A Special School for Girls
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Follow the senior year of Monica Taps, a student at Mary C. Batten's Academy for Girls. At this elite girl's school, special blessings manifest on students and staff in powerful positions.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Shemale   Mother   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Size   BBW   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   School   Transformation  

Monica awoke slowly as the sunbeams hit her eyes. She wanted to stay in bed a little longer, but she knew that sleep would not come back to her. Slowly and quietly she got out of bed, careful not to disturb the sleeping beauty next to her. A quick glance at her alarm clock told her it was just past eight. She shook her head. Why couldn’t she wake up this early by herself on school days? She quietly tiptoed to her bathroom and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed she immediately headed for her shower. Times like this she was glad she had her own room at her school. She loved that she had a bathroom that she did not have to share with anyone. She turned the knobs to her preferred settings and removed her night shirt. She then reached back and removed her bra. She smiled as she watched her large DD-breasts jiggle as they were freed. Once they settled, she reached to her waist to remove her panties.

There was a bit of a bulge in her panties and the reason was shown as soon as she shucked them off. As always a smile spread on her face as she removed her panties and her flaccid cock tumbled out. The cock she was so proud of. It stated to all her position at her elite girl’s school. She had not been born with this wonderful member. She had not obtained it until she was halfway through her freshman year here at Mary C. Batten’s Academy for Girls. At any other school a girl like her would have been reviled, but here such a trait meant something.

Some kind of special magic existed around this school, because all students and staff in special or authoritative positions would magically gain a cock upon attaining said position. Among the students, the head cheerleader and other team captains, members of the school’s Honor Society and Class Presidents were blessed with this special transformation. There were some staff members who also were blessed like she was. Every principal, along with the head of each teaching and administrative department grew the same blessed organ. These special members of the school’s population were known to all the students and staff as Transformed.

Monica had been blessed to become a Transformed early in her high school career. She had been elected president of her freshman class and changed into a Transformed the day of her election. She was very proud she had become one so early. You couldn’t join the Honor Society until your sophomore year and team captain positions mostly went to seniors and occasionally juniors. Becoming freshman class president was the only way to become a Transformed during your first year. Monica was very happy she had been the one student of her one thousand plus freshman class to become a Transformed.

Despite knowing about the school’s secret she had not come to the school with the express intent to become a Transformed. Before she came here and became a Transformed she had not given much thought to if she wanted to have a penis or not. Having a cock of her own was not something she actively thought about or desired. She probably would have been fine going through her four years here without becoming one.

Now though, after having her cock for the last three plus years, she hoped she was one of the lucky ones to keep hers after graduation. She didn’t want to go back to what she was before. There were all sorts of perks to having a cock, one of the best being she no longer had to deal with having periods.

The water for her shower now ready, she stepped under the spray and began to wash her body. She always started with cleaning her long blonde locks. They reached all the way to the middle of her back. Once her hair was finished, she washed her face, clearing the sleep and gunk from around her crystal blue eyes and her pouty pink lips.

Her face now clean, she then retrieved her body wash to clean the rest of her tempting body. As tall as she was, nearly six foot, it took some time to clean her body, especially because of her long legs and her bulbous ass. She always cleaned her cock last, paying special attention to her prized organ.

As soon as her washing was finished she always took a few minutes to just luxuriate under the spray of her shower. It helped her wake up and the warmth of the water always loosened her muscles from their morning stiffness. She would stand beneath the spray, her eyes closed as she took the time to enjoy this quiet, private moment. A small period of tranquility in her usually hectic days. As the water cascaded over her body, awakening her all over, she thought back to the day she obtained this beautiful tool.

When she had first arrived here four years ago, she was just like any other girl. Her figure had not yet fully blossomed and she was a bit shorter. Back then, she had just B-cup breasts and she was a bit taller than five feet. Her butt was also much smaller then. Almost as soon as the year started, the school had begun accepting applications for class president for the freshman class.

Those in the know about this school’s special magic always clamored for the position. Even some who were unaware, those who had no family who had also attended the school, had put in applications for the spot.

Monica was one of the people in the know. Her parents were both alumni of the school. Her sire had also been a Transformed during her years at the school and had been one of the lucky ones to stay Transformed after graduation. Right before she started her parents had told her of the school’s secret and told her they hoped she would become a Transformed herself. Thankfully they also told her they wouldn’t be disappointed if she did not. Seeing the elections as her first chance Monica happily turned in her application. She knew the competition would be fierce. Three hundred and some other girls also applied.

The actual elections did not take place until late November. By then many of the girls who had applied were eliminated due to poor grades, behavioral issues or they had voluntarily withdrawn. By the time November rolled around the field was down to one hundred candidates. They were grouped into clusters of ten and the whole freshman class voted one from each cluster. Down to ten by mid-November the full election took place.

Throughout the process Monica did everything she could to bolster her chances of winning. She tutored other students, helped out various clubs and activities that needed volunteers and even did a “table to table” campaign during lunch and dinner times to get to know other freshman.

By the day of the election she was sure she had put a solid lead between herself and the other nine girls to secure her win. Still, this did not calm her nerves. She still worried she might not win. A week after the election, during her afternoon classes, the announcement came over the school’s PA system.

“Attention students, especially our freshman class, the results of the Freshman Class Presidential Elections have been recorded. All the ballots have been counted and recounted. We are delighted to announce the winner.” The system suddenly went quiet. Monica’s heart beat fast. She really hoped she had won. To become a Transformed so early would make both her parents proud. For about a minute no sound was heard from the system, then the Head Principal’s voice spoke again.

“We have counted all ballots and tabulated the results. I am pleased to announce that Miss Monica Taps is our new Freshman Class President. Miss Taps, will you please come to the Head Principal’s office immediately.” The moment the announcement reached her ears a large smile spread over her face. She had won. She would become a Transformed. Over three hundred girls had tried to win the prestigious position and she was the winner. She quickly stood and gathered her books and bag, gleefully running out of her class to the Head Principal’s office. As she ran she noticed a small tingle had begun in her loins. She figured it was the beginning of her transformation.

Ten minutes later she was across the campus, now standing in the Head Principal’s office. Gathered in the office with the Head Principal was the Vice Principal, the unit principals for each grade, and the various department heads. Each of these ladies was smiling at her. Even knowing what was coming she still felt very nervous. She was looking about at all the staff gathered when she heard the Head Principal clear her throat. Startled, she looked back to her.

“Now Monica, as you know given that your parents attended this school, your election as Freshman Class President comes with more than just the opportunity to lead and represent your class. Your new position also means you shall, like all of us gathered here, become a Transformed. Being a Transformed entitles you to various benefits, the first being you shall now have your own dorm room. I’m sure by now you have felt the tingle that signifies it has begun.” Principal Davis spoke. Monica nodded.

“It is different for every girl when the transformation finalizes. For some, it is the same day, while others take up to a week. When your transformation completes, you will meet with the school doctor. She will confirm your transformation and then you may begin enjoying the privileges of being a Transformed. Once it happens you may move in to your new room.”

Once her other privileges were explained to her Monica left the office and returned to class. Many of the girls in her class were congratulating her on her victory. Some had asked if she had changed yet, to which she shook her head. She hoped hers would come early, she did not want to wait a week or so before enjoying the benefits of being a Transformed.

It still had not occurred when she returned to her dorm that evening. The other three girls in her room all looked a little sad when she came in, knowing that tonight may be there last night as roomies. Monica was sad she was leaving them as well. The three of them had been her strongest supporters during her run. None of them had wished to run, so they all eagerly campaigned and polled for her.

It wasn’t until later that night when the full transformation occurred. She had stepped into the bathroom she shared with her roomies to take her evening shower when it happened. The tingling had gotten stronger all day but still her change had not completed. Once she was in the bathroom she had a feeling come over her that told her it was about to happen. When she stripped for her shower, she felt the tingle in her loins grow stronger and hotter.

The sensation made her look down at her bald mound. She watched with glee as her labial lips came together and bulged out, starting to wrinkle as they grew bigger. It was kind of strange how she could feel her channel close up and shrink. She could also feel her ovaries sliding down into her new scrotum.

As her balls began to form and she could feel the strange but pleasant sensation of her internal plumbing rearranging, she watched as her clit began to grow longer and thicker. The hood of her clit followed it, forming the skin around her shaft. It was a slow process but after about a minute her clit was now a fully functional cock, eight inches long and about two inches thick. Once her cock was done growing, the tingle vanished and she knew the transformation was done.

She smiled with unbridled glee at her new loins. Her cute pussy was gone, but now standing between her legs was the proud cock of a Transformed. She could not contain her joy and shouted out happily. Her roommates didn’t need to ask what happened, they already knew.

Immediately the next day she visited the school doctor to confirm her new status. After a quick physical, the doctor signed off her papers to officially mark her on the school records as a Transformed. She was excused from classes for that day. A new Transformed was always excused so they could move into their new room and get fitted for new uniforms that would accommodate their new anatomy.

She stopped at the outfitters first. Not much was changed. She would keep the same navy blue blouses and black patent leather shoes, but she needed new skirts, panties and stockings. The skirt and panties looked much the same as the ones she wore before, but were modified slightly to allow more room for her cock. The panties were still white and the skirt still plaid, but they were a little bigger and slightly different in shape. The stockings she was given were a tad more stretchable, but still the same dark forest green.

That night she moved into her new room. It was about as big as the room she had before, but this one she had to herself. She smiled as she surveyed around her new lodgings. A bathroom of her own, no sharing closet space and so much more. It was not the room she currently occupied today. That room was the special room among the Transformed dorms.

The one she moved into when she first became a Transformed was the smallest one, the one the Freshman President always got. She wouldn’t move into her current room until her senior year, when she would be elected Senior Class President and had become a member of the Honor Society and captain of the volleyball team.

That night she moved into her first Transformed dorm was one of the happiest days of her time at this school. It was the beginning of the wonderful times she would spend here.

She was stunned out of her reminiscing when she felt the water start to turn cold. She had to chide herself, daydreaming so long that she was in the shower long enough for the cut-off to engage. To save on energy costs, the school had governors that stopped the hot water flow after a certain amount of time.

She cursed herself for daydreaming again. That she was prone to daydreaming had always been her biggest flaw. Feeling the water getting colder she reached forward and turned off the shower, then for her towel to dry her body. Dried off and clean, she stepped from the shower. She decided for now not to get dressed.

Looking down as she stepped out she saw that her cock was now hard, erect to its full ten inch length. The size of her cock always made her beam with pride. No student before had ever reached ten inches. She was very proud to have the biggest dick in school and the biggest student cock in school history. Even the department heads and assistant principals did not get this big. The only Transformed who reached this size was the Head Principal and they were that size by default. Monica always felt proud she had attained this size through her own hard work.

Entering her room again she saw her bedmate was still sleeping. She shook her head. How could she sleep so soundly this late into the morning? She walked quietly to the bed and put her hand delicately on the woman’s shoulder before shaking her gently. “Time to wake up, beautiful.” She said sweetly to the sleeping form in her bed.

The sleeping woman turned over a small amount, her eyes still closed. “It’s too early still. Come back to bed, just cuddle with me for now. We can get up later, it’s Saturday.” She said before turning back on her side. Monica chuckled lightly and climbed in the bed beneath the sheets, pressing her naked body against the naked beauty in her bed. She almost moaned as her cock nestled against the woman’s butt and her breasts pressed into the woman’s bare back. She then wrapped her arms around the woman.

The woman in her bed wasn’t just any woman. It was her English teacher Becky Stevens. Becky had been her English teacher for the last two years. They had started dating shortly after the start of Monica’s junior year. Last October if she remembered correctly. The start of their relationship took both by surprise. Neither had expected that their feelings for the other were reciprocated.

What had started as a torrid affair had blossomed into a full romance. Neither had expected their relationship would become this deep. What had started as simple attraction had grown into lust before blossoming into love.

Normally teacher/student relationships were forbidden. It had taken a lot to get the staff to accept and allow their forbidden romance. Some were very hard to convince and some tried to have Becky fired or Monica expelled for the affair. It took much work on Monica’s part to prove to them she had not been coerced into this affair, that she was participating of her own free will.

Even harder to prove was showing them her feelings for Becky were genuine. For her part, Becky even had another teacher go over Monica’s assignments after she did just to show she was not giving Monica special treatment. It was a lot of work for both of them to stay together, but Monica did not mind. She loved Becky and was happy to do whatever it took to stay with her.

Dating Becky was also a point of pride with her. She was sure she was the first student ever to openly date a teacher. Her relationship with Becky also reinforced why she was worthy of being a Transformed. She could have given in when the school tried to force them apart, she could have found someone else, but she fought hard for the woman she desired.

Her fight to keep her and Becky together exhibited the very spirit of a Transformed. A dominant attitude, a willingness to take what you want and a need to assert herself. Her romance with Becky was another notch in proving she was not just a Transformed, but the best one. While other Transformed students sought other girls their age, she sought and had succeeded in landing a grown woman.

In spite of the forbidden aspect of their relationship Becky was not the first teacher she had slept with. She’d had sex with about four other teachers since she became a Transformed. The other four had only been flings though. Becky was the only one she had felt a romantic attraction to.

Becky also was not her first girlfriend either, but her relationship with Becky was her longest one. She had not dated anyone before her change. She wasn’t even sure if she liked girls before her change. She had a feeling the magic that created Transformed also had an effect on who Transformed were attracted to.

As she held Becky in her arms she took the time to again admire Becky’s lovely body. Becky was such a gorgeous woman. Monica loved that Becky had bigger tits and a bigger ass than she did. It was not just those parts of her that had attracted her to Becky. There was her light green eyes, her silky brown hair and her kissable reddish lips. When out of bed she wore pretty wire-rimmed glasses. She was also quite brilliant herself and a very caring woman.

All this and more combined into a woman Monica could not resist. Sighing again as she viewed her lovely girlfriend, her hands started to roam over Becky’s body, while her lips laid light kisses on Becky’s neck and shoulders. The sweet caresses made Becky moan lightly, her neck stretching to give Monica more places to kiss and her body beginning to writhe.

As her left hand settled on Becky’s tit, squeezing the round globe and toying with her hardening nipple, she opened her mouth a bit and began to lick over Becky’s neck. Becky gasped lightly at the touch, then moaned deeper as Monica bit gently into her neck. “Uhhhh.” Becky gasped.

Monica always knew how to get her going. It always amazed her that someone so young knew so much about pleasing someone. “Harder.” She wheezed, groaning again as Monica sunk her teeth deeper into her neck.

She whined when Monica released her bite, then gasped as Monica licked up her neck and bit again. “You’re making me so wet.” She breathed, grabbing Monica’s hand from her tit and placing it on her mons. Monica hummed appreciatively into Becky’s flesh as her fingers became slick with Becky’s juices. Becky jumped and moaned when Monica’s other hand slapped onto her breast, resuming her previous ministrations while she bit into Becky’s neck and rubbed her sex.

Becky could feel Monica’s cock throbbing against her butt and her channel pulsed with need, begging to be filled. Her eyes were forced shut as the heel of Monica’s hand rubbed into her clit and two of Monica’s fingers entered her. She yelped again as she felt Monica nip and suck on her earlobe, her mind so lost she had not even noticed Monica’s teeth had left her neck. She could hardly stay focused as it was, but it got even harder when Monica began to gently thrust her hips against Becky’s bum.

Monica’s cock rubbed between her supple cheeks, occasionally she backed up enough for the head of her prick to poke at Becky’s rosebud. The prodding of her forbidden hole made her jump. Her legs spread more, begging for Monica to go deeper into her sex.

Monica did not heed her begging, delighting wickedly in teasing her lover. She drew back some until her dick no longer rubbed against Becky’s butt, then slid it between Becky’s legs. She moaned herself as Becky’s lips kissed the shaft of her member. Monica then began to slide her cock slowly back and forth against Becky’s waiting pussy. Feeling Monica’s cock rubbing against her sex was making Becky very wet, her body starting to tremble.

“Please stop teasing me.” She begged. “You were so tired the last two nights you couldn’t take care of me. I need you in me now.” She whined, a few tears gathering in her eyes. A wicked grin came over Monica’s face as she heard this. She loved teasing Becky like this, making her beg to be taken. Slowly she backed away from Becky, removing her hands from Becky’s breast and pussy and releasing her ear.

She got up slightly from their bed then rolled Becky onto her back. Becky looked up expectantly at Monica. Smiling at her lover, Monica then lay atop Becky, her cock again teasingly rubbing against Becky’s sex. Monica leaned down and pressed her lips to Becky’s ear, while her member slid slowly against Becky’s pussy and their breasts rubbed against each other. Becky groaned as Monica whispered into her ear.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you last night or the night before. I had to get that project finished so we could spend the weekend without any obstacles.” She whispered. “I’ll make it up to you right now.” With that, she drew her hips back and placed her cockhead at the entrance to Becky’s pussy.

Becky moaned again as she felt the thick head part her lips. She gasped deeply as Monica’s staff slowly plunged into her depths, parting the walls of her channel. Monica gasped as well, delighting in the tight feel of Becky’s pussy. Becky jumped and gasped sharply when she felt the head of Monica’s member bump her cervix.

Neither moved at this moment, both taking a moment to enjoy their union. It was moments like this that told Monica that she and Becky were meant to be. She was just big enough to completely fill Becky. Becky was deep enough to take all of her. Even with all the women she had taken to bed in her years at this school, none did she feel better inside than Becky.

Both opened their eyes to look at the other. Monica smiled at the misty look in Becky’s eyes. “Take me.” She whispered softly to Monica. She smiled again at Becky, then captured Becky’s lips with her own as she began to slide her dick out of Becky. Becky moaned again as she felt Monica’s lips take her own, sharing their first kiss of the morning.

Just as Monica began to shove her prong back into Becky, her tongue began to prod at Becky’s lips. Becky did not hesitate to allow it entry. She moaned deeply into Monica’s mouth as their tongues danced. Down lower, Monica’s cock was starting to slowly saw in and out of Becky’s channel, Becky’s sugar walls squeezing each time Monica entered her.

She knew how much Monica loved when she did this, but with each stroke it became harder to keep up, as Monica increased her pace and drove harder into Becky. Soon the thrusts became too hard and their lips were force apart. Monica took this opportunity to slowly raise up from Becky, putting her hands to Becky’s breasts and toying with them as she pounded harder into her teacher.

Becky was panting hard now, her body shaking and trembling. She was so used to Monica making love to her at least once a day. Not having been fucked by Monica for over two days, her body was begging for release. The feeling was also flowing through Monica’s body. She was so used to being with Becky that going just a night without making love to her was torture. Her own body was also screaming to come after two days of neglect.

Both were lost, their minds clouded as Monica humped mercilessly into Becky, Becky trying her best to meet Monica’s thrusts. Sweat built over both their bodies. They panted and gasped together, moaning and groaning as their fierce coupling robbed them of any other thoughts. The springs of their mattress squeaked hard, almost sounding like they were about to give. Becky’s hands were gripping the sheets hard, her body trembling as it begged to be put over the edge.

She could feel her orgasm about to crest, and after two nights building up she knew it would be hard. “Monica, please, do me harder, I’m so close.” She whined through clenched teeth. Monica barely heard her, her mind almost completely lost in the feel of Becky’s channel trying to milk her cock. Her balls were slapping hard against Becky, coating them in Becky’s fragrant juices.

She could soon feel her balls tightening, about to shoot her load into the sexy woman beneath her. She wanted Becky to come with her, and she knew just what to do to set Becky off. Quickly she dove back on top of Becky and buried her face in the crook of Becky’s neck, then bit hard into it.

“Ohhhhhh.” Becky mewled, delighting in the pleasure and pain of Monica’s hard bite. It was all that she needed to push her over. “Guhhhh.” She gasped and felt the walls of her sex tighten, squeezing almost painfully on Monica’s shaft. The delightful vise grip of Becky’s pussy set Monica off. She screamed out as her cock shot spurt after spurt into Becky.

Feeling Monica coating her insides, Becky’s own orgasm came over her. Two days of build-up and neglect sent her into overdrive. Briefly she lost consciousness as her orgasm overcame her mind. Monica’s limbs grew weak and she collapsed on top of Becky. Both were panting roughly, their bodies slick with sweat as they recovered. For the next few minutes both lay together, Monica’s softening cock still inside Becky, as they recovered. As their minds came back to lucidity, Monica rose slightly and looked lovingly into Becky’s eyes.

“Is that what you needed, my love?” She asked sweetly. Becky smiled serenely and soon put her lips to Monica. They lay together in post-coital bliss, sharing a sweet, tender kiss between them. Monica giggled when Becky whined when she broke their kiss. She stayed atop Becky, running her hands through Becky’s lovely locks. “I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you the last two nights. I needed to make sure my project was done. Believe me, it was torture for me too. I hate going even one day without making love to you.” She said. Becky smiled and reclaimed Monica’s lips with her own. They spent another ten minutes sharing sweet kisses between them, before Monica broke their kiss again to see what time it was.

Looking at her clock again, she saw it was almost ten. She didn’t have much time if she wanted to get breakfast. “We should get dressed if we don’t want to miss breakfast.” Monica said to Becky. “Awww ... do we have to?” Becky whined. Monica shook her head. She rose up more and pulled out from Becky. She then rolled Becky over and gave a quick smack to Becky’s butt.

“We’ve spent enough time in bed, honey. Get up.” She commanded. She had already gotten out and began looking for what to wear today when she finished talking. Becky reluctantly got out of bed and did the same. Monica had to slap Becky’s hands away as she tried to get frisky while they got dressed. Becky whined in disappointment each time. Once dressed, the two headed out of their room to the cafeteria for a quick bite.

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