Emma's New Seduction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, FemaleDom, Spanking, White Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex, School,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My daughter Emma returns to give the world pleasure with new stories. She continues having new sensual adventures in her young life. She's always meeting new people and sharing happiness wherever she goes. Such a lovely, giving girl.

She was away at her private academy, but she was communicating with me, teasing me with emails. My Emma was still with me in my thoughts and in my needs. She filled me with visions of her intrigues and conquests. She was a witch, indeed. And I loved her.

Sending my seventeen year old daughter off on the train to her school had been difficult for me. For her mother, too, of course. My Erica needed comfort that night. We didn't make love. I just held her while I dreamed of her daughter. It was wrong, I knew that, but I also knew that I kept Erica happy. I did keep her happy. She did so love the rough sex I could give her.

But I would often have Emma in my mind as I made love to her mother. When I awoke the next day I was hard. And Erica was kneeling beside me, naked, with my prick in her hand and her mouth descending. I grabbed her head and forced it down. She enjoyed this. She loved me to be aggressive.

"Yes, you want that cock. So suck it for me. Suck it now."

She giggled and her mouth widened. I felt her wet mouth surround my cock. Her small cone-shaped tits were hanging, and with one hand I was twisting and pinching her nipples. She was squealing a little as she continued to chew on my dick. I could feel her teeth scraping my shaft, so I twisted her tits harder. I knew she would like that. She had two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy while she held my cock with the other.

Now she started jacking my cock, with her saliva lubricating me, and she took her mouth off. She had to breathe and to tell me she loved me. And to beg me to make her cum. I was doing that alright. I held my prick and slapped her face with it. That made her open wide again for me to fill her up again. Her moans were muffled as she finger fucked herself. I tightly held her wavy brown hair with my hand and began fucking her face.

Her body was trembling. I knew she was cumming for me. She did it so quickly, because she loved me, and loved sex. Yes, she loved sex, as did I. Her thumb was rubbing her clit as I humped up into her mouth, deep into her throat, giving her what she wanted. My cock and my sperm were ready to fill her. I grunted and thrust hard feeling the cum spurting.

"Mmmmpf ... ummm." She gulped, then panted out, "Oh, shit, Richard ... so good baby."

She kept licking and sucking. I grimaced as I squirted one more time. Emma would have loved this. She enjoyed my spunk too. My Emma enjoyed sex as much as her mother, I had come to realize. Now I squeezed some more out for Erica. I ran my fingers into her pussy and I tasted her honey.

So that was the day after Emma left. We both had to start teaching our classes also. I was a full professor while Erica was an instructor. Perhaps she would move up the academic ladder. I presumed so. But we were busy. I could get back to work and not think of Emma so much. Until her emails began coming into my personal account.

The first was simple enough.

"Hi Dick. You wouldn't believe the people here."

Then she went on to tell me something of her life at the academy.

Emma arrived back at the academy early in the morning. A porter helped carry her chest and luggage out to the curb where a van was waiting to take students from the station to the school. She handed the porter some change; he thanked her, and she turned to the driver standing on the sidewalk. She smiled at him, and he took off his leather cap in respect, displaying his baldness and the gray fringe above his ears.

"Hello, young miss. You're the last one coming today. Let me put your gear in the back here, and we'll get on our way." With that he pulled open the rear hatch, picked up her heavy chest, placed it inside and followed that with her other bags. Then he opened the sliding door on the side for her to get in the back.

Emma shook her head, shaking her long brown hair. "That's silly. I'll sit up front with you. What was your name?"

"My name is Francisco, miss, but they call me Paco. You shouldn't ride in the front. Cause we're alone, you see?" She ignored that and opened the front passenger door. As she got in Paco replaced his cap, covering the bald spot, and went around to get in and start the engine, shaking his head.

"You're new, aren't you Paco? You weren't here last semester," she stated as the van began driving away from the station and down the tree lined road.

"No miss. Yes miss, I'm new at the school," said Paco as glanced over, noticing her skirt riding up over her tanned knees. He quickly looked away trying to keep his eyes on the road.

Emma was smiling to herself. She knew it was about thirty minutes before they arrived at the academy out in the countryside. She slowly pulled her skirt higher and spread her legs a little wider apart. She could see Paco's furtive glances over to her side of the van.

Finally, she kicked off her loafers exposing her tiny bare feet. Her toenails were tinted scarlet. She lifted her legs up and crossed them under her white pleated skirt. Their curves were completely exposed now. She smiled and then looked over to his crotch. The bulge in his jeans was clear to her. Both of his hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly.

"You know Paco, it's nice to meet new people. I like people. Don't you? It's always fun to meet new people. Tell me something would you please? Do you think I'm pretty? It's nice to be pretty for a girl. I think I'm rather pretty. I know I'm smart. What do you think, Paco? Do you like me?"

He cleared his throat, trying to keep looking forward but failing. He would furtively peek over and see her white panties exposed along with her tanned thighs. He swallowed and said, "Yes, miss. Of course you're very pretty. You gotta be smart for the school here. Yeah, they're smart here. Very pretty, little miss."

He jerked the steering wheel now trying to keep steady on the road. Emma had stretched her delicate hand, with it carmine fingernails, across the gap between the front seats. She had pressed her palm and fingers over the large, growing mass on his thigh. He groaned.

"Please miss. Please, no. It's wrong, miss. Ay, Dios mio, you mustn't do that." But he didn't move her hand. She smiled and rubbed the hardness as his mouth gaped open. She was rubbing faster and harder now.

"It's fine, Paco. I like you. You look like a nice man. You like me, too. Don't you? It's fine because we're going to be friends. Really good friends," and she continued pressing and molding his prick for another minute or two. It didn't take long for him to moan and begin humping up into her palm.

A stain formed in his pants leg, and she could feel the long cock pulsing as he continued to cum for another few seconds. Then it was done. She removed her hand and then touched her own wet panties. She glided her middle finger down into her panties, into her bare slit, and then lifted the finger out and up to smell it. Then she put her arm out and placed her finger under Paco's nose.

"You were a naughty boy, Paco. See. You made me get wet. Oh well, it's nice though. Right? We're good friends now, aren't we, you dirty old man?"

"Yes, miss. Good friends." His wrinkled face was worried.

She giggled and put her skirt down as she slipped her feet back into her loafers. They were entering the gates of the academy and driving slowly up the lane to the front portico of the dormitory next to the old original administration building.

Paco swiftly unloaded her baggage on the bottom step and then beeped the horn as he drove away, hiding his transgressive behavior from any other eyes.

Emma waited. Soon a girl came out with a luggage cart, helped her load her stuff up, and then they rolled it into the building and up an elevator to her floor. Emma knew Kirsty and they chatted and giggled as they went through the dormitory to her room. Kirsty was on desk duty today.

"So, how was your summer, Emma? I had to stay home with my little brother while my parents went off for a second honeymoon in Edinburgh."

"Oh, it was a good vacation. I got to celebrate my birthday with my mother and her new husband. He's old, but not too bad. I got to work on my tan. It was fun teasing him while I was sunbathing." She smiled knowingly as Kirsty giggled.

Classes would start the next Monday. Emma had a room to herself as a third year student. She had shared a room for the first and second year at the academy. Now she was relishing the freedom her father's family gave her. They paid for her stay here at this institution. Without their generosity she would perhaps be in a room with two or three students. She unpacked her things, changed into riding clothes, and then left the building.

She arrived at the stables in about ten minutes. They were down in the valley behind the main campus among several barns and farm structures. The academy had some twenty horses that were used by students in equine sciences. They were allowed to ride them if they were in the proper courses. Emma had her favorite horse.

A woman in riding clothes was standing outside a stall as she entered the stable. Her blonde hair was cut in a page boy and her features were tanned from a life spent largely outside. She was trim with small breasts and narrow hips. Emma approached her.

"Hello, Emma. Welcome back. Are you ready for school?"

Emma smiled as she asked about her favorite stallion. "Yes, Miss Connors. More than ready. How's Drake?"

"He's missed you, of course, but he's eager to get out if you want to take him for a ride."

In about ten minutes Emma was out on a trail allowing Drake to take the lead. He took his usual pathway into the mixed deciduous woodlands. When they arrived at a clearing about ten minutes down the trail, she pulled him up and dismounted.

She led him into a small copse in the center of the meadow. There she let him nibble on new grass shoots as she disrobed. When completely nude she patted his nose, letting him nuzzle her nipples, and remounted. They rode off walking, then into a trot, and finally a canter. This was her favorite gait. It sent shivers into her body as her pussy kept feeling the strength and power of the stallion as they moved down a little used path.

Within minutes, she was feeling the ecstasy of an orgasm coursing through her naked body. Her conical breasts were bouncing up and down, and her nipples hardened. Memories of past rides drifted through her mind as she kept riding, wanting to feel the pleasure overcome her. The warmth of the bright sun was shining down onto her glowing face, and her brown tresses streamed out behind her.

Soaking the saddle with her juices, she rode until she could take no more of the tremors she felt. She slowed Drake's pace into a sedate walk and they returned to the copse. She could smell the odors of the honeysuckle vines covering some of the shrubbery. She dressed now with a little haste knowing she needed to get back before dinner was served in the Great Hall.

She took the time to walk her steed for five minutes before arriving at the stables so he could cool down. Then she groomed him properly and left him in his stall. As she was leaving the stable she noticed Miss Connors going into the tack room that she had just left. She'd put away the saddle and other gear she'd just used.

"Oh, Emma! Please come here a moment," requested Miss Connors, looking around the corner of the door-jamb.

"Dear girl, what's this dampness on the saddle you just used?" The lady was smiling at her as she entered the room so she returned the smile. "Sit down, Emma. Right there." Miss Connors pointed to the tree stump used for a stool in the room. Then she went over to the door and shut it.

"You've grown up, haven't you dear? You've changed over the summer. I've been watching you. Did you know that dear?"

"Yes, miss," and she smiled. "I've been hoping you'd notice, ma'am."

Miss Connors stood with her elbows bent, slapping a riding crop into her palm, and smiling with her pink lips and crinkled blue eyes.

"You realize that I have to do something about the way you left your saddle, don't you, little girl? Please remove those pants. That's right, quickly. I don't want to wait, girl."

Emma pulled off her boots, stood up and unbuckled her trousers, then stepped out of them. Her pussy was unencumbered by underwear, and her bare slit was becoming swollen with excitement again. She stood there with her arms held behind her as Miss Connors slowly walked to her. Then the crop struck out and slapped Emma's pussy. She cried out.

"That wasn't so bad, was it girl? Was it? I think you need more. Yes, I do." And the crop struck again. Emma was beginning to cry now as the redness of her pussy lips was exposed. "Tell me, little cunt, is that what you need?"

"Yes, miss. If you please. Oh, yes." Her knees trembled. "May I turn around, ma'am? I need to be taught more lessons." She turned, bending down to put her hands on the stump, and spread her legs apart.

Miss Connors didn't hesitate. The crop rose and slashed spreading red streaks across Emma's round ass. More blows landed on her dripping pussy and across both globes of shaking flesh. The class lasted for several minutes until Miss Connors was satisfied that the girl had learned her lesson.

Then she tossed the riding crop down. She undid her riding pants, pushed them down to her knees, and knelt down behind the young woman. Her hands went to Emma's backside, caressing the redness, and then touching the leaking slit. Her tongue extended, gently stroking from the lips and upward, even lingering on the pucker above the pussy.

"Oh, ma'am, you're such a good teacher. I'll be a good girl for you, ma'am. Oh, yes, so good, so good. Cumming for you, Miss!"

The lady continued licking and sucking the girl's pussy until she was sated. One hand had picked up the crop from beside the stump in the straw. The leather covered handle was perfect to tease a moist pussy. And she did, teasing her own slit and clit as she fingered the cunny directly before her pink lips. Finally she was able to get the orgasm she needed as Emma continued to shiver from the attention she was receiving.

Miss Connors slapped Emma's ass one last time, rose up, and pulled up her riding trousers. She bent down and kissed the round buttocks before her. The youngster stood up and turned around. She was a tall girl, but Miss Connors was about six inches taller. She helped the girl get dressed once more, and they smiled at each other as they opened the door of the tack room and walked out.

Emma went on up the hill to get to the dinner being served. Her new mentor went to her own quarters where she would dine alone.

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