Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, ft/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Miranda, a young preacher's wife was raped when she was sixteen, and never told anyone about the rape. Chase Martin accidently finds the video of her rape on the internet. He uses it to blackmail the beautiful nineteen year old preacher's wife into having sex with me, and then takes her further into depravity.

Chase Martin just turned eighteen and graduated high school this year. Still, looking for his first job, and living at home with his parents. He pretty much has to do what his mother tells him, or catch a lot of hell. Today is no different, his mom is after him to get up and get ready to go to church with her. Their new young associate preacher is going to be there for the first time; Rev. Paul and his wife are to be formally introduced to the congregation today.

Rev. Paul is just out of the seminary, he’s only twenty-two years old, and this will be his first church at which he will preach. Chase drug himself out of bed, takes a shower and gets ready to go. His mom is ready and waiting for him when he gets done. During the service they’re introduced to Rev. Paul, and told he and his lovely wife will be around after the service is over to meet everyone. So of course Chase’s mom insisted they have to stay and meet them.

Chase didn’t want to stay, but his mom didn’t give him much of a choice. They meet Rev. Paul, but the person that impresses Chase the most is his nineteen-year-old wife, Miranda. She’s absolutely gorgeous, short blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, to go along with her incredible lovely smile. She’s a little shorter than he is. He can’t tell a whole lot about her body because of the dress she’s wearing, but from what he can tell, she has a small waist and she doesn’t seem to be hurting up top either. Her breasts seem quite large, even in her loose-fitting dress.

A few weeks later, Chase is sitting at home watching TV, when the doorbell rings. He gets up to go to the door, but his mom comes out of the kitchen and gets there first. When she opens the door, Rev. Paul’s wife Miranda is standing there. Today she was wearing tight jeans and a pullover jersey, which was a little big on her. Chase is thinking, all Miranda’s dresses she wears to church and now the large jersey, seem like she always attempts to conceal the size of her breasts.

His mom tells her the toys she came to get are in the garage. She tells Miranda there’s two boxes and she’ll have more when she has time to get them out of the attic. Chase knows the boxes of toys his mom is talking about; she had told him she was going to give his old toys to the children’s charity. His mom tells him to go help Miranda get the boxes, and take them and put them in her car.

Chase follows Miranda out to the garage. His cock’s getting hard as he watches her tight jeans covered ass walk in front of him. If that wasn’t bad enough, when Miranda bends down to pick up one of the boxes, her loose-fitting jersey gapes open at the bottom. Chase can see her large breasts wobbling and her black lace bra trying to contain them. He has a tremendous hard pushing against his jeans, so he grabs the other box and quickly uses it to hide his raging hard on.

They put the boxes of toys in Miranda’s car, she turns and thanks him for his help, as she gets in her car and cranks the engine. Chase is trying to stand so Miranda can’t see his hard cock pushing out against his jeans. She gives him a very sexy smile, and tells Chase she’ll see him at church on Sunday. Chase just stands there and watches as the beautiful blond drives away. If his mom wasn’t home, he might have dragged Miranda to his room and fucked her before he let her leave. Instead, Chase goes to his room and jacks off thinking about the gorgeous sexy blond.

From that day on, Chase knows he’s going to fuck Miranda, he just doesn’t know how, when, or where. Then one night he’s surfing the internet, on some obscure web site, where boys post their high school conquests. Chase is watching this one video; the boy is standing behind a young blond. She’s wearing a jersey with the Riverdale High School logo on it, and jeans. She looks to be fifteen or sixteen. The girl has short blond hair and is very cute. Chase thinks she looks a lot like Miranda, only younger.

Chase can see her eyes are half closed and a little glossed over, he thinking she must be on drugs. The pretty blond girl just stands there while the boy behind her lifts her jersey up over her bra covered breasts. He pulls it higher, as she raises her arms to let the boy pull it over her head and off her arms. After the jersey is removed, the blond lets her arms drop back to her sides. The girl’s breasts are quite large for a teenager.

Now the boy unhooks her bra, Chase can see the girl’s bra cups go loose. The boy slides the teen’s bra straps off her shoulders and her bra falls away from her magnificent breasts. They are beautiful and stand out nicely. He reaches around her and gets one of her breasts in each hand and squeezes them. Giving no signs of resisting the cute little blond has her head laid back on the boy’s shoulder as he pinches and plays with her nipples making them hard.

Chase sees the blond jump and appears to groan a little when the boy pinched her nipples, but she doesn’t try to resist, or shove his hands away. After the boy mauls the teen’s breasts for a while, he takes her over to a bed and shoves her down on it, the young teen falls on her back, her legs hanging off the side of the bed. The boy unfastens her jeans and works them off her tight ass, then slides them down her legs. He has to remove her boots before he can get them completely off.

Once the girl’s jeans are off, the boy reaches for her panties, and slides them off her legs. Now the pretty young teen is completely nude except for her socks. She has a nice little patch of soft blond hair on her pussy. Chase can see the camera go in for a close-up of her blond pussy, he then realizes for the first time she wasn’t alone with the boy. They’re at least two people with the little blond, the boy and someone else taking the video.

While the person recording the young blond is exploring her nude body with the camera, the other boy was getting undressed, because when he comes back in view he’s totally nude. The boy picks up the girl and lays her flat on the bed, then climbs on the bed with her. He takes the young teen’s legs and spreads them wide and crawls between them. Lying on top of the little blond, mashing her breasts to his chest, he reaches between them and lines his hard cock up with her little hole.

The boy shoves his hard cock in the teen’s pussy; Chase can see her legs jerk up, as she takes it in her little pussy. Whoever is operating the video camera has turned on the sound, because now Chase can hear the young blond. She lets out a loud grunt and groan, but still does nothing to resist the boy as he starts fucking her with long steady strokes. The young blond is moaning as the boy picks up speed. He fucks the little blond for about fifteen minutes, before he shoves into her hard and holds his cock deep in her pussy.

Chase knows the boy is ejaculating in the pretty little teen’s pussy, because when he pulls out of her little hole, the person with the video camera moved in for a close up of the girls’ blond pussy. Chase can see the boy’s cum oozing out of the young teen’s vagina, but the boy’s cum has a pink tint to it. He knows the little blond was a virgin, and that boy just took her virginity. As the boy climbs off the bed, Chase hears him tell the other person “I told you Miranda would be one hot fuck.”

Relishing the thought that he probably just watched Rev. Paul’s young wife give up her virginity to a boy that was not Rev. Paul, he wonders if Rev. Paul knows about the video. If not, what will Miranda be willing give up, to keep him from finding out about it? As Chase is contemplating this, he sees another older teenage boy climb on the bed with Miranda. He looks like he could be the first boy’s brother; with his hard cock’s protruding out from his nude body. While not too large, his cock is bigger and longer than the first boy.

Miranda is still lying there with her legs spread, as the second boy crawls between them. She does nothing to resist him as he shoves his hard cock in her already used pussy. The boy has Miranda’s legs draped over his arms and really starts driving his hard cock in her young pussy. The boy taking the video now gets a good close up of the other boy’s cock sliding in-and-out of Miranda’s tight little hole.

It’s not very long before he’s adding his cum to her pussy. The first boy got it all on video, as even more cum was oozing out of Miranda’s young pussy as the second boy pulls out of her little hole. He then climbs off the bed and goes up by Miranda’s head, bending over he kisses her on the lips, then takes his semisoft cock dripping with cum and rubs it across Miranda lips. With a murmur, her lips part and he slides it in her mouth, but he’s really too soft to actually fuck her mouth.

Chase hears him on the video tell the first boy, “if they could see her now, I bet Mr. and Mrs. Johnson would be proud of their daughter.” He tells the other boy they didn’t’ want Miranda to date him, they thought he wasn’t good enough for their daughter. Then he says, smiling at the camera “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson I want you to know your strait-laced innocent daughter is one hot little fuck. By the time we got though fucking her, she was fucking us like a good little whore.”

Both boys are laughing as the video goes black. Chase just sits there for a while, letting it all sink in. He’s pretty sure Rev. Paul doesn’t know anything about the video and is willing to bet Miranda will do almost anything to keep him from finding out. He knows now how he’s going to fuck Miranda, he just doesn’t know when and where. The first thing he has to figure out is a way to get Miranda alone so he can test his theory.

A couple of weeks pass. Chase still hasn’t figured out a way to get close to Miranda. He’s at home just killing time, when his mom comes to his room and tells him she’s going to town and won’t be back until late. His mom informs him there’s a box of toys sitting by the door in the den and that Rev. Paul’s wife will be coming by to get them. She tells Chase, Miranda will be there between one and two o’clock and for him make sure he does not leave before she gets there to pick up the toys.

It’s almost two o’clock when Chase sees Miranda pull in his driveway. She stops and gets out of her car. Today she’s wearing her tight jeans and a loose-fitting shirt. As she’s walking up to the front door, Chase is looking at the gap between her thighs. His mind is made up; before Miranda leaves his house today, she’s getting fucked, even if he has to drag her to his bedroom. When Miranda rings the doorbell, Chase opens the door and tells her the box of toys she came for is in the den.

She gives Chase that beautiful smile, and then follows him to the den. He shows her the large box of toys and tells Miranda he’ll take it to her car for her, but first there’s something she might like to see. Chase already has his laptop computer hooked to the TV. All he has to do is hit the play button, and the video of her getting fucked by the two boys will start playing on the big screen TV.

Chase asks Miranda what was her name before she got married and what was the name of her high school. She tells him her name was Miranda Johnson, and she went to Riverdale high school, which confirms it’s actually Miranda in the video. Chase walks over to the computer and hit play. Miranda eyes grow large, as she sees herself on the TV, lying on the bed getting fucked.

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