The Knight and the Acolyte Book 2: Magic's Clash
Prologue: The Magery

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, High Fantasy, Paranormal, Cheating, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus, Big Breasts, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: The Magery - Angela and Sophia have received a prophecy to guide them on their quest to slay the dragon Dominari. Joined by the elf, Xera, they must face their perils of the woods to reach safety. Meanwhile, King Edward plots to protect his throne and reaches out to a dark warlock to kill Angela.

Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, The Magery of Thosi

"Why are you jerking him off?" Saoria asked as she lounged on her bed in her red robes of a Journeyman Mage, her long, dark-brown hair spilling across one shoulder and the swelling rise of her large tits.

I always felt so inadequate around her. My breasts were nice, round, and dwarfed by the lush pair my friend had. Her curvy body exuded sex. She sometimes seemed more fit to be a Priestess of Slata, letting men and women worship in her embrace, than as a Mage of Thosi. But she was skilled, almost as much as I was thanks to my years of tutelage since our time as young apprentices.

"We need to practice," I said, stroking the simulacrum's dick faster. I held a large beaker at the tip of his cock. "And I'm out of cum."

"I don't want to practice," pouted my friend. We were in our cell in the mid-level of the Collegiate Tower, the headquarters of the Council of Magery and the heart of the College of Esh-Esh. Only here was the arcane arts of magic taught. Students from the known world came to Esh-Esh in the hopes of having the talent to be even an Apprentice Mage and learn to harness the powers of the elements.

The simulacrum moaned. He grew nearer to cumming. He was an artificial man, created through magic, his pale, muscular body completely hairless. His dick throbbed, and then his cock erupted, filling the beaker with squirt after squirt of cum. He produced far more cum than a normal human, easily ten times as much and almost overflowed the beaker.

Cum was necessary to a female mage. It was the power source of our magic. For a priest, priestess, or paladin, their magic was powered by the god or goddess they served. For witches, they merely had an innate ability to control the natural spirits of the world. But for a mage, we needed a powerful source of energy, and nothing was more primal than sexual fluids. I could ingest the cum straight from the source, fucking or sucking the simulacrum's, or any other male's, dick. But it was easier to gather the cum and save it for when you need it. The energy didn't last long in your body. Male mages had to use female juices, and the female simulacrums were engineered to squirt copious fluids when they orgasmed.

"There, that should be more than enough for us to practice with," I said, holding up the beaker swirling with the pearly jizz.

"I don't want to practice, Faoril" groaned Saoria. "I practice all day with Master Soviar. He had me shaping wood until my mind hurt."

There were five elements in the natural world that mages could manipulate: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Life. Wood was easy to affect with Life magic. But the more intelligent the organism, the harder they were to change.

"We need to be ready for the test."

"It's in nineteen days," Saoria objected. "That's almost three weeks. We can take one break."

"That's nineteen days to perfect our magic," I pointed out. The test to be a Master Mage was held once a year and only three Journeyman Mages would pass. This year, seven Journeyman were invited to test. Over half of us would fail. "If you want to make it, you need to practice." I downed half the beaker, ingesting the thick, salty cum. It filled my stomach, an energy that seethed inside me.

I burned it and sent out a wind. It wrapped around Saoria and lifted her off the bed.

"You bitch!" Saoria gasped as I spun her about, her brown hair whipping around her body and the bottom of her red robe slipping up her sleek thighs. I laughed and then brought her to me and set her down, pushing the beaker into her hands.

"Fine," she muttered, tipping back the beaker and emptying the rest of the cum into her mouth.

The simulacrum moved to the corner of the room, a pleasant, vapid smile on his handsome face. He stood perfectly still, his hairless body sculpted, his cock rigid. It was nearly impossible to make a male simulacrum have a limp dick. When I made Master Mage, I would own my own simulacrum. Only a Master Mage could own one, the rest belonged to the Magery Council and were lent to students.

"Ready?" I asked Saoria.

She nodded.

The stone floor beneath my feet became liquid and rolled over me. I gasped as I was pulled down into its gloopy mire. "Clever," I praised as I sent my magic into the stone to fight Saoria's spell while simultaneously precipitating water out of the air and splashing her in the face.

Saoria spluttered and I pulled my feet out of the liquid stone, conjuring air to lift me up. My magic burned through the cum inside me as I controlled the elements. The water I splashed on Saoria was gathered by her magic into a ball undulating before her.

It shot at me, hardening to ice. I used fire, the ice vaporizing into a cloud of steam that rolled past my face. I dispersed the moisture as her magic went into the wooden frame of my bed. The wood groaned and then the nearest bedpost surged out at me, wrapping around my leg.

"I see practicing with Master Soviar paid off," I smiled. I made a blade of stone erupt from the floor, severing the bed post. I reached down and grasped the wood around my leg, shaping it into a spear and using wind to hurl it at Saoria's guts.

We were Journeyman Mages. We had practiced dueling before. It could be dangerous, but it also honed our skills. We were destroying our cell, but we would receive further practice putting everything back together again.

Saoria heaved her mattress before her, the spear thudding into the goose down. Feathers exploded out, dancing in the air, driven by her wind. I held up my arms as they fluttered into my face, blinding me for a moment. Fire flashed, consuming the feathers into ash that rained down to the floor.

Saoria rushed at me, flying across the room. I thickened the air before her, catching her. She slowed to a stop, the air as thick as molasses. "Ooh, that's an annoying one," she groaned, twisting her body.

"Yep," I winked.

Fire exploded around me. I squeaked in shock as my red robe burned to ash and fell of my body. The flames hadn't touched me. She had exquisite control with fire. I hovered naked in the air, frowning at her. Why had she done that. I tightened the air around her and—

"Slata's cunt!" I gasped as a thick, tapered piece of wood shoved into my cunt. She had shaped a dildo and used air to work it in and out of me.

I shuddered as the pleasure rippled through my body. The dildo was thick and covered in ridges that tickled the inside of my pussy. My toes curled and soft moans escaped my lips. I concentrated on my air, holding her in place as she fucked my pussy.

"Mmm, how do you like that trick?" Saoria asked, a big smile on her lush lips.

"It's very ... naughty!" I panted. "By the gods, you make the best dildos."

Saoria winked at me.

I twisted the air around her. It sliced off her robe, sending the ruined fabric fluttering to the ground in three pieces. The wind kept spinning, caressing her naked body. I focused it on her breasts, tickling her hard nipples as my body spasmed on the dildo.

"Oh, nice!" groaned Saoria.

I turned her in the air and spread her legs. Her pussy was covered by dark, neatly trimmed hair. The wind blew through her curls, caressing her pussy and clit. Saoria spasmed, fucking the dildo faster and faster inside me. I drifted closer to her. The tart scent of her pussy swirled through the wind.

"You're going to like this. I came up with it last night. I found it most enjoyable," I purred.

"Oh?" Saoria asked, her eyes wide. "What?"

I shaped the wind into a tight vortex and pushed the mini-tornado into her pussy. Her cunt spread open, her pink depths revealed to me. The wind swirled through her hole. She gasped and spasmed, her juices caught by the wind and dancing through the air like drops of rain.

"Oh, yes! That's so wicked! Oh, my god! It's swirling inside me! Slata's hairy cunt! Yes! That's so wonderful, Faoril! Fuck me with the wind!"

I grinned at her, burning through my cum as I made the tornado spin faster inside her. Saoria spasmed, her breasts heaving. She gasped and moaned as her hair whipped around her in the strong winds.

The dildo inside me grew large, spreading my pussy open. I doubled over as I floated in the air. My pussy screamed with pleasure. The ridges caressed the walls of my cunt. I grasped my nipples, pinching them as I enjoyed her pleasure.

"Let's see if I can copy this," Saoria gasped. "It's so good! Damn, I need to fuck you with a tornado."

"Just keep fucking me with the dildo!" I moaned. "Pater's giant cock, this is wonderful! I'm gonna cum so hard!"

"Me, too!" moaned Saoria. "But you need more."

The cheeks of my ass suddenly parted. Whirling wind pressed between them, caressing my sphincter; I shuddered. The air was moist, almost licking at my asshole. I drifted closer to her, hovering over her body. Our lips met in a hot kiss as she slammed the tornado into my asshole.

The air spun inside my bowels. It caressed across the sensitive walls. I shuddered as the pleasure burned to my pussy. I moaned into her sweet kiss. I grasped her heavy breasts, pinching her nipples as we fucked each other with our magic. The dildo and the tornado ignited the nerves in my body.

I came hard, bucking and spasming against her. Saoria's hands grasped my ass, squeezing my cheeks and pulling me against her body. We spun in the air, held up by our magics. The pleasure spasmed through my body, whipping into my mind. A part of me maintained my spells, fucking Saoria's cunt with my tornado, but the rest of me was consumed in pleasure.

"Yes!" I screamed, breaking the kiss, our nipples pressing together as I bucked. "Sweet Slata's cunt, that feels wonderful in my ass! Oh, yes!"

"Mmm, you are so cute when you cum!" Saoria purred and then spun about beneath me. Her ass slid up my stomach and breast until my face was buried between her cheeks. "Eat my ass and fuck my cunt with your tornado!"

I buried my tongue into her sour ass, sucking and swirling as I intensified the tornado fucking her pussy. My fingers found her clit, stroking her as my tongue probed deep into her asshole. Her body spasmed beneath me.

"Yes, yes! You wonderful mage! Mmm, you know the naughtiest magic."

I made ice cubes out of the air and rubbed them on her nipples. She spasmed in delight. Her moans echoed through our cell. I rubbed harder at her clit with my thumb as I sucked on her ass. I loved the flavor. She had such a delicious ass.

"Faoril!" she gasped. "Oh, yes! Oh, damn! You are amazing!"

Her asshole clenched about my tongue as she came. She spasmed beneath me. I ended the tornado and moved my lips down to her pussy. I drank her tart juices as they flooded out of her spasming cunt, nuzzling into her silky flesh while her pants grew softer and softer.

"Oh, Faoril," she panted as we descended to the floor, our room in shambles. "You are amazing. You're the best in the class."

I nodded my head.

"You're going to pass," she said, her eyes widening, her lip trembling.

"So will you," I smiled at her. I gave her a hug and kissed her lips. "We'll both pass."

She nodded, her eyes distant.

I looked around at the mess. "Well, we should keep practicing and fix this up."

"Yeah," she muttered. "I need to practice more. I have to be as good as you if I'm going to make it."

"You will," I beamed, pulling the dildo out of my cunt. I sent it to my bed post and shaped it back into the frame like it always belonged there.

King Edward IV – Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare

"You sure this is a good idea," I whispered to my pregnant wife.

Lavinia, my queen, fixed me with a determined smile, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. She was a gorgeous woman, a Zeutchian princess with blonde hair and blue eyes. "You are the king. You are strong. You can control a warlock. Angela has to be stopped. You heard the Lesbius Oracle. There is a way for her to kill the dragon. Be strong."

I nodded my head. Her words heartened me. I was the king. I had to be strong to make sure that my unborn son would follow me onto the throne. On my coronation, the Sekar Oracle had warned me that the descendant of the long dead High King Peter would kill me and take my throne. It was absurd for a woman to ever rule, and yet I feared Angela. She was a direct female descendant of Peter's youngest daughter Lily. When the High King Died, only his daughter Lily survived him. He had no heir, no daughter could inherit rulership, and his grand empire broke apart into the modern countries of Secare, Valya, Thosi, Zeutch, Haz, Thlin, and Athlos.

"We cannot let her reforge the High King's sword," my wife whispered. "That sword was broken for a reason."

The sword was forged of adamantium by Krab, the God of Crafting, himself as a gift to Peter. With that sword, the young king had conquered most of the known world. He had called his empire the High Kingdom of Hamilten. But Slata was jealous of Peter. He was one of the God Pater's bastard offspring, and Slata had always been jealous of her husband's attention to his bastards. She had cursed Lily to have only daughters and ensured all of Peter's male heirs perished.

"We should have just had her assassinated from the beginning," I cursed. There were good reasons not to. I had heeded Lady Delilah's counsel. If I killed Angela, it might have turned the Knights Deute against me. So instead, I conspired with High Priestess Vivian to taint Angela's Quest. All apprentice knights had to complete a divine quest, supposedly chosen at random, to attain full knighthood.

Angela was given the quest of slaying the dragon Dominari. In a hundred years, every knight-trainee of the three orders had failed to kill the dragon. I assumed Angela would be next to fail, but today the cunt had visited the Lesbius Oracle and received a fortuitous prophecy.

I couldn't trust that she would fail. I had to ensure it. So I listened to my wife's plan of hiring a warlock, a mage declared rogue and hunted by the Magery Council. My skin crawled. This had to be conducted in secret. Lavinia had used her servants to make contact this afternoon. He agreed to meet at midnight.

"Maybe you should leave," I whispered to my wife.

"No. I must be here. He expects us both. Besides, he will not harm us. He knows we can give him resources once he succeeds."

"Resources for what?"

"For whatever he needs," my wife purred. "To continue whatever research had him banished by the Magery Council and fleeing their order of execution."

"Exactly," a voice purred out of the darkness.

I jumped. The wall of our bedchamber had opened up, forming a makeshift door with a neighboring antechamber. A man dressed in crimson robes stepped in. His reddish hands, marking him as Thlinian, peeked out of the wide sleeves of his robe. The hood's cowl deeply shadowed the warlock's face. Only his orange eyes were visible through the shadows.

"Fireeyes?" I asked, then felt like an idiot. Who else would it be? Particularly with eyes that burned in a shadowy face.

"That is the name I now use," the warlock answered, his voice a rasping whisper.

Behind him, a naked woman entered, her body completely hairless, her eyes lifeless like a doll. She meekly stood a step behind the warlock. My eyebrows furrowed as I studied her body. Her thighs were stained with fluids and the hot scent of tart pussy wafted through the room. A diamond pendant glinted between her breasts.

"Why did you bring your whore?" I demanded.

"His simulacrum," my wife whispered. "Only a Master Mage possesses one."

"Your wife is well-informed," Fireeyes answered. "Now, shall we discuss my servant or why you wish to hire my services?"

"I need you to kill a knight on her quest," I answered. "She's in the Deorc Forest at the Lesbius Oracle."

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