The Basement Man
Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Horror, Rough, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An inheritance from a strange Aunt and a basement of horrors that changed Edgar's life forever.

Edgar Corning was one day short of his sixtieth birthday when he had the uncommon good fortune to inherit an entire apartment building from his dowager Aunt Hyacinth along with a substantial amount of currency in various denominations from several countries he had never visited in his entire life. The cash was stored in a locked room of an apartment on the top floor of the solid stone building that took in the entire level with designed disregard for economic efficiency.

The mealy-mouthed banker Mister Claude informed Edgar that his Aunt had been in residence in that comfortable unit for these past forty years without much contact with the outside world except for an occasional foray to the theater district to watch some vaunted work by famous well-known but long-dead authors. He surmised she was a patroness of the arts to some degree in her early years but he had no facts to back up his hasty assumption.

Edgar just listened to the little man babble and made no comment except for the random grunt or nod of agreement or acceptance of the other person's discourse without any input of his own.

He had the dubious distinction of remaining married for four long decades without any semblance of love to an Irish woman with the mouth of the devil and precious few teeth. Their children remained scattered and disinterested in any familial intercourse and perhaps that was to the better despite his longing to see his grandchildren at least once before he met his maker.

Those who knew Edgar and were still alive to describe him could be counted on the fingers of one hand and when queried about what type of fellow he really was under his cloak of anonymity, they would merely shrug their shoulders or scratch their heads and reply,

"Beats me, I don't think I ever really looked at him and he was never the one to look you straight in the eye."

That evening Edgar explained to his skeptical spouse Hyacinth that they were now the proud owners of a fine building located nicely in the middle of the city with all the units rented at high profit to retired members of society wanting a place close to the advantages of big-city life.

The ever succinct Hyacinth lifted his compliant face with her wrinkled and gnarled fingers and spat out,

"Get rid of the thing. It will be an albatross and the taxes will ruin us."

He, of course, not wanting to incur Hyacinth's wrath, nodded his head in complete non-confrontational agreement and that was the end of that. Well, at least in Hyacinth's mind at that moment in time.

Edgar had uncertain plans for the newly acquired apartment building and none of them included selling it or demolishing it to increase the land value. He had fallen in love with the solid building with its art deco hallways and the stone exterior that had been carried into the city by horse and carriage from several states distant.

There were a total of twelve units in the building not counting the top floor suite that he had decided to make his "home away from home" and the center of his business dealings in the city. He discovered that the basement which was unusually large for a building of that size was completely finished with plastered walls and with floors that resembled the fine floors found in a large nearby hospital. The inlayed tile on the baseboards was all hand done decades prior and would be impossible to replicate without excessive investment.

Edgar made a half-hearted attempt to familiarize himself with the tenants with little success and gave up the effort with no regrets. As long as they paid their rents on time, he had little or no interest in their mundane lives and he was content to leave them alone in their own little worlds.

He was beginning to feel he had a good control over the ownership situation until he came to the basement area and a meeting with Mister Crane. Apparently, Mister Crane had been a resident of the basement ever since the building had first opened for tenancy. The basement was a huge area and in fact was larger than the top floor suite by several hundred square feet. That was because the building was built on a wider and deeper foundation than the walls above ground and the rooms in the basement were larger. Mister Crane had taken the duties of the building superintendent onto his wide shoulders and he had a set rule that visitors were not allowed into his little fiefdom for any reason whatsoever. He only broke his own rule when one of the female tenants wanted a special favor and he was willing to grant it for one reason or another not pertinent to this story.

Part of the basement was set aside for the furnace room and a long cluttered room that was used for the many garbage cans set out twice a week for pickup by the city's workers.

Edgar took an immediate dislike to Mister Crane when he first met him.

It was an initial contact that boded badly for their future relationship and Edgar wanted desperately to find a way to dislodge Mister Crane from his residency in the basement quarters. Unfortunately, it was unlikely he could find anyone to take Mister Crane's position as the superintendent of the building and it would be extremely expensive even if he did locate some qualified person for the difficult job. Apparently, his aunt had made an unbreakable contract with Mister Crane that he would be granted residence in perpetuity in the basement providing he performed the duties of tending the maintenance of the building without any complaint. No resident was ever known to make a single complaint against Mister Crane leaving Edgar with no legal ground to stand on at all.

Nobody in the building called Mister Crane by name. They all referred to him as "The Basement Man" and they preferred to let him go his own way since the hallways were sparkling clean and the heat and water was always perfect and reliable and he made repairs usually the same day they were reported to him by leaving a note in his box in the lobby.

Edgar pulled in his horns and thought carefully about the situation.

He was one of those fellows that thought a lot about obstacles in his path. He considered Mister Crane to be a real obstacle because he had plans for the basement that didn't include the mysterious working man.

It was rumored that Mister Crane had several female nieces and cousins who visited him on a regular basis but there were no residents that had ever actually talked to the females that seemed to come and go in the basement area generally traveling in the company of Mister Crane or one of his two helpers, Mike and Frank. His two assistants were odd characters and that was putting it lightly.

Mike was a burly longshoreman type with an actual hook for one hand just like a pirate in some children's action adventure book. He tended to make affirmative and negative grunts rather than engaging in a real conversation and it was believed he might be a bit addle-minded to boot.

The other assistant Frank was sort of a will of the wisp with a way of walking that was more of a glide than an actual walk like normal people do all the time. He usually kept his head low so you never saw he actually looking at you and he constantly slapped his leg with a long thing stick that looked almost like a cattle prod or the sort of thing one would use on a stage to get attention.

Edgar didn't like either of them as well but he was at a loss to do anything about his gut reaction because the terms of the contract his aunt had signed were quite clear and there was nothing he could do about it as long as Mister Crane performed his job.

He didn't believe that there was any Mrs. Crane or if there was, she never appeared at his door or was seen moving about the basement in a position of authority. In all honesty, none of the residents showed any desire to visit the basement for any reason unless it was to ask Mister Crane for a "special favor" and he gave them permission to enter his private realm.

The one strange thing that Edgar had seen when he went to his meeting with Mister Crane was an odd assortment of women's panties sitting right out in the open on top of a circular table just inside the "study" where they discussed his plans for the building. He had no idea of the total count of the obviously used items but they appeared to number in the hundreds and were all colors and sizes. Some of them were just ordinary white cotton things and others were fancy French "teasers" that were guaranteed to get a man's blood pressure up nice and high.

The more he thought about those panties, the more he was convinced that they were connected in some way to the numbers of unattached females visiting the basement in a random manner. It just seemed unlikely that Mister Crane would have so many young nieces and cousins visiting him without their parents.

The other thing he had noticed was that most of the rooms in the basement were splendidly insulated and protected against noise being broadcast to the rest of the building. It seemed like a design that was created to keep the workings of the garbage processing and the furnace operation silent and never a bother to the residents up above. In fact, the whole area looked a bit like a "bunker" that one would find advantageous in the event of some catastrophic event that would require a safe place to ride out the chaos.

He was settled nicely in the top floor suite and tried his best not to think about the unsatisfying situation in the basement. After all, the job was being done properly and all the residents were more than satisfied with the man's performance. With that as a guideline, Edgar decided to let sleeping dogs alone and pretend everything was just as he wanted.

It was a lost cat that caused him to enter the basement to mollify one of the resident's fears that the thing had chased some rodent into a hiding hole and not returned to his happy little home. The elderly lady, Mrs. Cristie was adamant the cat was in the basement and that he needed to liberate it before it suffered some dire consequence.

He didn't see Mister Crane or either of his assistants and that led him to one of the side rooms down a long narrow hallway that had absolutely no pictures on the walls or any furnishings or carpet on the sparkling clean recently washed floor.

The small room was one of those well-insulated areas that muted any sound from being heard outside. He noted the hooks in the ceiling like one would find in a butcher shop to suspend a side of beef or a pig's carcass as the butcher went about his business of slicing up the meat for human consumption. As if that was not strange enough, he noted the chair with straps that looked like some piece of junk from the execution room of a state penitentiary or a relic from some fiendish experiments performed by a crazed doctor in a mental institution.

It was all quite sobering to Edgar and he discovered his pulse and his heart were racing with excitement and his baby-making equipment was stimulated to a hardness he seldom achieved.

Quickly, he backed out of the room hoping that Mister Crane was not aware of his interference in something that obviously was none of his business. Just at that moment, Mister Crane's assistant Mike came down the hallway and he motioned that he should follow him to the master's workshop at the end of the corridor.

Mister Crane was working on a drawing of a Gargoyle on some sort of mechanical drawing table that was angled for ideal drawing without smudging the paper in the process. The thing was ugly but still artistically perfect and the symmetry of the design was obviously technically superior.

"Why do you invade my space, my dear Edgar?"

Edgar was at a loss for words and suddenly felt a stab of fear because Mister Crane had been all too clear in his rules for the basement. His only alternative was to apologize and he did just that as quickly as possible.

"So sorry, Mister Crane, I was looking for Tabby, Mrs. Christie's little cat which she feels has been lost in the basement."

Mister Crane clapped his hands and Frank the other assistant came into the room with a confused looking Tabby in his arms.

"Here's the little fellow. Good as gold. You can take him and go and please send me warning if you need me in the future."

Edgar scuttled out of the basement wondering what just had happened and he vowed that he would find out the secrets of the basement even if it meant paying the expense of a new superintendent to replace the suspicious Mister Crane and his cronies.

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