Tell me!" I say reaching back and pulling her hair to expose her neck.

"YES! You have the best cock! FUCK ME!"

"OH! I'm fucking you bitch. And I'm going to cum in you!"

"YES!" She cried. Her face, neck and chest flushing a bright crimson that I knew went clear down to her nipples.

"I'm going to cum in you. I love this. I love that I can fuck you like this. You are the best! You are the BEST FUCKING SLUT!" I screamed slamming home as I coated her inside with my seed.

Only when I started to relax did I realize she was still churning through a long drawn out climax. Becky had her head leaning against my shoulder and was whimpering, "the best. the best. the best." I rotated my hips against her clit to keep her climax going and sid, "The best fucking slut in America. That's it. Take what you need." It took her a few more minutes quaking through a long cum before she fell against me spent for now.

For awhile we held each other like that, but if you have ever fucked in an ‘89 Ford Escort, you know there is no comfortable position to relax in. So, sooner than we would have liked, she opened the door and we began the work of extricating ourselves from the knot we had become.

Becky was standing like a newborn fawn next to the car smoothing out her wrinkled skirt when I stood and pulled my pants back up. Once I was presentable I reached out to slide my fingers through the liquid dribbling down her leg. Looking in her expressive eyes I licked my finger clean, relishing the taste of our mixed juices. She smiled a glorious smile and I could not help but hug her to me. I could feel her smiling still against me when she said, "Jesus Brian, you haven't lost your touch."

"Nether have you ‘Princess.'" We both laughed at my old pet name for her. I used to say anyone who could fuck as good as Becky could must be royalty. She asked once why she wasn't a ‘Queen' and I had to explain she had the wrong parts for that title in this day and age.

Before getting back in the car Becky pulled a cloth out of her purse and told me, "I don't want to have to send this skirt out to the dry cleaners with cum stains all over it. Will you do the honors?" I took the cloth and clean the rest of our fluids off her legs. Then she stepped into a pair of black panties before going around to get into the driver's seat.

We were on our way, leaving the parking deck and airport behind us as we made our way downtown. As we drove we caught up on idle chit chat - what happened to so and so, how was the family, what was happening at work. Part of the reason we never made it as a couple is we did not have many of the same interests except for sex and politics, so a weekend is about as long as we can go before we run out of things to say. But it was an election year so she started catching me up on the big local races.

By the time we reached the hotel we were laughing about a friend, a Congressman in a neighboring state, who was almost caught with an intern pulling a Lewinsky on him. Fortunately for the Congressman, he has a big desk that was able to hide the girl while he talked to the constituent who had stopped in for a chat.

I was amazed as we pulled around for valet parking at an internationally known hotel downtown, a glass and stone high-rise that stands shoulder to shoulder with other buildings to help shape the Cleveland skyline. I put my suit coat back on while the valet took the keys from Becky without batting an eye at the heap he was expected to park. Linking her arm in mine we entered the lobby of the luxury hotel.

"Good Evening Ms. Linstrom." The doorman said holding the door for us.

"Thank you Evan." Becky said evenly.

"Ah, Ms Linstrom." An older man said as he approached us from across the marble lobby. When he arrived he kissed Becky on the cheek and said, "Welcome back. We have your suite prepared as you requested."

"Thank you Mr. Vargas. How are Melinda and the kids?"

"They are doing wonderful. Thank you for asking."

"I would like you to meet my close friend, Mr. Murphy."

"Hello." I shook his hand and privately thanked god that I chose the suit. Without it I might as well have been standing in my underwear. But at least it sort of made me fit in to the rich surroundings.

"Mr. Murphy, any friend of Ms. Linstrom is a friend of mine and of this hotel. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please let us know."

"Thank you."

"Here are your keys. Would you like someone to take Mr. Murphy's bag up to the room?"

"No, thank you." Becky said laying a hand on Mr. Vargas' arm. "We will show ourselves up. I hope to see you again this weekend."

"Most assuredly. Good night."

"Wow." I said as the elevator doors closed behind us. Becky ran the key card through a slot on the panel and the elevator started to move. "So I take it you have been here before."

"Oh yeah." Becky said moving in front of me and leaning up to kiss. We move closer and continue to kiss as the elevator made its way rapidly to its destination. When we stopped it was on the top floor. A small marble foyer greeted us as we disembarked. Using the key on the only door in the room it opened to reveal a huge luxury suite with a panoramic view of the lights of Cleveland.

"Holy shit." I said dumbfounded. "What is this place?"

"It's the Presidential Suite."

"And we are here why?"

"I do a lot of business at this hotel and Mr. Vargas was able to get me the suite for the weekend as a thank you."

"Okay Becky. What is it you do exactly?" The last I knew she was an up and coming PR executive. But this was way out of any PR firm in town's league.

"Well technically I am still in PR. But my job these days is to provide hard to get services for high level clientele who come to town." My look must have told her I wasn't buying it, so she went on to explain, "Okay when an executive or rock star are in town and want some companionship, or drugs, or whatever their kink is, I am there to get it for them in a very confidential manor. And, of course, there are a lot of fringe benefits for myself."

"I'll say."

"Do you want the tour?"


Becky showed me the living room first with the panoramic view of the night lights of town. The contemporary furnishings included a wet bar with full size top shelf bottles, a seventy inch smart TV, stereo, and overstuffed furniture with enough seating for twelve. Then past the living room there was a separate dining room, a junior king size bedroom and bath, and the master bedroom suite. The master bedroom had all the luxuries you would expect and opened onto the master bath with a marble two person shower and separate Jacuzzi tub. "There is also a maid and butler especially for this suite, but I asked for them to have the evening off."

"Well let me say, I'm glad I flew here instead of the other way around." I told her as we made our way back to the living room. "Otherwise we probably would have wound up at the Motel 6 with one of those vibrating beds."

"I like those beds."

"I remember."

"Would you like some wine?" she asked moving behind the wet bar.

"Yes, merlot if you have it."

"We have everything here, stud." She said bringing us both a glass of wine.

"So, this isn't your first time entertaining in this suite, is it?" I ask sipping the smooth merlot.

"Do you mean is this my first time fucking in this suite?"


"What do you think."

"A place like this at your disposal? I think you have probably fucked on every flat surface here."

"Well maybe not every one." She said with a smile."

"Now, are you ever one of these ‘kinks' that people request?"

"Yes. But we have professionals on call for that. I am just a rank amateur."

"No Princess." I say smiling at her. "You are a gold medal caliber amateur."

Laughing she put her drink down and pulled me off the sofa by my tie. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hard. "Good." She said when we broke our kiss. "Now take your wine and sit down over there. I'll be right back."

Roughly ten feet in front of the floor to ceiling windows there was a lone overstuffed leather chair facing out at the view. I sat as I was told to, wondering what she had in store. For the next ten minutes I sipped my wine and looked at the view while trying to tell what Becky was up to from the sounds in the bedroom. Unfortunately this was such a big place I could barely hear a thing.

The next thing I knew the lights turned a little brighter making the windows become opaque. In the reflection I could see Becky walking over to the stereo and watched as she pressed play for a pre-loaded play list.

I set the remains of my wine down and watched as Becky moved into the space between me and the windows. Becky started to sway to the slow beat of the music which I quickly recognized as an Ohio swing band lead by Wolfgang Parker. The song was a slow crooning number called 'Blood Red Water.' This slow steady rhythm was perfect for Becky to sway and grind gently to the beat.

During college, Becky's roommate paid her way through school stripping at a bar in Columbus. Becky never stripped professionally - to my knowledge - but she learned a lot from Annett. And it was obvious she had kept her skills sharp.

Becky smiled at me and started to shimmy down to a crouch that showed off a new copper colored thong panties peeking from beneath her skirt, and back up with agonizingly slow movements timed to the beat of the song. Spinning and grinding to show her curves Becky reminded me of how I used to compare her to a pagan goddess of lust, showing her talents only to the true believers. Her clothes caressed her as she moved making me wonder if they were a special design for such a dance.

With that, the song ended and another picked up right away. This time it was 'Thieves in the Temple' by Prince. The song started slow but quickly picked up the beat.

With a roll of her shoulders she shrugged off her jacket, letting it slide down her arms. She shimmied it across the bottom of her rounded ass before she twirled it off and tossed it in a corner. As she moved around the floor she was reflected by the windows letting me see her from all angles. On the next strong beat she ripped away her skirt leaving her clothed only in her calf length boots and a copper colored bustier with the matching panties. The panties clung to her curves like they were painted on and had a high cut strip of lace that wrapped around her waist to meet the thong coming up between her cheeks.

Around this time the music faded into a song I could not identify, some techno number that provided a strong pulse for her to bump and grind to. And she performed beautifully to the music moving ever closer to me. She removed one boot by bending over towards the windows right in front of me and unzipping it so she could step out. The next boot she placed on the arm of my chair and bumped her pelvis to the beat of the song while I unzipped it. Now unencumbered by footwear she continued to dance around my chair. At times I had to watch her reflection as she danced behind me only to come back around.

The music shifted to a slower song and she moved in time to sit on my lap, her back to my chest. Resting against me her hips continued to move, giving me one of the best lap dances of my life. I let my hands roam freely over her form moving from legs to neck and back. She took my hand and guided it to the Velcro fastener for her top that was hidden down the left side. The Velcro ripped down the length of her bustier and exposed her torso to me for the first time this trip. Her breast spilled out into my hands which were eager to feel the weight of those mounds. Becky has wonderful breast with small sensitive nipples that beg to be rubbed, sucked and plucked.

"My little slut sure knows how to dance." I breathed before bending down to nibble at her neck.

Breathing into my ear Becky whispered, "I want to suck you."

"Please." Was my only response. She let her body slide to the floor and turned on her knees to face me. Attacking my belt and zipper with ferocity she quickly had my pants opened and pulled out my hard cock.

"God I've missed you." She said rubbing her cheek against the soft skin of the shaft. When she looked up at me a string of pre-cum sparkled on her cheek. She gave the shaft several long strokes as it rose to its full size. Her middle finger barely met her thumb around the girth as she moved up to take my head into her mouth.

With a sigh of pleasure I watch as she sunk down taking my shaft deep into her mouth. With a second effort she had me pressed into the back of her throat and then on the next downward plunge she swallowed all nine inches of me locking her lips around the base of my shaft.

Becky is the only woman I've been with who could deep throat me. She stayed down on my cock, massaging it with her neck muscles, before finally coming up for air. Moving her mouth down from my shaft she licked my shaved balls while fisting the rest of my meat. Then, knowing me like she does, Becky moved lower to lick first the patch of skin behind my sack and then rim my asshole with her playful tongue.

I relished the sensations she sent coursing through my body with her practiced tongue. Slowly she moved back up to take my shaft in her mouth and established a steady rhythm that matched the song currently playing. Her mouth and tongue worked over the top of my cock while her hand slid tightly over the rest of me.

Becky had me on edge with her amazing mouth, but it was when she worked the middle finger of her other hand into my ass and massaged my prostate that I lost control and came before I could say anything. Even without warning Becky swallowed down most of my load before coming up for air.

Sitting back between my legs Becky smiled like a cat who got the cream. Her eyes a bright gold that only happens when she is pleased with herself. I pulled her up and licked the thin stream of my spunk that escaped her lips before kissing her deeply. Becky had, of course, saved me some cum in her mouth and we pushed it back and forth before I finally swallow my share down.

I pull Becky fully onto my lap and relax for a minute with her in my arms.

"Did I say gold caliber amateur?" I ask. "Make that world class grandmaster."

"So do you think you can keep up with the master?" She said laughing.

"I know I can."

"Cocky, aren't you?"

"Cock will come later my dear. First I plan to eat you up."

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